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18 Jun 2024 10:15:01
Wonder if Fabian Hurzler will allow Big Sima to come to us, bold move appointing a 31 Yr old for an EPL Club, big step up for him.


1.) 18 Jun 2024 10:39:41
Probably not being ex st Pauli.

2.) 18 Jun 2024 10:51:03
It’s the same thing whenever these EPL teams appoint a new manager. They will gather all their players together and assess them during preseason. Decisions on who stays or goes will be made after that and towards the end of the window.

Rangers had Kent for years who, despite all his talent, had no end product. Sima is nothing but end product and the sixteen goals he scored last season will be difficult to replace. Rangers have been trying to find wide attackers that could find the net since the days of Warburton and the lack of success we’ve had in that department is staggering.

We need goals coming from all three forward players, not just the striker.

3.) 18 Jun 2024 13:07:03
I’m not fussed if sima comes back or not.
Better value for £5m out there.

4.) 18 Jun 2024 13:37:01
Stevie, I would love to know the better value options than Sima at £5m. (That’s assuming there is even a need to pay that amount with him on 12mnths to go in contract) .
He scored 15 times, plenty assists including Europe, is 23 with 7 caps, and has pace to burn and has levels to take his game.

Whilst there may be better players I doubt they cost £5m …. or would be battering our doors down to join up….

5.) 18 Jun 2024 13:45:23
I could not disagree more Steve.

6.) 18 Jun 2024 13:54:54
Sima won't get a kick at BRIGHTON. They've already got proven wide men and are trying to bring in Summerville from Leeds so Sima's right down the peckin order. If he comes to us ad stays fit, both parties will benefit.

7.) 18 Jun 2024 15:41:24
Biggest issue is that they are best run club financially in EPL if not the world in terms of net spend on players and what they sell them for. Basically they don’t need to sell to balance books or meet FFP regulations.
Having a new manager muddies water further. He is entering into final 12 months of his deal so if available I think it would around the £3m mark. Club might decide to give him an extension and loan him back out again though as he’s still relatively young.

8.) 18 Jun 2024 16:01:15
My bet is we will get Sima for roughly 4-5 million, currently valued at 7 million, was worth 12 million at 19 yr old during his break through season at Slavia Prague, still his highest scoring season to date outside of his homeland, guess what his main position was then?
Centre Forward have said for a while now, the club that actually plays him there again with good supply from quality wingers and midfielders will reap solid dividends, lad has it all, young, goals, strength, pace, and he is fearless while attacking and in front of goal, wasted on any wing, sure he will score from there, but i see and out an out CF once transitioned back to his best position again.

He was brought to Rangers to Play RW or CF but put on the LW despite that being his 3rd best position, as we were short of LW's.

If your still convinced he is a natural LW lmfao, go watch his highlights at Slavia Prague, was always played there as RW or CF.
who knows Brightons new manager might decide to keep and finally play him in those positions, when you have wasted away for 2-3 seasons as loanee on clubs benches and hardly been played, you will play any attacking position, again Sima never has and never will be an out and out LW.

Its is his 3rd choice position.
we need natural RW's Cortes is a natural RW, for those who think he is a LW.

Gerrard and Gio understood the benefit of playing players in their best natural position, hence the League win, wins against celtic, the Europa miracle run and final.

Clement knows this, and will bring in natural wingers for each position, look at how may injuries our wingers got playing on the wrong wings last season,

Matondo natural RW - always injured playing on the left wing.
Sima natural RW - played on the left injured for half the season.
Cortes natural RW - Injured in the 1st month playing on the LW.

Kent went almost his whole spell at rangers uninjured playing on the LW his natural position.
Sakala played almost his full spell at ranger not injured playing on the RW his natural position.
Candeias played almost his full rangers spell with very few injuries playing in his natural position on the RW.

so let's get wingers in for the correct sides and end this wrong sided winger long term injury nonsense.

3 natural LW's and 3 natural RW's 4 for the 1st team and 2 up and coming young lads - Mcausland / Ishaka for example.

P. S Ignamane signed for us, sure it's already been posted on here.
cracking young talent, just like Nsiala, Cortes, Jefte, Diomande.
new teams taking some kind of promising shape, plenty work to do yet.

9.) 18 Jun 2024 17:37:28
I'd take Sima at £5 million.

10.) 18 Jun 2024 18:12:45
There no better value than Sima for 5m imo his calling is a lot higher than most at Gers and he contributes a lot already.

11.) 18 Jun 2024 20:47:46
Sima’s all round game isn’t brilliant.

His end product is.
Someone else’s words earlier today on here and I couldn’t agree more.

Goals and assists are great, but I don’t really see a sell on in him if we pay £5m +
Our main market for sales is England and I don’t see many coming for him.

If we had more mi et then yes. But we need to buy with a view to sell.

Look at the players the club are in for, the boy at Bayern, the morrocan lad.
Those are the players I mean when I say better value for money.
I don’t pretend to know them. That’s not my job.
I’ll tell u this though, miovski at £6m is far better value than sima for £5m.
Once the wages balance themselves out miovski would be a better bet over course of season. And when it comes to selling.

12.) 18 Jun 2024 20:50:15
Mark in general I’d take sima at £5m all day long of course I would.
But in the situation we are as a club, everything in consideration…. The value isn’t there for us at £5m when we have a whole squad to rebuild.

I’d take another years loan with obligation if targets are met.

13.) 19 Jun 2024 11:35:02
laudrup hagi what on earth are you on about using transfermarkt valuations and positions as facts for christ sake.



15 Jun 2024 06:34:15
See the mob being linked with the boy McCowan from Dundee that we were linked to, are we actually looking at the lad, or is it noise?


1.) 15 Jun 2024 07:18:28
Fork imo because a poster on here says McGowan would do a job does not mean we r linked, the lad Cameron a far better prospect.

2.) 15 Jun 2024 08:46:05
I know John, but I'm sure I seen something at one point, maybe wrong though, seen him linked with the mob on a few sites.

3.) 15 Jun 2024 08:56:23
John227 and CoplandFront5 we all appreciate and respect the info you give us on this site guys ??I'll ask both of you this, do you think we'll sign motherwell's terrific young midfielder lennon miller and do you think we should do everything in our power to sign this young man ?I think we should, as he's a terrific talent and we have to go for these sort of players within the scottish game ?.

4.) 15 Jun 2024 09:23:07
Walter, no and no, the reason I say this is we pay a fortune, Motherwell allegedly knocked back 2 million and add ons plus sell on from spurs. 30 k a week for the lad.

Only way I’d sign him is if we get him on six year deal, but we won’t pay the wages he will get elsewhEre
We could sign him say four years watch him walk out b4 21.

I’d rather we develop rice, who is likely to walk out at end his contract, too much money outwith Scotland

Miller will end up at a very top team outwith scontland.

5.) 15 Jun 2024 09:29:04
Prospects aren't everything. We need a few that are for the here and now.

6.) 15 Jun 2024 09:32:01
Hes good but were not going spend that sort of money on a talent fro. Motherwell.

7.) 15 Jun 2024 10:34:03
Totally agree tjs, I do think miller is the here and now in Scotland, but not England.

8.) 15 Jun 2024 11:05:09
I know we've been monitoring McCowan for a while now.

Unusual kind of player, as he's a bit of an old fashioned right sided midfielder.

Would be a good squad player, knows the league, seldom injured and has an eye for goal.

9.) 15 Jun 2024 11:13:54
Agree John, let’s develop rice and others first.

10.) 15 Jun 2024 13:53:56
Mcgowans a good player, would do the sort of role Arfield done for us, maybe doesn't have the same sort of engine that Arfield did in his first couple of season with us but he has a goal in him and is actually quite a tidy footballer, people want Cameron because he is younger with scope to improve but mcgowab is currently a better a player, albeit he is 26.

11.) 15 Jun 2024 14:34:23
McCowan will not be coming to us, absolutely no chance, him and his family all die hard celtic fans if the option beetween us and celtic is there you know where he is going.

12.) 15 Jun 2024 16:07:32
We’ve paid more for dross and we’ve paid and still do pay worse players than miller that wage.

It’s a bit steep tbf, but is he going to be worth it that’s the question and I knid of think yes.
He looks better than diomande imo.

13.) 16 Jun 2024 01:59:38
Surely you know by now, Copeland only comes on and posts when there's some concrete info, doesn't get into dialogue nor does get involved with run of the mill stories, stop repeatedly asking if he can confirm or deny anything, give him/ her a fkn break.



12 Jun 2024 17:26:44
A few media outlets suggesting Conway again, are we actually looking at him? Do any of the regular guys who have an in heard anything, as usual unsure as to veracity of this.


1.) 12 Jun 2024 17:34:28
Apparently can be got for 300k?!?!? No brainer. Lad looks very keen to improve.

2.) 12 Jun 2024 17:37:42
I’m told there is no interest in Conway at this stage.

3.) 12 Jun 2024 17:46:05
I’d be all over the lad Conway! If what’s being sad in press is true about the fee.

4.) 12 Jun 2024 18:03:23
Its only 300k if we get him in january on free contract with cross border compo. No chance they sell him for 300k this summer.

5.) 12 Jun 2024 18:04:12
Scotty that will only be next summer mate ooc, i really like him but think he'll go after the euros.

6.) 12 Jun 2024 18:53:38
It’s not jan it would be next summer and it would be 300k when his deal runs out.

7.) 12 Jun 2024 19:28:17
They want £5m+ this summer.

8.) 12 Jun 2024 19:31:14
Think copland was meaning a pre- contract, wrote free by mistake.

9.) 12 Jun 2024 19:54:09
If he was Scottish and could help with Euro squads then I could see the argument, but he isn’t. This is basically taking a punt on someone who needs to be developed and I have no faith in our club to do that. It would be another Lovelace situation where he would end up rotting in the B team. No regular game time, no development, career stalls, etc.

10.) 12 Jun 2024 20:27:51
Said before, whenever press links us and them to the same player I assume it's just the agent trying to get leverage for negotiations with another (eg EPL) team. I would be amazed if this had any legs.



10 Jun 2024 14:14:47
Gio apparently looking at Lawrence according to the beeb.


1.) 10 Jun 2024 15:39:18
Reports saying 3 sides interested. Gio, Ipswich and Sheffield United.

2.) 10 Jun 2024 16:08:13
Any decent fee near £1m he's gone. don't see where he fits in next season altho i don't have an issue with him staying as a squad player.

3.) 10 Jun 2024 18:55:20
Same Big D, but would he want to be a bit part player.



05 Jun 2024 19:29:47
Seeing Clinton Nsiala o.o.c at AC Milan 20 a CH, anyone heard anything, some media suggesting him. Development maybe?





Fork's banter posts with other poster's replies to Fork's banter posts


18 Jun 2024 18:25:06
2 cracking goals for Turkey n not a bad game to boot.


1.) 18 Jun 2024 18:58:50
Brilliant game fork. Really enjoyed that. Great goals, end to end loved it. More of the same please.

2.) 18 Jun 2024 19:39:55
Best game of tourney Fork, every team I’ve seen so far would give Scotland a doing to be fair.

3.) 18 Jun 2024 20:09:03
Felt for Georgia trying for the equaliser n caught with the suckered punch, really gd watch. ?.

4.) 18 Jun 2024 21:05:23
Can you see any of our lads scoring goals like the first 2?
First reminded me of Peter lorimer, 2nd Kenny dalglish
( maybe for the da's again)

5.) 18 Jun 2024 22:03:20
Christ lorimer could hit a baw?.

6.) 18 Jun 2024 23:26:10
Got turkey and Spain in the sweep at work didn't know if it was holiday destinations or football lol but seems not doing to bad ATM.

7.) 19 Jun 2024 08:54:59
Superb BB4 ????.



18 Jun 2024 17:26:03
Big Abercromby gone at 65, 3 footballers in a week.


1.) 18 Jun 2024 19:14:02
My deepest condolences to billy abercromby's family and friends at this very sad time regarding billy's passing ??Billy was part of a very good st. mirren team back in the day and was a good player himself, god rest billy abercromby ?.

2.) 18 Jun 2024 20:09:56
Here here Sws?.



18 Jun 2024 06:36:55
Length of time I've been on here and just realised that I can like posts by touching the the thumbs up at the side, walking thru life with my eyes wide shut?.


1.) 18 Jun 2024 07:33:07
There's a tick for you Fork, we all miss a lot of things on this forum.

2.) 18 Jun 2024 07:43:46
Have one back bud?.

3.) 18 Jun 2024 08:17:37
Back to your padded room Fork, knew you were let loose too soon ??.

4.) 18 Jun 2024 08:27:42
There's some for both of you!

5.) 18 Jun 2024 09:32:35
Lol Maryhill??.

6.) 18 Jun 2024 11:14:25
?? I knew the room next to mine had been emptied, what was your trick for early release ????.

7.) 18 Jun 2024 12:10:07
Don't you think your getting away with getting one seeker ?.

8.) 18 Jun 2024 12:47:52
Noise complaint MHB from a neighbour next to me??up there somewhere?.

9.) 18 Jun 2024 14:36:53
?? boy blue.



17 Jun 2024 17:28:26
Honest opinions required here guys, according to Do The Bouncy, my posts are "rubbish". So what's your thoughts, do I contribute, do I provide answers, do I have a laugh, or am I just not worthy enough to grace the forum and I am in fact rubbish, serious here guys, honest opinions, thanks.


1.) 17 Jun 2024 18:12:55
No idea what was said either way fork. Seems a bit childish to ask what everyone think of you. Do you actually care? Post what you want, if folks don’t like it so be it. You don’t like reply so be it. Let’s all be respectful though.

2.) 17 Jun 2024 18:20:47
Everyone is entitled to an opinion surely. One thing for sure on here there's a lot of strong opinions. What annoys me is the copy and paste replies to dig folk out over comments recently. Just my opinion though.

3.) 17 Jun 2024 18:24:26
You contribute very well and your posts are considerable more valued than bouncy mate. I wouldn’t give it another seconds thought. Too many roasters on here but in my opinion your one of the good guys.

4.) 17 Jun 2024 18:27:49
Your bang on brother??.

5.) 17 Jun 2024 18:28:39
Fork, ignore him and keep posting, I know who I prefer reading.

6.) 17 Jun 2024 18:28:42
Who gives a monkeys what others opinions are, everyone has the right to voice their opinion. Does not mean that you don't contribute anything, I mean it's an online forum where we are all Rangers fans and want what's best for the club.

I don't like or agree with every post but that's just me and doesn't mean I should belittle anyone for having a different view. Each to their own and you should continue to post whatever you like and if someone doesn't like then just scroll on by!

Ps I don't contribute anything as I have no insider knowledge but enjoy reading other peoples info and sometimes wish they are wrong lol.

7.) 17 Jun 2024 18:29:44
Fork, I genuinely value your opinions. Each of us will have our own unique views and I appreciate the points made. by all genuine Gers fans, of which you are definitely one. Chin up pal and please keep posting.

8.) 17 Jun 2024 18:29:59
Fork, you're a very good poster. I enjoy reading your posts.

9.) 17 Jun 2024 18:39:39
This post doesn’t sound like “someone who couldn’t care less what he thinks because he is irrelevant to you”
Listen mate I’m certainly not everyone’s cup of tea maybe even anyone’s but couldn’t give a monkeys. Just stick with that attitude and you’ll be fine. We are not on here to be adored. We are on here for info, banter and occasionally a light hearted argument.

10.) 17 Jun 2024 18:41:28
I tend not to care what others think of my opinions, Fork.
But IMHO ( ? ) you, like others bring a bit of everything to the Forum.
And if we all thought the same, the Forum would be full of posters back slapping each other instead of debating, arguing and sometimes falling out over all issues regarding our great club.

The best posters are those that you can disagree with over something but can also agree with on other points.
Some like a wee sabbatical and take the petted lip stance if some disagree with them. You don’t sound like that type of guy. ?.

11.) 17 Jun 2024 18:55:07
Fork, you don't have to ask any of us mate. Post and keep posting. It's all opions and a bit of banter. Carry on regardless old bean.

12.) 17 Jun 2024 19:02:56
You honestly shouldn't care what some random guy on the Internet says about you fella. It's all subjective. It's a forum. Say what you want.

13.) 17 Jun 2024 19:06:54
I'd categorise that post as rubbish - prior to this I have occasionally hit the thumbs up for you.

14.) 17 Jun 2024 19:08:02
I enjoy your posts fork granted I don’t agree with them all. Don’t stop posting because someone’s else has spat the dummy out at you mate.

15.) 17 Jun 2024 19:08:36
You're an absolute nightmare and think you're a smart ass with your comments Fork ? Only kidding pal i quite like your humour and tongue in cheek comments and of course you contribute with your posts and opinions ?I have no problem with you at all Fork, even though you've had some funny comments directed to me, but i've taken it all in good fun mate ?.

16.) 17 Jun 2024 19:11:04
Do you really care what anyone says about you? Or are you just fishing for compliments?

17.) 17 Jun 2024 19:20:06
Everyone contributes ??????.

18.) 17 Jun 2024 19:20:08
forksake, what age are we here ?.

19.) 17 Jun 2024 19:22:16
I think you are a good poster mate.
DTB comes out with with ridiculous posts imho

Tho I wouldn’t bother my arse what anyone says about you to be honest as no one really knows anyone on here.

Only people I care about what they think about me are family and friends.

20.) 17 Jun 2024 19:34:03
Can I plead the 5th ammendment ??.

21.) 17 Jun 2024 19:52:19
Who cares what folk say mate your posts add to the discussions, I read forum every day but don't always contribute. I take in everyone's opinions some I agree with some I don't but that's what this site is for. Keep posting your views and forget the negativity.

22.) 17 Jun 2024 19:52:35
Hi Fork, I had no intention of posting again although I do still look in now and again. Your posts are as valid as anybody else's.
You try to bring a bit of fun. That's my opinion. The site is being dictated by some who don't want anybody to have a say. That's why I chucked posting.

One post at the end of the season said " if you have anything positive to say about our club this isn't the site for you. Don't waste your time posting as it'll be like whistling into the wind. You're view will not be heard". The arrogance of that post was the final straw for me. However you sounded like you needed a reassuring word. Keep posting mate. You contribute plenty.

23.) 17 Jun 2024 20:10:05
Fork you contribute a lot mate and all comments are well recieved.

24.) 17 Jun 2024 20:31:16
Thanks guys, just p.d me off being pulled for highlighting someone from the darkside in my own daft way, while other posters highlighted it also, but I got it in the neck as a rubbish poster, not childish bgate, interested if my contribution is worthwhile on here, if it wasn't I wouldn't be here, but thanks guys for getting back to me, appreciated from all??.

25.) 17 Jun 2024 20:38:27
Don’t take offence from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.

Debate is good and healthy and the one thing that unites the majority is a desire for our beloved club to be successful. A few Declans and a couple of misery guts aside.

Post what you want with the knowledge that it’s an unregulated (although sometimes censored) forum. Nothing anyone replies to me affects me in any way. As long as it’s kept friendly, it’s no bother. If people could disagree respectfully and remember to be kind, we wouldn’t have any issues. Keep posting away Fork.

26.) 17 Jun 2024 20:41:22
Cheers Walter and everyone except RTR/ Sunshine?? and naw and naw to answer your questions, just got p***** off bud?your prob right EHL a bit gash tbf, cheers Sam, mph, parlane, Rabbi, cap tav, m44,1872, bbj, john27, Dado, fergie, apologies if I missed anyone. ?? and gal77.

27.) 17 Jun 2024 20:46:09
Again guys thanks just get a bit disillusioned at times, nice to hear from you Jfm63 hope your well?cheers Storm, OWS, Maryhill?, jzer, irv and ally??.

28.) 17 Jun 2024 20:56:57
Fork not sure what’s happened bud.
But you have your fair share of banter on here given and taken like most of us
Not sure what was said by the other poster, but I don’t think it will be anything you and I and everyone else hasn’t heard and seen and read before. Which makes me wonder why you posted what you asked.

I think and correct me if I’m wrong you maybe had a crap day day week. Personally and someone on here was the final straw of that day/ week hence why it’s possibly hit as hard as it has to ask the question in the first place.

1. I like your posts mate in fact you have gotten better as your time on here has went on

2. don’t let anyone make you feel inadequate or you don contribute mate. We all have our own individual opinion and can’t make everyone happy

3. Do t take it personally and carry on bud

Think you’ve had a bad day / week as I say and hope your ok in general mate
I’m always here for a chat and I’m sure a lot of other folk too mate on here.
Keep your chin up bud we have all had crap days weeks etc
do t let anyone get you down on here our team do enough most seasons ???.

29.) 17 Jun 2024 21:00:52
Just stop slagging Tavernier though fork or I’ll be having you ?.

30.) 17 Jun 2024 21:01:23
Cheers Ibrox?.

31.) 17 Jun 2024 21:07:22
Fork everyone should post what they want as long as it is not offensive and other posters should respect others view, fair enough not to agree but why be hostile to others, after all its meant to be a bit of banter between Rangers fans.

32.) 17 Jun 2024 21:26:25
Fork, you are funny and i enjoy your posts and banter with everyone mate. Just continue to be yourself and post whatever you like and don't overthink it. i'm one of the worst for posting nonsense when i'm having a beer or 2 but that's just the way i am. F it.

33.) 17 Jun 2024 21:42:05
Can take or leave you fork ? kidding on mate generally enjoy your contributions we can all have a laugh and a disagreement as long as we're respectful nothing wrong with a bit of banter asking as it not personal attacks.

34.) 17 Jun 2024 21:46:22
Stig cheers bud you're not far off mate?, Capt Tav just naw?, Agree Gers58?.

35.) 17 Jun 2024 22:19:29
Fork, don't be letting people make you question what you bring to the site mate. Dtb it was obvious to me anyway, that fork wasnt talking about you mate, you got it wrong.
Fork you bring banter, roumers and discussion, one of the best at it imo.
Jfm, good to see you post pal, been asking about you on here for weeks. Would be great to see you back posting.

36.) 17 Jun 2024 22:36:04
I take it after all those reply’s we’re still going to be gettIng a hundred posts a day from you Fork. Keep them coming mate as I wouldn’t want it any other way. Just be careful you don’t upset imhere again. ??.

37.) 17 Jun 2024 22:54:39
Lol guys all replies are greatly appreciated, BigD?BB4?Flb?Ger88?, to quote a well known Welshman, "don't blow smoke up my ass, you'll ruin my autopsy" just get back to giving me it stinking the morra???? cheers guys.

38.) 17 Jun 2024 23:08:39
BB4 agree about Jfm63, would like to see you back on bud, miss your acerbic wit and chatter, and your endeavours to try n catch me out with your grammar policing?? Haste ye back bud. ?.

39.) 17 Jun 2024 23:14:11
Love your posts fork, you keep posting pal. You would be sorely missed if you decided to pack it in. I've had the same on here from time to time. Rise above it and carry on regardless. Get a right chuckle at some of your comments. Guys like you are the life blood of the forum ❤??.

40.) 17 Jun 2024 23:14:44
It's been about 15 years since I posted on here. I don't have the access to info that I had back then, but I have read the forum from time to time.
As others say: don't take things too seriously. It's very difficult to get any genuinely good info these days, hence the press just guessing.

41.) 18 Jun 2024 01:36:48
Good poster fork, make me smile a few times a week also make me think you've lost it lol.

42.) 18 Jun 2024 06:07:40
Cheers Seeker; the ref; and the mad Star??.

43.) 18 Jun 2024 07:01:11
Fork, out of a matter of interest, who do you fancy to win the euros my friend ? I'll whisper this i bet england at 7/ 2 a month or two ago because i did fancy them strong although of course I support my own country scotland ?%?I bet italy as my outsiders so to speak but i really do like the look of spain ?I've won a lot of money from betting spain when they had their period of total world dominance ?.

44.) 18 Jun 2024 07:36:36
Sws was thinking France before the start, but Austria showed up well last night, though France may come gd, Spain I agree were really clinical, Germans have a shout if they get better against stronger, England will prob get Q/ F, defence may be an issue against better, if pushed I'd prob stick with France bud, Spain, Germany the dangers so far for me. ??.

45.) 18 Jun 2024 07:38:26
Christ forgot about the Italians, usually defence gets them far, we'll see though and Portugal tonight?.

46.) 18 Jun 2024 08:22:12
Jfm, good to see you posting.

47.) 18 Jun 2024 08:29:49
Fancy Italy and Germany tbh.

48.) 18 Jun 2024 08:40:39
There you go, Fork, it would appear that the fishing expedition has paid off, mate. Hopefully that will quell those fears you have/ had? Or in my opinion, give that ego of yours that wee bit of stroking it required when you posted? ??.

49.) 18 Jun 2024 09:52:44
I’ve put a wee tenner on Portugal.

50.) 18 Jun 2024 09:58:32
You really are a swine ?? Sunshine, can't get used to that name btw, should be Cloudy Supporter FC, cause you're a miserable sod ??.

51.) 18 Jun 2024 11:59:11
This level of attention seeking is a clear cry for help. Hopefully you realise that there are a few people here that are perhaps willing to talk about it.

52.) 18 Jun 2024 12:44:43
No help required though thanks Henke, happy to be strange. ??.



14 Jun 2024 17:15:48
Matt Hummels availiable on a free, at 35 he could still do a job, cheeky offer???.


1.) 14 Jun 2024 18:19:18
Beware. for every Davie Weir, there is a Bruno Alves!

2.) 14 Jun 2024 18:49:00
He'd be a super signing for us, must have enjoyed the atmosphere a couple of seasons ago, if we could get him in am all for it.

3.) 15 Jun 2024 00:13:54
Hummels on the right with a younger pacey CB on the left. now that I'd like to see.




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22 Jun 2024 21:49:51
That a bit thin Gdog?.




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22 Jun 2024 20:43:11
The lunacy is staggeringly befuddled and they're serious too?‍?.




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22 Jun 2024 17:28:13
Ah but C-bear broke the news yesterday, your all too late?.




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22 Jun 2024 16:00:49
Have a gd one bud?.




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22 Jun 2024 13:17:15
Couple if towns missing idiots with they comments.





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22 Jun 2024 20:34:23
One seems pretty irked old bean??.




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22 Jun 2024 17:39:45
Loans up in December.




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22 Jun 2024 17:23:44
Really John??.




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22 Jun 2024 17:21:33
Lol Flb I'm not myself, schizophrenia is murder??.




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22 Jun 2024 17:19:29
Naw you didnae, awaynbileyourheid ??.




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