Rangers Voting Polls

2024-05-26 11:07:39
Vote on For a decent not too expensive fee, should we buy sima permanently from Brighton? Vote Here


2024-05-17 15:29:31
Vote on Should PC stay or leave? Vote Here


2024-05-12 13:59:46
Vote on If James Easdale is the individual wanting to invest heavily into Rangers, would we want him / accept him? Vote Here


2024-05-12 12:01:01
Vote on Will we win the Cup? Vote Here


2024-05-02 21:34:02
Vote on Do you want to sell Lammers or give him a chance to impress pre season? Vote Here


2024-04-12 13:31:05
Vote on Is it beneficial to the players when the fans boo a performance? Vote Here


2024-04-10 19:04:54
Vote on Would you prefer Tav to be dropped for the game against them at the midden? Vote Here


2024-04-09 19:24:39
Vote on As a Rangers supporter, which of the following best describes you? Vote Here


2024-04-05 12:03:54
Vote on Who should start if all fit Barasic, Ridvan, Dujon? Vote Here


2024-04-01 12:52:46
Vote on Is Sunday's game a must win? Vote Here


2024-03-13 21:27:26
Vote on Would you rather sign Miovski or Shankland? Vote Here


2024-02-29 15:00:04
Vote on Would you like to see VAR operated by machine learning artificial intelligence computers or better trained humans? Vote Here


2024-02-09 21:12:07
Vote on Who do you think is the most talented footballer - Todd Cantwell or Tom Lawrence? Vote Here


2024-02-06 09:24:13
Vote on Who do you rate the better man manager and tactician and would have preferred to have been Rangers manager of yesteryear? Vote Here


2024-01-28 14:28:33
Vote on Given his recent form, has Cyril Dessers turned the corner, and convinced you he can hit the goals required to win us trophies? Vote Here


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