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19 Jun 2021 00:03:26
Aw buzz come on mate. The wee sky did that some Rangers fans wanted england to win. , If scotland where playing the republic of Ireland, I'm sure that a sizeable proportion of the plastic paddies would be wanting the republic to win, correct me if I'm wrong.

Just be glad that Scotland had a great result and we have a right good chance of progression. Or are you one of those plastic paddies 2

U lot really are a bitter lot one of the best if not the best players on the park, young Gilmore and not one mention on your site. It must have been like a fish bone stuck your guys throats to write anything positive about an x gers player.

Yes calmac had a great game as did many others but Gilmore was on another level just look at his stats.

15 Jun 2021 15:54:21
Bitter Lennon on the BBC this morning still trying to justify the Dubai Stag Party Jolly. 🀣🀣🀣.

18 Jun 2021 12:46:01
Helicopter sundays still eating at sutton so popcorn teeth better get used to it as its gona be with him for years lol.

13 Jun 2021 10:41:25
I know celtic will be actively seeking to find new players, n i have to be honest their is one guy i would fear if they got him. Luckily i haven't seen him linked with them and he is easily within their price range. I won't mention his name due to superstition but he would tear it up n scotland n possibly postecoglue may know this guy well. Personally want rangers to sign this guy myself so fingers crossed. Only thing is we are basically sorted in this position, hopefully celtic spend a big chunk of their buget on gk n defenders n haven't got their eye on this guy, can't see this happening with postecoglues footballing philosophy. I just have this gut feeling he will be their spearhead next year. Basically a pointless post lol just thinking out loud. Wont mention his name untill i know he isn't going to porkheid lol πŸ‘ŒπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™.

13 Jun 2021 12:19:51
Is it Voldemort?

13 Jun 2021 15:25:05
Joe mangle, from neighbours. australia.

13 Jun 2021 16:09:44
Yep, pointless.

13 Jun 2021 17:31:33
Scott Mcdonald, another wee Ausie who knows the club and knows how to end their dreams. 😁.

14 Jun 2021 10:05:52
Scott macdonalds 2goals for Motherwell were class. helicopter pilot was getting dizzy that day.

14 Jun 2021 10:51:59
Happy meals all round that day from Maccy D. 😁. E I E I O.

14 Jun 2021 11:07:43
S'pose this should be on the rumours page .

I think it might be lemmon as it's been suggested he has had a face transplant, they also wanted to transplant a brain for him as well but there was not enough space between his ears.

You never know tho.

16 Jun 2021 11:44:17
What is the actual point of this post? Regardless of who they sign now, if they turn out to be anything better than average we get Broxxi coming back on saying "that's who I meant" - Utter and complete nonsense.

18 Jun 2021 10:15:06
It's for a laugh bouncy, a wee bit of boredom relief.

18 Jun 2021 11:31:36
Do the bouncy was actually talking bout giorgos giakoumakis, greek born same as ange n been touted could go for as little as 5million top goalscorer this yr in dutch team tht got relegated. This guy looks dynamite and the greek connection is their. So no wasnt talking bull n we have bn linked with him before. Apparently his club are in financial trouble so looking for less thn they were before. This guy looks immense. Check him out, i'd hope to sign him for gers, just we are quite full in striker department, i'd get rid of itten, kamara, n try bring in veerman n giargos giakoumakis. πŸ‘ŒπŸ’™.

18 Jun 2021 15:32:02
Broxxi - your right - he does seem to have that poachers eye for goal - - definitely worth a punt imo!

11 Jun 2021 13:26:08
Just read there that celtics new manager with the big name that 2 of his Japanese superstar players. the same players that just got humiliated by a 4th tier team have now formally put in a transfer request lol. there might be hope for rangers if they draw them in a cup maybe. I berwick rangers.

12 Jun 2021 10:51:26
Whoever they have as manager Davie d, we will not have it so easy next season .

Lenny eventually got found out as the chancer he has always been and I doubt they could find a worse manager then him anywhere on the planet.

Be interesting to see what becomes of the chancer now that it has been proven he cannot cope with real competition in any football competition leagues.

12 Jun 2021 11:37:25
Rangers 4-7 to win lge celtic 11-8 to win lge, the bookies have Rangers odds on for a reason, doesn't mean they will win it but I'd rather be in Stevie Gs shoes than the man from down unders. The times they are a changing. 😁. The Future's Bright, The Future's Blue.

12 Jun 2021 11:47:18
I hope Ange wins more trophies than 1 out of 9,
Or he will be classed as a failure.

12 Jun 2021 16:58:46
Well jamseybhoyfail, your new man has three seasons before you can really judge him, mr Gerrard has improved every season, we welcome the chase. follow follow.

12 Jun 2021 17:01:51
So if ange wins just the champions league he will be classed as a failure. Don't think u thought tht statement through πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Oh wait u did, u realized celtic ain't qualifying for Europe, great to see the faithful have no faith in postmanpatglu, the man who has a kangaroo, a digeridoo and a boomerang taking him back to Timbuktu πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™.

12 Jun 2021 17:05:04
Imagine if you finished finished 25 points behind a manager with a record like that, that would be disgraceful.
If I remember correctly Ange was handed divorce papers one Xmas πŸŽ„, and that's what's going to be happening in this new episode of eastenders.
Let the circus commence.
Oh Jamesybhoy the tears the tears are calling. 😁.

12 Jun 2021 21:49:01
Welcome back Jamesboyfail.

At least we gave our new rookie manager 3 seasons to win the league pal.

If Angie doesn't take the title from us next season you know the consequences, Herras fencing, banners, storming the piggery, etc, the list goes on.

Have a nice dream pal.

13 Jun 2021 07:53:55
My prediction he will be sacked mid season. right now there is a major rebuilding job to be done and champions league qaulifier and if they lose that then a Europa league qaulifier. can see Celtic getting beat in both. think currently Celtic be foing well to finish 2nd.

13 Jun 2021 10:11:08
I'll be amazed if he gets to Xmas.

13 Jun 2021 10:58:46
Have a look on youtube for postecoglou vs Craig Forster arguement, did the tic pick him for his ability to take sh#t from reporters? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Strewth! Put another shrimp on the barbie Pete.

16 Jun 2021 09:48:13
Jamesboy, it may have been only 1 out of 9 but what a one to win eh? You boys will still be spewing and will rue this for years and decades to come. Spanking you by 25 points in your quest for the holy grail! Trips to dubai, riot police and fencing to protect t board and team from their own ravaging fans. If I was to sit down and write a way of stopping the 10 I couldn’t have made it any more enjoyable than that! πŸ˜‚.

16 Jun 2021 11:45:54
We gave Gerrard time to build a team, if Crocodile Lochee doesn't start well he will be lucky to last till Christmas. Joke of an appointment, and everyone knows it.

16 Jun 2021 12:34:32
I can see the sharks getting thrown outside the ground again lol.

17 Jun 2021 01:38:13
You do know C.V. saved gerrard his job, a big majority of your support had turned on gerrard especially after hearts dumped yous out the cup, then the defeat at home to Hamilton.

18 Jun 2021 07:55:56
Jamesyboyfail, managers who were a baw hair from the sack go on and achieve greatness ie Alex Ferguson.
Rangers WILL be dominant under Stevie G of that I have no doubt and you and the rest of the residents of Tainted Town are praying he goes to Liverpool ASAP, even if you got Brenda back you'd still be crapping yourselves,56 is on its way (By Christmas) get the kleenex in your going to need a few boxes. We Are The Famous.

18 Jun 2021 11:06:08
Oh deary me JimmyFail .

Spouting Stevie was saved from the sack by the CV thing.

You conveniently forgot celts got awarded 8.5 in a row because of the CV thing .

Granted it looked like they would have won anyway but will never know now.

10 Jun 2021 17:13:31
Well that is Celtic confirming they have the Postie as manager, and all the darkside hoping he can give them a special delivery, We welcome the chase and look forward to the challenge, he is bringing his bike, let's make sure he gets on it.

10 Jun 2021 13:37:03
An SPFL club has appointed a new manager today, on a 12 month rolling contract. Good to see that club have so much faith in him.

10 Jun 2021 14:49:19
See Liewell says they have been tracking him for years! You couldn't make it up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

10 Jun 2021 15:17:22
The news we've all been waiting for. 😎
They are now miles behind us on and off the park. πŸ‘.

10 Jun 2021 15:42:24
Remind me who is he again?

10 Jun 2021 21:04:42
He knocked spurs back to join them, there was a few big clubs wanted him, the celtic are very lucky to get him. He seems a nice enough guy.
Cheap n Cheerful.
The season tickets will be flying off the shelves. I can see them getting to a semifinal in one of the cups.
Happy 😊 Days. 😁.

12 Jun 2021 06:12:48
Let's not get ahead of ourselfs here just concentrate on our team, for all we know this guy could be a good appointment no point being cocky slagging him off till you've at least seen his team on the park.

12 Jun 2021 06:50:39
Just a look at dr. Jo we certainly weren’t laughing come the end of that season.

14 Jun 2021 08:25:18
Doctor Who. 😁.

14 Jun 2021 10:08:22
Banxger the diffrence being he took over a full team. this aussie dudes taking over a team in disarray with players leaving. he's got 1 defender who's the young boy that was a regular last season and soon to be no strikers.

10 Jun 2021 10:47:18
Just a thought on the new Celtic manager, given they have had over a hundred days to identify a new boss how ironic is it that they have appointed someone who is 55 years old? :)

10 Jun 2021 12:37:34
He says it's a great honour to be appointed celtic manager.

We will wait and see how long he lasts with them and when the honour ends.

No result on his first season his rolling contract will be rolling downhill fast.

10 Jun 2021 13:24:45
He'll be put out before the Christmas cards are binned.

14 Jun 2021 16:51:35
Xmas Greeting from the east end, 😒.


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