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22 Jul 2024 13:48:03
Normally it takes between 70 or 80 goals at least to win a championship. Can anyone tell me were them goals are coming from?


22 jul 2024 14:02:53
usually the players mate, i’m sure it’s the players that score goals, i don’t think the board can score, i’ve never seen it anyway, aye, definitely the players that scored the goals in my time anyway

what a stupid question, how many did we score last season, or any other season.

22 Jul 2024 14:21:52
I see a stupid response to a question. What players will get us these goals required to win a championship in this current squad of players?

22 jul 2024 14:29:23
whatever strikers and players the manager plays will score the goals,

or maybe you th8nk we won't score any goals, we won't have the current squad of players, but if we did, then that's simple

the same players who scored the goals last season.

22 jul 2024 15:12:22
nobody can tell you were the goals are coming from, but i know they will come, even dessers managed plenty last season and he's dire, the defence cost the league, again, because we have a few well paid sub standard defenders, goals will always come at rangers, be it dessers ir a new striker along with the plethora of other players capable of scoring, i don't mean to be argumentative, but hiw can you ask that wpquestion, its either dessers along with everyone else, or danillo or a new striker with everyone else, rangers always score plenty, we threw the league away over 5 days at dundee and ross county, our defenders couldn't handle either,

22 Jul 2024 15:22:26
23/ 24 season we scored 87, we do need more goals all over the team and not concede 32

They only scored 8 more than us and conceded two less.

22 Jul 2024 15:38:35
John, our midfield players didn't score anywhere near enough last season.

22 Jul 2024 16:06:44
Mark we need 20-30 from midfield and our chs.

22 jul 2024 16:50:07
goldson must have headed, around 30-49 corner kicks straight over the bar

because his eyes were closed tight and his head twisted to protected him from the ball,

22 Jul 2024 19:09:40
Wait until end of transfer window, no point worrying about it.

22 Jul 2024 20:17:53
Really missed you being a sod TT👍😉🤣.

22 Jul 2024 20:23:31
Attacking someone for posting an opinion 🤯.

22 Jul 2024 21:11:41
Tom its a fair question to ask if we lose tav and most fans want dessers gone that's over 40 goals.

22 Jul 2024 22:56:29
Why do people always focus on goals

As said before season we won league

10 goals conceded

Next three years X2 x3 x3 amount of goals conceded

Not hard to see it's our defense that needs the work.

22 Jul 2024 11:50:16
If Kiev qualify hope the choose Hamburg for their home game against us. 😁😁.


22 Jul 2024 13:24:42
Murder I understand they r playing qualifiers in Poland, that’s where their game is tomorrow night.

22 Jul 2024 14:05:03
Lublin Arena in Poland apparently 👍.

22 Jul 2024 11:16:47
Dynamo Kiev or fk partisan. 2nd leg at home.


22 Jul 2024 07:53:58
Romanian press say Hagi agreed terms with Fiorentina. Gers want £3m. Given the attacking midfielders we have i'd have liked him to have another chance ahead of them but he'll make us the most money so if we get that fair enough. Ideally replace the other's too but can't see it happening this summer.


22 Jul 2024 08:47:18
Take the money and run. I've seen little to suggest he'd be a success at Ibrox.

22 Jul 2024 09:26:43
Kaiser apparently hagi has got 2 clubs interested in him.

21 jul 2024 22:33:08
sorry think that got mixed up a bit, please excuse, i meant we need to be ready fir tynecastle, i would without doubt get shankland in now, we can add another striker but first league game with dessers is not something i want to watch, get shanks and the motherwell boy in, ask soutters brother if he wants to play with his brother fir rangers and that's a big thing to say no too,


21 Jul 2024 23:58:57
Tom i'd rather we played myra hindley up front than dessers. Least shes lethal.

22 Jul 2024 08:00:18
TT I'd agree.

People will argue he wouldn't do it at a higher level in Europe.

We're not even the top team in Glasgow - let's concentrate on achieving that first!

Yes, euro run good for generating cash but bread and butter first.

22 Jul 2024 08:48:19
Big advantage with Shankland is the fact he knows the spl.

22 jul 2024 13:59:01
hi mark, guys

i honestly don't think some people don't really know how good a footballer shankland is, his touch, his passing is fantastic, he sees gaps, passes that many midfielders dont, he's a hately type who could very easily become a hero to rangers fans, he has the ability and he loves our club like we do

shankland, to me would be the one that got away, i'm certain he would be very successful, he would score plenty in scotland, and that is what gets you titles, cups, and into europe, my first choice right niw is still shankland.

22 Jul 2024 14:53:29
Tom, he'd certainly be better than Dessers. You'd imagine a figure of around 2.5 million would get him.

22 jul 2024 15:26:30
he would definitely oush for it mark, and would be a fantastic signing imo.

22 Jul 2024 15:37:38
Tom, I heard he more or less had his bags packed in January. The failure to bring in a striker cost us the league. The chances Dessers missed during March and April killed our chances.

22 Jul 2024 17:02:04
Dessers hold up play is as bad as anyone I’ve seen at ibrox, that annoys me more than the multiple touches he takes to shoot, the young lad who scored Man U second showed us how to finish, hope Clemont took Ten Hags number.

21 jul 2024 22:30:35
get rid of dessers, get shanks, soutter, for goldson, , we need to start quickly, then we can finalise our squad after the leagues started, miller, another big name in, the mood would change as soon as shanks burst the tynecastle net, or we risk being behind on day one, and shanks still bursting the tynecastle net, only genuine thoughts please.


21 Jul 2024 23:59:30
The way the window is going its hard to argue against.

22 Jul 2024 00:35:35
I’d love shankland Tom.
I’d test them with £2-2.5m last year his age etc they should take 2.5

He wouldn’t be my 1st choice striker I’d sign another but definitely get him in the door aswell

A good right winger

Lennon miller

Experienced centre mid

2 centre half’s if we can move 2 on.

And if we’re greedy a right back if tav leaves but happy to start with Sterling.

21 Jul 2024 19:01:39
I don't think people get it talking on financial fair play we need to sell players to bring players in we won't be signing anyone until players are gone long season ahead.


21 Jul 2024 21:41:32
Expect a lot if loans out the way in the last few days I’d say.

21 Jul 2024 21:44:16
Reading bayern Munich president saying no players incoming until 2 or 3 sold. Not just us who are skint.

22 Jul 2024 00:36:18
Not always about money it’s simply about the amount of bodies that are on a clubs books.

22 Jul 2024 07:39:25
Bayern are skint? 😂😂😂 Love it onewalter always good for a laugh, they just spent about 50m on palace player. Maybe just need to clear a bit of space in squad before another World class player comes in. Odd comparison when we trying to get players out to balance the books and reduce wages.

22 Jul 2024 10:53:08
One Walter it’s not about being skint, it’s about ffp to compete in Europe.

22 jul 2024 14:04:42
nothing at all to do with being skint
no company will ever just keep employing when they already have a full quota, you don’t hire 4 people for one job walter, fgs man that’s just basic economics of business.

22 Jul 2024 21:14:10
Kaiser there president said no more incoming until 2 or 3 are sold.

22 Jul 2024 21:15:39
Tom yiyr shouting 2.5m for shankland when we have dessers danilo and ingamane we can't just add to the wage bill fgs simple basic business economics.


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