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15 Apr 2024 20:34:05
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15 Apr 2024 20:15:30
John Bennett spoke about being the best when talking about the infrastructure or best in class. Mr Bennett how about funding a team who are the best in Scotland otherwise fans won't use your best in class stadium or infrastructure.


15 Apr 2024 20:10:58
Heard a good point today that the squad of players are OK at taking on new information hence why they play ok once a new manager comes in, but revert back to standard and that for me is where we are. Any1 disagree?


15 Apr 2024 19:59:00
I haven’t been one to really jump on the criticism of Goldson in the past but since the Aberdeen game where Miovski scored he looks miles off it. The part that’s infuriated me this weekend is if you watch the first 2 goals he closes the ball down and then doesn’t even make any sort of attempt to block the shot/ cross for either of them. He just jogs out and refuses to actually defend the ball. Look at the difference of their defenders throwing themselves at absolutely everything. His legs don’t even move to stop the ball it’s actually embarrassing.

Lundstram for the second goal as well where he looks at the boy 2 or 3 times then just let's him walk past and tap it into an empty net. That for me is inexcusable, and given he can’t be bothered to track a runner with 7 games to go in a title race, any contract offer on the table should be taken away immediately and he can go and rot for some mid table championship team where he belongs.

The ‘leadership’ group hardly won us anything in their so called prime there’s absolutely no chance they win us anything when they’re all on the decline and wet the bed as soon as there’s a sniff of a title race. The manager needs to be ruthless and willing to shake up the dressing room. If Lundstram Goldson and Tav take us into next season then on the managers head it will be when it inevitably goes wrong again.


15 Apr 2024 19:25:28
Do you not think it’s about time tav and Goodson get dropped? play king and balogun to start against Dundee if not king, play sterling at rd.


15 Apr 2024 20:12:27
I'd play tav he at least offers goals and assists but goldson offers nothing defensive and misses good chances as well.


15 Apr 2024 18:59:05
Evening lads . I was wondering if any of yous know whether an option to buy was involved in the lammers deal, I can't remember.
If he keeps this form up he could well be worth more than we paid.


15 Apr 2024 20:13:20
Sure it's a straight loan but tbh if we get 2/ 3m we should take it and run.


15 Apr 2024 18:17:37

We have a great stadium and our fanbase is huge but the team is not up to the standard we would like it to be since the good old days.

We need money that we don't have to turn this around any time soon, we all want Rangers to be challenging for leagues/ cups.

We need a few Rangers supporting players, who would give 100% on the park/ dressing room!

We all know who needs to be moved on but who will come in, depends on wining this league.

Rangers needed to win this league to get the riches of the champions league, not just to help keep up with Celtic financially, but also have a better war chest for P. C.

We can still win the league, but not on the evidence of what's on show, will P. C stay if we fail?

It hurts to see my club lose to anyone, but at least go down fighting for the cause!


15 Apr 2024 18:45:40
A good, sensible post holeinone. It was so disappointing to see a team show such little fight at the weekend when going for a title. Especially with what is at stake next for next season. At least now they know what they have to do. 8 games, 8 wins. There is no point in harking after days gone by. But with the right attitude, this group has shown they can be successful. Keep it simple, keep the energy high. Keep believing.


15 Apr 2024 18:46:29
We have clawed our way back into contention. Lose and home to motherwell then lose to ross county. We have the highest wage bill in scotland county fighting relegation. Since killie away almost like the side have hit a brick wall. Really toiling.


15 Apr 2024 19:44:51
He will stay. we had no right to be fighting for a title when he took over and certainly wasnt expected. He needs the time gerrard got to sort us out imo. he's dealing with previous managers errors currently.


15 Apr 2024 19:48:57
Well put sir. I have left many games in the past and although we got beat would still be proud of the fighting spirit!


15 Apr 2024 20:15:14
They are really toiling Paul, I tried to point out that a team fighting relegation will fight hard, look at crystal Palace v Liverpool. Should they fight harder than the team trying to win the league, No they shouldn't, who can explain it.


15 Apr 2024 20:17:07
I'd doubt PC would have taken the job on condition he only gets funds if we win the league but I worry how we can fund the overhaul we desperately need.


15 Apr 2024 18:10:49
So as things stand does any1 believe we can or will win the league? Personally don't think so more through a poor mentality but pray I'm wrong.


15 Apr 2024 18:47:08
This side don't have the bottle for it. No we won't win the league or the scottish cup. Just being honest.


15 Apr 2024 19:05:27
Ows - we won't win the league now. Celtic may drop points, however based on our recent performances and especially yesterday, we will drop more.


15 Apr 2024 19:10:16
I think we can still win the league but won’t be easy like some thought.
We need to win every game now.


15 Apr 2024 19:19:21
Yes Walter I do believe we can win it.


15 Apr 2024 19:51:01
I think since PC has arrived we have had a very good mentality, churning out hard wins where previously we may have slipped up. Yes there have been bumps along the way, but this team has clawed back a deficit and has the league in it's own destiny. Why shouldn't I be optimistic when on weds we have a chance to get within a point of our rivals and still have one old firm game to come.


15 Apr 2024 20:06:20
We have to win at Parkhead now, I don’t think they will drop points and the momentum has swung massively in their favour. Motherwell performance and result should have been a wake up call and dispelled any notion of complacency in getting 3 points and it didn’t have any positive affect. We have looked sluggish since then and need to wake the luck up pronto.


15 Apr 2024 20:18:44
History is against us no team has won the title losing as many matches I'm sure we've lost 6 so far.


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