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25 May 2024 01:03:21
As i have alluded to before i grew up and am close friends with one of our first team players. I received a signed first team top for charity from him just last week. He has told me that his preference is a move down south but he is being offered a route to the sheep as part of a move to bring one of their players our way.


1.) 25 May 2024 01:39:48
Who are you talking about mate?

2.) 25 May 2024 06:07:33
Sounds like it could be McCrorie? Loose links to Miovski. Could be a deal of McCrorie and cash with Miovski coming to us.

3.) 25 May 2024 06:26:14
Mccrorie possibly.

4.) 25 May 2024 06:30:02
Ac21, that’s a bit random mate. Are you drip feeding us info or have we to guess who?

5.) 25 May 2024 06:33:35
Wright or McCrorie?

6.) 25 May 2024 06:51:30
Would be silly for him to give up his mate rfc22.

7.) 25 May 2024 07:21:03
I really really hope we get miroski or shankland, ONE of them is a must both of these guys are sublime strikers in our league, n if we truly want too prize the title away these are the striker's too do it

These guys week in week out have done this for seasons n I get they are expensive but all good players are

N yeah they are at rivals but ad rather we pay up n get them or see them in green n white

Honestly a strike force of miroski, shankland, n dessers playing behind them, is unplayable, think of that up front goals galore they all bring something to the table

Two absolute foxes in the box

I'd rather pay up too hearts and the sheep, than see a foreign striker come in and fail

If lammers goes use this cash for at least one of them.

8.) 25 May 2024 07:27:17

9.) 25 May 2024 07:28:38
Can’t be Barron, as he’s free, so it must be Miovski. Interesting to know what Rangers first team player you’re talking about? Has to be Scottish, so you’re looking at McCrorie, King, and Wright (doubt this one though) . I’d say it’s maybe King and a loan for McCrorie

I’m just guessing btw.

10.) 25 May 2024 07:42:48

Shankland and Miovski don't do it week in week out.

Them two and Dessers? Apart from Miovski there isn't really much movement or pace between the three of them.

11.) 25 May 2024 08:00:47
That's not true because I have it directly that the club were not entertaining any outgoings for players under contract before cup final. Approaches have been made for Scott Wright but were turned away.
There has been no approach for McCrorie.

12.) 25 May 2024 08:05:57
Scott they score goals mate
N for seasons have been the best strikers in the league,
It's exactly what we need
Tell me two better we could get

Who gureentees goals slow or not
These guys do bar them at celtic
Give me a better striker partnership
Than miroski, n Shankland we could get here in Scotland

It's just fact mate
I don't try n glam things up I just state the truth weather I like it or not.

13.) 25 May 2024 08:30:50
Hopefully it's Wright. should never have been signed.

14.) 25 May 2024 08:47:47
I think if Mccrorie leaves he is most likely to stay in Scotland, he must be sure first team football.

I’d keep him.

15.) 25 May 2024 08:52:28
Was in the paper yesterday that Aberdeen are interested in Mcrorie.

16.) 25 May 2024 08:56:03

17.) 25 May 2024 10:01:39
We ain’t signing both strikers. We have dessers and Danilo as well.

18.) 25 May 2024 10:43:27
Storm, I don’t think we are after either.

19.) 25 May 2024 10:43:39
If McCrorie does leave, I hope we include some sort of buy back option.
Taking a lower fee just now to allow him to get game time but including a buy back option could save us a lot in a few years if he does as well as many think he will.

20.) 25 May 2024 10:49:36
Chasni24, if Barron we would have to pay a development fee of approximately 375k

I’m sure ac refers to our goalie.

21.) 25 May 2024 10:59:36
Paul86 you’re spot on. Crcp you do know that most deals are done by agents before clubs even talk?

22.) 25 May 2024 11:03:16
Maybe it’s mcrorie for Barron?

23.) 25 May 2024 11:57:18
I’ve heard that he is more likely to go to them.
Miovski that is.

24.) 25 May 2024 12:04:21
I don’t think we are either John but I have no contacts. Miovski is going to move for 6 million roughly we ain’t paying that IMO for him.

25.) 25 May 2024 12:21:06
Dailly boy Mcrorie! Good Ayrshireman who should move on. He won't be no1.

26.) 25 May 2024 12:36:40
375k would be a good deal for us.

27.) 25 May 2024 12:47:05
Barron is available on a free transfer.

28.) 25 May 2024 13:12:09
We already have the best striker in the league - Danilo.

Unfortunately 2 serious injuries have prevented us from seeing his full potential. This season we will see his true capabilities.
I'm betting at least 30 goals in all comps from him next season, especially if he is flanked by 2 fast skilled wingers that can pass and cross precisely. put a quality midfield creator behind him like Hagi or Cantwell and it's on.

29.) 25 May 2024 14:30:34
Copland we still need to pay a development fee for Barron he wouldn’t be free and no player is ever free anyway.

30.) 25 May 2024 22:29:44
I heard Barron to us was a done deal a couple of weeks ago.

31.) 26 May 2024 06:52:56
McRorie. And you don't have to have grown up with him to have this info. Available on other websites.

32.) 26 May 2024 07:21:58
Laudrup hagi i have not seen any of this from Danilo to suggest he will be the best striker in the league tbh. AC the squad are very good at signing tops. Had had one off Jack before and start this season got 1 off Souttar whos a mate of a mate. Good info, from you i certainly don't doubt you.

33.) 26 May 2024 13:09:04
Storm - ? think someone posted it was a development fee or a swap with McCrorie.
Cheers mate.



27 Apr 2024 04:12:29
Heard we are close to agreeing a deal for Paddy McNair on a pre-contract, NI and Middlesborough captain. Would imagine he will take Lundstrum's place as an upgrade.


1.) 27 Apr 2024 05:54:16
Has paddy not been injured most of this season? Hasn't been in a lot of squads, not sure we shoukd be letting an ever present player go and brining in someoem who has missed half a season.

2.) 27 Apr 2024 06:17:06
It says on transfer market his main position is CH 2nd position is DM is that correct? I haven’t seen much of him as I don’t watch much of his team?

3.) 27 Apr 2024 07:48:41
Copland you’re correct he’s played 25 games out of a possible 44 due to injury. Storm Carrick has deployed him at CH due to lack of options but he has played majority of his career at CDM.

4.) 27 Apr 2024 09:00:54
CoplandBear1, not as if we have previous in this regard is it?
Cheap and cheerful and the injury room will have space when Roofe Jack et al, move on.

5.) 27 Apr 2024 09:23:02
If there is any doubt of missing big chunks of season - this lad should be given a miss no matter what level he has played at!

6.) 27 Apr 2024 10:00:44
Would love to see the young boy from the sheep, Connor Barron come in. What an engine and looks a great prospect.

7.) 27 Apr 2024 10:12:28
Doesn’t matter who we sign they will get injured it’s just the rangers way.

8.) 27 Apr 2024 10:43:01
He's only had one bad injury about 5/ 6 years ago, think he'd play dcm for us, played that position for Sunderland before his move to Middlesbrough and played it very well, one of Northern Ireland top performers plays cb but i reckon he's better in the middle of the park he's got a good dig about him, another Rangers man.

9.) 27 Apr 2024 10:56:46
God help us. Another jobber.

10.) 27 Apr 2024 10:57:53
We never learn with these lower league English signings massive wages and no where near good enough.

11.) 27 apr 2024 12:17:04
no brainer, instant upturn in quality for me.

12.) 27 Apr 2024 13:31:50
History of Hamstring injury, will fit right in.

13.) 27 Apr 2024 13:46:12
One hamstring injury missed 8 games about 8/ 9 years ago sima.

14.) 27 Apr 2024 14:30:31
McNair according to transfermarket has missed no games due to injury this season

He was dropped twice for significant periods

The manager states he was playing players who wanted to play, McNair had refused to sign a new deal

He has had three so called serious injuries, one was significant ie ACL, that kept him out for 365 days, the other two out for under a month

This season he played four games as a rb, the rest as a right ch. he to date this season has not played in midfield

Imo a very good option.

15.) 27 Apr 2024 14:52:32
I’d definitely take McNair, he is decent and has shown versatility. I think he’s out of contract too.

16.) 27 Apr 2024 15:50:31
Not the most exciting signing, but would be an upgrade in midfield and could cover CB, brings experience and would play his heart out for the club most likely.

17.) 27 Apr 2024 17:32:43
If he's willing to come on a half decent wage and expect to be a squad player, I would take him. If he wants a fat wedge and first team, then hell no.

18.) 27 Apr 2024 18:41:57
He's not a big upgrade on lunny imo and for me not an inspiring signing if it happens.

19.) 27 Apr 2024 18:52:16
He's a CB. That's where he's playing for Boro and NI. He may have played CDM in the past but if signed it'll be for CB first and foremost.

20.) 28 Apr 2024 03:35:06
Agreed Bearsbear would definitely sign Barron. MyStar you’re spot on he’s played majority of his career at CDM and an upgrade on lunny IMO.

21.) 28 Apr 2024 14:28:45
Is not time Raskin got his chance again, or will we throw him away as well, time to get a defence sorted properly. we already have or fullbacks, Sterling and Ridvan, both can attack and defend, clear out all the current Cb's there not good enough anymore, with a quality young defence, we only need one CDM, and that allows us to play more attacking the way Gerrard and Van Bronkhorst had us playing when we completely outplayed most teams in the spfl and in europa. or for example.

With Danilo back who is a quality CF rotating with Sima who is wasted as a winger, and dessers as 3rd choice.
Cortes and Matondo on the LW, we need 2 quality RW's (Mcausland isn't quite there yet) that can attack, cut in and score regularly.

Cantwell and Hagi as Cam's.

Diomande and Raskin as Cdm's

not like its as a big a rebuild as it looks.

Clear out all the rest of the players who are either injury prone or too old now, and let's get this club back on track.

22.) 28 Apr 2024 16:29:02
Hagi and matondo not good enough 2 quality wingers definitely needed also a cdm to partner diomande and at least 1 quality striker and that's before we look at defence.



27 Mar 2024 03:56:50
I've heard from my cousin in Turkey that Ridvan is close to signing a new deal on increased terms with a 15mil buy out clause not sure if this is euros or pounds.


1.) 27 Mar 2024 05:33:02
I really hope so AC21? Ridvan Yilmaz is a very good, young left back who will only get better ? He's looked superb for us with him getting an extended run in the rangers team ?I think most of us realised he was a good player ?I think most of us on here at that time in january, said yilmaz was better than josh doig and no doubt for me he is ?.

2.) 27 Mar 2024 06:16:52
Would be good for us, also seen some sights basically telling Galatasary to beat it, not for sale. ?.

3.) 27 Mar 2024 08:46:09
Spot on SWS much better than Doig. And your right Fork pay the clause or get hunted is what they should be told, notorious for being bad with payments.

4.) 27 Mar 2024 10:08:27
Great info AC.

5.) 27 Mar 2024 10:36:32
My star was persistent in his belief ridvan would be good for us. Most ridiculed him. So well done star you were right. Great wee player.

6.) 27 Mar 2024 12:01:51
Yes a few back our players. Ridvan a cracking player.

7.) 27 Mar 2024 12:53:53
So is dessers, ? I'll get my jacket?.

8.) 27 Mar 2024 13:08:12
Too far fork. I laughed out loud that miss for nigeria i seen this morning. All too familiar?.

9.) 27 Mar 2024 14:37:18
Lol aye seen it Dado, shocker?.



10 Feb 2024 01:19:15
Lundstrum new contract will see an increase in wages to 25k a week basic. Two year deal guaranteed and if he plays at least 50% of games in both seasons 3rd year is guaranteed. If he doesn't play 50% club have option for third year.


1.) 10 Feb 2024 02:19:10
If he keeps playing like he is then he will play every game as long as he’s not injured… so sounds like a decent deal.

2.) 10 Feb 2024 06:02:44
That would be a good deal for Rangers and Lundstram.

3.) 10 Feb 2024 08:46:25
Changed days from when people wanted to drive him to the airport etc, Shows you how quickly things can change. Btw I think the guy is class.

4.) 10 Feb 2024 09:06:53
Would be fine with that but I can’t see his base wages being below 25k atm.

5.) 10 Feb 2024 10:03:49
David sure jis basic is 22k ish at the momemt. Goldson our highest earner.

6.) 10 Feb 2024 10:20:16
Andymc. staying injury free is not something we as a club have been lucky with the last 2 or 3 years. fingers ?.

7.) 10 Feb 2024 10:59:29
He's the fittest player at the club, usually wins the bleep test. I had my doubts if he'd still be here last summer, but he's proved me wrong. Only downside is I've heard several times he always raises his game around contract time. Do think PC will keep getting best put of him tho.

8.) 10 Feb 2024 13:21:46
Great news. Bring on #56.

9.) 10 Feb 2024 13:24:57
Goldson being highest earner is criminal imo.

10.) 10 Feb 2024 13:50:09
Just a cheeky wee question folks, not too long ago some were shouting for Lundstrams head and wanting to run him to the airport themselves.

Recently he has been awesome, what do you think has brought on this change in form? Is it Beale leaving or the fact he was playing for a new contract, or a combination of both.
I am a JL fan and was disappointed by his form laterly under Beale. But suppose he wasn't the only who dipped.

11.) 10 Feb 2024 14:57:02
Pacific probably a blend of things.

12.) 10 Feb 2024 20:35:01
Wins the bleep test = 50k a week player.

13.) 10 Feb 2024 23:37:13
Dado, I'm saying he's a good athlete which is crucial in todays game and also to PC methodology, so get over yourself, bleep test is a universally acknowledged indicator of top fitness and the figures mentioned was 25k not 50 k so what's your point.

14.) 11 Feb 2024 10:16:18
sorry but were are you getting that information from sounds like it's been made up and past on to you.

15.) 11 Feb 2024 14:54:12
Bazbear just a wee joke mate i get your point.

16.) 11 Feb 2024 16:06:22
Seeker I'll put my hands up and admit I was one of them. But been a totally different player under clement shows the difference the right manager makes.

17.) 11 Feb 2024 16:41:03
Big dado, Goldson was free that was just about away. We saved £3-£4m+ at the time in a replacement so wages already over 3+ years is fine. Wages, signing fees and transfers are all together now. Players that sign on frees can and do look for higher signing fees, rangers saved cash that year by spreading.

18.) 11 Feb 2024 17:37:10
Not sure he deserves a wage rise just because he has played well under Clement?
He should be judged over his full Rangers career.
Pivotal to the team just now but as we have seen previously he has been poor under Gerrard, Gio and Beale.

His best was on the run to Seville.
But he was honking last season.
If he brings consistency he will be a huge asset going forward.

19.) 11 Feb 2024 18:03:16
Fair enuf bigdado, I'm torn with Lunny, heard a few times he ups his game around contract renewal, but he's second guy on the teamsheet at moment.

20.) 12 Feb 2024 08:55:48
If you play well consistently and the fans can tell you are giving your all then the fans will sing your praises.
If you are not performing well then the fans will hound you.

Such is life.

21.) 12 Feb 2024 11:57:35
Gofor ?.



22 Jan 2024 03:22:26
Mohamed Diomande will be our first signing joining in this window for €3mil, with Gijs Smal signing as a bosman. Hopefully we can get a proper striker and a winger sorted after these two and the treble is there for the taking.


1.) 22 Jan 2024 05:19:24
Fabio Silva was our first signing mate.

2.) 22 Jan 2024 06:43:36
I said on here before the window opened that i think we needed and i hoped we would sign a goalscorer, a winger and a midfielder in that order ?
So with us now having signed fabio silva on loan, hopefully about to sign midfielder mohamed diomande, if we can now sign a goalscorer and a winger, this will have been good business imo and a good window for us ?I believe if we get especially a good goalscorer, we'd have a very good chance in winning the league title ???.

3.) 22 Jan 2024 07:40:16
I said while back gijs smal was the best one to go for really good pedigree and coming outta contract.

4.) 22 Jan 2024 07:56:41
Walter would silva not come under winger or striker? Woukd be very surprised ifnwe signed a other 2 in them positions.

5.) 22 Jan 2024 08:02:39
Silva is just a loan, same as Sima
These will be proper signings I hope.
We can't build a team on loans.

6.) 22 Jan 2024 09:03:15
Hopefully get him bit cheaper than 3 mill. 11 months left of contract i think.

7.) 22 Jan 2024 09:20:28
sws what are you classing silva as, if you want a winger and a striker?

8.) 22 Jan 2024 09:31:35
Diomande won't be 3 mill, that is his current worth, less tha a year left on contract as Paul stated, so try 1.5 - 2 mill we will pay.
Smals won;t be coming until summer, we have 3 1st team squad LB's
Yilmaz 1st choice, Barasic now 2nd choice. Yfeko 3rd choice.

Defence and midfield is fine for now, it's the attack we need to strengthen particualary the wings with goal scoring wingers.

I Can't see us buying anymore CF's this window, will be 2 wingers 1 LW and 1 RW, as well as Diamande, and that's the 4 we will bring in.

9.) 22 Jan 2024 09:46:36
OT, for me silva isn't a central goalscoring striker and more of a no.10 imo mate ? I absolutely think we need a goalscorer and this has to be our priority, before the end of this window ?Where do you see silva 's position yourself OT ?.

10.) 22 Jan 2024 09:53:15
Still believe a cf and wide player will still sign in January as well as Silva.

11.) 22 Jan 2024 11:39:13
Paul I would say Silva is a LW.

12.) 22 Jan 2024 11:46:20
Diomande will replace Cifuentes who I believe will leave in this window. Silva replaced Lammers. Gijs smal will be signed on Bosman to replace Barisic. If Yilmaz leaves in this window I expect Smaldini to come in for nominal fee.
I think we will still sign Striker and potentially Emmanuel Dennis who can play LW/ RW and back up striker especially now Sima is injured.

13.) 22 Jan 2024 11:56:18
I keep seeing names of LB @ Rangers, but am sure Sterling can play there to.

14.) 22 Jan 2024 12:24:22
We got Silva thanks to Koppens connections, while PSV DOF, they had Silva on loan, Koppen has loaned Silva twice since he signed for Wolves.
The young Belgian lad Bakayoko was brought in by Koppen at PSV while he was there youth team scout, before becoming there head scout, he know high quality young players alright, Bakayoko was a free transfer look at him since he has joined PSV, 4.5 mill to 40 mill in one season since joining the 1st team squad.
Koppen also managed to get Xavi Simmons off PSG on loan, now worth 70 million.

15.) 22 Jan 2024 12:25:04
I agree I don't think silva is an out and out striker but probably playing more of a position similar to that of mane/ salah at Liverpool. And before anyone jumps on the band wagon I'm not putting him in that bracket, more about actual position. If he is played as a 10 then surely one of our 10s need to be sold as, if PC has brought him in to be a 10 then he clearly doesn't rate all of the other 3/ 4 we have at the club to do that job at present. I think he will get used out on the left where sima would normally play since he is now injured. I do feel we need another up top but think it will be a loan. Reason being is because I think he will want to wait till end of season to assess that position as the ones we have are all unavailable bar dessers.

16.) 22 Jan 2024 12:35:36
Glasgow ranger is smaldini not smal nickname due to being likened to maldini.

17.) 22 Jan 2024 15:22:02
Yes John it is.

Also I doubt cifu leaves this window.

18.) 22 Jan 2024 16:13:02
Apologies i meant first permanent signings as there is no chance of having Silva after end of season. Also the fee i mentioned is in euros so roughly 2.4mil in pounds.




AC21's banter posts with other poster's replies to AC21's banter posts


14 May 2024 22:52:56
Thought Robbie Fraser looked good in his cameo and Yilmaz was out biggest threat going forward.


1.) 14 May 2024 23:04:29
So happy for the lad and his Rangers family. Am buzzing and proud of him mate.

2.) 14 May 2024 23:09:43
Agree ac. Fraser and McKinnon done well.

3.) 15 May 2024 05:51:05
They did so, would have liked to have seen them on for longer.

4.) 15 May 2024 07:21:56
Said on live chat you the young lads all done well last night
Thought Fraser looked very good to be honest.

5.) 15 May 2024 09:27:03
i've said it for months the young lads need to be given a chance especially over the serial losers we all moan about every week.

I'm not saying to play 9 or 10 young lads but 3 or 4. give them 30-60mins and let them show everyone what they are made of.

nice to easy some players finally playing for the jersey!

Surely there is a young striker that can get minutes.

6.) 15 May 2024 08:11:51
Was brilliant seeing a couple off youth players getting their chances last night. Young blood will play all day and night for the Jersey, badge and everything that Rangers means
Not like the premadonnas who constantly fake injuries and take big bucks.

7.) 15 May 2024 08:14:07
Totally agree guys, 2 good young players, I just wish we would play for 90 minutes the way we played in the 2nd Half, we looked very good in that 2nd Half. Both of the Dundee goals came from our right hand side again, Tav looked lost at times last night, his confidence looks shot TBH, I thought the CH's were steady enough last night, Davis is a very good player IMO, if only he could stay fit.

8.) 15 May 2024 11:07:32
Tav out of position for both Dundee goals, McCausland guilty of not stopping the two crosses that led to the goals and King was also poor at both goals.



23 Apr 2024 23:00:27
Heard today from a source very close to first team squad to expect the majority of this summers business to come from within the SPFL. Miovski, Barron, Miller, Watson, Cameron, McCowan, Strain and Beck all scouted.


1.) 24 Apr 2024 06:55:31
beck on loan so rule him out.

2.) 24 Apr 2024 08:11:11
Some of those players listed are for the future. imo, we need better next season.

3.) 24 Apr 2024 14:49:41
Experienced winners with bit steel required too as we are too soft?.



18 Apr 2024 02:09:40
Given it's on the tip of all our tongues:

Let go list:
Butland (if over 10mil), McLaughlin
Tav, Goldson, Balogun, Barisic, Davies, King, Devine
Jack, Raskin, Wright, Silva, Cantwell (if over 5mil), Hagi, Cifuentes
Lammers, Roofe, Dessers

Thats 19 players, seems dramatic but all either past their best or not contributing.


1.) 18 Apr 2024 04:29:46
Trust me AC21,there won't be anywhere near that much of a cull and shouldn't be either as it ie. clement's rebuild will be done in stages mate ? It's just not feesible to get rid of that amount of players in the one close season ?.

2.) 18 Apr 2024 04:52:59
???? You should just have said everyone and saved yourself getting thumbs cramp!

3.) 18 apr 2024 05:48:43
players like goldson tav git very lucky in 55 season, no fansm no opposition, we are firtunate celtic chucked it or god knows how man6 they would be on now, hard to accept, yes, in my honest opinion, its a fact, lennon los5 his team and our players had no fans to worry about, i can't ignore that, the6ve shown how poor they ar3 many times,

4.) 18 Apr 2024 06:24:40
Agreed its d5amatic, but look at it the other way, which of ANY of these guys would you want to keep?

5.) 18 Apr 2024 06:53:28
agree with your list, but as others say not feasible to get rid of that many, but any out of contract have to go, that includes Lundstrum, of the others Lammers, cifuentes, hagi will also go, If King and McCronie have any sense for sake of there careers i would want out, if King does not get a look in at present with state of defence, what chance next season .

6.) 18 Apr 2024 06:58:41
I agree AC we need to empty a large chuck of these constant failures. If we keep Tav, Goldson, Lawrence, Dowell for example then we’re handing Celtic multiple titles and we’ll go though multiple managers.

7.) 18 Apr 2024 07:17:06
And yet you would keep Lundstram.

8.) 18 Apr 2024 07:30:04
Tbf coops we will prob need to sell butland to raise clement some cash. I'd perhaps keep cantwell raskin the rest of his list spot on I my opinion.

9.) 18 Apr 2024 11:52:49
For me Lundstram stays because he’s been our best player for the majority of the season.

10.) 18 Apr 2024 12:12:57
AC that's just a terrible over reaction of a list.

Cantwell isn't and shouldn't go anywhere, but I notice you've conveniently missed our consistently worst midfielder in tom lawrence.

King and devine have also played no part in this bottling. They need game time, King especially.

Also, 10m for butland is an insult.



18 Apr 2024 00:53:25
Find the blame of PC crazy, he has been working with a squad that wasn't is, had no money to spend in Jan hence loan market. Hampered by injuries for months and working with a leadership group who would struggle to lead a group of sheep. He's worked magic to even get us back into the title race with the potential of a treble while getting us through to Europa last 16 and very hard done by against a top side in Benfica. Give this man time and he will deliver.


1.) 18 Apr 2024 01:13:37
Exactly. Bring back Beale. Short memories.

2.) 18 Apr 2024 01:25:14
Spot on Dado, we were dead and buried before PC.

3.) 18 Apr 2024 01:33:14
That mobs results let us back in, still can't win when pressure on, no different from any manager before him . I'd be interested to see stats on games last previous managers MPH?

4.) 18 Apr 2024 05:43:08
So we heap praise on him for getting us back in the race even tho the squad isn't his but can't blame him when it's went all wrong.

5.) 18 Apr 2024 07:03:49
We’re dead and buried now guys? We’re on track to end the league at least 7 points behind and awful Celtic team.

I’m not convinced we’ll beat Hearts and I’m sure if we do our players will already have thrown in the towel against Celtic, the criticism of PC will be even more than now.

You have to win as a Rangers manager and you must beat Celtic, I can’t see PC doing either, not this season anyway.

If we don’t address these failures over the summer and start next season with them then we know what will happen around Christmas.

6.) 18 Apr 2024 07:32:34
Don't blame the manager, blame the same players who have bottled it and cost us so many times. Too many are mentally scarred and crumble when the pressure is on. Gstill trust the manager but he needs time and his own players in.

7.) 18 Apr 2024 11:54:31
Spot on HWG55 the same players have failed under 3/ 4 managers now, plus the new signings that are not of the required standard.



06 Apr 2024 04:54:36
Starting XI for Sunday:
Tav Goldson Souttar Yilmaz (if fit if not Sterling)
Diomande Lundtsrum Lawrence
Silva Dessers Sima.


1.) 06 Apr 2024 05:36:57
Tav Balogun Souttar Yilmaz (Borna)

Sterling Diomande Lundstram Cantwell

Dessers Silva

Goldson not at the races for me would prefer Balogun, would also prefer Sterling in M/ F, would mean using Borna though if Yilmaz unfit.

2.) 06 Apr 2024 07:49:06
Wouldnt play diomande. Would rather lunny sterling and cantwell ir lawrence.

3.) 06 Apr 2024 07:50:12
Fork Goldson will 100% start. I can’t ever see us going for 442 either.

Tav Goldson souttar yilmaz (Sterling)
Diomande lunny
Silva cantwell matondo

Tho am unsure who he will play wide.

4.) 06 Apr 2024 08:44:31
Just thinking out the box Storm, aye your prob right about Goldson, just feel he's not the same player anymore. ?.

5.) 06 Apr 2024 09:02:10



Lawrence or Cantwell

6.) 06 Apr 2024 09:12:23
You are right, Fork, and he is definitely on the decline, but he's never getting dropped for this game.

7.) 06 Apr 2024 09:31:14
Yilmaz (Borna)

This is the team I think we will start with, would like to see Lawrence start, don’t think we start with Sima, if Sterling were to play left back then possibly Lawrence or Sima to come in.

8.) 06 Apr 2024 10:14:56
I know he won't RTR buy I would tbh.

9.) 06 Apr 2024 11:27:27
Paul 86 - I wouldn't play Diomonde either.




AC21's rumour replies


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29 May 2024 01:21:46
Ryan Jack has earned roughly 100k for every game he has been fit, the most overrated player we have ever had.




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25 May 2024 20:32:47
Not a Jefte fee for his potential…i’ll show myself the door lol.




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25 May 2024 19:46:40
Thought that might be the case John, either reduction in demands to play every week or we might have to give him a pay off.




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25 May 2024 17:51:35
800k plus a 20% sell on clause for any fee above 800k.




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25 May 2024 10:59:36
Paul86 you’re spot on. Crcp you do know that most deals are done by agents before clubs even talk?





AC21's banter replies


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28 May 2024 06:01:17
Mark44 no offence to the Saudis but i’d fancy my auld Gran to get at least 5 in their league having watched a few games.




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28 May 2024 05:58:30
Great prospect and a good Rangers man.




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25 May 2024 20:38:59
That disallowed goal is laughable, Raskin hardly touched the anti-dandruff man. On another note after waving a PRO-IRA flag he should burn every one on his England caps.




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25 May 2024 00:43:33
Spot on Huey, the commitment the man has shown to the club is second to none. The disrespect is unbelievable.




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23 May 2024 22:16:55
None of the current team even make the bench IMO.




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