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22 Mar 2024 23:29:05
Robert Fraser being told to be ready for first team football!

white horse

1.) 23 Mar 2024 08:56:27
For Cove? In all seriousness it's good to see youngsters finally getting an opportunity.

2.) 23 Mar 2024 10:05:56
Robbie I think you mean?

3.) 23 Mar 2024 14:26:16
I’d be surprised if Fraser next in line

Yefeko was promoted to train with first team squad since December as cover.

4.) 23 Mar 2024 15:02:22
If Yilmaz is ruled out I'm playing Sterling at lb.

5.) 23 Mar 2024 17:01:12
No. I meant Robert!

6.) 23 Mar 2024 17:10:40
Use McLaughlin at LB before Barasic.

7.) 23 Mar 2024 17:12:37
My star Sterling unlikely to be fit.

8.) 23 Mar 2024 19:11:14
Id use jim delahunt left back before birna.

9.) 23 Mar 2024 19:49:39
Barisic is a nervous wreck, hopefully it not him that plays against them.

10.) 23 Mar 2024 22:26:06
I'd give big Yfeko a chance at left back.

11.) 23 Mar 2024 23:02:58
According to whom?

12.) 23 Mar 2024 23:31:48
According to a very good source tjn.

13.) 23 Mar 2024 23:36:13
Yfeko isn't dynamic enough for a LB in our team. Fully believe Fraser will be given and take his opportunity.

14.) 24 Mar 2024 07:47:32
Tbh if Fraser gets his chance, I'd rather he was just solid defensively and worry about his dynamism down the road.

15.) 24 Mar 2024 09:54:07
Ahh yes Robbie Fraser.

16.) 24 Mar 2024 13:32:23
Yeah that was my thoughts Fork. Yfeko is solid and quick, reminds me of Sterling. I was thinking keep the door to our goal closed and let the attackers be dynamaic.



17 Mar 2024 19:20:16
Romano saying Smal will be staying in Holland. Rangers out of the running.

white horse

1.) 17 Mar 2024 21:48:59
I won't believe it until I read it on Ibrox noise, or football insider!

2.) 17 Mar 2024 22:51:56
RTR, am old enough to remember jackanory mate lol.

3.) 18 Mar 2024 08:52:48
I think Jefte will be our lb back up.

4.) 18 Mar 2024 13:44:08
Our transfer budget will be interesting in the summer. if we sign Sima, Cortes and Dio that's going to cost around 12/ 15 million. player sales will cover some of that money. Hagi, Lammers and Davies would bring in about 10 million.

5.) 18 Mar 2024 16:24:43
I don't think we're getting anywhere near 10m for those 3, Mark. 7m tops, imo, and that's at a push!

6.) 18 Mar 2024 17:08:16
Nowhere near £10m for those three £6-7 m if very lucky.

7.) 18 Mar 2024 17:24:50
Transfer budgets should project wage savings or deficit and paid over years so don't think it's just as easy as saying 15 in 15 out.

8.) 18 Mar 2024 18:24:51
Raise, you're probably right. when adding up the figures I was using my Dembele calculator???.

9.) 18 Mar 2024 19:19:59
Think we get what we paid for Lammers, Hagi and Davies around 2m each.

10.) 18 Mar 2024 19:59:16
Agree my star think hagi might fetch a bit more tho would hope over 3 the other 2 would be decent business and to be honest if we could sell all of them and generate £8million plus would be a good star.

11.) 18 Mar 2024 20:59:44
Saving roofes wages also.

12.) 18 Mar 2024 21:45:54
£15m would be on the drip anyway, but really we need something like what Newcastle have done though the current ties and blazer crew would block that. Dough pumped in to many English clubs for no result so surely these people see what Rangers could achieve . or even Partick thistle or that matter. hope it's no the Jags! fighting over 2nd/ 3rd place would not be fun.

13.) 19 Mar 2024 13:40:05
Smal basically finalised deal to sign for feyenoord last week.

14.) 19 Mar 2024 13:41:12
Be really surprised if we go and sign sima tbh for the money brighton want for him with year left on deal.

15.) 19 Mar 2024 18:55:02
Think our money will go on two strikers, winning the league will be huge for us in this department, a think another loan might be sorted out for Cortez if possible and unless some kind of deal can be worked out for Sima it could be difficult, a lot of players leaving and a few more will try to be offloaded, wouldn’t be surprised if deals are not being worked out at present, a think Dhenky could be on his way and Shankland as well.

16.) 20 Mar 2024 09:13:31
Remember that under new Sustainability rules we can effectively only spend 70% of what we bring in.

{Ed001's Note - that's not true. That will be in a few years and that will include agents fees and wages, as well as transfer fees. You can still spend 100% of your revenue, but just not on buying and paying players. That is left for infrastructure costs.}

17.) 20 Mar 2024 09:43:48
Apologies ed, it's 80% next season and 70% the following.



01 Feb 2024 19:21:04
Kri55 Great you are back posting mate. Don't know if this post will go up though (am sure ave been a good boy Eds lol) but my last post never made it on.

Anyway Cortes done deal + 2 more (1 CF) 3/ 4 out and two loans out.

CF5 has been correct with when pics and meds are taken, but Rangers holding off on announcements.
Maybe PC don't want any outage till work permit in place.

Could see him being a stickler for detail, which is no bad thing.

white horse

1.) 01 Feb 2024 20:06:24
2 more, as in, additional to Silva and Diamonde? That would be quite the end to the window. A striker is an absolute must if we want a title this year. Dessers is not the answer.

2.) 01 Feb 2024 20:08:42
Wow great info white horse appreciate it ?.

3.) 01 Feb 2024 20:11:54
Not doubting you mate but when something is close to being done does it not normally get put out there. Fwiw our business had been decent. But I say again a striker was our main priority and if we don't get one in even on loan is utter madness on our part.
I'll keep refreshing every 10 mins in hope if nothing else. ??.

4.) 01 Feb 2024 20:17:28
White horse we announced diamonds without a work permit being granted.

5.) 01 Feb 2024 20:19:07
White horse I’m struggling to believe most of that!

6.) 01 Feb 2024 20:22:07
Very hard to see 2 more coming in at this stage. If we don't win the league the board will cop it big style for not signing a goalscoring striker. Silva is more a 10 to look at.

7.) 01 Feb 2024 20:29:36
Signing a Centre doesn't guarantee the league mate. We would have a better chance with a proven goal scorer. It would just make it harder.
Don't forget we still have Roofe! ?.

8.) 01 Feb 2024 20:36:22
Borna ear u getting anything on offer today, loan obli To buy.

9.) 01 Feb 2024 20:48:08
Ibrox for 4 how is dessers not the answer can’t remember the last time we were in jan with a striker who had 20 goal contributions granted he’s frustrating but he’s putting the numbers in.

10.) 01 Feb 2024 21:02:36
Whites horse the player needs to be signed before you apply for work permit.



22 Jan 2024 17:17:12
Sorry troops. This is not going to look good for me.

The two rooms booked at 1DG for Tuesday and Wednesday have been cancelled.

white horse

1.) 22 Jan 2024 17:24:08
Hopefully because of poor weather and travel issues.

2.) 22 Jan 2024 17:24:23
Diomonde arrival been delayed by storm isha.

3.) 22 Jan 2024 17:31:02
Could well be storm/ weather related? Not much travel happening over next few days unless needed.

4.) 22 Jan 2024 17:31:24
I wouldn't be too concerned White Horse. Flight cancellations in to Heathrow and general Flight cancellations across the UK due to storms. This is most likely the reason.

5.) 22 Jan 2024 17:32:31
The storms are holding him up travelling.

6.) 22 Jan 2024 17:34:53
Reading the news, travel delays for Diamonde?

7.) 22 Jan 2024 17:38:39
Flights cancelled because of storm and backlog could be a reason to be fair.

8.) 22 Jan 2024 17:40:03
Is that because of the storm and delay in potential player flying.

9.) 22 Jan 2024 17:42:53
It's cool horse booked a b&b in Govan instead.

10.) 22 Jan 2024 17:55:06
Of course. That would do it.

11.) 22 Jan 2024 17:55:19
On Wed storm weather has too get worse only essential travel in parts.

12.) 22 Jan 2024 18:01:06
Network Rail closing down the railway again from 1900 tomorrow night. There may be continuing network issues leading on through to Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully won't impact the travelling support heading to Easter Rd.

13.) 22 Jan 2024 18:35:48
Aye seems a bit blowy out there.

14.) 22 Jan 2024 19:08:41
Hopefully just pushed back a few days.

15.) 22 Jan 2024 19:17:47
Hopefully just pushed back by a few days once this all blows over.

16.) 23 Jan 2024 00:15:33
Nothing to say sorry for info was correct

Info can change ?.

17.) 23 Jan 2024 10:40:23
Hey let's all post about the storm. . One comment covers it.

18.) 23 Jan 2024 14:46:20
My daughter flying into glasgow from Amsterdam on the 3 o’clock flight and on time so a lot of flights are going as normal could change tho, was the boy flying in from the states at a training camp I thought I heard might be bad weather over there as well, just guessing troops.

19.) 23 Jan 2024 18:24:32
Coopers allegedly USA to London was first part of journey.

20.) 23 Jan 2024 19:13:56
Cooper, I understood that he was flying in to Heathrow and then on to Glasgow. Heathrow flights were disrupted over the weekend because of the storms but are currently back to normal, (although that might change if the weather deteriorates again.



19 Jan 2024 23:36:27
Don't know what to make of this. Shanky has turned down Hearts new contract offer and two rooms booked at 1DG for tues and Weds next week. Sorry CF5, but am putting two and two together.

white horse

1.) 20 Jan 2024 00:17:59
I think he’d do a good job for us til the summer when we bring in a better all round player which likely costs a lot more money, someone with a re sale value.

2.) 20 Jan 2024 00:27:53
Its one of them ones - if we signed another striker and he's a flop most people will say "should have signed Shankland" guaranteed goals etc.
Shankland may flop if he signed but i think most would see the logic in it.

3.) 20 Jan 2024 00:32:58
Not doubting the info but why would he need rooms booked if he's local?

4.) 20 Jan 2024 00:52:49
Not sure how shankland would need a hotel room booked tho.

5.) 20 Jan 2024 00:53:22
Priceless on here

“Will do a good job for 6 months”. Might even win us the league or a double or a treble. Then we can bin him for someone better to fire us to Champions League glory!

What a lot of garbage! We are no longer in the position to take the moral high ground.

6.) 20 Jan 2024 01:43:10
Well said gharrower, Quick fix mindset, solves nothing, spend then get rid, likely wouldn't win us the league anyway.
If PC thought he would the deal would already be done.
He has higher quality targets lined up, that we can actually benefit from long term and sell on at profit.
that is the only way forward.

7.) 20 Jan 2024 02:03:40
More than likely rooms booked for 2 attackers, we have the best defensive record in the league our defence will hold until the summer, even lunny can play CB if neccesary due to injuries,
it is goals and attacking prowess we are missing, our midfield is good enough to get through to the summer, bring in the attackers and the leagues is there for the taking, Balogun's sending off affected the game against them, we wasted chances when we should have buried into there net. there defence is mince, attackers will crack it open and we take them down where the belong.

Viktor Djukanovic - Right footed LW - buy for 3 mill - gives Hammarsby some much needed funds for there season to come in a few months. and we get a cracker of a young talent who will only get better.

Million Manhoef RW - Left footed RW - Vittesse aren't exactly rich and it's time they cashed in on a player that may eventually leave on a free, Manhoef will bring much needed quality to our RW.

Both young, bothe clearly talented and on the up, both well in our price range, and they both get the chance to porve themselves at the higher level of european football, neither will have problems with acclimatising or adapting to our league, they are used to cold weather and rough leagues.

Matondo and Mcausland can rotate with those 2 as PC like to rotate his squad, which i really like, and if need be we have Lawrence and Wright as back up.

Then in the summer we can generate funds, and clean up the squad.

8.) 20 Jan 2024 02:07:41
Listening to clems presser today, I don't think shankland is a target as no resale value due to his age. He spoke about targets that will increase in value and make the club money. Shank does fit that model. I maybe wrong.

9.) 20 Jan 2024 02:31:04
Wit u in about gharrower?

Who said bin him?

Shankland will be a good squad player for us but wouldn’t be my choice as 1st choice striker, I doubt he’d be many’s.

But if that’s what we can afford we bring him in and then in the summer we sign a better all round player as we’ll need that for Europe. Shankland won’t be good enough for champ league or Europa runs his game isn’t strong enough.

Pay attention to points instead a giving it big licks.

10.) 20 Jan 2024 06:18:21
if its 2 rooms then that's only 1 player. room for his agent unless of course his agent is scottish and doesn't need a room.

11.) 20 Jan 2024 06:34:57
Shankland is not what rangers need. Before we had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing dessers, lammers and Danilo play the majority of fans would have picked them over him. He can’t even get a game in the Scotland team ahead of dykes and Adam’s and yet everyone is making him out to be a player that will kick us into the champs league final. Save the money, Lovelace will be back soon and that should be all the cover we need for now.

12.) 20 Jan 2024 07:10:03
I like the look of dukanovic. hopefully we can get this one done.

13.) 20 Jan 2024 07:57:46
Much rather sign miovsk ifrom the sheep than shankland. Cheaper, younger and real quality.
4.5 mil is ridiculous for shankland.

14.) 20 Jan 2024 09:06:39
Shankland will get more money come the summer when hearts inevitably cash in. They won’t want to lose him for a free and he won’t want to stay beyond the summer and miss his chance at a big move. He’ll comfortably get more than what hearts can afford somewhere else so it would be daft for him to sign a new contract. If he did then he’s stuck there at least until he’s into his 30s and all of a sudden he’s much less of an interesting option for teams. I really don’t think he’s coming to rangers.

15.) 20 Jan 2024 09:21:32
Short drive along the mate, why would he need rooms?
Could do the business at Harthill services.

16.) 20 Jan 2024 09:47:49
From what I’ve seen from Dukanovic, which is only on YouTube, I think he’s exactly what we need. Fast, direct and young with a potential sell-on.
Same goes for Manhoef.

17.) 20 Jan 2024 09:55:54
1D special request, extra king size.

18.) 20 Jan 2024 10:41:18
Stevieg2 I think he’s saying you don’t pay between 3 and 4 million fo a back up that will lose value sitting on bench if he’s replaced in summer we don’t have money that can be wasted if we are spending that sort of money it’s for a player we can look to sell on for profit.

19.) 20 Jan 2024 10:57:48
Bankie, are you hinting there is truth in the rumours of a return of El Buffalo.

20.) 20 Jan 2024 11:30:39
We don’t have any rooms booked at 1DG next week or in the near future other than Fabio Silva. 100% FACT ??????.

21.) 20 Jan 2024 11:47:03
Room for Shankland, is he getting the bus? it would involve a change of buses and some services do stop after 6pm, so maybe it's true.

22.) 20 Jan 2024 11:53:06
Same fact that doig would be a Rangers player gaz? ?.

23.) 20 Jan 2024 11:57:06
Tjm el buff has took a wage cut to stay at Santos.

24.) 20 Jan 2024 12:54:02
Banking Souttars Bro maybe? He's a big guy.

25.) 20 Jan 2024 17:54:21
If there's a booking made at 1dg for Morelos, it'll be a table booking for the buffet rather than a bedroom.




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19 May 2024 02:35:41
Watched the highlights on sport scene and it hurt. My question is. How many Rangers players where hurting.

white horse

1.) 19 May 2024 07:45:34
Butland looked absolutely dejected at the goals we conceded. He is definitely off unless Clement can convince him that our defence will be stronger next season.

2.) 19 May 2024 10:52:18
Right about Butland, would you want to play in front of that defence every game, but you have to ask, what is going on in training, we can all see problems, are they actually working on sorting this or are players not good enough to follow what is being asked, PC has had enough time to sort basics but he appears to have made no progress, we are as bad as we were under Beale, it is a very hard watch at momment, no structure appear to be no playing style.

3.) 19 May 2024 11:49:23
Cmon he's not making his mind up based on who's playing in front of him.



16 May 2024 21:03:29
Extension of stadium started.

white horse

1.) 16 May 2024 21:34:44
Aye, we won’t be back at Ibrox tae end of august at least. Looking to use hampden.

2.) 16 May 2024 22:43:43
U been drinking again gazza? ? surely not.

3.) 17 May 2024 00:48:07
His name may not be a reference to our Geordie king.

4.) 17 May 2024 17:13:52
Watch this space. Crane on the pitch till end of July.



26 Apr 2024 00:53:25
Bit of fun. Your greatest ever Scotland team. From your era.
am 4-4-2.
A. Gorham.
S. Jardine.
D. Mcgrain.
R. Gough.
G. McQueen.
J. Baxter.
D. Law.
J. McGinn.
B. Ferguson.
J. Johnston.
J. Jordan.
A. McCoist.

Ave changed my team 8 times lol.

white horse

1.) 26 Apr 2024 05:08:26
My team would be -
B. Ferguson
D. Cooper
Jordan ?.

2.) 26 Apr 2024 07:19:00
Now I know Scotland have been poor over the years, White Horse.
But you've picked 12 players!

3.) 26 Apr 2024 08:08:55
I know it's all about opinions, but any Scotland team that doesn't have King Kenny in, is not the greatest Scottish team! And J McGinn?! Boak!

4.) 26 Apr 2024 08:57:42
I like the look of that one SWS ??.

5.) 26 Apr 2024 08:59:35
Agree Baxter dalgish a must

Ferguson and McGinn no way.

6.) 26 Apr 2024 09:04:05
GK Andy Goram
RB John Greig
LB Danny McGrain
CB Richard Gough
CB Alex McLeish
CM Graeme Souness
CM Jim Baxter
LW Davie Cooper
RW Jimmy Johnstone
CF Ally McCoist
CF Kenny Dalglish.

7.) 26 Apr 2024 09:08:01
No Billy Bremner or Peter Lorimer?

8.) 26 Apr 2024 10:57:54
A Goram
J Greig
D McGrain
A McLeish
G McQueen
G Souness
A Gemmill
J Baxter
K Dalglish
D Cooper
J Johnstone.

9.) 26 Apr 2024 11:16:42



10.) 26 Apr 2024 11:50:07
Mo Johnston was excellent for Scotland better than Mccoist in a Scotland Jersey.

11.) 26 Apr 2024 12:07:27
⁰john mcginn ?.

12.) 26 apr 2024 12:37:19
think barry would have been world class sitting beside guys like sounness masson bren or, etc john
and of course jim baxter walks into any team, but boys like barry and durranty were extremely talented.

13.) 26 Apr 2024 12:50:46



Good question horse, be better if people would just give there team instead of telling you that "your" favourite team should/ shouldn't have certain players.

14.) 26 Apr 2024 13:13:00

15.) 26 Apr 2024 13:58:45
Sorry troops. A few beers went missing from the pub last night.

16.) 26 Apr 2024 14:24:37
A Goram
S Jardine
R Gough
G McQueen
D McGrain

G Souness
B Bremner
J Baxter

D Law
K Dalglish
J Johnstone

17.) 26 Apr 2024 15:08:29
Not an easy choice, remarkable how many quality players that were Scottish in the past and how few there are these days.
Ronnie Simpson was an excellent goalkeeper, but Goran would be my choice. Some names here that might not be immediately recognised by our younger fans!
J Whyte (Tottenham Hotspurs)
J Johnstone.

Very difficult to leave out John Greig, George Young, Dave McKay, Willie Miller, Billy Bremner, Joe Jordan, Sandy Jardine, Ally McCoist and Davie Cooper, Alan Hansen and Martin Buchan.

18.) 26 Apr 2024 15:33:38
Good team Berkshire, I was very close to including Hansen.

19.) 26 Apr 2024 16:00:25
It is very difficult Berkshire, could easily have 2/ 3 full teams of absolutely world class players.
It was horses question and he was the only one cheating ? won't get away way that on here horse.

20.) 26 Apr 2024 18:14:41
Celtic fan here, hope you don't mind me posting
Goram (Bob Wilson also of Arsenal? )
Jimmy Johnstone,

21.) 26 Apr 2024 19:35:07
Boy blue, ha, ha. I was hoping the other side would come over. Good team (come in peace) As someone has said. We could get 3 teams of world class teams. And I had 12 players and Dalglish wasn't in it lol.

22.) 26 Apr 2024 20:23:15
W Miller
J Johnstone.

23.) 26 Apr 2024 20:42:34
Hansen ( yes midfield)
Didn’t have the pleasure of seeing some of the greats previously mentioned by other posters.

24.) 27 Apr 2024 01:06:21
Come in peace, always welcome mate. Seen couple of your posts, always sensible, looking for discussion, that's what it's about, so yeah always welcome, why not? .

25.) 27 Apr 2024 12:47:07
Cheers BB. Yes, we want our respective teams to win. Tbh, as a first and foremost football fan, I find the majority of posts on this site well reasoned football talk. Just mainly VAR / referee c*** the other side which I find embarrassing.

26.) 27 Apr 2024 23:09:46
Come in peace, we question for you on spl posts mate.



16 Apr 2024 01:12:07
Ave been trying to calm down but I cant. The fans put up a banner saying "fight for these colours" Can anyone tell me apart from the fans who did?

white horse

1.) 16 apr 2024 05:28:15
another cryptic riddle?

2.) 16 apr 2024 05:37:07
ive sussed it out now, nobody horsey, , there was no leadership, that was the biggest issue imo, nobody took control and lifted the team, that last 30 mins needed to be played in countys box, it was laughable watching them pass the ball around in the 94th minute w.

3.) 16 Apr 2024 07:52:58
Leaders we need yes but basics for me defenders that can actually do what we pay them for .

Lundstum has had more bad games than good over the 3yrs Flatters to deceive .

4.) 16 Apr 2024 08:32:48
Crying out for a Barry Ferguson.

5.) 16 Apr 2024 09:14:42
The facts are our back line has not been good enough for several years.
I'd give Souttar a bit more leeway than other only because he's been getting played out of position. Yilmaz is very good, the rest have never been good enough. They are mentally weak and rangers need lionhearts not what we currently have.
Lundstram not good enough either. Plays a good 1/ 3rd of a season every year.

6.) 16 Apr 2024 09:42:52
Nico raskin doesn't seem to be getting a look in and he looked a superb young player when he first came.

7.) 16 apr 2024 10:20:34
have to say coops, I've yet to see anything at all from raskin,

8.) 16 Apr 2024 11:00:04
Any decent offer for Raskin, and I'd take it. seen very little from him in a Rangers shirt.

9.) 16 Apr 2024 11:07:04
TBH TT12,I thought raskin looked good the first few months after we signed him in january last year ?.

10.) 16 Apr 2024 11:19:13
Coops said early that nico looked out his depth, my opinion hasn't changed. Our manager certainly doesn't fancy him.

11.) 16 Apr 2024 12:33:42
A quality team has a quality spine, a top quality keeper, a quality central defence, a strong midfield and a striker that can score goals. Other than goalkeeper we have none of these with Goldson, Lundstum and Dessers being a total waste of a jersey. They need to go and they need to be replaced with significantly better, not more of the same.
I am hoping that Clement and his team have identified three or four quality Central and Southern American players, guys with a bit of dig and the hunger to win things because the aforementioned failures are evidently only interested in the money.



12 Apr 2024 02:22:48
Hearing Jordan Rossiter might be fit by the time we play Dundee at dens ❤️??.

white horse

1.) 12 Apr 2024 12:54:03
Kuznetsov also nearly ready, to plug the gaps at the back, we're nearly good to go lol!

2.) 12 Apr 2024 13:03:47
Just heard he's broke down in training this morning, horse.

3.) 12 Apr 2024 18:49:01
Prodan fit for last game of season.

4.) 13 apr 2024 09:40:30
prodan passed away at 44 yrs old about 8 years ago, i'm sure you didn't realise that, so sad, boy was talented and would have been a fabulous ch for us i believe.

5.) 13 Apr 2024 20:13:25
Correct tt, I’m surprised how many times it comes up here re about PRODAN.




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24 May 2024 21:55:12
Yip John. Mofuken, Liam Kelly and Cordoba and interest in an aberdeen striker and hearts striker.

white horse



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18 May 2024 17:19:50
His name sounds like what celtic supports said when mo signed for us.

white horse



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16 May 2024 07:59:33
As I said before it came in. It was the same clowns who would be monitoring it. Get rid.

white horse



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06 May 2024 04:18:22
Paul86. Ave heard a lot in my life mate and the amount of brown stuff init has been a lot. Not having a go, but it is OF weekend.

white horse



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06 May 2024 03:41:49
It was Jardel with his wife. Photographers where asking "Who's that guy wi that burd? "

white horse




white horse's banter replies


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24 May 2024 15:12:09
Our first eleven will be riddled with injuries mate.

white horse



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23 May 2024 00:35:25
If any player want to sell himself. This is the stage to do it. I would play Todd.

white horse



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20 May 2024 12:52:30
He was for leaving even though he is a Rangers die hard for first team football. This has now changed, but so have his demands.

Work is ongoing at the mo.

white horse



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17 May 2024 00:48:07
His name may not be a reference to our Geordie king.

white horse



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14 May 2024 23:04:29
So happy for the lad and his Rangers family. Am buzzing and proud of him mate.

white horse



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