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02 Jul 2024 10:12:10
Apparently Shankland wants a Gers move, McLean to definitely sign, Mourinho binning Kent, interest for yilmaz from bundesliga, just some of the vague noise being thrown out today, haven't a scooby if any of it is true.

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02 Jul 2024 10:19:19
Of course he wants gers move he's a fan. Its whether or not the club want him.

02 Jul 2024 10:25:10
I honestly think McBurnie would score as much as Shankland and is on a free transfer. Not sure regarding wages, I suspect McBurnie Willy’s demand more.

02 Jul 2024 10:28:46
There is also a suggeation that Oli McBurnie wants a move to rangers after his contract was ended, i for one think this would be a good signing at 28 he knows how to score goals at the top leavel.

02 Jul 2024 10:40:30
McBurnie was on 55k per week at Sheffield United. Major problem, gone are the days when players would sign for us due to their love of the club and accept a significant wage drop.

Curious to see what develops but most certainly 2 x goal scoring strikers are needed if Dessers leaves.

I still think there is a decent player in Danilo, let’s see what happens in terms of how he is after the significant injury.

02 Jul 2024 10:46:18
McBurnie’s Willy demanding more…….

02 Jul 2024 10:53:27
No transfer fee for McBurnie compared to Shankland. McBurnie could be a modern day Hately for us. Not sure if he fits our new player model PC and NK are trying to implement. Rhamanni still looking to be the main target.

02 Jul 2024 10:56:12
Just told McBurnie is 28 - thought he was a few years older. Still time to score a lot more goals. Always thought he was an undeserved scapegoat for the tartan army and I would like to see him at Ibrox.

02 Jul 2024 11:06:50
Wit has Kent got to do with anything ?.

02 Jul 2024 11:08:12
Mcburnie ain’t half as bad as some folk make out a would take a punt offers something different target man.

02 Jul 2024 11:09:18
If i could choose between Mcburnie and Shankland, it's Mcburnie everyday.

02 Jul 2024 11:11:02

Its doesn’t matter what he was on he is currently on zero…. So we just have to compete with other offers… if the best he gets offered I’d say 20k. Then he will have to accepted that from some place or stay unemployed….

02 Jul 2024 11:35:33
We are not a home for the unwanted or the not good enough both mcburnie and shankland too slow and neither mobile enough.

02 jul 2024 11:43:05
i like bith, but i feel shanks has everything except pace, but he diesnt need pace, he would score every week fir ne, and he knows hiw to open up a defence too, that's my opinion

shankland should be brought in because he is virtually failsafe for me.

02 Jul 2024 12:02:42
McBurnie is terrible with an awful scoring record at the top level. I would have Shankland over him any day of the week.

02 Jul 2024 12:03:46
I agree with 100% with Tom

Also Shankland already proven in this league
We have had many strikers on paper look good but come here do nothing
Dessers has done alright can’t put finger on it still not my cup of tea
Although possibly would like to see how he does this season but feel he needs someone else up front with him
shankland in the league for us would be awesome

On the European stage that side of it I have no idea.

02 Jul 2024 12:11:56
Jonno stb were not in a top level league though. Shankland went to belgium and failed miserably.

02 Jul 2024 12:29:18
McBurnie wouldn’t score more than dessers did last season with us IMO.

Shanks ain’t coming we ain’t interested.

02 Jul 2024 12:41:21
Not a big fan of the idea of signing Shankland but he is miles better than McBurnie who is a donkey . No pace and not a great finisher, there's a reason that he can`t even get near a poor Scotland squad. The new Hateley, he`s not even the new Colin McAdam . Being a keyboard Rangers fan doesn`t make him good enough to play for the club but if he wants to buy a season ticket and watch the games then he is more than welcome.

02 Jul 2024 12:44:54
Well there's not a hope in hell of Shankland playing at the level McBurnie was even if he was on a free and accepted half McBurnies recent wage. Shankland is at Hearts as that is his level which took him some time to find.

02 Jul 2024 12:47:24
Mcburnie knocked back a new contract lol how do you know how many he would score storm act like dessers is prime Ronaldo.

02 Jul 2024 12:59:47
Mcburnie scored 68 goals his full career! No thanks! Against dross!

02 Jul 2024 13:00:55
Here's my issue with Shankland.
Hearts will likely demand a higher fee (which is their right) from us than say a championship club.
Id have no doubt Shankland would score plenty for us, if the right players are on the pitch to give him the proper delivery and service, however with so many teams coming to Ibrox and setting up primarily not to get beat, and given how last season we were terrible with goals from set plays (at which I think Shankland would thrive, again if he gets the service) I think between all of that and the fact that we would still need another striker, this may limit his minutes and we wouldn't get the best out of him. He scores for fun in a good hearts side but without the pressure and defensive stubbornness of opposing teams going to tynecastle etc. So whilst I was all for him coming in the previous January window I just feel the ship may have sailed. I hope that makes sense folks otherwise I've just rambled on a lot of nonsense ?.

02 Jul 2024 13:07:14
McBurnie was playing against top clubs, Shankland shone against Dingwall and St Johnstone, slightly easier to score there . He ain't ever playing against top clubs . Btw Hearts played in Europe and he did nothing .

02 jul 2024 13:13:39
ahh, big colin, spider, god rest him.

02 Jul 2024 13:19:51
Why mention Kent? ?? If you want Kent back that tells me you don't mind players who down tools you don't mind being second come on man leave the past in the past Kent wasnt very good for us over all.

02 Jul 2024 13:26:38
We play n need too score against those teams up Dingwall n st Johnstone cornhill
We struggled at times too do it
Shanks did it for fun n still will into his 30s
Folk are deluded if they think mcburnie would score more than him
I'm being honest as like both of them
But shanks is the better striker by far.

02 Jul 2024 13:34:33
Fork, at golf today my source says we have not made an approach for shankland at this stage

He does reckon we could panic (if we don’t get our targets ) b4 window closes but would at that stage be held to ransom
He emphasised that’s his opinion not based on any info received.

02 Jul 2024 13:36:46
Raskin the OP was a brief snapshot of things Rangers and related out in the media, that's all, just noise for info to be discussed on a discussion site.

02 Jul 2024 13:40:27
Have Rangers ever expressed an interest in Shankland? Have they ever enquired or made a bid? If he is a player they wanted why wouldn’t they have moved before now?

I don’t think Phil Clement is interested in Shankland at all.

02 Jul 2024 13:51:24
there are no givens. plenty of players played well for their teams until they came to rangers and didn't do so well. we can't say Shanks would score for fun with rangers. teams set up differently against us than what they do against hearts.

02 Jul 2024 13:51:47
Seriously, can people not read posts correctly? It was a snapshot of news in the media, not my personal thoughts or insights, christ Johns right, better off not posting.

02 Jul 2024 14:02:45
Cheers John was only posting info related to Rangers bud that was online for discussion, not personal thoughts, some looking and not seeing context of post, but cheers for the info as always mate??.

02 Jul 2024 14:03:08
Cost McBurnie over 2-3 years then weigh that against the money Ayr Utd legend/ Aberdeen, Morton. St Mirren failure Shanks would cost now . Btw I would expect McBurnie to score at Dingwall toooo Blue.

And the English premier league is not dross as FraserWilliam appears to suggest and tough if you're playing for a club that gets pumped every week .

02 Jul 2024 14:03:25
We need 3 strikers who can score goals regularly for us if we want to challenge - would be happy if Shankland was one of the three as he would get us many league goals and he genuinely wants to play for us - yes no resale value but you could get 5years out the guy and just look at the money wasted/ lost on Buff/ Kent/ Helander/ Roofe/ Lundstram who all left for zip -imho he is one who could definitely help us in short term and that's where we need help!

02 Jul 2024 14:08:00
Clementfan, people on here know I'm not a fan of either Kent or Shankland, for your info?? oops! Lol?.

02 Jul 2024 14:10:17
Generic I’d say definitely not, at the end f day Gerard Gio Beale pc have not made a move,

02 Jul 2024 14:18:52
Fork I blame the schools.

02 Jul 2024 14:24:26
Is shankland not in the last year of his contract. if I'm correct and he want a gers move then sit tight till January then sign a pre contract.

02 Jul 2024 14:31:26
Mental ae fork ?.

02 Jul 2024 14:43:40
Why even mention Kent then? It's a rangers page not a fenerbache page lol I never even mentioned shankland tbh I'm absolutely sick of hearing his name now it's been about 3 years of we must sign him now ? mcburnie a far better option imo.

02 Jul 2024 14:44:54
For that to happen Davie we would have to be interested and as far as most people itk are concerned we have never been interested in shankland or mcburnie for that matter.

02 Jul 2024 15:09:04
Correct John even now he doesn't get the context of the post bud, spot on Ger88 ??lol.

02 Jul 2024 15:09:36
Cornhill we ain't signing shankland but you talk nonsense mate, going on like he only scores in Dingwall and St Johnstone, he's actually scored 6 in 12 v celtic including a hat-trick when was the last rangers to score that regularly v them? He's also scored 5 against us, you mentioned he's played in europe and asked what he done there, I'll answer, he scored 6 out of 12 games in europe, not bad is it? He's scored 62 goals and assisted 12 in 96 games for hearts 74 goal contribution in 2 years, what was mcburnie career total 60 odd? So he's actually shone as you call it in better places than Dingwall and St Johnstone ?.

02 Jul 2024 15:22:14
Well put bb4 - He would enhance our team/ squad and have a good 4-5 seasons in him - cost less than Roofe and wages would be much less and also rarely injured -what's not to like?.

02 Jul 2024 15:26:54
Deserves an ooft??lol.

02 Jul 2024 16:01:37
Raskin it’s called an opinion, why not ask why others have said he will score loads up here how do they know? Love your wee obsession with me keep it up pal.

Also please tell me where I have said dessers is good enough on here? Or he should be our number one striker? I’ll wait ?.

02 Jul 2024 16:53:53
Absolutely sick to the back teeth of reading about Shankland on this site. It's just the same old names over and over again.

02 Jul 2024 17:45:25
Clementfan how ironic is your reply regarding players that ain't gers players ???????.

02 Jul 2024 18:30:45
Blue-Floyd out of interest who were the 3 Celtic strikers that scored regular to win them the league last season? As you state we need 3.

To win the league we need goals from all over the pitch.

02 Jul 2024 20:01:29
Storm - Cant see where I mentioned Celtic 3? - Agreed that goals should come from all over - but great majority must come from strikers and we did not have strength in depth to take one striker off and bring on another like for like goalscorer on - our top scorer was our right back? - unless we break that mould it will be more of same for coming season - where would we have been if Dessers had got injured long term? Up rubbish creek without a paddle.

02 jul 2024 21:12:32
rangers have thrown away two recent title challenges in dingwall, because we couldn't score goals there, just saying like,

had shanks played we would have win both, that's only my opinion, i'm of the opinion if he finally gets here il be happy if not il still be happy,

02 Jul 2024 21:40:57
Mcburnie is a no brainier, easy sell back to the championship next summer for a tidy profit.

02 Jul 2024 22:02:15
Although I wouldn’t sign shankland until he’s either in last 6 month so on the cheap or out of contract

If he truly wants to sign and play for rangers he would wait.

03 Jul 2024 03:17:08
Long thread this one with plenty of impassioned opinions. It's like every potential signing, we won't know until we give it a go, however Shanks is someone I think could be crucial to our team.

People talk about his lack of pace and also point out hearts don't face the low block every game (not picking on anyone here) . Fair enough so where does his goals come from? Playing for hearts he either has space to run in to and scores plenty (requiring pace btw) or he doesn't?

I agree he doesn't possess blistering pace, he's nippy enough but his style isn't really about that, it's about reading the game, being first to react, stealing a yard and getting a shot off. That is the polar opposite of big Dessers, who I actually like, but frustrates outa me as he's a hard working pro who never gives up but needs to slow things down and settle himself before taking a shot. We need, with the amount of opportunities we get in and around the box, someone who just knows where to be, create an opening, know where the goal is and shoot on sight.

That guy is Shankland.



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