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17 Jun 2024 19:15:16
Managed to watch most team in the Euros so far and it's safe to say that we're miles behind in terms of our footballing philosophy.

We have a squad with virtually no width and creativity.

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17 Jun 2024 21:15:14
I might be wrong and made to eat my words. But I’ve watched most games too
I said to a friend Poland would give the Dutch’s right good game, which they did
England. For me didn’t exactly light the heather on fire. France so far have not been brilliant either.

A lot of the big teams haven’t been great - Spain played well. But we played the opening game against the host nation, who was Germany renowned for being a very tough team over many years. We possibly looked shell-shocked and nervous.

I’m willing to give my country support for the next game and expect a different mentality focus and a determination that we never seen agent Germany who were a superior team on the night.

I reckon they would have wiped the floor with England and France so far on this showing. Even Italy weren’t great and neither were the Dutch.

we were unlucky, kicking off the tournament against the Germans who were well fired up and against a German team who all came lay top football. They will go far. That’s for sure. Remember I said that.

Let’s see how we fare in our next two games before righting our selves off.

17 Jun 2024 21:42:56
Austrians are giving it a good go against the French, not a bad game.

17 Jun 2024 21:46:20
Agree stig.

17 Jun 2024 21:47:06
I think spain have looked the best team so far ?.

18 Jun 2024 06:13:50
It’s 1st round of games long way to go teams don’t want to peak already. France usually struggle
On 1st game and get better as it goes on.

18 Jun 2024 06:52:26
There's absolutely no doubt for me spain will out manovere/ pass any other country on their game ?If spain click up front, i believe they'll be very hard to stop and i've not even bet them to win it ?No country can pass the ball as well as spain imo ? If they have a cutting edge then they're the team to beat for me ?.

18 Jun 2024 08:53:22
Germany impressed me too Stig in every way possible.
We were unfortunate to get them in the first match given the way they approached the game.
I'd b a bit surprised if they took the same intensity into their next 2 group matches but they will still want to finish top of the group.

18 Jun 2024 10:16:56
I've got a sneaky feeling that Portugal will be the team to beat.

18 Jun 2024 11:38:19
Hard to gauge after one match, France played a good Austrian side, Germany played a poor Scottish side. Once the knockout phase starts that's when the cream will rise. I suspect the big four but then Portugal might cause a surprise again. Basically what I’m saying is I haven’t got a clue who will win, England need to stop trying to defend a one goal lead when they get it or they will come unstuck, I think that’s a Southgate thing.



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