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08 Jul 2024 11:11:21

Looks like Rangers will be up against it this season, by playing away from home for weeks possibly months!

Also bedding in a lot of new players in a short time.

For me P. C will be judged at the end of this season!

Hope playing away from home does not hinder our league challenge too much.

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08 Jul 2024 11:29:57
Was already a big enough task for PC this season and we go and make it even harder with this farce.

08 Jul 2024 12:30:42
Been told that we won’t be back in Ibrox til the new year. Know a few ST holders in hospitality that have kicked up a fuss and demanded answers. One owns a big construction firm out my way and he put this in our group chat this morning. It’s a shambles and even not disappointed at the lack of honesty from our board ???.

08 Jul 2024 12:31:52
I have always taken the attitude that things happen and we just have to cope but I really do think that someone from the board needs to speak out to address the rumours and tell the fans what's happening . An interview on the Rangers website rather than a bland statement with more questions than answers is what is needed . We are really poor at using our own media platforms to get the truth out to our fans.

08 Jul 2024 12:35:44
The stand **** up is business amateur hour. what a proper mess.

08 Jul 2024 12:37:01
He needs 2/ 3 windows that is the bare faced truth of the matter the problem is I don’t think he will get it because some fans will turn on him.

08 Jul 2024 12:55:55
If that happens we will end up trying to stop them going for another 10 iar. This guy needs time as long as I see progress I. ll be happy we don't have the money for a quick fix.

08 Jul 2024 13:12:04
Good for him Carluke. Myself and family have four hospitality season tickets not a peep, emails unanswered.

08 Jul 2024 13:14:30
He'll only get that Storm if we start beating the tims. His record against them is abysmal, and there is no way that can continue.

Gerrard was the only manager given given time because he started getting results against them. Also, he had King at his back, so that helped too.

The stand fiasco is one almighty f up, and some can spin it how they want to, but it's a calamitous mess!

08 Jul 2024 13:15:12
Agree storm, also we seem to be habitually making things harder for ourselves.

08 jul 2024 13:47:20
i think the best, and only thing to do us let it take its course, it will resolve soon enough, now i still have seats but i'm nit well enough to attend ibrox so it doesn't affect me as much as many but I've seen celtic play a season at hampden and i believe they won the league and cup, I've seen hearts play away and plenty others have played away from they're home and survived fine, these things happen unfortunately in many business or construction projects, remember its being done fir all the right reasons, it took celtic months to get a licence to open they're mechano set because the materials weren't iff required quality or something like that, whatever it was it was a safety issue and they had to stay at hampden, we just need to let them get on with it and be patient, there isn't any other option, and if some glasgow based fans need to travel a bit further, others may well travel less fi4 a wee change, anyway ibrox is an intimidating arena, we might get off to a flyer playing elsewhere fir a wee while.

08 Jul 2024 13:47:47
It’s a shambles John that they haven’t relayed this news to us all. As I was saying the other day honesty and transparency would go a long way mate ❤️??.

08 Jul 2024 14:11:58
He needs this season to form a capable squad, we need to be patient.

08 Jul 2024 14:36:50
Carluke by all accoumts the club lookikg secure hampden until october.

08 Jul 2024 14:47:12
Good post Tom. Stadium work is difficult for all clubs. Agree it's been messed up but when it comes to construction projects delays do happen.

But disappointed about the last minute scramble for a stadium, contingency plan should have been in place just in case.

08 Jul 2024 15:06:03
Hearing Hampden is our only viable option Paul. Murrayfield ruled out due to policing and safety concerns and SRU need it back for November for winter series at the Rugby when Ibrox still won’t be ready. ?.

08 Jul 2024 16:00:01
That’s nonsense roofe. It happens all the time in football with building. Another getting his knickers in a twist.

Carluke the club will relay when they have something to relay or would you rather an update very fecking hour?

08 Jul 2024 16:41:52
I would rather the club were just honest and upfront with us Storm. It really isn’t that hard to tell the fans who pay there hard earned cash each week what is going on. It happens at every other football club ??.

08 Jul 2024 16:45:57
On a side note, nice to see u posting again hole in one?.

08 Jul 2024 17:28:51
It just adds to the shambolic nosense of recent years, totally pathetic after that 55 season and still paying for it.

08 Jul 2024 18:23:00
I couldn't give a toss about any other clubs storm, and if you want to accept us bouncing from one disaster to another, then those knickers might be best suited for you.



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