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18 Apr 2024 08:44:10
Does anyone think that Clement will have the guts to get rid of Tav and Goldson? The 2 of them along with others have seen off Gio, Beale and Clement better be careful or he could be next if he sticks by them. Our only sellable assets Butland and Yilmaz (when fit) will no doubt be away to release funds. If we go into next season with Tav, Goldson, Lundstrum and all then the exact same thing will happen - can't beat Celtic when it matter, bottle crashes if the players think they can win anything. Just absolutely disgusted with what is happening.

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18 Apr 2024 08:57:25
He doesn't have the guts Struth or he would have done it by now. He is going to be another manager who will follow suit I'm afraid.

18 apr 2024 09:03:43
in 55 year i was stupid enoght to say what i really fely about this team, that they got very very fortunate, jaust as lennon had done getting the celtic job with no opposition, so did rangers win a title with no fans and no opposition, every week at ibrox was almost a trraining session, nobody could say celtic stopped playing for lennon and having no crowds was a massive thing imo, we happened to have players who thrived without fans, why? because they are scared of fans, i'm not deluded enough not to believe these things played a massive part in winning, deep down i know how incredibly fortunate we are not to be in the midst of 14 in a row or something like that, if they had got shot of lennon things could have been very different now, some won't like this, but we got as lucky then as lennon did getting the job from rodgers, tavernier, goldson imo along with the other chancers kent and morelos cost us a european final, they won almost nothing else since. every year showing how cowardly and useless they are, nobody in europe ever wanted any of them, nobody in england ever wanted any of them, all the while celtic are selling players fro the same league to clubs in england and europe, for millions, , rangers have a serious problem now, getting rid of leeches and finding the right people to act in the interests of rangers, we have paid these clowns a fortune, and even gave them new contracts when nobody else wanted them, something must have raised alarm bells when goldson was ignored across the football worl, but we handed him another multi million pound deal, they will leave very rich, imo, for almost nothing, i want them all away from my club asap.

18 Apr 2024 09:13:53
Tom, very good post.

18 apr 2024 09:17:35
and in december i said these players . like cantwell et al are sanddancers, that's why they're not wanted, they flatter to decieve, running around but doing nothing, the guy calling himself captain tav said i wasnt a rangers fan, d-k quickly joined in and storm of course agreed

well i have no qualms in telling them i for one knew these players were rubbish, and i know why celtic sell for millions and we offer knew deals to crap players, because the players we sign aren't wanted anywhere else, simple as that

sand dancers, chancers and cheats

and I've never been so angry at a rangers team.

18 Apr 2024 09:27:46
Behave AS1974.what was Clement to do with players he's had one window. Couple of weeks ago we were on here saying we could win 4 competitions. Now everyone is a dud and the manager is a sheep.

18 Apr 2024 09:30:30
You are correct, why are we paying any players over 30k a week astonishes me, let hope we do not give LUNDSTRUM new contract on money he wants, shows how our model does not work only player we will make money on is Butland, all others we will loose money on fee paid, time to start looking in correct markets to get value, agents must think it is xmas when dealing with Rangers, the other mobs fans moan about there board, but look at some of the deals they get, shows how inept our business model is.

18 Apr 2024 09:49:29
OK take Tav out the team and move Sterling in his place who looks potentially better defensively, but you also take out 20-30 goals out the team. Who else is creating or scoring. Not giving him a pass but we've bigger problems than him. Behind Dessers and Sima, Cantwell and Rabbi are on 5, Silva on 4 and noone else above 2 goals. Totally agree on Goldson tho, absolute bombscare at the back and launching passes 20yrds beyond his target.

18 Apr 2024 09:53:09
Excellent post TT my sentiments exactly
a post that comes from the heart of a true Blue ?.

18 Apr 2024 10:03:21
GER58 Lundstram should be moved on as he is never near half his current wage never mid a pay rise - for years we have paid over the odds for massive under achievers - hopefully PC and board will put a stop to this and take us down a new route?

TT good accurate post which hits the spot.

18 Apr 2024 10:23:01
I would much rather we had a right back who could defend and brought in attacking players to get 20-30 goals a season and didn’t need our right back to be our top goalscorer. It’s good to have a right back who’s capable of contributing in that way, of course it is, but to be relying on him the most to pull us out a hole every week shows how inept and misfiring the rest of the attacking players are.

18 Apr 2024 10:23:08
We got to a Europa League final with fans, won a Scottish Cup with fans, won the league cup with fans.
We came from 10 behind this season with fans only for the players to crash and burn when it mattered.
No fans has feck all to do with it.
If fans were the answer we wouldn't win any game in a stadium full of them.
Our issue is that the players at our disposal don't have the ability / drive to perform over the course of a season. IMHO.

18 Apr 2024 10:30:54
Agree with just about everything u said TT.

18 Apr 2024 10:39:10
So your telling me that Pc takes no blame at all? We are a total disgrace on that park. We can't even do the basics right! I. e passing or defending.

18 apr 2024 10:52:47
if you actually believe a stadium with 50k people, is the same as an empty arena your aff yer heid, , europe has not and never will have the pressure of a title fight either when you play for rangers, , nor does a cup game, we have one team to beat, we have scarcely touched them, we can't even beat the other teams,

acting the smartarse doesn't wash, everything i said then, and now is true.

18 apr 2024 10:56:47
my point is entirely about these players crumbling under rangers fans expectations, fine when there was nobody there, crumbled in almost every single old firm game since, every single one that mattered.

18 apr 2024 11:04:42
have you not grasped yet that those "wins" you speak about are few and far between and are cup tournaments, not 36 game affairs, anyone, anyone can win a league cup, if celtic or rangers ain't in it, anyone can win europa league, anyone can winscottish cup

we must win the spfl, not a one off cup tie.

18 Apr 2024 11:05:34
Didn't say he takes no blame but you say he hasn't guts to rid us of players or he'd have done it!? He's had no choice but to use the players we have. Until a couple weeks ago we were on cloud 9 creaming our pants about players and manager.

18 apr 2024 11:16:13
btw tattiheid, you were the attacker in chief when i said on week one that kemar roofe would cost rangers a fortune in sick pay, i said i had friends who played and coached roofe and told me he will probably be injured 80% of the time

you tore me apart for months,
didn't you? well i also told you these players got lucky, goldson tav morelos kent etc, not one of them earned rangers a penny peice did they . sometimes you should forget your stats and look at the facts. no pressure in a scottish cup run, no pressure in a europa league run and lots and lots of pressure in old firm games with 50k screaming for you to win, we won none.

18 Apr 2024 12:29:40
MPH I can’t agree with that over the course of a season we have only won one league and that’s with no fans. They are bottle merchants as soon as they get a bit of pressure.

18 Apr 2024 13:11:40
It isn't true though, TT.
You are merely stating an opinion.
Same with you, Storm.
If they can't play in front of fans then why do we win games at all?
Being bottle merchants is totally different.

18 apr 2024 13:45:03
still nt grasping it

they're ok in ibrox games v st johnston, awful in ibrox games v celtic

and terrified in away v celtic, , nobody ever said they "cant play" in front of fans

i said they could only handle the pressure with no fans, as provenb by the stream of old firm defeats since.

18 Apr 2024 17:53:32
Still not grasping it.
We beat Celtic at a full Hampden in the SC semi in extra time after playing extra time in Europa a few days before in front of another full house.
Tell me again how fans do or don’t come into it?
And wha5 parameters come into play?



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