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13 Jul 2024 20:08:38
I did like the energy and intent of our younger second half team today. I freely admit I was sceptical about Barron but looks like a tidy player. Good to have 2 number 1 goalies also just need the sharp end sorted. Matondo still has no techacal ability and loosses poersion most of the time.

Scott Wright is a conundrum for me, he has the abilty to take on the half turn, inredible pace and accelaration I would keep and coach the sh it out of him there is a player in there. PS I love our new coach he's bat crazy.


1.) 13 Jul 2024 20:32:04
Barron will do well mate, needs a bit of time but he’s a very competitive player.

2.) 13 Jul 2024 20:40:27
He’s been hear for years you can’t coach him to be better after all this time.

3.) 13 Jul 2024 21:02:10
Barron will be a top player for us - wright is a poor all round player - had loads of chances to prove otherwise - just not the level needed - he be ok at killie or similar type team ??????.

4.) 13 Jul 2024 21:22:33
Raskin i'm torn, like you say he has had a go, however Wright is only 26, Jamie Vardie started his career at Leister at 25/ 26.

5.) 13 Jul 2024 21:34:46
Scott Wright! FGS, I take it you've no interest in winning the league?

6.) 13 Jul 2024 23:10:12
Always been impressed with the way Wright can turn a player and get away at speed from the midfield area unfortunately his decision making and final ball let's him down.

7.) 13 Jul 2024 23:21:53
Tj skill is questionable but can't fault the boys graft.

8.) 14 Jul 2024 03:59:17
few days ago everyone praising dessers who again showed why we need him gone. touch like a washing machine. now its scott wright, just wow. i give up.

9.) 14 Jul 2024 07:20:49
Vardy was scoring goals for fun before Leicester.

Wright is rotten plain and simple.

10.) 14 Jul 2024 15:36:15
Touch like a washing machine lol, his second touch is a slide tackle.



13 Jul 2024 09:32:10
RE head full of boken bottles from Fork, what's your best Scottish saying. Ill start, "that wind could blow the change out your pockets".


1.) 13 Jul 2024 10:03:42
Heid like a stairheid, nose like god knows, and a face like a cliff face.

2.) 13 Jul 2024 10:05:22
"Face like a mad dug chewing beetroot" there's a wee couple to kick it off??.

3.) 13 Jul 2024 10:08:13
Don’t know if it’s Scottish but I always loved you have a face like a horse in a huff.

4.) 13 Jul 2024 10:35:24
As useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

5.) 13 Jul 2024 10:39:03
It has to be something from Still Game or Chewing the fat.
I always liked "ya couple of fa#@ies! Or Fa#@y Bawz!

6.) 13 Jul 2024 10:40:22
Ock away you n bile yer heed, ya we eejit.

7.) 13 Jul 2024 10:53:52
Face like licking p@@h aff a nettle?.

8.) 13 Jul 2024 10:54:52
A face like a bulldog kicking pish aff a nettle.

9.) 13 Jul 2024 10:56:35
Gaun dinnae no dae that!

10.) 13 Jul 2024 11:16:37
"Face like a pail o angry worms"

11.) 13 Jul 2024 11:49:30
Yer maw’s got baws and yer da likes it.

12.) 13 Jul 2024 12:08:57
Higher than a pilots piece boax.

13.) 13 Jul 2024 12:34:16
If yer auntie had baws she wid be yer uncle.

14.) 13 Jul 2024 12:38:02
You've got a nose like a blind cobblers thumb . ??

15.) 13 Jul 2024 12:58:18
When I was younger my mum used to always say:-

If you fly with the craws you’ll get shot with the craws.

16.) 13 Jul 2024 13:05:18
Ya couple ah fannies.

17.) 13 Jul 2024 13:06:06

18.) 13 Jul 2024 13:07:10
Last night there was a murder in the chippy, a wee dug stole a haddy bone, a big dug tried to tak it aff him, so I hit it wi a tattie scone.

I went roon to see ma Auntie Jeannie, she lived in a corned beef tin, I looked thru a hole in the windae and ah shouted "Auntie jeannie are u in"

Next verse has false teeth n widden leg in it but can't mind it.
Just a gd example of the Scottish vernacular back on the day.

My gran used to sing these auld Scottish songs when i was a bairn, can't mind the rest of the verses, maybe you of a finer vintage might remember them. ?.

19.) 13 Jul 2024 13:19:52
Got one eye going to shops and other coming back with the change.

20.) 13 Jul 2024 13:43:23
You've got a face like yer chewing wasps.

21.) 13 Jul 2024 13:46:18
You could peel an orange in yer pocket with a boxing glove on (yer that tight. )

22.) 13 Jul 2024 13:47:25
Yer mas dropped more boxers than mike tyson.



10 Jul 2024 18:07:09
Is it me or are the punits going over the top with Lamals goal, Decent strike nothing more I won't be looking back at it in decades to come.


1.) 10 Jul 2024 19:06:00
Tj…. Come on mate remeber this was a 16 year old who scored that was an unreal finish.

2.) 10 Jul 2024 19:07:38
Yamal? It was far more than a decent strike. The kids 16 and doing this at full international level.

3.) 10 Jul 2024 19:29:14
It’s you.

4.) 10 Jul 2024 19:50:58
A great strike by anybody, not just a 16 year old. A fantastic goal at an important time by a future star who outshone Mbappe on the night.

5.) 10 Jul 2024 20:14:05
Tbh, never understood the hype about mbappe!, wouldn't lace ronaldo of a few years ago or messi, even now, he has speed, yes, but can any of you remember more than a game or two that he has actually won a game on his own or stood put for more than 5 minutes?

6.) 10 Jul 2024 20:31:49
Tjbb, it's not just the goal, it's the occasion, a semi in the euros, a 16yr old kid doing that against some of the most seasoned pros you could find in world football. I for one will remember it for a long time, his football brain is something else.

7.) 10 Jul 2024 20:35:14
Yamal is a fabulous young player who's broke a record now with that absolutely outstanding strike for spain against france last night and most definitely deserves to be applauded ????.

8.) 10 Jul 2024 21:03:25
Kylian Mbappe has scored 331 and assisted 158 goals in 446 career appearances for club and country, winning 17 trophies

Bang average ??????.

9.) 10 Jul 2024 22:08:47
Correct sima saying that about Mbappe not been a great player is ridiculous

Bar no one has said he would lace Messi or Ronaldo
Boots but doesn’t make him not a good player who’s won a lot of trophies.

10.) 10 Jul 2024 22:21:04
Only scored a hat trick in a World Cup final yeno. The next few years mbappe will be frightening I don’t think anyone will touch Madrid for a long while an absolute wonder team and a half.

11.) 10 Jul 2024 23:26:07
Great player but been poor in the euros, France best player has been the Arsenal defender, he has everything to become the best defender out there.

12.) 11 Jul 2024 03:10:04
Can only be as good as the team behind him, imagine he was up front for Spain lol.



07 Jul 2024 18:55:30
Generally impressed with the reffing at the Euros. If we had a SPL reffing the tournamnet there would of been at least 25 red cards a few thousand yellows and at least 50 penalties from VAR.


1.) 07 Jul 2024 20:22:06
They are the best refs from all the top leagues you would expect them to excel
Although Taylor did hand out 17 yellows in one of the games.

2.) 08 Jul 2024 07:46:28
Taylor has been honking but the majority have been good.



06 Jul 2024 09:22:01
Sterling Souter Clinton Jefte
Barron Diomnde Maclean
? Igamne Cortes

Will this be close to our starting 11. Still missing the elusive right winger and i'm geussing on Maclean obvoulsy but we are getting there, just need to move on from the Tav/ Goldson era or the team will still play with nerves and fear imo. Need to be like some of the smaller teams in the Euros and play every game like its your last.


1.) 06 Jul 2024 09:54:31
Hopefully we will have Sima and ideally another centre back. Souttar for me is no more than backup.
I still believe that there are a few more to come in that could change the dynamic of that starting line up and in any event I'm sure that Clement will use his full squad which will see other players currently on our books also deployed on a rotation basis.

2.) 06 Jul 2024 10:01:43
Only certainties out that lineup are butland and diomande. Possibly cortes. Even sterling u just never know while Tavs still at the club. I 100% would play sterling.

3.) 06 Jul 2024 10:18:18
I really hope not Celtic roasts that side imo. The gaffer said we will start bringing in experience. Don't think igamane will be our 1st choice number 9. Tav will still be right back. Would rather have sterling in middle than Barron. Clinton am not sure either will be a starter.

4.) 06 Jul 2024 10:25:15
Neither CBs will start and need a leader in middle and more experienced striker lots work to do.

5.) 06 Jul 2024 10:27:33
Really hope we can sign sima from brighton, on a permanent deal ?I really rate and like the big fella who's got a good amount of goals and assists in him ?He scored 16 goals for us last season and would have easily hit between 20-25 goals for us last season, barring his injuries ? That's not even including his assists ? He'd be a top signing for us, i've got absolutely no doubt about that ???.

6.) 06 Jul 2024 10:32:15
Tend to agree that Barron and Clinton will prob not be 100% starters, the rest will be or close to. I would worry if we put Sterling in midfield Paul we need higher end techinal palyers in the middle, imo, but agree mate when the chips are down Djoun is very versitile and has a great attitude.

7.) 06 Jul 2024 10:38:57
Tjbb if that's the team we will never win the league.

8.) 06 Jul 2024 11:15:05
A few starters to come in yet and a few out the door, Sima hopefully then a CB, Mid and a no9 all starters through the spine of team.

9.) 06 jul 2024 11:27:36
shankland will start ?.

10.) 06 Jul 2024 12:10:22
I think we will sign another striker, attacking centre mid, left winger, right winger and centre half. Obviously with a lot of leave also - dessers, possibly lammers, wright, Goldson, Hagi or cantwell, dowell etc.

11.) 06 Jul 2024 12:27:04
Tbh that teams gives me the fear tjbb, we definitely need better. As it stands I was more excited last season, purely because I had heard of a few of our signings danilo, dessers, butland, lammers. Most of our signings so far are unknown, doesn't mean there bad players, just harder to get excited about.

12.) 06 Jul 2024 12:48:43
If that's our starting 11, then God help us. Honestly, I sometimes wonder whether some on here want us to win the league again?!

13.) 06 Jul 2024 13:10:26
Is Sterling not helping with the extension build.

14.) 06 Jul 2024 13:11:14
Hopefully we sign some experienced players to add a balance to the team/ squad and that will probably be dependent on players leaving Rangers.

15.) 06 Jul 2024 13:42:50
Pretty sure we’ll sign Sima if we’ve sold, Tav, Goldson, Ridvan, Cantwell and Dessers.

I’ll be shocked if those 10 players are on the park at the same time.

16.) 06 Jul 2024 13:55:43
Anyone wanting to put up an 11.

17.) 06 Jul 2024 14:11:05
Cb is too weak and middle 3 where's our creativity? don't think Nsiala can go straight into our first 11 and imo soutter makes too many errors.

18.) 06 Jul 2024 14:29:36
Tjbb Gk Butland Rb Sterling new cb new cb lb Yilmaz rm Sima cm Barron cm Diomande lm Cortes cf Danilo new striker.

19.) 06 Jul 2024 14:34:34
Armstrong from killie for the right wing.

20.) 06 Jul 2024 15:09:31
But early to put up an 11 when we’ve at least 7/ 8 more to come in, the same leave, and some of the incoming likely not to have been mentioned. I’d give it at least another 2/ 3 weeks. Great enthusiasm though but that team wins nothing.

21.) 06 Jul 2024 15:48:21
Ok TJB I’ll have - Butland - Sterling - souttar and Davies ? jefte Barron diomande Cantwell sima ? Cortez Danilo - for now I don’t think it is a crap 11 bar the cbs and we can only improve this over the next month - I believe Barron will be a starter think his energy and tenacity is exactly what we’ve been missing ??????.

22.) 06 Jul 2024 17:01:41
Really hope Sterling isn't our first choice right back next season.

Also, think Raskin will be a starter.

23.) 06 Jul 2024 17:11:29
Who u thinking will be EHL?

24.) 06 Jul 2024 18:25:05
Think if tav goes or he doesn't go sterling needs a crack at rb, only fair the boys done a turn everywhere else.

25.) 06 Jul 2024 18:26:13
Fork, either Tav or a new signing.

26.) 06 Jul 2024 19:55:08
Cheers EHL, would prefer and agree with BB, Sterling bud, really think Tavs going to go, or as you say a new RB brought in. ?.




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20 Jul 2024 08:32:29
Lets put thing in perspective, Celitc have won many a trophy and league with Ralstson, Taylor, Scales and Welsh at the back. Our failure to deliver is a collective failure from top of the club to the bottom and most of the players, hopefully we see change this season. The appointment of Pedro and Beale put us off course by 4 years.




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18 Jul 2024 19:54:27
I can see the group JUST STOP TAV gluing themselves to the plane.




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15 Jul 2024 18:19:19
Surely Rangers would of followed a tendering proccess and picked what they thought was the best option.




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13 Jul 2024 09:30:13
Head full of broken bottles lol love that Fork, love Scottish patter nobody does it better. Mabye get a thread going on the other page.




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12 Jul 2024 19:05:53
Sorry GMS don't fully agree, most footballers have a good life I don't feel sorry for them moving clubs its an accepted part of the career, I agreee he did give his all however he did not play particulry well and was prone to a big errors. Plenty of time to shine like his brother, just not good enough. Wish him well like anyone in life.





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19 Jul 2024 22:17:43
Do we think most top ten right and left backs in the history of football are noted for their defeding or attacking. can't remember a sinlge tackle roberot carlos made but I do rememeber his goal.




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16 Jul 2024 20:39:02
We were never in for Mbappe.




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14 Jul 2024 10:50:30
I think the main issue is Beale blew the budget wich was prob money from our runs in Europe and player sales like Bassey Aribo. Since then we havnt made huge amounts of money to put in the bank to spend on players now. Our cash is tied up in assets/ squad. Dessers Haji Lammers Wright Davis Lawrence prob gets you around 15 million add in Tav and Goldson and you might get 25 million on a good day. Going forward with a lower wage bill, better player trading model, slightly higher stadium capicty hopefuly runs in Europe we should be able to accumulate funds in the bank. This might atract further investment when you can consistenty grow money at a good rate.




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13 Jul 2024 22:01:29
For a pre saeson I thouggt Ajax were over the top, I seen at least 3 sissors tackles one of which has injured NR.




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13 Jul 2024 21:22:33
Raskin i'm torn, like you say he has had a go, however Wright is only 26, Jamie Vardie started his career at Leister at 25/ 26.




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