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20 Feb 2024 07:20:39
See James Bisgrove amongst others attended Hampden meeting with the Charlatans, anybody any info on how it went.


22 Feb 2024 14:08:33
The Charlatans are one of my favourite bands, Fork. I'm gutted I missed them playing Hampden.

16 Feb 2024 18:48:43
Just a thought but we are looking to find 10mil year but was the naming rights for ibrox not mentioned at 10 mil a year?


12 Feb 2024 12:51:34
I admire Taylors finance plan but don't understand it. We must bank 30m annual merchandising at least. Do we get minimum share and Castore maximum, that's crazy. The brand would be unknown without gers. They need club not additional funds.


13 Feb 2024 22:09:48
I’m afraid rangers get nothing like that from merchandise.

14 Feb 2024 13:09:55
That`ll be why the club is run by businessmen and accountants. We all think Rangers are the biggest club in the world and they are to us but in the grand scheme of things, the league we play in and the TV coverage we get dictates that we are not when it comes to strip deals and sponsorship in general . At the time, Castore was the best deal around, it suited both parties but now that they have broken into the football strip market it will be interesting to see what the next deal looks like and whether we go elsewhere . No matter what way it goes I`m sure the board will do what's best for the club.

18 Feb 2024 23:16:37
I've said before and will again to improve our mechadise income open Rangers shops in all main cities in Scotland and one in Belfast. Every item sold will bring in 55-60% the sales price. Instead right now that percentage goes to JD, and other sports shops.

19 Feb 2024 11:37:50
Costs of shops eat into profits.

19 Feb 2024 12:27:09
We won’t make 60% profit through shops. That’s the most expensive way to sell, be lucky to make 15%-20% of the sale after the cost of manufacturing and running the physical shop.

20 Feb 2024 23:26:50
Look at the breakdown of a strip worth £70,retail ie our shops get 55-60% of the £70 (if we had any) . The rest is divided between transport, storage, manufacturers. There is a gold mine out there waiting for us if only we go for it. Look across the city their retail bring them in millions, as does man u, city, Liverpool.

14 Jan 2024 15:57:14
What's the real reason behind not spending any money? Do we have any to spend?


14 Jan 2024 20:44:18
I’m guessing that PC has a budget and will try his best not to waste it on a player that is less than what he wants.

Better to save the dosh until summer when there is usually better value and more choice.

Not all doom and gloom.

19 Jan 2024 20:30:14
It won't be clement making that choice unfortunately.

20 Jan 2024 21:12:20
We. need to sell before we spend. Look at summer. Net spend was abkut 5 quid. Shocking.

21 Jan 2024 06:57:34
Whys it shocking Johannes its what we spent it on is the problem I don't see a problem with not overspending every year.

14 Feb 2024 13:17:40
Like any club there will be a budget, Beale wasted most of it in the summer and despite what he claimed it appears he didn`t balance the books. We have committed £4.5 million for Diomande and I would a imagine will be trying to keep Cortes and maybe Sima so we will need money in the summer . I was glad to see we didn`t panic buy in the January window and getting three young, hungry loanees is good business especially in a window that is difficult in terms of getting good players at reasonable prices . You only have to look at the inflated values put on Shankland and Miovski to see that. Personally I don`t really want to see the club going into millions in debt again and I think we still have a squad and a manager capable of winning the title.

13 Jan 2024 10:24:32
Don't know if this is the place for this post ED but in the end it's down to money. According to some X posts, we have taking 'some investors' on our winter break camp in LaManga. Some reports are saying the manager not pleased with drunk (not my words) supporters sitting having their meals with the players. They are supposed be on the sauce while players are trying to train then relax. They are charging the investors £7.5k each for this privilege of being in the camp. I'm asking is this the money that paying for the camp? Has anyone heard anything about this?, and why is John not amongst these rich guys? Only kidding John lol.


14 Jan 2024 11:51:31
What i think is weird is that how some folk think the club offering supporters who are happy to pay for the privilege to go on a trip is wrong. Off course the money paid by the supporters will go towards the cost of the trip which is brilliant. I would be raging if the money was used to make a large donation to the local donkey rescue sanctuary up in the hills of La Manga because we are currently paying for lots of donkeys in our squad. Imagine lots of grown men having a few swally's on a wee expensive jolly abroad SHOCK HORROR. Big Phil also said in an interview after the game he was happy that some fans were there to see the team, Straight from the horses mouth and not a donkey. You would think that there was mass scale riots in the camp the way some folk are going on about this. Well done Rangers for offering this type of opportunity to the loyal fans who can afford to go on these trips.

14 Jan 2024 13:26:40
Isle of Mull, I give them thousands a year as it is,

These are not investors or potential investors, also it’s Ian durrant who is looking after them.

No idea if drunk or not, 7.5 k for a drink is steep.

11 Jan 2024 19:08:07
Club been ordered to pay Jim McAlister £13,000 for unfair dismissal. Still makes me sick what JB done to him.


12 Jan 2024 15:37:24
Two sides to every story Johannes not sure the club would just have sacked him with no reason. Have obviously gone about it the wrong way though.

14 Feb 2024 13:21:01
Don`t know what happened but its a pretty paltry pay out, probably 6 months wages . Considering the tribunal had the power to award much more than this and even order that he be given his job back if the breach is bad enough, it sound as if we have just broken our own disciplinary procedures to me,

16 Feb 2024 13:37:44
Tbh I didn't think he was due a tribunal if he was asked to leave within 24 months.

11 Jan 2024 11:32:12
Another embarrassment through wrongful dismissal of former kit man! £13k to be paid.

It's stories like this that really highlight how bad we can be in basic management, staff welfare and basic understanding of employment law!

Pathetic! This is not how to conduct your business.


14 Jan 2024 20:42:12
Just another excuse (not that some need an excuse) to trash the club with no understanding of where the truth is.

Best fans in the world though.


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