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08 Jul 2024 12:26:20
I know a few hospitality ST holders that have made enquiries around the Stadium fiasco. One owns a massive construction firm in South Lanarkshire and he has been told we won’t be back in Ibrox til the new year. Not a good state of play for us. I wonder when our board will relay this to us all ???.

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08 Jul 2024 12:51:13
Its been all over the press today that the club is looking at the end of october for being back if all goes to plan.

08 Jul 2024 12:53:34
Carluke as iv been told we need to wait until the club have information to give but it is concerning.

08 Jul 2024 12:57:35
Carluke bads news if confirmed, however agree completely the silence out of ibrox is deafening, wee update, the size of work was definitely reduced in size, due to lack of finance, my source also confirmed 2 peelers retired due to this debacle 3days before bisgrove, the reason was they said it couldn't be done in close season ( the way proposed), lack of finance is behind this, hampden looking the place however what ticketing system used is a problem, 65p per ticket for both systems if we use there's, will let you know about 5.30pm meeting tomorrow , unless rangers actually announce something tonight.

08 Jul 2024 13:27:25
Woooft it's a Stramash!

08 Jul 2024 13:34:53
total shambles league will be over by xmas.

08 Jul 2024 13:41:27
Lol south city. another obsessed lurker.

08 Jul 2024 13:52:04
Is there any indication as to what recompense will be offered? I personally have no intention of travelling anywhere bar ibrox, I’m assuming they will need to offer the option to cancel season tickets?

08 Jul 2024 14:03:37
Sorry fellow bears, I didn't make it clear, there's a big meeting today with all the big bosses at 5.30pm, hopefully we'll hear what's happening after that if not I'll be back with the rumour mill tomorrow, ps euafa gave us till 12th july to ssoort out where were playong for qualifiers, edinburgh city council knocked back permissuon for that, we should know this week something concerete.

08 Jul 2024 14:04:39
Actually agree south city, rangers will be out of site by then.

08 Jul 2024 14:15:42
Military action in the Middle East and the threat of Houthi rebels hijacking ships in the Red Sea has forced shipping companies to go via the Cape of Good Hope in Africa instead of passing through the Gulf of Suez into the Suez Canal. This is unfortunately adding journey times of upto 4 weeks. 40 foot containers have also quadrupled in price for shipment, hence it impacting finances. I don't believe this is the fault of the Club or Board.

08 Jul 2024 14:23:57
Mid October is the latest schedule I'm told. Club carrying out detailed surveys to ascertain if games can be played at Ibrox with the stand closed.

08 jul 2024 14:27:24
we are being overwhelmed by strangers, each and every one of them selling “doom, and nothing but. to a man they have came on here with nothing but impending catastophe. many will have no intention of going to ibrox if it was free,
It's very strange we have an influx of brand new names at first sign of a problem, all waving the reapers flag.

08 Jul 2024 14:34:46
I can tell you right now there will be no compo if games are moved to hampden or murrayfield. You will be sent a ticket. Large part of ibrox travel from outside glasgow anyway so its no different for travel. Am. sure there will be plenty willing to take your tickets off your hands. also the cllose season is literally the only time we have to attempt this.

08 jul 2024 14:43:52
totally correct paul and very sensible words

the fans who have to travel a bit further means some need to travel less, its not the end of the world, it had to be done and now some folk are getting way out of context, its a good thing with a few snags which needs fixing, not a bad thing that's going to kill us all.

08 Jul 2024 14:44:49
Spot on jasper. Facts like that are totally over looked by the football press here.

08 Jul 2024 14:47:06
Concerned, if anyone wants season ticket refunded that no problem as we have over 35,000 on a waiting list so it'll be snapped up in no time.

08 Jul 2024 14:52:06
Jasper72,if that's the case, why didn't we have foresight to use local contractor, ie the bluenose worked on Annfield job, oh yes he tendered for ibrox job.

08 Jul 2024 15:14:21
Jasper well said mate. My only country to that is it should’ve been postponed u til next seaso. If this is the case.
Work should start a few hours after the last ga. Leaves the stadium not weeks past.
It should be more thought out n organised not one wee step at a time:
Shambles man.

08 Jul 2024 15:35:19
A think we may be heading too three stands, if everyone could take a hit for a game and Copland reallocated then I would go for it, whoever misses gets RTV for free for game, if 6 home games were missed you would miss one, not ideal but not end of world either.

08 Jul 2024 15:43:46
Livibear surely our contractors would've been aware of that possibility and its putting the team on the back foot straight away.

08 Jul 2024 15:49:14
It’s not easy to just postpone things Stevie.

The only time we can do this is the close season most builds in football run over these days we aren’t the only club this has happened to recently.

08 Jul 2024 16:11:46
Loyalist… do you mean the same work at Anfield that was meant to be finished by the start of last season… wasn’t, then was meant to be October… wasn’t and in the end was delayed into 2024, so basically over 6months overdue? Was that the guy that worked at Anfield that we should have hired? You see, it’s not just us that these things happen to (even though the media like to make it out as if it is) .

08 Jul 2024 16:24:58
At this point is it an option to put everything back as was and do the work next year? Surely the stand can be reinstated to a safe standard to get fans back in and hopefully we’re more organised next summer.

08 Jul 2024 16:27:44
How long has the stadium improvement been in the planning? This work will have been years in the planning. The issue with materials is just unfortunate, no one can really be blamed. Gaza, Israel or Ukraine has impact across the world. Not just the usual p*** that the media spew here in the UK. Other Ex Mil members of the group will back this up. Another point to remember is the recent formation of the Fan Engagement Board, that's where i would expect our info will and should be coming from.

08 Jul 2024 16:39:03
The lack of transparency from the club the board is allowing people with an agenda flourish they Board needs to come out and bring clarity otherwise fake news will come out.

08 Jul 2024 16:40:56
If it's Hampden the club must issue at least 20,000 pairs of binoculars or telescopes foc.

08 Jul 2024 16:52:25
Loyalist, the refunded season tickets will be refunded not cancelled. Current season tickets are for Ibrox, not Hampden or murrayfield.

The club are free to sell those unwanted match tickets on but not the season tickets as they have broke the contract with the customer, not the other way about.

08 Jul 2024 17:06:13
Spotted your rant Tom, your spot on bud, reeks of children saying na na na nana, wouldn't be so bad if they fronted up, but hide behind anonymity, talking absolute gash?.

08 Jul 2024 17:22:07
South city, very positive opening post.

08 Jul 2024 18:27:24
Name these other clubs you continue to post about Storm? That's a few times you've mentioned we're not the "only club" this has happened to, so can you please tell us who these teams are who have had to scramble about looking for a temporary home because of their board's incompetence?

08 Jul 2024 18:38:22
They didn't offer much during covid
What makes people think they will offer much now.

Sorry but these people who run club care nothing about the fans and have proven so already.

Our loyalty and not walking away has been seen as a weakness by them and they take full advantage.

I at least hope people will stop saying they run the club well now when they clearly don't.

08 Jul 2024 19:08:14
Liverpool and spurs for 2 roofe. Both were behind.
The rest, just do a wee bit of research and you will find out it's not the board's incompetence, that’s you just being a wee panty wetter.

08 Jul 2024 19:11:30
I was at the stadium today and they are still taking out bits of the old stand, that tells me that no construction of any new structure has begun yet. There was only a handful of workmen there as well.

08 Jul 2024 19:12:41
re using a local contractor what difference would that make they still need to get the steel from somewhere and there ain't no steel industry in Scotland anymore, unless Derek Ferguson is right and we could just pop along to Govan Shipbuilders and borrow some of theirs.

08 Jul 2024 19:18:41
Spurs were building a full, brand new stadium, so you're on your arse there. Did Liverpool have to find a temporary home? Their contractor went bust, so again, you're on your arse.
"Panty wetter"! You're so funny! ?????.

08 Jul 2024 19:25:57
Concerned, Get a taxi for GTF1.

08 Jul 2024 19:27:49
Fair points storm,
But these others were late being ready we’re late starting lol.
Listen, it is what it is, just a bit of a mess.

What I meant was it should have all been in place; materials etc stored somewhere ready to start a few hours after the stadium is last used.

Need to be on the ball with these things. We’re not decorating a house.

08 Jul 2024 20:18:38
Jasper that's been common knowledge to all, for about a year now about shipping channels having to use the cape and it adding weeks to deliveries, so why would we risk that, having that knowledge? If I've got this wrong my apologies, but is your post saying ex military will back you up that wars in Ukraine, Palestine etc will have impact across the world? Don't have to be ex military to know that mate.

08 Jul 2024 20:20:27
Fork If your not going to say it I am,

08 Jul 2024 20:56:02
FGS, the war in Ukraine is in its 2nd year, and Houthi rebels hijacking ships isn't something new, either. What next? The Bermuda triangle? The twilight zone? Jack sparrow? ?.

08 Jul 2024 21:17:38
Lol BB bit distracted the day bud, gd 2 c u deputise in my absence??.

08 Jul 2024 21:52:00
Would not give up your season tickets hopefully yous can use seat sub and another fan can go in your place until we are back in ibrox.

08 Jul 2024 21:56:14
Correct sunshine, couldn't make some of this ? up.

08 Jul 2024 22:01:15
If it's Turkish steel then there are problems, they have real difficulties at the moment with shipping. Could be Chinese and it's not much better there.

08 Jul 2024 22:24:37
One of the proudest days of ma life, deputising for you fork ?.

08 Jul 2024 22:27:33
The reluctance to transit through the Suez is now down to the increased military action of The Houthi rebels? due to the retaliation of Israel in Gaza. Highjackings have been going on for years, but not to the extent they are now, and not to the level the houthi's are being supported in the region.

Hence my remark of ex mil that may look at the bigger picture, instead of all the conspiracy theories of what the club and board are hiding or failed in their planning of the constriction works. Crying about having to go to Hampden or Murrayfield is just ridiculous.

08 Jul 2024 22:40:09
4 first time poster's on the one thread, not one of them introduce themselves, then laugh when we call them obsessed. It can only be described as obsessed, to take time out your day to make up a name go onto the site of a team you don't support just to have a little dig, how pathetic is that? You all support that lot but your obsession will always be rangers.

08 Jul 2024 23:00:43
Not crying, Jasper, just crying with laughter at the length you, and others are going to, to try and excuse what is a balls up from our board. Have you ever thought about going into politics? ?.

08 Jul 2024 23:09:21
They did fail in their planning, as it's been common knowledge to me for many months that houthis have increased military in that area, so why didn't rangers know?

09 Jul 2024 07:35:43
Houthi's? Wonder what happened to the Blowfish? ?.

09 Jul 2024 11:46:51
Board are a shambles. No continuity ??????.

09 Jul 2024 13:12:52
There's enty of space around Ibrox could they have not ordered the materials required way in advance and stored with security so it wa ready to go after last game instead of hoping to schedule delivery at time they needed it.

I used to work as a purchaser and I'm sorry but even when you order material for a date companies sometimes use your materials to fulfill other orders. The wise thing is to order way in advance and store it, especially if it's a time sensitive job.

And why is it people on here jump to insults when people just try make a valid point?

09 Jul 2024 16:13:52
Gazgers, do you mean continuity or contingency? If continuity what do you mean? Discussions with the contractors, suppliers and RFC?

09 Jul 2024 16:24:57
They were still late and I never mentioned anything about having to get a move to a temporary home. I just said the others have had problems with building works and they two mentioned have. You can try and twist it anyway you like to try and make you right but what I mentioned and what I said is 100% correct.

09 Jul 2024 18:29:15
Good reply, Storm. ???.



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