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24 Sep 2021 18:59:10
My god have a wee look over on the dark side page they are taking paranoia to new lengths it's the fixture list that's a fix now not the fact they are rank rotten and will be found out over the season.

24 Sep 2021 20:33:31
It's blatantly obvious that they are being hard done to. 🤣🤣
They've had to travel to play the newly promoted hearts on the first day of the season and came up against the bottom of league team in Livingston in the first 6 games of the season.
Big bad spfl.

24 Sep 2021 21:53:29
The random fixture generator will be the death of Ange-Ball. 😲😂😂
Remember when they were still winning trophies and they used to talk about the fixture issue? No, neither do I.
🔴⚪🔵55🔴⚪🔵 has ruined them.

24 Sep 2021 22:23:01
Banxger, best not to go there mate, there are pages and pages of hate and bile, I looked for the first time a week or so ago and it was pure hate, best stay away.

25 Sep 2021 09:14:18
The more they moan, the more their in pain and I love it! A loss this weekend for them and even the most optimistic among them will turn on big Angie 🤣🤣🤣.

25 Sep 2021 10:04:55
They're already turning! 🤣🤣🤣
That ladder comment from Angie yesterday was a classic. I'm just waiting for him to start talking about seagulls and trawlers and that will be it for me. Death by hysterical laughing.

25 Sep 2021 10:50:48
Sooty imagine leaving an injured player on the pitch when you're 3 up and have the option to sub! Absolute madness.

25 Sep 2021 11:13:32
Clueless and rudderless are just 2 words that spring to mind Barrowlad.

The only reason he's getting backed is through sheer desperation. The tims are so desperate that they'll cling to this nonsense of "Angeball" in the hope it works for as long as they can. It won't work!

The tims are now where we were when we had the likes of the Portuguese plonker in charge. I remember a couple on here still backing that useless fud right up to the day he was sacked. Why? They were just desperate for it to work as we were so far behind the tims. And today, they now find themselves so far behind us. I love it! I will never miss a chance to stick the boot in mate, and long may it continue.

25 Sep 2021 12:00:57
Got to admit I backed him for a while for that very reason! Same with Warburton, I think angie is cut from the same mold as Warburton? Both only know how to play one way! And as soon as its found out he's finished.

25 Sep 2021 13:27:31
Warburton had more about him than Pedro I thought. I think around the second game I realised that Pedro had to go. He was a pure embarrassment and didn't have a clue about anything. Remember the caress the ball pish? A lot of people on here fell for it too 😁.

25 Sep 2021 14:10:11
Definitely Seeker! When Warburton first came to us the football he had us playing was a delight. But, it was only the Championship! He definitely got found out after we were promoted. However, It didn't help that his players weren't the best.
I was never once impressed with that prat from Portugal. A total tool of a man who never had a clue. Pedro was the vanity project of Park Jnr through his friendship with Pedro Mendes, and in my opinion, was one of the biggest managerial mistakes we've ever made!

25 Sep 2021 15:57:10
Spot on sooty 👍.

26 Sep 2021 09:32:33
Along with Le guen. We all thought he was going to be unreal after his time in France. Turned into a disaster.

26 Sep 2021 16:46:40
Le Guen was nowhere near as bad as the Portuguese prat Paul. At least Le Guen had us playing not too bad in Europe. What did that fud Pedro do? Nothing, apart from trying to justify himself while standing in the middle of a bush.
I know I'm going off tangent, but I remember someone on here (can't remember who it was) who said that his methods were probably too advanced for this backwater country just after he was sacked. You couldn't write it! 🤣🤣.

26 Sep 2021 17:40:16
Was probably coldo. No wait, Pedro dudn't start with a "K" 👍.

23 Sep 2021 21:51:13
Did they beat Bayern Munich tonight or Raith Rovers? Tuned in for the draw and mutton and Stewart going on about a great result for the Gallowgate globetrotters.

24 Sep 2021 00:08:25
Yeah the usual total arrogance. Quote from over there, we got st Johnstone for once we got lucky in the draw.
Correct me if I'm wrong but are st Johnstone not the holders and did Celtic not just get beat from a livey team that hadn't won in 12 or a newly promoted hearts.

I think it will be the st Johnstone fans that will be cheering and saying we got lucky.

24 Sep 2021 08:42:29
Remember when they used to fancy to their chances against anyone?
Now they are just happy to have gotten past Raith and drawn the lowest rank side left in the tournament. 😂😂.

24 Sep 2021 21:01:26
Aye an with a good chunk o the game wi raith down to ten boys spud mate.

23 Sep 2021 17:20:06
I think it's only fair that mob should of invited John mcginn too turn on the disco lights tonight in their big match with raith rovers afterall they spent the 4million on the lights instead of buying him any thoughts guys?

23 Sep 2021 17:34:33

23 Sep 2021 21:40:22
Paul mcginley (golfer) to join the celtic board, a little birdie told me ☺.

23 Sep 2021 22:50:35
Did they work? After so long being switched off.

24 Sep 2021 00:10:48
Aye blew aw the lights in Parkhead and the gallowgate areas of glasgow 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

23 Sep 2021 11:34:40

Good play last night and look forward to the next round.

Celtics Ange think the fans understand and are behind him even if it takes a lot more time to get things right.

I think he's in for a wake up call, the fans will soon turn on him and the board if it continues much longer.

time will tell!

23 Sep 2021 12:22:26
I'd die laughing if they get beat tonight ☺.

23 Sep 2021 12:35:26
If Raith do the business tonight I think the fences will be on high alert. Come on Angeball give us all a laugh.

23 Sep 2021 13:46:01
Could Raith be the equivalent to John Barnes SuperCaleyGoBalistic?
And will we see Ange-Ball buried alongside Terry Munro?

23 Sep 2021 15:57:35
Could it be 1994 again? Please let it be!
If (and I appreciate it's a big If), Raith did win this, there will be hell! This will kill all that angeball crap, and most probably his career. I don't ask for much in life, but please make it happen.

23 Sep 2021 20:53:25
Well at least celtic have found their level! They better hope for a home draw for the semi final 🤣.

23 Sep 2021 10:00:12
Griffiths. what a clown, imagine that hit a kid. Could land himself a big ban hear and probably charged by the police.

23 Sep 2021 11:45:40
It didn't take long for his baggage to follow him to Dundee. And to think the Celtic Family adore him😳.

23 Sep 2021 12:38:44
The wee reptile should get the jail.
They should put him in a shared cell with a big ugly grizzly bear who's got a king Billy tattoo on his forehead, or is that being a bit harsh ☺.

23 Sep 2021 13:19:02
He's definatletly getting plenty attention from all the away fans and well deserved too.

23 Sep 2021 13:21:26
What about his excuse? Now I know he's thick as mince, but does he really think people will believe that? Well, I know some will!

23 Sep 2021 13:43:32
It's good to see him and Scott Brown doing well at their new clubs ☺.
Long may it continue.

23 Sep 2021 13:43:59
I think your being a bit harsh on the bear community Brex, feeding them with scummy vile things. Rats would be a better option probably.

23 Sep 2021 16:06:55
brexit what's king billy got to do with griffiths.

23 Sep 2021 16:46:08
Dillits I think brexit is on about one neanderthal being put with another " Griffiths"

23 Sep 2021 17:15:53
Spot on Barrowlad, dillits has previous for playing the sectarian card, it was a joke and you got it dillits took a fence (☺) .
Sorry dillits it won't happen again,
Scouts honour.

23 Sep 2021 17:24:15
Sad really brexit its plainly obviously a joke 👍.

23 Sep 2021 17:58:14
Careful lads, they haven't taken the passing of the banter years baton very well.
55 has ruined them.

23 Sep 2021 18:02:28
Sad really trolling around the other sides page looking for something to cry about?

23 Sep 2021 18:15:01
At least he's not coming on pretending to be a Rangers fan like some of them do. Used to be worse when the like of timaloy and the rest would venture on all the time. The funny thing is that we have seen a considerable drop in their numbers coming on here in the last 14 months. Wonder why that is?

23 Sep 2021 18:30:35
Although I never posted much then sooty I was around mate! And yes it's pathetic pretending.

23 Sep 2021 19:25:10
My favourites Barrowlad are the one's that think they're smart and are that little bit cuter than the rest when trying to convince us they're Rangers supporters. I love getting into a wee debate with them. I always remember one last year who John and I called out straight away, but because he wasn't blatant, some actually interacted with him. And then there was Bob bagz recently. He was a sack! I do love it when they come on, it's fun.
Although, I have to admit that the one Ed001 caught red handed recently fooled me. I never had much interaction with the guy, but I never picked up on him at all. I was disappointed in myself.

23 Sep 2021 19:41:37
The one with Ed01 was a absolute cracker 🤣🤣🤣.

23 Sep 2021 19:46:47
Anytime I'm feeling a bit down I read their posts on their sevco pages from the start of last season, wee Buzz and his Buzzettes going on about the Holy Grail and Terry Monroe, it's classic comedy, it always makes me giggle ☺.
I'd recommend it to anyone in need of a good laugh.
Please let Raith Rovers win tonight.

24 Sep 2021 10:17:20
But predict 3-0 celtic ☺.

24 Sep 2021 15:36:02
Griffiths been charged by cops ☺.

24 Sep 2021 18:56:56
Can you imagine if that was Morelos we would not hear the end of it.

24 Sep 2021 21:19:22
They'd be screaming blue murder if it was morelos.
Is that halfwit Griffiths available to play tomorrow. Suerly Dundee wouldn't risk it if he is, the guys a liability.
He should hang up his boots in shame.

23 Sep 2021 06:35:21
Why do I get a feeling that mob lose tonight? They won't, will they?

23 Sep 2021 07:46:09
Another easy win against lower league opposition and they will all be back on the Ange-Ball train, until the next away game🤣🤣🤣.

23 Sep 2021 08:06:08
There's more chance of them losing 🤣🤣.

22 Sep 2021 11:09:00
Can anyone tell why is it that no matter what happens in the east end they all throw their hands up and shout Sevco?
I think we all know the usual suspect, it's always somebody else's fault, nothing to do with the house of cards eh MrKing?
I must take my hat off to some of our posters who not only keep me and the rest of us informed but also rip them a new one when they spout their lies etc, well done lads.
Are that mob paranoid or just really cannot help but flock to the blue side?
Keep it up lads.

22 Sep 2021 23:46:26
Because PSB, they sit under the shadow of Hibs who helped them so much in the beginning, who played the first match at celtic park vs Cowlairs because celtic didn't even have a team at that point. They ended up buying half of Hibs team and almost ruined them in the process. Very charitable. They won't admit this so they blame poor old us. Guilty conscience. Club like no other. My A £$e.

23 Sep 2021 06:34:21
Formed in the Model of Hibernian F. C.

Glasgow Celtic a club like……. Hibs 🤷🏻.

23 Sep 2021 11:17:51
Brother Willfrid F. C., a brother like no other.


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