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17 Jan 2020 22:28:49
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17 Jan 2020 22:05:32
really hope we don't get injuries to our key players for the rest of the season because I don't think we have enough strength in depth, barker, stewart, jones, king who doesn't get a game anyway are not good enough to play for rangers.

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17 Jan 2020 22:26:16
King doesn't play for us.

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17 Jan 2020 22:26:47
Hope Celtic do then as the have great strength in depth? Lads c'mon get real so we strolled absolutely strolled a game tonight with not our first team and look at the the comments jings it's like a timplosion on our site get a grip.

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17 Jan 2020 21:52:38
Positive performance from Patterson tonight but under no false illusions as he was against a part time team and allowed a lot of space. Young Kennedy looked hungry and a was gutted when he wasn't played through at the death from Barker's pass. The likes of Ojo and Barker have shown their level tonight and times up for me I'm afraid. Jones gets another life considering the amount of time he's had out but i'm yet to be convinced from any of his performances yet. Hopefully now that these young lads have had a taste of Ibrox it pushes them on and we start seeing their names in the squad more often and that rubs off on the rest of the youth. For the first time in a long time we have a team of assets that will not be here forever and these boys are hopefully our future, not to mention the veterans who although are brilliant, will run out of legs sooner rather than later.

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17 Jan 2020 22:24:45
Jones is not good enough to play for Rangers and can leave anytime.

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17 Jan 2020 21:51:52
Very comfortable win, could and should have been 6 or 7, but I'll settle for winning the game without any major injuries.

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17 Jan 2020 22:03:37
Thankfully someone who talks sense (or is sober) totally agree pal!

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17 Jan 2020 22:26:11
2 was what we deserved, can't remember their keeper making 6 or 7 good saves.

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17 Jan 2020 21:37:32
Safe to say

We now know why gerrard keeps to the same players as the ones coming in tonight to get a chance have been rotten

Struggling against Stranraer is not good enough don't care how many guys behind the ball we should be doing them over at least 4 or 5 goals

The young guys showing some of them up to be honest

Some of them out there like jones and Halliday making the game look like a slog
Aribo not his best tonight either

Stupid comment but maybe Murphy and docherty should have been kept

Barker jones tonight rubbish

Pffft some people on here need to open there eyes to this crap
We're going to have a hard run in to the end of the season and this tonight not good enough can't be relying on these fringe players to come in and keep our challenge going NOT A CHANCE

Maybe a work out game but still not good enough for me.

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17 Jan 2020 21:59:20
As always your 100% correct struggled for the whole game against (no offence) stranraer! 30 odd shots off target 10 on target erm stranraer had 0 shots at all! but yes that's rangers in trouble now for the rest of the season! Shakin in my boots! Get a grip!

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17 Jan 2020 22:27:52
@ Briangersfan

So we’re saying a performance of that level would have gotten us through against. a Aberdeen Hibs even Motherwell

That same team tonight apart from Davis jack and Arfield
And young Paterson

Ojo barker jones Halliday all played great In Your book pal is that right aye”
Happy with them playing against Celtic if we had injuries we’ll score a few goals against them is that right aye

Someone else said let’s hope no major injuries from now til end of season for the main squad
As those guys getting a chance tonight will be no where near the team

So you my friend get a grip

I’m a rangers fan buddy and I want this team to be performing right the last game of the season and not losing stupid points like we done in seasons past

And if I could I would be looking for some signings this month and off loading guys mentioned as there no where good enough for Rangers football club
Credit to Halliday he tries but not good enough

Suppose it’s as they say proof will be in the pudding

And don’t get me wrong I hope to god I’m sitting here come end of season and il be the first to come on and hold my hand up if those players mentioned, if and when called upon step out to the plate and do indeed deliver us the title
I’ll eat my own words.

But don’t tell me to get a grip
My eyes are wide open to what I’ve watched tonight and over the years of Rangers teams past and present
There not good enough and Gerrard knows it.

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17 Jan 2020 22:28:12
Agreed brian. Through to next round. Basically like a training match. Playing v 10men behind ball.

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17 Jan 2020 21:27:30
On a lighter note. i'm not having the 2 young lads hair dos. Terrible, somebody has to have a word😂.

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17 Jan 2020 21:24:26
Jones and Barker are very poor to be honest. Against Stranraer these guys should be committing defendets by taking them on. Bothbseemed happy to control the ball and play a five yard pass backwards or sideways. Gerrard said a week or so ago that some players when given their chance seem to end up further away from getting in the team and both Jones and Barker will find themselves in that pisitiin after tonight. A win is a win and we progress to the next round but not great tonight.

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17 Jan 2020 21:06:43
Game just finished. Porto 1 v 2 Braga.

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