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07 Jul 2024 11:08:42
Had a wee stock take to myself this morning of what the teams looking like and I think it's looking like this.

GK - Butland, Kelly, McCrorie
RB - Tav, Sterling, Devine
CB - Goldson, Souttar, Davies, Nsiala, Balogun, King
LB - Jeffe, Yilmas, Fraser
CM - Diomande, Raskin, Barron, Dowell
CAM - Cantwell, Lawrence, Hagi, Lowry
R/ LW - Cortez, Mantondo, Wright, McCausland, Lovelace
ST - Dessers, Danilo, Igamane

Clearly we'll do more transfer business but I wanted to ask what folk think the priorities are at the moment?

For me as much as I think Tav and Goldson will move on and be replaced, I think a creative goal scoring midfielder and another winger (hopefully Sima) is first on the list.

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07 Jul 2024 11:35:37
CH dept viving me the fear. And cortez is our only good wide player.

07 Jul 2024 12:01:41
Need CH and another winger or two. Goldson and Tav gone would be excellent as well as wright Lawrence hagi and dowell.

Lowry is done also.

07 Jul 2024 12:34:43
Agree re your list storm also I want Davies Matondo

The salary we pay some these guys is ridiculous, example you can’t bring in a ch or winger when still carrying Davies 27kor Matondo 22k

The same applies to nearly every player u name, over one million a seas, Tav Goldson two million a seasOn.

07 Jul 2024 12:47:30
Squad will never look like that there’s a helluva a lot of players to leave still and I’d say another 5/ 6 to come in.

07 Jul 2024 13:08:59
I think we will need to sell Mccrorie, lammers, and Cifuentes.

Loan out King, Devine and possibly Fraser for experience.

Then I think we need to sell and replace Goldson, Dowell, Matando, either cantwell or Hagi, Wright and Dessers with better quality. And an additional RW.

07 jul 2024 13:20:25
We must learn from these past years, for a long, long time rangers have paid higher, often much higher rates than Celtic and way beyond everyone else in the country. This was originally because rangers considered themselves, rightly, as Scotland's premier club and wanted to be seen as such

This carried in through history and in recent times David Murray took it to new levels of wages, as we have seen he had different ways of paying, when the storm clouds broke and rangers went down we carried on, paying more for some players than the entire league we played in instead of paying a decent wage to the best young players around.

We were paying long finished guys like Kevin Kyle a fortune for nothing at all, then we returned, and started once again paying way too much money, guys like Gerard was used to big money so he saw no issue with 20k weekly pay, so rangers once again had a much larger pay scale than Celtic, but Celtic won virtually everything so that system doesn’t work.

Ask psg who've been trying to buy the players to win the cl for years now. Paying fortunes makes players less competitive. They become instant millionaires, often multimillionaires, and the edge begins to crumble.

Rangers should be well paid in the context of Scotland, not in the context of England. this new cast off of players will likely be another painful lesson to us, and negotiations in future deals need to be done by professionals in that field, not someone deciding to pay a player 5m no matter how good or how long they stay focused on the job. More due diligence in future deals, because big wages can cripple a club.

07 Jul 2024 14:09:56
I forgot cifu was still a player with us - yes agree with most of this from everyone - matondo and Wright please go especially Wright - we badly need a CB possibly 2 depends who leaves (will not be easy shifting them) - badly need a RW and another striker if possible (-again someone needs to leave between dessers and Danilo for this to happen) - really hope big sima returns as well ??????.

07 jul 2024 14:32:09
there are of course exceptional players who do give everything fir the extent of they're contracts, they're hard to find imo.

07 Jul 2024 14:32:59
Tom, that's an excellent post.

07 Jul 2024 14:36:07
I forgot about Davies and matondo as well John.

07 Jul 2024 15:19:52
Bee, we don’t need to well McCrorie, he’s only on 7k approx a week.

07 jul 2024 15:26:02
Thanks mark. i believe certain 'marquee' players guys who bring more than an ordinary player brings, standouts if you like, do deserve to be highly paid, more than others, but these players should be above average all the time, like great strikers ir playmakers, also certain defenders who are above the norm, it wouldn't work paying everyone the same obviously, but paying everyone way above their level is bad business.

07 Jul 2024 15:48:16
Depending on outgoings we need another RCB, LCB, CM, CAM, RW, and Striker.
If we lose players as rumoured like Goldson, Davies, Lawrence and Dessers, we have to look at signing players who currently have first team experience, as the squad needs to have a balance.

07 Jul 2024 15:52:07
Good post Tom.

07 Jul 2024 16:23:44
Very good post Tom.

07 Jul 2024 17:13:11
Is Mccrorie not in the last year of his contract though?
If he’s not going to play better to sell rather than leave for free.

07 Jul 2024 19:05:35
Agree with that, however extend his deal and loan out. Bee. I’d rather priority players we pay between one and two million a year to move .

07 Jul 2024 20:13:55

Read Tav, Lawrence and that chocolate chancer heading for door. That should get rahman plus.

07 Jul 2024 20:31:24
That’s making an assumption that he’d sign an extension!

07 Jul 2024 21:00:27
Agree John, but if he wants to improve as a player he will need first team football which he won’t get if Butland is still here. I’m not sure why he would extend apart from the cash?
He is 26 now so no longer a youngster.

In the few games I have seen him he has done well and not done anything wrong but obviously not yet ready to challenge if manager isn’t even playing him in the cups.

07 Jul 2024 21:01:29
Sorry just read u mentioned loan out. If he extended and was loaned out that would be ideal for us.
Just not sure he will want to extend.

08 Jul 2024 07:53:48
Miller chocolate chancer Who are referring to their.

08 Jul 2024 16:04:26
Bee there does not appear to be a lot of interest at his stage in mcrorie.



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