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03 Sep 2020 18:40:56
Interesting Reading

Can see even the big clubs starting to struggle with C.V. having no fans

And then you have the chinese now not laying there rights

Which by sounds of it is more a political standpoint then about football and the money itself?

PPTV are owned by the the Chinese retail giant Suning, who also own CSL side Jiangsu Suning - where it's alleged players have recently gone without payment - and Italian giants Inter Milan. They also boast exclusive rights to Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga and the Bundesliga.
Suning's turnover in their last financial year was over £28billion - making the apparent failed payment appear to be about more than merely money.
PPTV had been looking to renegotiate the deal, at a time when Premier League clubs have already lost in excess of £500million due to C.V. .
Now the Premier League and its clubs are left facing a further black hole in their finances, after the deal's termination.

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05 Sep 2020 21:37:38
I totally despair, at times, but we have the most loyal fans in the world. Financially sensible No, but loyal and true -- YES. We have no equals when it comes to loyalty, so here is to 55, and stick 8 and a half up p your ass.

19 Sep 2020 20:52:02
Why would you say our fans are not financially sensible?

06 Aug 2020 23:03:53
Not a rumour as such but did we lose money, not because we lost but with no gate money?

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08 Aug 2020 10:30:47
Every club will lose money due to playing behind closed doors.

08 Aug 2020 15:25:19
Bbbbb we r not due any money from Thursday night we r the away team.

05 Aug 2020 22:42:00
We will get to the point where we will sell a player for 10-15m and it will need to be invested in the running of the club and not signing players. Just hope we all realise the club needs to be run debt free. I'm a bit concerned that we are living beyond our means but trust we will never again risk or great club over financial gain. I believe we are heading for 55 with a great manager and a board that back him within our means if Morelos going for over 15m we will be fine. Saying all that we might be getting backed well by very rich Hong Kong consortium. Its great to see big transfers coming in when needed.

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07 Aug 2020 17:26:37
not to sure how to answer this as you kinda answered yourself. i too hope we are living within our means but i don't know the total revenues or the total costs nor do i know what we are paying in the transfer market. i know we lost a lot of costs due letting various players leave. what i am assured of is that the board are trying to do the same thing ie making us self sufficient as we can't continue running at a loss.

the more successful we are the more sponsors we get who are willing to pay more to do so. so if we don't invest we don't get that level of support, kinda 2 way sword.

04 Aug 2020 12:12:09
Really starting to think that the club and Castore are hiding the truth about the Fat controller.

Fact that SD are selling our kit online exclusive says it all.

Are we being shafted again?

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04 Aug 2020 21:04:06
Come on Jim get with the program and get rid of the conspiracy theories.

Believe in the club before you start to look daft.

05 Aug 2020 08:02:30
Good pre-season, good first game, potentially good signings and manager happy. Does it really matter who gets the sub contracts as long as they meet the specification and we get a good return.

05 Aug 2020 08:38:32
DK, Fact that SD are selling our kit online exclusive says it all. That is not a conspiracy.

My son recieved his top yesterday and has already arranged to send it back. His words to me were that he has thrown better in the bin.

05 Aug 2020 09:39:46
Totally agree SlimJim

I find the kit to be cheap and nasty. I was expecting the rolls royce of tops the way they were going on and an old broken down allegro that needed a jump start turned up.

Very disapointing.

05 Aug 2020 10:32:27
Slim, you really need to pay attention to the subjects you want to comment on.

Plenty of info from RFC and Castore about SD selling our stuff - no conspiracy unless yo want to make up one.

05 Aug 2020 13:37:21
I don't often agree with DK19, but this could be a case of a mountain out of a molehill. Time to wind in the necks and see what happens.

05 Aug 2020 15:17:45
Correct dk and billy. It’s illegal to stop SD getting strips from Castore and selling them, do people want another court saga.

10 Aug 2020 23:22:36
Don't worry Slim Jim, the more the Fat Man sells, the more royalties for us.

01 Aug 2020 18:39:31
So what's the story then guys? reports saying Ashley gets a cut from every strip we sell, no matter where they are sold, club needs to address this quickly.

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02 Aug 2020 09:12:53
The club has addressed it but if you chose to believe “reports” that contradict the club there is no help for you.

Ashley will get a cut for every piece of merchandise that we buy from SD, HoF and any other of his stores - that’s all.

03 Aug 2020 09:01:17
Correct DK 19.

04 Aug 2020 12:19:29
Another 1 to raise suspicion of this whole deal is that sports direct selling training gear before Castore and Rangers 🤔.

01 Sep 2020 20:54:59
I see no ones got an aswer to that post.

20 Jul 2020 11:44:09
Lads heard Castore were just taking 50000 then 1st August.

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20 Jul 2020 13:25:57
Ok chunky.

22 Jul 2020 09:26:43
Chunky good positive announcement re rangers and Castore re stores and further release of kit.
That man Ashley so worries me.

22 Jul 2020 15:11:22
My concern as well, John. Agree about the positive statement of intent.

22 Jul 2020 16:32:22
Billy b we r making progress. 50000 strips on order. Another 50000 in store first august.
Then release away strip and training kit by 6/ 8.
Hopefully a very good income stream.
Castore prediction that we will sell 250000 jerseys in first year. That equates to 15 million.
Then training tops, ladies tops to add on. Hope we agreed a good cut.
although Castore say if we sell 250000 our cut between 8 and 9 million
That if true would be amazing.
Another interesting fact is we would move to ninth top selling club for tops worldwide. Albeit it’s normally calculated over a five year average.
Long way to go Man Utd average over a million a year.

22 Jul 2020 16:51:18
Million should read million eight hundred and fifty thousand
Jerseys a year at approximately 70 pounds each only 130 million a Year.

23 Jul 2020 02:30:34
John I'm back to ask a question or 3 can you help please. Anymore word on the injunction you said was issued on Friday. Is it true that castore have said they won't be stocking our mechadise in their store til 'later in the year'. Is it also true that castore only have a store/ shop in London, and hope to open up another in Liverpool in the near future, if true how does that help us buy them up here if your from Dingwall or the borders.

This is the financial page
On the football side the results have been excellent.

23 Jul 2020 07:24:07
Fgs. Read my post where did I say there was an injunction. I ask did anyone here of an injunction
The other questions r not for me I don’t own castore.

Why not watch their press releases.
I’m sure u know how many shops we have
Do u not have online ordering in mull.
I’m so glad u never worked for my company.
What is your job.

23 Jul 2020 22:11:38
Ps I should have been in Tobermory this week for the games.

24 Jul 2020 00:48:57
Ha I noticed that as well. John ask the question about an injunction and mull states that John said there was an injunction.
See that is it in a nutshell mull. You exaggerate the negatives for some bizarre reason .
Let’s stick to facts on this page eh mull . this isn’t the rumour section . John was asking a question. so please don’t twist it to suit .
cheers gents.

24 Jul 2020 11:36:36
Guys. Some people are nuts. If we sell 250000 tops we won't get 8/ 9 million.
That's a 15 million income
Castore needs to buy all the material
They need to pay for all the staff that make the tops
I take it Castore are doing it out the goodness of their hearts and don't want any money?
We will probably get a 35% of the Profit. Not gross sales.

24 Jul 2020 13:57:10
Crooks so you r saying Castore and rangers man Bisgrove r lying in the interview.

24 Jul 2020 17:41:03
Chooks it’s not all strip sales it all Castore rangers related merchandise . Jumpers . Golf bags anything ( I think )

24 Jul 2020 18:37:25
Chooks is a 'new' poster and has been fishing in various other posts🤔.

25 Jul 2020 08:25:21
Mr Grumpy he is one of them.

25 Jul 2020 13:45:46
Ps mull yes the results have been excellent because the board have speculated.

25 Jul 2020 13:27:47
Yup, it's not obvious John is it? 😁
Don't really understand, supporting one team, obsessing over another one. 😂.

12 Aug 2020 16:41:29
Isle of mull1 am in the Isle of Mull just now for a job tomorrow 1st time I have been here is fecking awesome place.

16 Aug 2020 13:37:32
It really is, highland cottage great place for a meal. Also a trip to Iona abbey is well worth it. U would see John Smiths grave.

19 Jul 2020 14:29:18
Is anyone aware of court injunction on Friday preventing Castore selling our kit.

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20 Jul 2020 08:26:17
No, but do tell, give us some sauce or is this just a rumour thought up by your good self?

20 Jul 2020 10:04:42
Forties go read on rumour or banter page. U obviously don’t read my posts not made up. Read others and rag who reports it.
Also I ask a question, I do not quote a rumour.

20 Jul 2020 22:59:37
John, I've just read the 4 Lads Blog and the interview with Castore, I am fairly confident that SDI or anyone have a case for any court proceedings.

21 Jul 2020 08:54:47
Sorry, I meant to say 'don't) have a case above.

21 Jul 2020 14:08:55
Cool irvger. I just don’t trust that man as far as I could throw him.

22 Jul 2020 08:31:29
Well John, if you scroll down this page to the third July, I basically gave the same reply as Irvger.
Wasn't having a go, take care pal.


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