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01 Jul 2024 17:54:49
Big Helander available for nowt btw thinking about Cyprus, would he be worth a shout?

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01 Jul 2024 18:31:22
No danger mate, just not fit enough, I’d rather develop the boy from AC. He was a good player with the few games he managed together but we need better to move forward.

01 Jul 2024 18:38:05
Good replacement for Jack, a void needing filled in the treatment room.

01 jul 2024 18:38:08
you want to go backwards fork?

01 Jul 2024 18:40:26
Fork, it's a no from me. we need to move injury prone players out, not bring in more.

01 Jul 2024 18:43:42
Be worth a shout fork but be shouting NAW!

01 Jul 2024 19:06:37
Nope we need better.

01 Jul 2024 19:32:29
I loved helander and he’s the best CB I’ve seen since Cuelar at Rangers, but he’s lucky if he’s played 20 games since we won 55, having finally gotten Jack and Roofe off the wage bill it would be absolutely folly to waste wages on helander.

01 Jul 2024 20:34:23
Injury aside, I'd still say no. Far too slow to play a highline, he would just become the target for other teams.

01 Jul 2024 20:36:54
No thanks, we've just freed up space in the treatment room without adding to it.

01 Jul 2024 20:47:19
I do get it guys but just thought I'd put it up, he has played 22, but I see all your points.

01 Jul 2024 21:37:09
Big filip helander was a very good centre half and old school ? So dominant in the air and the tackle ?.

01 Jul 2024 21:45:30
Slower than a week in jail Martin Boyle bullied him worse than madea with tav.

01 Jul 2024 21:56:12
Think that's a bit over the top Raskin, Tavernier is very poor coming up against maeda, can't see that being beat, just as well maeda he can't pass or cross a ball.

01 Jul 2024 21:56:13
Jeezo, what is it about some of our fans with the amount of posts about bringing ex players back - Morelos, Kent, Helander, Katic, Sakala etc. We'll never move on until we rid ourselves of sentiment. There were some who wanted Jack to get another deal - to do what exactly, keep the medical staff company.

01 Jul 2024 21:58:13
He didn’t raskin. That’s just a lie, maeda has Tav on toast.

01 Jul 2024 22:10:37
Fork, it's a point for debate mate that's what this site is for.

01 Jul 2024 20:56:56
I'll be good ED honest???.

{Ed033's Note - Ok thanks.

01 Jul 2024 22:59:30
Sir struth never said to bring him back, asked and highlighted if he was worth a shout as he's available for nothing.

01 Jul 2024 23:36:02

02 Jul 2024 05:53:16
Is it a lie when Boyle was scoring hatrick for fun and the big swede just could catch him? Or is it the fact like you like Hellander so don’t wanty admit he was left wanting against Boyle seem to remember Boyle doing the same to Goldson and balogun.

02 Jul 2024 05:54:38
Big Hellander was good at throwing his body about but got left chasing strikers more times than not but as usual since he’s left he’s a world beater now let’s get him back.

02 Jul 2024 06:37:28
OP was to highlight his availability never once suggested he returned, it was about would he be worth a shout/ look at as he's available for nothing.

02 Jul 2024 14:48:20
Helander was out with a knee injury when Boyle scored a hat trick against Rangers.
So you are half correct - there was no chance Helander could catch him as he wasn’t even playing.



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