Rangers Voting Polls

2021-09-13 11:39:49
Vote on Who is / should be rangers no.1 left back? Vote Here


2021-08-27 22:51:54
Vote on The poll being who is the better player, cristiano ronaldo or lionel messi? Vote Here


2021-08-24 18:22:45
Vote on Who was the better right back when both were at the same age as what nathan's at just now? Vote Here


2021-08-21 17:35:26
Vote on Who would you rather lose? Vote Here


2021-08-08 22:56:45
Vote on Who should be earmarked to be steven davis's longterm successor? Vote Here


2021-08-08 09:48:29
Vote on Should Rangers of signed Lundstrum, yes or no? Vote Here


2021-08-07 19:49:36
Vote on Is it time for Nathan Patterson to get a run of games yes or no? Vote Here


2021-05-14 10:26:43
Vote on Who was the more talented all round midfielder, Charlie Adam or Charlie Miller? Vote Here


2021-04-22 19:10:07
Vote on Who do you think is Rangers greatest goalkeeper? Vote Here


2021-04-15 13:05:00
Vote on Roofe should stay or Roofe should be sold? Vote Here


2021-04-13 20:45:31
Vote on Should Aribo start in cm or should Arfeild start in cm vs celtic? Vote Here


2021-03-29 07:53:32
Vote on Should Defoe be given a new 1 year deal at Rangers, should Defoe be given a new 1 year deal on reduced terms or should Defoe not be given a new 1 year deal under any circumstances? Vote Here


2021-03-21 21:05:42
Vote on Was it a penalty, yes or no? Vote Here


2021-03-18 12:11:11
Vote on Which is the best save you have ever seen by a Goalkeeper? Vote Here


2021-03-13 15:51:44
Vote on Change Celtic Posts section to SPFL Posts? Vote Here