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11 Aug 2020 19:30:39
Why are celtic and Aberdeen not being punished in any way whatsoever, relating to the breach of very clear rules? What the f would happen if it was us? A point deduction has to be the only solution, at least. It is a serious risk to life and these clowns are risking the health of everyone involved in the matches. 46000 people dead in 4 months in the u. k. 28000 people dead in Spain. The girl who I work with, her best friend's mum died of C.V.. What about all the families and friends. She bloody suffered. It's beyond belief that it seems that there won't be any punishment from that clown doncaster and the corrupt spfl. It's beyond belief.

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12 Aug 2020 06:13:03
No points deducted this time but if any team players do it again don't want a taintd title.

12 Aug 2020 10:14:28
Really ds? So if a Rangers player has a party and flouts the rules we should lose points but a player can fly to Spain and back and break every rule under the sun and nothing?

12 Aug 2020 12:53:28
Rules need to be approved by all clubs. Some clubs have the odd idiot/ s and that's been proven.

12 Aug 2020 17:53:39
Our players shouldn't tho n well b ok.

11 Aug 2020 16:03:14
With the ANTHILL MOB's next 2 league games cancelled due to idiocy by bolingoli,
lets crank up the pressure on them big time by beating st. johnstone and livingston in our next 2 league games and go 8 points clear of them. let's see how/ if they can handle the pressure if hopefully we win our next 2 league games! It would be a nice wee lead on them early on, irrespective if they would have 2 games in hand! We would have the points in the bag which is much better than having to play catch up 👍 That's pressure on them right away!

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11 Aug 2020 19:51:25
Coops, apparently we'd be 11 points clear before they play again.

11 Aug 2020 20:40:41
Sgl you’re right wee just need to keep our heads down and do our best to win.

11 Aug 2020 23:21:11
Steven Gerrard loyal there you go again! shouting your cake hole off about us winning games and see if the anthill mob can handle the pressure! Why not just concern yourself with our team, see if we can handle pressure and hopefully we can. I'd like us just to worry about what we do first and foremost pal👍.

12 Aug 2020 08:10:43
If we can't win our next four games, i. e. St Johnstone, Livingston, Kilmarnock and Hamilton, then we don't deserve to win the league. Get maximum points from these games then we'll be off to a flying start. As my dear Dad used to say, much better to have points in the bag than games in hand.

11 Aug 2020 15:41:05
Amazon will be ragin they didn’t do an ‘all or nothing’ documentary with the famous this year. Cover ups, conspiracies, investigations, buffalos. It’s aw there. N that’s just this forum lol

At least the C.V. is happening now n not in the mid 90s. Imagine tellin Gazza his fishing and pub crawl is cancelled due to a virus.

Also, might not be that bad for us. Should be 11 points clear before they kick a ball again. Them having to play a game every 20 minutes because of a fixture pile up that is their fault, is just too funny.

He’s either went to sign for a Spanish team or to get a shag. don't think there’s any other reason to go abroad for one night haha.

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10 Aug 2020 15:49:21
Alfie till I die . If no Alfie no trophies.

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10 Aug 2020 22:24:01
Boo who, we've not exactly filled the trophy shelves the last couple of years with Alfie! its a team effort man! Were no a one man band by the way, we are the famous Glasgow rangers no Alfie utd!

10 Aug 2020 12:31:13
Who's scoring in the next game. All you Alfie haters.

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10 Aug 2020 12:38:37
As long as it's not st. johnstone I really do not care.

10 Aug 2020 15:29:12
Hopefully Morelos.
Haters are going to hate 👍
Plus Itten, to get his Rangers career off and running. With the right service, I think this young lad will score loads as well. 👍.

10 Aug 2020 16:30:31
SG has said Cedric has been really impressive so far in training. All good!

10 Aug 2020 22:57:36
Anyone who scores for rangers will get a cheer from me, I'm no caring who boo who, as long as we win.

11 Aug 2020 10:37:26
Imagine SG came out and shocked everyone playing Morelos and Itten up front in a McCoist and Hateley style!

10 Aug 2020 10:55:35
That's more like it Alfie.

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10 Aug 2020 10:37:56
Well after a fantastic performance from the team yesterday coupled with the other side dropping points I couldn't have been happier.

Well maybe could have if it wasn't for the west of Scotland Morelos fan club. But ah well I admitted he played brilliant but that admission isn't enough I suppose 😂😂😂

Anyway I hope I can cap off a fantastic long weekend with a victory for SK Brann against Molde Tonight.

Bergen loyal 🇧🇻🇧🇻🇧🇻🇧🇻🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

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10 Aug 2020 15:37:58
Js the west off Scotland fan club stick with our team through thick and thin not like some haters or them that support a player one minute then slaughter him the next.

10 Aug 2020 16:17:41
I've also supported our club through thick and thin.

We all have s right to criticize my friend.

10 Aug 2020 17:38:02
Some on here would give him a statue. Supporters are fed up with constantly being let down by him.

10 Aug 2020 18:00:48
I have to agree again BWD.

10 Aug 2020 18:10:09
Well said John25👏
Haters are going to hate. They then think because he’s scored twice on Sunday it’s because he’s read their negative comments on here that he’s bucked up his ideas. 😂.

10 Aug 2020 19:42:07
Jsi worked out bergen start of the year for a few trips. Only made it into town once though. couldn't afford it. 25quid for burger and a coke at comfort hotel at airport.

10 Aug 2020 20:31:05
Yeah Paul not s cheap place to live or eat out but it's home. The wages more than cover the living expenses but everything is more expensive than the UK unfortunately.

10 Aug 2020 20:43:54
Better eating at the restaurant at the fjørds.

11 Aug 2020 10:39:45
I've heard Bergen is a better place to visit than Oslo. What's your thoughts?
I love a weekender in Europe and have covered most of the major cities so always keen for a new view.

11 Aug 2020 11:11:14
In my biased opinion I would agree although it is around 20 degrees warmer than Oslo in winter but it rains a lot more.

Anywhere in Norway is good to visit,
The fjørds and the mountains are what make Bergen amazing but I would also recommend trømso to a foreign traveller.


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