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05 Jul 2024 13:39:34
We have a 22 goal striker yet others want rid of him. This was his first season. Surely we give him another year for the management and coaching staff to work with him. We know he scores goals. We can't guarantee who comes in will do the same.

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05 Jul 2024 14:05:37
He wants away from Rangers.

05 Jul 2024 14:23:25
I've always stuck up for Dessers.
But we need better. Plain and simple.
Whether that's as a first choice striker or back up from the bench.
And at 29 years old, I'm not sure you can teach old dogs new tricks.
But you are correct. Any striker coming in already has expectations on their head due to a supposedly ' donkey' scoring 22 goals.

05 Jul 2024 14:49:54
Not a donkey just not a Gers no 9 imo, Grafter fit as a fiddle lacks quality, Hold up play was very poor and finishing average.

05 Jul 2024 15:25:09
Abused by far too many, above for example. Wants out and no wonder!

05 Jul 2024 15:39:14
Sollo if your referring to r1's post, you must be very sensitive. He hasn't abused him in any way just gave an opinion mate.

05 Jul 2024 15:55:50
At the end of the day Dessers has asked to leave, PC made no effort to discourage this.

05 jul 2024 16:13:37
the old abuse claim, lot of nonsense, highly paid fir a very very average footballer, can't control a ball, needs 5 touches to find it first he was awful in old firm games almost invisible actually, but when some of us want to talk about hiw good, or poor a player actually is, its abuse, do you know what abuse is?

criticism doesn't come under abuse, i wish some people would stop before typing abuse, its criticism, £30k a week ysually makes it better.

05 Jul 2024 16:36:47
He done his job scored 22 goals for us in 1st season. Some much better strikers never had that goal return. Tho I feel we need better as a main striker.
All strikers miss sitters even the best strikers in the world. Rangers fans are not the best in the world they are one of the most fickled in the world.
The abuse he got I don’t blame him for wanting to go either.

I hope we have the correct replacement for him as it’s kit easy to get a striker to score over 20 goals for us they have been 6 players since 2000.

05 Jul 2024 16:58:38
MPH you are spot on, had it not been for the toxicity of some of our fan base he would be here next season to add crucial goals from the bench.

05 Jul 2024 17:36:06
Dessers is actually wanting to stay at Rangers. 22 goals last season. Imagine if he took all penalties. He would vastly improve. People who say he wants away are well off the mark. Rangers may want to cash in but he does want to stay.

05 Jul 2024 17:38:18
Jesus Christ on a bike! How much of a snowflake must you be Sollo if you think that post was "abusive"?! Have a word with yourself!

05 Jul 2024 18:18:57
Ac21 dessers may not want to be on the bench and as I understand he's asked to leave. Do u honestly think dessers should be our main striker next season?

05 Jul 2024 18:27:25
Total fruit cake sunshine, some folk on here need to grow a pair.

05 Jul 2024 18:57:01
Don't get this high paid high living stuff. Just in case you did not know this guy played in Eredivisie and Seria A and was a millionaire before he was even close to joining us. He will also be on similar or higher wages when he goes.

Using that as some kind of justification for a fan base giving our own player pelters in our home stadium is BS.

05 jul 2024 19:04:29
ss! so many dint understand what abuse is, but they use the word because it sounds far stronger than criticism.

05 Jul 2024 19:24:55
Did you read that in the paper onewalter or a click bait site?

05 Jul 2024 19:44:02
R1 no not directed at this chain just comments in general but realise above is difficult when the other Dessers chat is in transfers page ? not sensitive, just tired of us crying for Real Madrid talent thinking we’re paying big money in the football world when we’re giving guys £20k.

05 Jul 2024 19:54:31
he might get criticised on here but he is abused at Ibrox. Booing isn't criticism its abuse.

05 jul 2024 20:27:46
wow, booing is abuse now

fm, what has football come to in your house mate, ice skating or hockey has more “ booing”


05 Jul 2024 20:48:43
Booing isn't abuse, it's the opposite to cheering, one shows pleasure the other displeasure imo. If the players love 50,000 fans cheering them on, they need to take the other side of that which is booing, how else are we as fans supposed to let our team know we aren't happy with what we are watching?



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