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06 Jul 2024 16:17:24
Anyone any thoughts on PC being touted for Belgium job.

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06 Jul 2024 16:49:24
Can see in the future him being the manager n Hamza highlights all counter attack situations hopefully great tho ain't scoring more than dessers.

06 Jul 2024 16:51:26
He won't walk out on us. He's been given a challenge here and he will see it through. Surprised at you John starting a rumour like that.

06 Jul 2024 16:53:16
Would be a very hard job to turn down John that's for sure. How often would a job like that come around. All about timing, hopefully it's not the time for PC.

06 Jul 2024 16:57:41
Can’t see that John. I do believe he will use his success with us as his stepping stone to the EPL though.

06 Jul 2024 17:01:12
Personally don’t think he is much of a tactician, tho he’s more of a man manager. But would be disappointed to see him leave.

We really need a period of stability at the club to get some success on the park.

06 Jul 2024 17:01:36
Rather he stayed with us a while bud, think it's further down the road, can't be doing with another change of gaffer, let's get one guy settled for a change. ?.

06 Jul 2024 17:08:31
Blue Laudrup he didn’t start that rumour it was a former Belgian international who started it.

06 Jul 2024 17:18:51
Is this just a rumour or has he actually been offered it!

06 Jul 2024 17:19:42
If true and he takes it
What if new manager doesn’t like what he’s brought in and doesn’t suit his style of play ??.

06 Jul 2024 17:24:12
Blue laudrup I’m not starting a rumour I’m asking a question that is beinreported in Belgium meDia.

06 Jul 2024 17:28:43
Stig it’s a report in Belgium media, no indication whatsoever he has been offered anything, Belgium still have a manager at present.

06 Jul 2024 17:31:41
Blue Laudrup, do you honestly think John woke up today and thought I'm going to spread a rumour about PC? It doesn't make sense mate, neither does your post tbh.

06 Jul 2024 17:33:56
John it was Rene Vandereycken Belgian legend that has recommended him for the role.

06 Jul 2024 17:38:12
Think the Belgium job is attractive simply for to the caliber of players available, although with the end of their ‘golden generation’ nigh I think they’ll go through a period of rebuild. I
I think on that basis PC would probably like a couple more ‘successful’ club seasons with us first and then head back for that job. He does strike me as a man who likes to ‘complete’ a mission first and I think CL football and league title will fuel his fires first.

06 Jul 2024 17:40:58
Thats old News. Clement not interested in Belgium job at this moment.

06 Jul 2024 17:41:56
I can’t see it, not high profile enough for the Belgians.
They’re also coming to the end of an era, would it be possible that the u21 manager steps up?

I see PC heading for another club job after us and then maybe national coach in the future before he calls it a day.

06 Jul 2024 17:47:36
Herewego if dessers goes we will sign another number 9. Igamane not brought in to replace dessers.

06 Jul 2024 17:56:19
Thoughts are he signed a multi-year contract a few months ago. Significant trust was placed in him, and the club expect him to deliver. Bailing out in the middle of a summer rebuild would be unconscionable. It’s a matter of integrity.

06 Jul 2024 17:56:30
Baxter not old news, printed today in Belgium media

Cheers g4.

06 jul 2024 18:00:53
john, don't ever ask a question like that again, , now, go sit in the dark and think about the consequences of what you've done.

06 Jul 2024 18:15:11
Gee a lot of sensitive people on this site. Look I'm a big Rangers fan and supporter. I'm 71yrs old and don't keep great health at all. It takes me all my time to try and keep upto date with what is happening hence I don't post very often.
It seems a lot of you guys spend all day every day on these sites.
Personally I watch 4Lads, Heart and Hand and RFC official if they say anything it usually means its happening or happened.

Sorry if I offended.

06 Jul 2024 18:46:06
Don't lose any sleep over it Blue, we're all big boys bud, if I didn't offend anyone once a day everyone would wonder what's wrong???.

06 Jul 2024 19:21:14
All good blue Laudrup. It's just better to ask where they heard the rumour mate, so there's no confusion. Most guys will happily answer ?.

06 Jul 2024 19:53:32
To be honest, I can't see it. I do remember a few on here touting Warburton and Gerrard for the England job. ????.

06 Jul 2024 20:00:23
All good blue laudrup.

06 Jul 2024 20:28:08
Not high profile enough Baxter? What are you talking about? They have Robert Martinez not so long ago that just utter tripe.

If he had to get offered it I don’t think he turns it down.

06 Jul 2024 20:29:02
Sorry got mixed up between Baxter and Stevie ? been at A and e since 4.30am this morning ?.

06 Jul 2024 21:55:01
Hope alls OK Storm?.

07 Jul 2024 09:06:08
I'm an insomniac Fork so I find your comment offensive, that's you done for the day ??.

07 Jul 2024 10:12:59
Lol@Bazbear would say count sheep but that would just make u angry???.

07 Jul 2024 12:15:57
Got another bout of gout fork my 6th time this year 3rd in 6/ 7 weeks. At half 2 I was begging my wife to cut my foot off I was in that much pain but a bit better now mate still can’t put weight on it but pain not as bad thanks for asking.

07 Jul 2024 13:26:04
No worries bud, they say it's a rich man's problem, as long as your doing gd mate?.

07 Jul 2024 14:42:42
Yeah that would be great apart from am not rich ?.



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