Rangers Voting Polls

2020-08-10 21:06:37
Vote on if morelos is sold, what league do we think he'll go to? Vote Here


2020-08-02 22:55:47
Vote on Which striker would you prefer Rangers to sign? Vote Here


2020-07-26 14:30:30
Vote on Alfredo to stay or go? Vote Here


2020-07-25 11:03:10
Vote on Who will be Rangers number 1 this season? Vote Here


2020-07-16 12:58:53
Vote on Which right winger would you prefer Rangers to sign? Vote Here


2020-06-28 12:24:06
Vote on Which obsessed Tim will break the dry July first? Vote Here


2020-06-21 12:18:27
Vote on Do Rangers fans want the reconstruction put forword by the club? Vote Here


2020-06-15 18:01:30
Vote on Do you want Tavernier to be captain of Rangers? Vote Here


2020-06-13 21:11:29
Vote on Which powerful, strong, technical defensive midfielder would you prefer in the Rangers starting midfield? Vote Here


2020-06-13 16:42:06
Vote on Who would you like in our first team - McRorie, Docherty or Ferguson? Vote Here


2020-06-11 18:07:09
Vote on Do you want Morelos to stay at Rangers - Yes or No? Vote Here


2020-06-09 08:57:53
Vote on if it were to be a choice of rangers signing lyndon dykes or lyle taylor, which striker would you prefer rangers to sign? Vote Here


2020-06-03 20:06:29
Vote on Does Gerrard go if Rangers do not win at least one cup next season? Vote Here


2020-05-24 11:40:00
Vote on If The Rangers applied to play in the English Football league and we had to start at the bottom after, would you prefer to go to England's bottom tier or stay in the S.P.F.L.?? Vote Here


2020-05-23 11:57:49
Vote on Would we want Celtic to leave and be part of another league or stay in Scotland? Vote Here