Rangers Voting Polls

2022-05-24 15:31:19
Vote on Should McLaughlin be given shot as No. 1 next season or do we want a new No. 1? Vote Here


2022-05-19 20:42:14
Vote on what will be calvin bassey's best position going forward? Vote Here


2022-03-21 12:23:13
Vote on What action should be taken against Alan McGregor for hurting the feelings of our wonderful support? Vote Here


2022-03-21 10:42:45
Vote on Do you think the new Rangers Tops are: Vote Here


2022-03-05 11:26:14
Vote on would you be in favour of the R v C game in Aus if it were renamed the Australia cup with a charity/ Ukraine element to it? Vote Here


2022-03-04 17:28:18
Vote on Vote Yes or No for this "friendly" down under. Vote Here


2022-03-02 18:30:41
Vote on Would you like Rangers to take part in this tournament in Australia? Vote Here


2022-02-27 13:05:44
Vote on Rangers to win the SPFL League or win the Europa League? Vote Here


2022-02-23 19:09:22
Vote on Is it time Wilson was moved on from his position? Vote Here


2022-02-21 22:21:11
Vote on Do you think Rangers can win 31 out of 33 available? Vote Here


2022-02-13 09:09:20
Vote on What shall we call our new R.B.? Vote Here


2022-01-30 19:02:55
Vote on Should Lowery start on Wednesday night? Vote Here


2022-01-25 19:19:20
Vote on Who do you rate the better striker at their very best? Vote Here


2022-01-16 17:36:43
Vote on Which right winger do we hope/ want Rangers to sign? Vote Here


2021-12-23 22:56:38
Vote on What position do we reckon is/ will be calvin bassey's best position, going forward? Vote Here