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30 Jun 2024 07:34:53
With PC saying well now add experience to the squad within the remainder of the window, does this mean to moves we’ve had inflight (Munich boy and the Moroccan lad) are now dead?

I don’t disagree with adding some experience (as long as it’s not McLean or Shankland) but I really liked what I seen of the Moroccan boy, he looked a player.

Also, if our costs for the renovation spiral, will we see a decrease in transfer money?

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30 Jun 2024 08:47:50
Depends on what PC would class as experience wouldn't you say? If he means we won't be signing academy boys but young lads who have played a season or two at first team level.

We will most likely be adding the Moroccan boy mabye even two of them hopefully.

30 Jun 2024 08:52:00
I think those 2 will be announced in the next few days mate. Regarding renovation i reckon they will just bump up european tkt prices by a few quid each to cover some costs. Qualifiers and group stage wherever that may be.

30 Jun 2024 09:01:23
I'm between a total rock n a hard place as experienced decent players who would do well in our team can be hard too come by

Now hear me out here - re shankland
I know folk think he's older n not that good n everybody's cup of tea but
1 The boy knows our league
2 been captain at a top team in our league
3 is a prolific goal scorer
4 Scottish international
5 one of us
6 can play as a loan striker or as two

Also when he came on last ten mins of scotland he changed the game for us like or dislike him
He's the type of experienced, goal scoring decent player we need

N I get folk saying about sell on but if he finished his career n helped bring the league back
N european games would take care of themselves as we could draw n spend on a better calibre then
But win at home first.

30 Jun 2024 09:01:49
Yeah fair point of both guys, I assumed (probably incorrectly) that it would be a few 30+ players added. I’m happy to pay a bit more for the European tickets to help cover unexpected costs (if there are any) as well.

30 Jun 2024 09:28:23
I think Shankland can play up top on his own if you’ve not got a lot of possession and have almost no press, which isn’t our way. He does not have anywhere near the same engine as Dessers and scores roughly the same goals without penalties. We’d need to change the way we play to accommodate Shankland.

30 Jun 2024 09:55:24
Shankland changed nothing in Scotland games at the euros.

30 Jun 2024 10:13:43
European tickets for Rangers games are already to high. They should be bumping the price down. It wasn't the fans that caused this it was the board so why should the fans pay for it?

30 Jun 2024 10:25:50
Shankland is one paced and I'm sure if we'd had any interest we'd have known before now.

30 Jun 2024 10:33:56
Kenny McLean never changed anything at the euros either.

30 Jun 2024 10:45:00
Yeah very good lenny01, great input as always Neil.

30 Jun 2024 11:21:51
Who you on about Dado? ?.

30 Jun 2024 11:40:09
Why should hard working fans pay more for tickets Dado? The board caused this. If this opinion isn't yours then you either have more money than 95% of us or see no wrong with the Rangers board. This doesn't make me an ex celtic player. Ridiculous you can't have an opinion on here without that nonsense being thrown at you.

30 Jun 2024 12:00:11
The board could not have expected the issues were facing, the fans have been up in arms wanting more seats, this is what happens. I think our ticket prices are very reasonable and won’t lose sleep paying a little more do to these issues that have cropped up, I’ve got the impression it won’t impact you regardless.

Your posts from a few weeks ago when this i'd appeared a few weeks ago are either consistent with Sweep, Coldo or the other side, I’ll leave it you to confirm which one it is.

30 Jun 2024 12:26:24
Now suitably informed dado?.

30 Jun 2024 12:52:53
180 pounds for a 3 CL package is shocking. Probably one of the highest in the while competition.

30 Jun 2024 13:09:17
60 per game us not unreasonable imo and you don't need to. pay it because plenty will.

30 Jun 2024 13:28:47
So the guys on the board are expected to fork out the extra money for stadium improvements and finance the transfer budget but don`t dare ask the fans to pay more for tickets or strips etc . That doesn`t seem fair, asking these guys to use their own money and getting nothing back for it.

30 jun 2024 13:51:02
sounds exactly like sweep to me, who fooled quite a few, even after he posted wuth japanese flags he still fooled sone

verdant abyss is back amongst us too.

30 Jun 2024 14:35:44
Lammy wee thing called inflation.

30 Jun 2024 14:37:19
Lammy wee thing called inflation.

30 Jun 2024 15:03:06
Yeah my money is on sweep TT, I’m sure of one thing, he’s not a rangers supporter.

30 jun 2024 22:33:14
try getting tickets at barcelona or real, 60 for a cl game is reasonable nowadays.



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