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12 May 2021 21:06:35
Big pinnochio Kennedy does more greeting than a Xmas card.

13 May 2021 08:35:27
You would think they were still in with a chance of winning 10IAR by the way they go on! 🀣🀣🀣🀣.

13 May 2021 22:22:41
Can they not just go for it next season? πŸ˜‚.

12 May 2021 14:30:36
The GanGreen Brigade tried to hijack the display for Scott Brown tonight by putting up flags in support of Palestine.
Celtic have released a statement saying they have took all their banners down. 🀭
This season just gets better and better. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

13 May 2021 09:09:02
I am horrified with what's going on in Gaza and feel for the Palestinian people. Innocent Israeli's are also suffering. But the Green Brigade should know that overt political banners at a football game can incur fines for their club from UEFA. Don't they care, or is it all about them getting coverage and their support for Celtic is just a way of getting seen?
But the other big question I don't see being asked is how the Green Brigade are allowed access to the stadium? Surely we are still in a lockdown?

13 May 2021 11:34:01
I believe Celtic opened up the stadium to allow fans to place banners in tribute to Brown's last home game.
The GB abused this trust by setting their own wee agenda which was taken down by the Celtic hierarchy.

11 May 2021 17:54:28
Historical scenario. Four young boys walking through the park, one of them stops suddenly and says. " let's start a football team! "So they start a discussion. An old boy sitting on a bench eating his packed lunch overhears this says. " listen lads. Huv yez any money? "Nah mister " they reply. " and I'll bet yuv nae kit or even a baw. "Aye you're right mister " Old boy takes a bite of his lunch and says. "Dinnae bother lads. Get yourselves a good job. " Thanks mister they reply. " if you need a job come and see me tomorrow, just ask for Mr Lennon " How different it could have been. 55 and counting.

12 May 2021 14:10:40
You've lost me Parl mate Who's Mr Lennon .

Take it you must mean John from the Beatles.

12 May 2021 14:54:43
Na BB. Lemons great grand dad. I let my imagination run riot there mate.

12 May 2021 16:26:56
Drinking that amount before 6pm isn't good for you mate ;)

12 May 2021 23:38:21
It was a back to the future thing chaps. Wait till you read the screenplay, it's a work of genius! I never drink before 18.30 DTB. πŸ˜‰.

13 May 2021 12:01:17
You wrote that sober? It looks like United Ireland from the other side checked your grammar.

13 May 2021 13:25:51
Rushed it a bit Colin.

11 May 2021 06:57:58
Celtic fans keeping Kleenex in business with all the greetin they’ve been doing.

11 May 2021 09:49:07
Nah your wrong Broxi mate.

They would never spend money on top branded stuff, they would use old torn celtic strips or cheap loo rolls.

11 May 2021 11:50:17
More season greeting than a Xmas card!

12 May 2021 10:29:28
They've done that much greeting the Samaritans have changed their number. 😭😭.

12 May 2021 20:28:50
O800 won nothing won nothing won nothing!

10 May 2021 22:56:52
I hate Keith Jackson, they say. Brown insulted by Rangers high ranking official says Keith Jackson . Keith Jackson have my baby they say! 😩.

11 May 2021 07:22:05
He is the only person reporting this incident. Why has he waited 8 days after the game to write about it. Why has nobody else even mentioned it. Celtic or Brown have said nothing either.
He is just a sad reporter looking for some views on his non story trying to turn it into something it isn't.
This is the reason guys like him and his reporting associates who think it's acceptable to publish imaginary stories are no longer welcome inside ibrox. He obviously needed something to write about to keep his bosses happy and if there's no real news to print then why not just make some up.

11 May 2021 10:33:48
Apparently Captain Leg-End was mouthing of and someone started laughing at him the so called toughie didn't like it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

11 May 2021 11:25:56
If there was any real truth to the story, then the Gers official would have been named.

11 May 2021 12:57:36
Three Cheers imaginary stories Just like the Imaginary Terry Munro Fail Fail. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ Ώβš½οΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‘.

11 May 2021 15:30:40
I've got a screen shot from Heart and hand twitter i'm sure. He said that brown was mouthing off and someone in a suit laughed at him. Surely the big hard man can handle that?!?

11 May 2021 18:20:53
Nonsense story. Brown not taking humiliation any better than the rest of them.

11 May 2021 19:51:32
Ye ragin broony, aye? πŸ˜‚.

12 May 2021 11:33:54
Brown is a grassπŸ‘.


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