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22 Jun 2024 22:24:03
Was quite impressed with Posticoglu as a presenter, but if he was still across the road would he be there.

21 Jun 2024 22:03:28
They are posting pictures of their training facility showing us their steel even though it's a bloody tent not a stadium. 🔴⚪️🔵.

21 Jun 2024 07:36:27
Love how celtic fans are having a dig at Rangers for buying xheap known their own park was done on the cheap.

21 Jun 2024 11:03:51
Seems strange Lammy, general concensus on here is your having a go at yourself bud, if wrong I apologise,

21 Jun 2024 14:01:33
I'm not a celtic supporter though I'm a Rangers supporters who is sick of failure every year folk.

21 Jun 2024 14:16:10
No worries bud apologies for assuming incorrectly👍👍.

16 Jun 2024 10:05:21
Seriously you want to see the absolute garbage being spouted on the other side. Keep trolling out the same auld mince from the same auld posters, while failing to acknowledge their own clubs failings, lunacy, sad n pathetic really.

17 Jun 2024 15:00:16
Fork why do you waste so much time looking at their site? What do you expect to be honest? They won’t change.

17 Jun 2024 15:24:59
Just dip a toe in now and then, anno I shouldn't but its like a car crash, u know u shouldn't look, but the lunacy is staggering.

18 Jun 2024 00:45:34
Ten green bottles sitting on a wall and all of a sudden, if one should fall. There would be ten green bottles sitting on the wall.

18 Jun 2024 06:39:38
Buckfast the bottles of choice no doubt, Lanliq or Eldorado the choice of the older green clientele. 😉.

18 Jun 2024 08:32:50
Takes me back fork 🤣.

18 Jun 2024 09:35:04
Ya auld jakey, Seeker 😉🤣.

18 Jun 2024 11:38:30
Go back a wee bit further and you could take your own empty to the co-op and get a sherry? Refill.

18 Jun 2024 12:51:10
ElD. Oh to think I drank that $hit. Yuch.

18 Jun 2024 13:08:44
Kingshead or QC was also a good tipple 🇦🇺🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

18 Jun 2024 13:44:59
Yes boys bottle of eldorado n a super lager, heavy jakey material I know but oh my days, it done the job. Sheriff court Monday morning 🤣.

18 Jun 2024 14:19:57
Ah the trials of a misspent youth lol 😉🤣, christ my first drink was 14 and a can of sweetheart stout at ne'erday, lightweight👍.

18 Jun 2024 14:49:45
Dunno what you mean, fork. Hic!

18 Jun 2024 14:56:00
At age 15 I went with a pal into The Anchor in Dunipace for some of the old Mick Jagger. Didn't take much to get you rocking in those days. Could ask for a bottle of wreck the hoose or a pint of who you lookin' at?

19 Jun 2024 15:25:06
Draft sherry in ginger bottles. My Nana's favourite 😁.

19 Jun 2024 16:22:47
Seeker, step away from the drinks cabinet, cease and desist😉🤣🤣.

20 Jun 2024 14:29:36
Cannot help it fork. Once ye start, ye cannot stop 🙃.

20 Jun 2024 15:06:54
Lol bud nae wonder your heids upside doon👍🤣.

15 Jun 2024 19:07:52
The Tim's got a wee glimpse of what to expect from spl superstar McGregor when they play the big boys outside of Scotland again he's like that other spl level superstar brown lost wee boys in Europe.

15 Jun 2024 20:20:33
Exactly, however it reflects badly on us when two nobodies like that have swept everything before them in Scotland. Always said Brown was luckiest tim captain ever, did nothing for them until we went down divisions.

15 Jun 2024 23:14:54
This is the reason why he'll never move too a top league.

16 Jun 2024 09:09:30
It reflects badly because we let them prance about Ibrox like they owned the gaff. they had nothing but smiles on their faces and confidence coming to play us because we let them. Hope big Phil builds a team to wipe the smerks away.

16 Jun 2024 10:19:31
I agree my star and superstar broonie was the same, happy to milk all the glory here but won’t/ can’t go an play with the big boys down the road.

17 Jun 2024 16:56:50
He was a mile off it but Clarke didn’t help him to be fair, having Gilmour beside him could of kept the score down.

18 Jun 2024 11:40:17
Let's be honest guys, players like broon and McGregor know exactly where their bread is buttered and make a very, very good living in a very small pond, why risk it by becoming a nobody down south?

18 Jun 2024 12:00:47
Pretty desperate stuff 😂.

18 Jun 2024 15:51:11
Desperate stuff Henke, or posting the truth about mcgregor.

19 Jun 2024 09:54:31
My Star, stating the truth that McGregor is out his depth at CL level isn't really displaying much footballing interlect. What is desperate is having a pop at him when he probably has more title medals than your entire team. When your own captain doesn't care about your club. When you aren't even in the Champions League. When your players aren't getting in the Scotland team. But if it soothes the pain just a wee bit then aye, class patter.

19 Jun 2024 10:13:24
Henke is clear as day mcgregor doesn't want tested against the best weekly, if you can't see that is cool, he simply knows he'll continue playing against poor/ average players in Scotland, that tells me his own capabilities when he doesn't want tested against the best everygame, Europe or internationals would have showed him this, Mcgregor is a good player nothing more, he's better player than average Brown.

19 Jun 2024 10:45:59
Henke you should be very thankful for Rangers coefficient points or you wouldn't be in the cl.

19 Jun 2024 13:03:33
It's clear as day he doesn't want to be tested? What offers has he had, that he's turned down? Could somebody not just easily say the same nonsense about Rangers players?

19 Jun 2024 15:47:32
Has he never had any offers like henke?

19 Jun 2024 16:36:21
Sure andy said he had a good few Henke.

19 Jun 2024 19:21:40
I've no idea. There was gossip about Rodgers going for him whilst at Leicester. Whether the club knocked that back or the player or if it even happened at all is a guess really. Personally, I'd rather stay at Celtic than bob around the EPL. If that's a lack of ambition then I couldn't care. Lifting trophy after trophy would do me.

20 Jun 2024 01:42:16
If you're happy doing that in Scotland, fair enough Henke, if Mcgregor moved years ago he'd be a better player now, up against quality only improves you.

20 Jun 2024 14:34:31
Just don't get the hype surrounding McGregor or Broon before him. I know they've won plenty but then Cheetah the monkey would have racked up a few trophies given the state of us during the majority of the time since 2012. And like Broon before him, wee Cal was found out in Europe big time on countless occasions.


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