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05 Jul 2024 13:24:58

Take away the f and put a d, that would be more appropriate for me ?

Something to say on every thread,
All of us wishing, he'd have a day off in bed ? ? please Fork one day, grant us our wish, stop coming on spouting single fish.

Thinks he funny, one of the lads.
Until it's that time of the month when changes his pad. ?
That only happens to woman, I hear you all say,
But our Fork is unique, in his own special way. ?

Fork, I heard your not handsome, I heard your not tall,
I heard you had a head like a medicine ball. ?

Remember you asked the question, do I bring enough to the site?
No fork mate, your patters ?

Next time your on the site, having a boast,
I'll remind you about, your popularity post. ?

Whenever you come for one of the best,
Be sure to be wearing a kevlar vest. ?.

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05 Jul 2024 13:45:45
Funny but harsh lol.

05 Jul 2024 13:53:09

05 Jul 2024 14:04:32
Can't argue with that u nailed it ya swine, a swift and harsh retaliatory strike, well done ya dobber ? ah well at least I'm not suspected of being from the darkside" judas"??? excellent prose bud?.

05 Jul 2024 14:09:05
Boy plus “patters?”………. pot kettle black my friend.

05 Jul 2024 14:11:57
Have you prepared an ode to SSFC and the strangely quiet White Horse as co-conspirators, to think I tipped you off too, away for a ? lol ??.

05 Jul 2024 14:27:08
Thank goodness it's Friday and almost time to hit the old shandy ?.

05 Jul 2024 14:27:30
Lol@orygbmb ?.

05 Jul 2024 14:36:33
Get yir big boy pants out and leave me out of it ?.

05 Jul 2024 14:54:12
You aided and abetted lol??.

05 Jul 2024 15:34:35
Not much rhymes with horse. Incoming lol.

05 Jul 2024 15:56:37
Way to much free time on your hands bb4??.

05 Jul 2024 16:05:25
A bit harsh davie douglas? Fork was the main player in accusing me of being from the darkside, it doesn't come any harsher than that mate, surely!
Fork it was those last 2 posts last night tipped me over the edge, the young turks one was class, had a good laugh at that one, so did the good lady tbh ? it's all in good spirit Fork.

Orygbmb, what you "attempting" to say? Spit it out mate, it might be a golden nugget ?.

05 Jul 2024 17:50:32
All good bud if you can't laugh and all that????? no worries ?.

05 Jul 2024 18:42:58
In that case BB4 he deserves every bit of abuse he gets. ???.

05 Jul 2024 19:39:02
Fork If like davie said, you thought any of that was harsh, then I apologise mate, that was never my intention, just a bit of banter. Always look out for your posts ?.

05 Jul 2024 20:50:45
Cheers flb, good to know you've got ma back ?.

05 Jul 2024 21:04:19
I dont.

05 Jul 2024 20:30:31
Not at all bud, all good, but check who the chief darkside suggester was, just saying lol??? not harsh in anyway, it's banter?.

05 Jul 2024 21:51:11
Fork before I went to bed last night I saw your 2 posts, was to tired to get into it last night, said to myself I'll get that bugger in the morning. It could have been any of you, you stuck out because the last 2 posts and the fact you had my own missus laughing at me ? glad you saw the funny side, as I said your one of my favourite posters on here mate.

06 Jul 2024 06:14:07
As I said bud, it's fine, a bit of humour n banter brightens the day, thought the whole chatter was a gd laugh, absolutely cool bud??.



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