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04 Jul 2024 22:49:08
Looking like Kenny McLean will be a Rangers player.

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04 Jul 2024 23:18:50
I hope so.
A better player than a lot give him credit for.

05 Jul 2024 00:00:45
Really? He’s not better than what we have.

05 Jul 2024 00:54:49
Ancient and on big wages. better do the business in the few years we'll have him if we are interested.

05 Jul 2024 03:28:13
Ancient, Novo? Take it you never saw Weir, Davis, Arfield, McGregor and many others play for us? What a bizarre comment.

05 Jul 2024 04:47:22
You’re not allowed an opinion on here ?.

05 Jul 2024 05:32:03
Will be a brutal signing who we’ll be trying to get off the books this time next season, really poor decision which is strange as we were starting to look like we were moving forward. Always one step forward two steps back.

05 Jul 2024 05:44:42
I guess this will be another guy that's never given a fair crack by the fans.

Shame cause i'd imagine Clements forgotten more about football than most on here will even know.

Why not just trust the managers judgement and give all his signing the same backing until they've at meant kicked a ball ( I mean maybe particularly the ones that are bluenoses)

05 Jul 2024 05:59:02
See the player snobbery is alive and kicking on here still.

05 Jul 2024 06:01:44
Just can’t see McLean being a PC signing, just doesn’t feel right that after the last two Norwich signings PC went to the board and asked to sign a third guy who arguably worse than Cantwell and Dowell? But it’s okay because he’s one of us ??.

05 Jul 2024 06:03:22
Same re dessers guys hardly put a foot wrong 100% work rate n effort n the some fans just just don't like the guy, wrote off before he kicked a ball for us one of the better players last season, even if he did miss some chances
Maby jusy maybe if we supported our players better, they mihht play better, but instead their hatee by all fans in scotland n majority of their own
Honestly can see why players turn us down at times
We are building a reputation as some of the most hatefull fans around.

05 Jul 2024 06:24:08
Agree BlueDreamer, really pisses me off how the desperation for titles has turned us into a toxic fan base.

Dado, are you saying we've got a new DoF and a new manager but someone else is stil signing off on the signing players from the same club?

05 Jul 2024 07:07:07
Blue dreamer i wouldn't say hardly put a foot wrong. Gave away couple pens. Missed a lot of proper sitters. Think a lot of people mind was made up after his shocking performance away to celtic. Tried to walk it in the net and didn't do basics right. Finds it impossible to hit a shot 1st time in the box. Very frustrating player to watch.

05 Jul 2024 07:11:23
I hope am wrong but he is lot a player I would sign and it’s not snobbery because someone doesn’t want to sign a player it’s just because they think he isn’t good enough fifepl ridiculous post.

05 Jul 2024 07:13:16
Yeah I’m saying Kenny McLean doesn’t look or feel like a PC signing, I’d be surprised if he’d ever heard of him before last year.

05 Jul 2024 07:15:11
I suppose it is inevitable that with Lundstram, possibly Dessers and Cantwell, gone that fans need another whipping boy. Mclean taking up that role and he hasn't even kicked a ball yet. Shameful.

Give the guy a chance .

05 Jul 2024 07:27:08
Watched McLean plenty times and he’s absolutely god awful.

05 Jul 2024 08:06:53
McLean played 50 plus games for Norwich last year and got their player of the year.
I'm saying this is a brilliant signing or anything but he is not a bad player he adds experience in there that we do need.
As for the hate on our own players by our own fans it's piss poor at times.
I get dessers can be frustrating but he still had not a bad goal return considering the service he got all season.
Hopefully soon as the Saudi transfer window opens we will be selling a few over there.

05 Jul 2024 08:10:21
you have a cheek saying anybody's posts are ridiculous storm ???? unbelievable ????.

05 Jul 2024 07:30:35
As74 he's a brilliant player.

05 Jul 2024 08:15:41
He’s not going to be on massive wages, rangers are sticking to a strict wage budget this summer.

05 Jul 2024 08:31:53
I'd think he may well captain the side, like others said 50 games and poy for Norwich last year, he got in the team that Cantwell and Dowell got shot of, diehard blue, know the club and the league, PL and international experience, scottish player for Europe, ticks most boxes for me, will be like a fit Jack I think. They can't all be 21 year old wonder kids, especially with the players going out. Time will tell but he deserves a chance surely.

05 Jul 2024 08:40:36
He’s one of us and that’s what the team needs, even if he’s paid just to be a voice in the dressing room.

05 Jul 2024 08:47:25
McLean isn’t a headliner or clearly what the delusional contingent want for Rangers. One thing that I will offer by opinion is that McLean will outperform Raskin in consistency and in the in-game contributions. The wee fellas noggin is elsewhere and his nose is out of joint whenever he’s dropped. McLean is a professional and will give his blood for the shirt - 100%.

05 Jul 2024 08:59:23
McLean ticks a lot of boxes that people want tbh. Rarely injured. Rangers fan. Played in and knows the league. Homegrown. Experienced. Folk are often moaning about new signings not ticking at least one of they boxes but he ticks them all and they don't want him.

05 Jul 2024 09:09:01
That’s your opinion and you are entitled To it fife I would disagree and doesn’t take away from your post being ridiculous have a nice day.

05 Jul 2024 09:10:05
Stone cold that’s completely wrong about raskin.

05 Jul 2024 09:19:16
Always amazes me the level of player some fans want and desire. We need to be realists. Money restricted, the SPL isn’t attractive to many. We are then looking at the development model to enhance funds going forward. The result is a revolving door on the team. The team needs a mixture of young, experienced, ambitious players!

05 Jul 2024 09:40:05
@Tjs. A brilliant player? Please tell me you’re at the wind up?

05 Jul 2024 09:40:14
McLean would undoubtedly give his all, my worry is he’s not sharp enough. I feel we lacked sharpness in midfield last season. 2nd to a lot of balls we were. Other concern would be paying a heafty fee for a guy in his 30s.

05 Jul 2024 09:42:11
Well, it appears, even though he hasn’t signed, that we have found the replacement whipping boy for Lundstram.

05 Jul 2024 09:48:32
Ausbear, I'm a Rangers fan. I can be a voice in the dressing room. rangers come and get me. I'm available.

05 Jul 2024 09:48:50
Bazbear73, I completely agree with you I think regarding giving him the armband don’t like keepers as captains, must be a player in there if S C brings him on in the big games.

05 Jul 2024 10:08:00
We need experience in the middle of the park, this guy is a model pro that's rarely injured who's played c 40+ games a season for the last 5 seasons (including some in the EPL) and he's a dyed in the wool bluenose. It makes a lot of sense given the Boss had said he wants experience in. Not every player in a team needs to be a world beater, we need what this guy brings as part of a wider collective. If we can get him for.

05 Jul 2024 10:21:14
If kènny does sign i for 1 will welcome an support him at ranger55 like i do all who wear the ranger55 crest wether past now and in the future.

05 Jul 2024 10:32:32
Let’s judge him once he actually plays.

05 Jul 2024 10:44:46
Great news if true. McLean brings a much needed mixture of leadership and experience to our squad. He also knows what it means to play for our jersey something that has been missing in recent years ????.

05 Jul 2024 10:46:45
if we are signing old guys that are Scottish then why not sign Shankland :) LOL

no one can seriously be defending Dessers on here. its nothing personal, he's a lovely lad but he misses far too many chances (not just a few chances like come have stated) . And aye his work rate might be good but he gives away pointless freekicks when he tries to pressure the ball and again misses loads of chances so his work rate is wasted.

05 Jul 2024 12:20:03
If we can get McLean at a decent price then will be a good solid signing.

Re Dessers he’s not a bad player and we have had a lot worse however he is value is going to decrease due to his age, and IMO we need better and more clinical to win the league and put in a decent showing in CL.

The wingers and midfield also need to contribute more goals this season, outwith Sima was very little end product from there.

05 Jul 2024 13:10:08
like any new signing I would support him if he signs BUT I do think he is bang average at best and if this is the standard we are looking at we are settling for second place. Quite happy to be proved wrong but with no great expectation that it will happen. Our history is littered with players who were bluenoses that couldn`t cut it when they got here, so that shouldn`t be a criteria for a signing. As for this outpouring of love for Dessers and how good he has been . Give me a break, he is slow, has no physical presence to hold up the ball, his finishing is erratic and apart from his awful misses, his refusal to even take a shot is not what we would expect from our main striker . If he had taken even just the sitters he has missed he would have scored over 30 goals.

05 Jul 2024 13:47:42
McLean is a good player with a lovely left foot. Disciplined in midfield, can defend but also a goal threat. We should have signed him five years ago. Him and Jack would have been a great pairing.

05 jul 2024 14:54:37
clement will absolutely have final say on signings, to suggest someone else signs players or brings players the manager doesn't want is ridiculous, pc woulnd be party to that imo, mclean is a very good footballer, saying otherwords is also ridiculous,

05 Jul 2024 16:03:26
Considering what the manager has clearly stated numerous times regarding age and sell on value it's a very strange one .

05 Jul 2024 17:04:50
Signed five with potential and one experienced player, that will in my opinion be a good signing Moffat.



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