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15 Apr 2024 18:40:25
Sorry to see Ferguson out till 2025, wish him well.


15 Apr 2024 17:26:08
Horrendous news for young Lewis Ferguson, hope he gets back on the mend for next season and continues on his career path.


15 apr 2024 19:03:11
what news is this please?

15 Apr 2024 19:07:50
Agree tjbb, I’ve posted similar.

15 Apr 2024 14:06:37
I really wish I could be as blasé as some on here. Considering how much failure we have experienced since we came back up, some of the stuff posted on here is tragic!

"We had a bad day"! No s. Sherlock.

"County deserved their win"! Boak!

"The league is still in our own destiny"! Yes, true, but our soft as a baby's s*#*e team are destroying it.

What about "Liverpool and Arsenal"?! What about them? Blah! Blah! Blah!

"Some posts verging on hysteria"! Ach well it's only 2nd place, again, in a 2 horse league, so no biggy, eh?!

And the best one of them all. "At least it gave the I told you so posters the chance to revel in their brilliance"! That, I'm afraid, is just the worst thing I've seen posted about fellow fans who are hurting and angry.

Honestly, I'd love some of that nonchalant attitude, but as I hate 2nd place, I think I'll pass.


15 Apr 2024 15:56:12

15 Apr 2024 16:28:55
At least you know it was aimed at you, Jfm. I take it you're not embarrassed with the single fish you've been posting? You should be!
Loser mentality willing to happy clap through mediocrity.

15 Apr 2024 16:51:37
Keep it up rtr, the Mr angry of the site. Honestly mate you must be ready for a coronary your blood pressure must be so high.
I didn't clap any of yesterday's disgraceful performance, but if you want me to call players sh** bags, cowards etc then no its not my style. I'll leave yesterday to the abusers like you.
Honestly if you want to call out single fish start with some of these classics from yesterday.
1. The whole lot of them should be dropped.
So who are we going to replace the 15 players that took part with.
2 tav goldson and barasic should be dropped.
Ridvan isn't fit, are we going to play Sterling at both rb and lb at the same time.
3. We shouldn't have sent Sam lammers on loan.
Many on here were shouting lammers shouldn't wear a rangers Jersey again.
So carry on with your abuse of the players and myself, doesn't mean a thing to me what you think.

15 Apr 2024 16:53:20
By the way you say I have a loser mentality, you gave up on rhe league after the draw against celtic.

15 apr 2024 16:53:20
totally agree,

15 Apr 2024 17:12:10
How often do we have these arguments/ debates with each other? Every season just about? After every failure.
Who is usually at the centre of it, tav and goldson?
We need to rebuild from the back or it won't matter what attackers we sign we will be doomed.
Its never been clearer than it has been recently.

Plus the players have clearly given up the league so anyone who wants to wave the white flag i have no issue with it. People aren't blind or daft.

Apart from fork he's a bit mental 😜👍.

15 Apr 2024 17:35:23
White flags?! Oh dear!

I know I'm repeating myself, but posters like you, Jfm, are obviously struggling to understand the concept of reality, but here goes. It's the players who have gave up, and the fans who live in the real world, seen it for what it is.
So, instead of the white flag p*#h aimed at supporters, maybe you should direct your tragic patter at the ones responsible for this, the players. Just saying!

If it doesn't mean a thing to you, why the replies?!

15 Apr 2024 17:36:58
Dado, I have made it clear that the performance or should I say lack of it was dreadful. I just find it funny that I'm being told I have a loser mentality, I am one of very few rightly or wrong who hasn't given up on the league.
I simply refuse to abuse our players even though they have let us all down so badly. It's not my style, never has been and never will be.

15 Apr 2024 17:39:20
Thank you very much BigDado 😉🤣.

15 Apr 2024 17:47:38
Raise the roofe, there is absolutely ZERO that you can do about it, so you might as well just accept it. Makes life so much easier.

15 Apr 2024 19:08:54
Rtr it means nothing to me but if you think I'll let you rant and abuse me without reply then you really are living in cloud cuckoo land. You seem to live in the concept that the players see what you or I write. Delusional.
Continue with your abuse, you obviously get off on it.
I'll continue to comment without abusing our players. Criticising yes but as I said I'll leave the abuse to you.

15 Apr 2024 12:28:05
After calming down from yesterday's Shambolic display, All I can say about these so called Rangers players is NO Drive NO Desire NO Bottle, What does that leave us with NO Chance. 🇦🇺🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.


15 Apr 2024 06:24:38
Well done John227, I believe u got Fleetwood E/ W @the Masters. 👍.


15 Apr 2024 13:20:25
Picked the winner, Fork, but then Forrest Gump could've done that 🤪.

15 Apr 2024 13:55:30
Lol I looked at morikawa E/ W @ 50's, but didn't do it, posted him or zalatoris E/ W on here before it began, doofus bud.

15 Apr 2024 16:08:35
Morikawa has done nothing for ages. Would have been a good wee turn, Fork.

15 Apr 2024 17:40:22
Anno, Diddy mate, gd iron play, that was my thinking.

15 Apr 2024 19:11:44
I did fork cheers.

15 Apr 2024 04:40:41
Don't post very often and last time I did was shot down for criticism of Goldson as seemingly if you take him out of the defence it falls apart🤷‍♂️ And that was before the Benfica own goal and the various other bloopers since. Glad to see some people now get it, he is a bottler, scared to get hurt in a challenge and ineffective at attacking corners. Oh and can someone tell me what this right arm up from Tav is at corners when he either hits the first defender or puts it out for a throw in on the opposite side, is it some kind of signal because someone needs to tell him it's not working 😡.


15 Apr 2024 11:37:45
👍 correct.

15 Apr 2024 11:43:19
Every corner is the same, boring to watch, no threat to the opposition at all. I don't know why we just don't let the opposition have a goal kick instead. I read somewhere that we are the worst team in Scotland at scoring from corners?

15 Apr 2024 19:15:15
Bella gate, good post, however I stand by Goldson is the best ch defender we have, there in lies the issue.

In saying that I’d move him on along with Davies and Balogun, I’d keep Souttar potentially as a squad player although I’d like to see him get an extended run as a right ch.

14 Apr 2024 22:33:14
Don't want to gloat lads but I said when the team was announced it was wrong as was last week. Goldson, Tav and Barasic needs benched Asap. Tav who btw I love has been woeful the last 2 games. Goldson looks as if he's never kicked a ball in his life! Lundstrum I said months ago is way too slow for our team. Proved again. Dowell isn't much better. Silva at 35m? Haha you are having a giraffe. Dessers? Let's move on. Sima is just back from injury and we will struggle to hold on to him.

Todd is the only one that showed any heart.

Again I'll say it Sterling HAS to be a starter as well as Raskin.

Is the league gone? No it's not but if we don't make changes soon it will be out of sight. Get the bottle merchants out the team!

And btw let's not take anything away from Ross county. Totally deserved it.

Another thing Dundee on Wednesday will be much the same.

It's now coming back to bite us not getting a CB and CF in on January. Sorry but that is criminal.

Mr Clement it's time to stop being so naive.

What are we actually doing on the training pitch as it's not being shown on the park.


15 Apr 2024 04:01:51
Why would any rangers fan want to gloat that we dropped points?

15 Apr 2024 11:19:42
I got told storm my post on rhe banter site was terrible because I dared to mention the I told you so posters.
I may get labelled a happy clapper but I'll tell you one thing. If you look at the spl tab you will see many of our posters go on to the celtic rumours site and post about them.
No doubt they also look on here.
I will never give a single one of them the satisfaction of seeing me tearing into individual players.
Not only will they be gloating about the result but they will also be laughing at the predictable outrage on here after the game.

15 Apr 2024 13:12:17
When you start of a post by saying you don't want to gloat, it's means you don't want to but you will, do you realise that? Do you know what gloating means? No rangers fan should be starting a post that way mate.

15 Apr 2024 13:31:07
Jfm, who cares if they look on here, remember they think we are dead, being helped by sfa, spl, referees, var, weather and god why would you care what they think or see, bunch of loonballs with no reasoning.

15 Apr 2024 17:18:10
JFM i'd love to be a fly on the wall when you are watching the game to see who cops it 🤣
I take your point you won't berate players on here but in the comfort of your own home i suspect that doesn't apply!


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