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26 May 2024 12:43:54
One of my mates is a big follower of Aberdeen. ST holder at Pittodrie for many years. I spoke to him this morning and he has heard amongst his own that Barron is coming to us and Robbie McCrorie going to them instead of a compensation fee. A very clever deal if it goes through ?.


1.) 26 May 2024 12:59:58
Not really a good deal at all that. I think mcCrorie is with more than 300k development fee. We also sold his brother to them on thr cheap also.

2.) 26 May 2024 13:01:34
Not really a good deal at all that. I think mcCrorie is with more than 300k development fee. We also sold his brother to them on thr cheap alsoj.

3.) 26 May 2024 13:01:43
Compensation fee - is it not £345k?

4.) 26 May 2024 13:05:39
Yeah agreed that makes sense, put a sell on in mccrorie deal.

5.) 26 May 2024 13:16:19
I would like Barron as a replacement for Jack but McCrorrie has huge potential and that can’t be thrown away for a small sum.
If the deal is around £300k then it absolutely must have a buy back option and a good sell on percentage.

6.) 26 May 2024 13:22:47
Mccrorie should be told he’ll be loaned out for 1 season at a time no more than that:
If he signs a years extension each year.

Don’t see why we would sell him to be a number 1 when within that 12month period he’ll be worth say £2m next summer if still the Aberdeen no1.

1 year loan aslong as he signs a years extension each summer where we can then benefit from a fee if he’s not going to be good enough to come back as no1.

7.) 26 May 2024 13:24:41
Heard from a ST Holder? ???.

8.) 26 May 2024 13:41:17
Mcrorie ' has potential '?, but has played what, half a dozen games in the last 2 years!
Like King, Lowry, and numerous others, they all had potential, none of them are kids any more, and didn't break through.
Let them go have a decent career elsewhere imo.

9.) 26 May 2024 13:43:16
Mccrorie worth more that 300-350 k.

10.) 26 May 2024 13:43:48
to be honest its a rumour going round aberdeen for some time now.

11.) 26 May 2024 14:47:20
Are all 10,000 Aberdeen ST holders privy to the clubs transfer business or just your mate?

12.) 26 May 2024 15:58:18
Only sharing what’s being said amongst the sheep fans lads. We all have no say in what Rangers value our players at.

13.) 26 May 2024 16:02:51
Is his contract not up next summer? Sell him now with a sell on clause or a buy back.
Would rather use him as an exchange with Miovski though and just pay the development fee for Barron or give them a player on loan.

14.) 26 May 2024 16:05:08
Good rumour Carlyle, thanks for sharing.

I'd like to see McCrorie getting shot at number 1 for a decent club.

We've been monitoring a LW from Aberdeen, Ryan Duncan, he's one that's being watched by a few.

15.) 26 May 2024 15:10:51
The poster put on a rumour he heard. no need for the sarcasm.

16.) 26 May 2024 15:29:49
Terrible deal that.

17.) 26 May 2024 16:29:39
Thanks for sharing Carluke. A nice sell-on plus a buy-back option would make this a reasonable deal.

18.) 26 May 2024 16:57:01
If Aberdeen want McCrorie then we should be asking for at least £1m + add ons. I'm not sure we are looking at their striker and I would like to think that we would just go for Barron as a Bosman and pay the development fee.
Not sure if there are any other Aberdeen players we might want.

19.) 26 May 2024 17:18:44
Mccrorie is not a bad keeper but he isn't near being our number 1.
He was at livi and they didn't even play him.
For me it's a good deal we are not going to sell him for much and getting a good young Scottish midfielder who knows the league and what is needed.

20.) 26 May 2024 19:00:00
a lot didn't rate ryan jack but he wouldn't have let mcgreggor dictate
the way he been doing we need some
one in the midfield a steve davis
or dare i say a scot brown.

21.) 26 May 2024 17:34:49
McCrorie huge potential? no unless of course every other club has failed to notice . St Johnstone did ask about McLaughlin then got a much better player for nothing.

22.) 27 May 2024 10:23:21
At lest mccrorie can leave saying he has a clean sheet vs Celtic butland can’t say same so far.



18 Jan 2024 14:21:37
Got a wee text there from my mate. He’s a Rangers shareholder and has been told that John Bennett and Stuart Gibson are willing to spend up to 10million over the next 2 weeks to show a statement of intent. I thought I should share this to see if anyone else has heard similar. Great news if that’s the case.


1.) 18 Jan 2024 14:45:21
Brilliant if that's the case, but we need to get certain players off the wage bill.

2.) 18 Jan 2024 14:53:08
That is great news carlukeloyal ?and we've already had £8million turned down for the superb cercle brugge striker kevin denkey ?.

3.) 18 Jan 2024 14:53:13
Would be nice if true, just hope we are wise n get good signings not panic the last days of the window

But honestly who know buddie.

4.) 18 Jan 2024 15:05:08
No denying this true or not . But where does that stand with FFP rules? Can investors just spend that?

5.) 18 Jan 2024 15:10:50
Told by who? I’m a shareholder but no one is telling me anything the fact I’m a shareholder doesn’t give me titbits I never hear from the club except my invite to the shareholders annual Meeting, but hope your mate is right.

6.) 18 Jan 2024 15:23:45
Hate when people say they spending as if it’s them their selves

It’s still clubs money.

7.) 18 Jan 2024 15:26:06
Did John 227 not post regarding 10 million available a few days ago, John 227.

8.) 18 Jan 2024 15:27:21
Carlukeloyal - having cash to spend is one thing. Finding the right player at the right price is totally different though. It's good to hear rumblings that there is some budget there, I just hope we can spend it more wisely than happened in Summer.

9.) 18 Jan 2024 15:27:54
I'm a shareholder of many years also twacoos and it maybe that carlukeloyal's mate got info from people who are close to bennett and gibson ? Hope it's true ?.

10.) 18 Jan 2024 15:40:42
Yeah I just saw John has posted about Denkey and the bid been turned down. Shame that as he’s a great wee player. Certainly shows though we have funds to spend so there must be some truth in this.

11.) 18 Jan 2024 15:41:35
twacoos their easy caught out.

12.) 18 Jan 2024 15:46:49
Walter that ain’t the case.

That’s just pure fantasy land, we certainly never bid that much for any player.

13.) 18 Jan 2024 15:47:23
Quite simply not happening. Uefa are on our case relentlessly at the moment. We are spending 30m in a season with no significant sales.

14.) 18 Jan 2024 16:00:40
If we do have £10 million to spend ?we bring in 2/ 3 quality players.

15.) 18 Jan 2024 16:02:24
Very much doubt Clement will be given the funds he deserves until the summer. We spent a fair amount at the start of the season, and I'm guessing it cost us to sack Beale and co? can't see us doing anything unless players leave. Jan is always a very tricky time to bring players of quality in.

16.) 18 Jan 2024 16:02:59
Yeah as if the club chairman is out there telling people that they are going to be spending x amount of money.

17.) 18 Jan 2024 16:03:53
Let's make 1 thing clear there's not going to be £10m spent we can't just go against the FFp rules it doesn't work then way.

18.) 18 Jan 2024 16:13:55
Surely they would’ve planned this pre the window opening rather than just deciding half way through it. There’s no point in spending for the sake of it.

19.) 18 Jan 2024 16:20:00
I'm a shareholder also think your mates at it I'm afraid. Ffp would make it a no go anyway.

20.) 18 Jan 2024 16:21:25
We ain't bid 8 million for anyone absolute madness??.

21.) 18 Jan 2024 16:28:46
Go for please explain how it is not Bennett’s or Gibson money.

22.) 18 Jan 2024 16:46:39
I maybe being sceptical John says we had a bud of 8 million and then someone comes on and says we have 10 million to spend.

23.) 18 Jan 2024 16:47:10
I can certainly believe this regarding Bennett and Gibson. since there has been rumour of additional Investment for some time with John Halsted also being a player that I would not be surprised being a name that we hear more of going forward.
Rumour of additional Far Eastern Investment and US Investment has appeared on a number of occasions with cynics pointing to this being linked to the AGM however I would suggest that with Bennett coming onboard as Full Time Chairman from this summer, we might see considerable movement in terms of the future financial structure of the Club and on a positive note these wealthy Rangers men are emotionally attached to the Club and want to see success on the Park.

In terms of incoming transfers, January is a notoriously difficult transfer window and with our new Management Team only recently through the door it will take time to bring people of the quality they want to the Club.

Like most supporters I would like to see a couple of new players including a striker although I would also be prioritising a centre back since I am not a fan of either Davies or Souttar and worry that when both Goldson and Balogun are not in the team our defence is weaker.

That apart, I would much rather wait until the summer for new signings when I suspect that we will have significantly more funds available to bring in quality players. I would much rather that we concentrated our efforts to secure some top quality Bosmans on re-contract agreements.

24.) 18 Jan 2024 16:47:35
Again qualifying statement ?.

25.) 18 Jan 2024 16:58:59
Twacoos u will be like me and have shares as many on here do

A company don’t notify every decision to us all.

26.) 18 Jan 2024 17:07:52
Think it's fantasy to suggest Rangers bid 8 million for any player. Nice we try by the board to give them time.

27.) 18 Jan 2024 17:13:52
John we ain’t spending 8 million on a player with ffp?.

28.) 18 Jan 2024 17:36:38
John take a chill pill I k ow you love me really ?.

29.) 18 Jan 2024 17:36:48
Is there any truth in this about Bennett and Gibson John?

30.) 18 Jan 2024 17:38:33
There are other ways too like loans but usually shares point still same clubs debt.

31.) 18 Jan 2024 18:07:15
Well gentleman I’ll keave it to experts,

Most who go on about ffp, don’t even know it was done away with

Now a reader , no more rumours, May comment on matches

I’m sure site will be all the better wi Out my posts and white horse.

32.) 18 Jan 2024 18:32:09
Ts72, no significant sales? 2022, Patterson, Bassey and Aribo, pretty significant and would have paid for transfers that season .2O23, Kamara, Sakala, Colak may not be as significant but certainly offset a lot of what was spent in the summer . We are not miles down in player dealings. As for the person that says its not Bennett and Gibsons money, you have obviously not been paying attention, the board members have been pumping money in to keep the club afloat for years and to finance transfers . They have not had to do it the last two seasons because of player sales and European runs but then folk say they should be spending more, money the club doesn`t have, so where do you think it comes from.

33.) 18 Jan 2024 18:34:53
A lot of the money we have spent over the last few years was money straight from investors pockets that was returned through shares to get us to a self reliant led club, when we gave Clemont the job it always looked like we would have to raise funds for him, the board can see see like the rest of us a goal scorer could win us the league and if we can’t raise it with player sales this window which is doubtful then they will add money to the pot if the right player became available especially if there is a future sell on like Dhenky would of had, personally think John will be spot on.

34.) 18 Jan 2024 18:36:36
Spfl does not have fffp rules or over last 10 years we would have been hammered? Unsure on uefa rules?

35.) 18 Jan 2024 18:49:27
Don't stop John, what will your fanbase do without your info. lol

Just joking mate, you keep posting. You can't always be right but you are more than most.

36.) 18 Jan 2024 19:08:17
Thanks for the update John, I don't believe anyone is a expert on here but love the rumours.

37.) 18 Jan 2024 19:16:56
John it's ok to. post rumours but it's also OK for others to question if it's true or not.

38.) 18 Jan 2024 19:21:33
Messenger well and truly shot there guys, opinion site with banter and Rumours, one of the best posters been vilified for posting what he's heard or been told, i'm not long joined up, been reading a long time, the bickering n backbiting @John227 and White Horse is bad crack, like Tav we will miss them when they're gone, jeez the guys gve good info.

39.) 18 Jan 2024 19:38:50
CoplandFront5,if we didn' t offer anywhere near £8million for kevin denkey do you know how much we did actually offer for him mate ?.

40.) 18 Jan 2024 19:56:50
I Find it hard to believe that we bid 8mil. John people are alLowe to questin you without you taking the huff mate.

41.) 18 Jan 2024 19:59:28
John, don’t take the small number of muppets who try and bring you down. I don’t mind people challenging, having a different opinion or completely disagreeing with me, but what I can’t stand is being just having cheap diga when they offer nothing themselves, which is what you’re experiencing.

Keep posting John, I appreciate it, as others do. Also, consider starting out on Twitter/ X although the number of moonhowlers is higher.

Keep posting and just don’t respond to the comments.

WATP (with exceptions)

42.) 18 Jan 2024 20:17:50
John I was only asking if we can do that with FFP i certainly wasn't doubting your rumour about funds . You've clearly got contacts inside club and have been proven correct lots of times . Not every rumour going to be right but don't stop posting them. I don't post any as mines would just be me guessing lol.

43.) 18 Jan 2024 20:46:33
John : that was my point just because we own shares doesn’t mean we know what’s going on inside Ibrox, and as for future postings please carry on with your posts as it’s you I come on here to read.

44.) 18 Jan 2024 21:03:59
Getting ridiculous on here now people posting "rumours" they have heard and then get shot down and vilified for it. No wonder other folk don't want to post. @John227 and White Horse and others please keep posting there are plenty people on here who like to read what you put up.

45.) 18 Jan 2024 21:08:24
I don't have anything against anyone and we are all part of the same family but as some others have said John people post a rumour you dismiss it sometimes and that's fine but then if some dismiss your rumour you throw the toys out the pram and can be very cutting in your response at times.

46.) 18 Jan 2024 21:18:43
£10 million to spend wasted £13 million in the summer won’t take us long to wate another 10.

47.) 18 Jan 2024 21:32:00
Ignore them John227, without the likes of you and CF5 Whitehorse site won’t be worth reading anymore. ???.

48.) 18 Jan 2024 21:33:24
What if John was right? Some of the replies are just plain cheeky- there’s no need! He’s on here all the time giving info u otherwise wouldn’t get!
I feel like there is something going on at Rangers because there no daft the know the whole fanbase are screaming for signings! Imagine letting down big Phil when there’s major opportunities for us! Surely not, surely they can't shut up shop and think we’re good enough!

The last old form game demonstrated to me perfectly what the difference is, they have a goal scorer we don’t, if Dessers had scored the whole of Parkhead would have changed, it would have been our game.

This would rank as one of the biggest let downs in recent times for me if they don’t back the manager. They can say there trying all they want but it’s not good enough. Celtic managed to sign a player no problem, and btw if I’m being honest he’s a good player to. If they don’t back the manager now and at the end of the season we only have the league cup in the bag- I’ll no be manager blaming, I will blame the board. They gave Beale the money ultimately it’s their fault. Don’t let PC suffer because they f******* up.
Back the manager now Rangers board, I don’t want excuses!

49.) 18 Jan 2024 23:31:30
Some dafties on here don't know the meaning of a rumours site. It's not fact. That's the point.

50.) 19 Jan 2024 09:03:11
In clement it’s how it’s done, u enjoy, u won’t miss me.




Carlukeloyal's banter posts with other poster's replies to Carlukeloyal's banter posts


18 Feb 2024 15:35:02
We ain’t losing this from here lads. The Rangers juggernaut will not be stopped. Phil Clement has earned himself a portrait on my living room wall. Yyyaaaaasssssssss ????.


1.) 18 Feb 2024 16:05:55
Hope u are right Carluke but many twists and turns left yet - twice against them too, so its never over till its over?.

2.) 18 Feb 2024 19:46:47
Far far too early with chants like that, about 13 games to go or something, huge games coming up let's just take a game at a time and points in the bag before we get so confident.

3.) 19 Feb 2024 04:10:14
Love the positive attitude but a long way to go and we will drop points somewhsre.



04 Feb 2024 10:07:35
Waking up on a Sunday morning to the realisation the Produple is on lads ?????.




03 Feb 2024 19:47:09
A great win again today. 3 out of 3 and we go again Tuesday. Clement has installed a winning mentality and belief in this team and our fan base that is just awesome to be part of. I am very confident that we will win a domestic treble. Aside from this I watched young Connor Barrons display against them earlier today. What an exceptional young Scottish talent. Bossed there midfield, passing range and interceptions were first class. I hope we don’t let him slip through our fingers ??????.


1.) 03 Feb 2024 21:33:06
Carluke I agree however check out the boy Watson at killie too looks tough as nails always involved.

2.) 03 Feb 2024 22:36:46
Yeah the lad David Watson. Been told about him but haven’t really seen him play. Will keep an eye for him cheers. Barron I hope will sign for us in the summer. Long term prospect there ??.

3.) 03 Feb 2024 23:21:21
He’s a 9, pity we didn’t get Barkley in the Summer.



02 Feb 2024 11:44:15
Now I have taken a bit longer to process us not signing a no9 in the window it got me thinking. Danilo was ruled out for 4 months in December so to March say. I saw Rangers review done a post on him a few days back saying he was ahead of schedule. I believe Danilo may be due back sooner than we think and that’s why we haven’t signed any cover for Dessers.


1.) 02 Feb 2024 11:57:52
Plus we still have Reliable Roofe!

2.) 02 Feb 2024 13:13:36
Aye reliable to keep the Doctor busy.

3.) 02 Feb 2024 13:30:05
I think Roofe will be back as a bit part player but I don`t see Danilo recovering from ACL surgery and being back playing this season at all.



01 Feb 2024 21:42:29
Nice one Cyriel
Nice one son
You better not get injured
Or we are absolutely done.


1.) 01 Feb 2024 22:03:26
Bucker? Haha.




Carlukeloyal's rumour replies


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27 May 2024 15:22:15
Great news. Need players with his experience and leadership to help the younger generation push through ??.




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26 May 2024 15:58:18
Only sharing what’s being said amongst the sheep fans lads. We all have no say in what Rangers value our players at.




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22 May 2024 19:56:13
100% agree Ibrox. We should be looking at players first and foremost that are proven in our own league. Miovski would fit in very well with us. Would be a game changer if we signed him.




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17 Feb 2024 10:45:38
I have a feeling it is Miovski we will go for. Been very impressed with him this season. He is a very clever player and draws defenders about the place. Still only 24 with bags of potential. He very much fits our style of player.




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05 Feb 2024 13:23:28
Be good to hear if anyone is in the know about Barron. Lads a great young player and great prospect at only 21. He was very dynamic against them on Saturday and bossed there midfield second half. I hope we get him as he will certainly improve our team and go on to bigger things.





Carlukeloyal's banter replies


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23 May 2024 08:12:59
He is banned from my memory ? He should not start again in a Rangers jersey.




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22 May 2024 21:37:36
Lundstram is banned mate ??.




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05 Feb 2024 15:34:23
The sheep are going to get pumped tomorrow night. We won’t be beaten again this season ??.




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04 Feb 2024 18:25:20
He is just behind McGregor for me just now but that’s only been half a season he’s been here. At the end of this campaign I think this answer may well be different Stevie. He needs a League championship medal to jump above him ??.




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03 Feb 2024 22:36:46
Yeah the lad David Watson. Been told about him but haven’t really seen him play. Will keep an eye for him cheers. Barron I hope will sign for us in the summer. Long term prospect there ??.




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