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11 Jan 2024 10:25:46
Many have probably seen on Twitter/ X but apparently parting ways with Castore from next season.


1.) 11 Jan 2024 10:36:59
If we are indeed parting ways with castore as our kit manufacturers who are we possibly going to replace them with as our new kit makers Big dado?It won't be next season if at all mate, as we've one more year to run in our deal with castore, so it would need to be the season after next if at all ie.25/ 26 season ?.

2.) 11 Jan 2024 10:45:41
See villa are finishing with them and going with Adidas next year. I'd love a nice Nike kit or something again.

3.) 11 Jan 2024 10:51:21
Personally and this is only my own personal opinion, i think we'll stay with castore as our kit manufacturers for the foreseeable future and sign an extension with them beyond our original/ current 5 year deal we signed with them as our kit makers in 2020? Where did you actually see that BigDado ?.

4.) 11 Jan 2024 10:53:18
Supposedly from 24/ 25 mate. Unsure of any more details on why early termination. But imo overpriced, cheap stuff and designs not the best but i presume its maybe not as lucrative as the club would like. Newcastle and Villa binned them also. As for replacement that is anyones guess. Hopefully nike/ adidas.

5.) 11 Jan 2024 10:55:47
Won’t lie I liked the majority of castors kits. If we are getting more money from someone else then ye let’s move but if not then I’d happily stick out with castore while they become a bigger and better kit supplier.

6.) 11 Jan 2024 10:55:52
A bit of advice for everyone. Check which X/ Twitter accounts are posting stuff like this before you tell people. I also seen this too earlier, but from an account kidding on they are a Journalist.

Just a fake story.

7.) 11 Jan 2024 11:27:38
I don't have twitter Chasni just got forwarded it. didn't think of it as something that would be big enough news to lie about. Apologies if nonsense.

8.) 11 Jan 2024 11:37:37
I don't think we will be, castore do a lot more than make pur kits, rangers needed castore to basically do the selling of kits etc to, nike adidas etc won't do that for us, we need to change our comercial operations quite a bit if we changed from Castore.

9.) 11 Jan 2024 11:39:48
Chasni, or post what you like, as and when you see it, so it can spark a friendly debate or conversation. As the name of the site suggests, it’s for rumours. And not all rumours are true and if someone wants to post something they saw on twitter to spark a debate or conversation then so be it.

10.) 11 Jan 2024 12:14:57
Nike or Adidas please?.

11.) 11 Jan 2024 12:20:58
Hopefully. They have been terrible. Upside down badge to villas kits absorbing all th water ?.

12.) 11 Jan 2024 12:46:17
Never had any problems with any Castore gear I`ve bought, always good quality. Don`t see any need to change except if a new company were offering the club more money . Anybody that thinks strips from the big boys would be cheaper are kidding themselves and have a look at some of the EPL second and third strips, you wold think the designers were on crack. I follow Arsenal down south and the yellow top with the black squiggly lines which is "modelled on the area that they come from ", is just horrendous.

13.) 11 Jan 2024 13:21:34
I think castore have done great with rangers
The choice of kit and accessories is amazing.
Personally I don’t buy kits anymore n haven't for a number of years.
However I think they’ve been a good supplier and the deal is a good one for us financially
Obviously when it’s up for renewal it will be even worth even more to us.

Personally I’d love Nike.
But it’s all about whoever offers the best financial deal and can keep up with demand.

14.) 11 Jan 2024 13:56:01
Castore have been miles better than anything we’ve had since going down the divisions. I like the stuff and think in general the designs have been good with lots of variety.

15.) 11 Jan 2024 14:46:33
Chasni, people don’t need to check where it comes from.
I hope we get rid of castore been poor IMO.

Coops, he tells you on his very 1st post where it came from.

16.) 11 Jan 2024 16:39:03
We've got one season left with Castore which we'll see out. we're still being sued by Elite/ Hummel for money.

17.) 11 Jan 2024 17:38:24
Would prefer to go elsewhere, top design is hit and miss, the Gold lettered one was okay but would prefer a new slant on our kit.

18.) 11 Jan 2024 17:42:10
Honestly thought addidas done some of our best strip for some of our best players, mcoist, Laudrup, the hammer gazza too name a few, all great memories, tho loved some nike ones, well made.

19.) 11 Jan 2024 18:44:04
Castore are the first strips I've never bought for my son and I, from what I've seen in the store and friends shirts, think the quality is poor for the price.

20.) 11 Jan 2024 18:50:14
Personally I don't mind who manufacturers our kits, for me it is all about who gives us the best deal commercially. It's all about who gives us the most money and considering that they will have exposure to Europe every season we need to see an increase irrespective of the Brand.

21.) 11 Jan 2024 19:16:32
I have loved the Castore kits tbh. What I also like is the huge selection they bring out each season. You used to only get 3 tops and a training kit but they bring out 2 training kits, 2 leisure kits, travel wear, hoodies, gilets, various jackets etc etc every season. It means we have plenty of choice and although expensive they always go down to half price or less in November so I buy the tops when they come out and other stuff later on in the year.

The Nike and Adidas kits are 1 big template every team has in their own colours and it’s far more expensive the Nike club tracksuits are £200 as I buy Liverpool, PSG and Barcelona stuff and it’s much more expensive tbh.
All those comments are from a buyers point of view but whatever is best financially for club is what matters at end of day.

22.) 11 Jan 2024 19:27:11
I already said this last year. Puma will be our manufacturers next year. let's be honest Castore gear is pish!

23.) 11 Jan 2024 20:13:46
Johannes, what makes you think puma will take over from castore and become our kit manufacturers again mate ? I personally can't see it and we will definitely complete our 5 year deal with castore, of that i've no doubt ? I honestly don't know for definite if we'll remain with castore beyond the original 5 year deal and it will come down to who gives our club the most money/ better deal ?I've heard macron are desperate to become rangers kit manufacturers and will offer a cracking deal to get hold of the deal, but want massive exposure for the money they'd be prepared to give rangers ? I've heard like naming rights to our training centre or a stand at ibrox etc ? When castore originally became our kit manufacturers in 2020,i was told it came down to the 3 of castore, macron and puma and macron only just lost out to castore ?Macron definitely want hold of our kit deal and have done for ages ?.

{Ed001's Note - is it is a Mike Ashley-related dig? Ashley has a slice of Puma.}

24.) 11 Jan 2024 21:49:32
As Ed says surely not puma.



01 Dec 2023 22:28:48
Yilmaz, dessers and dowell told to find new clubs allegedly.


1.) 01 Dec 2023 23:57:11
With the exception of Ross and Jack. All should be told to find new clubs as they are not Rangers standard. Rangers standards are players like. Defenders like Grieg, Jardine, Gough, Butcher. Mids like Gazza, B Fergie, I Fergie, Laudrup. Strikers. McCoist and Hatley.

Instead of buying 9 players. 8 of which are not Rangers standard, we could have bought 2 which where and built on that. The buck stops with the board. NOT Beale. Who gets to spend about 40 mill including wages on players and Lammers who are not built for the Scottish weather and football.

2.) 02 Dec 2023 00:01:36
John's source told him about dowell the other day.

3.) 02 Dec 2023 02:26:46

Hopefully Lammers has been told to find a new profession. A tailor's dummy would be a good fit.

My star will be gutted.

4.) 02 Dec 2023 05:47:50
If Clement goes out and buys a first team LW and RW I'll be happy all I ask for is two wingers who aren't injury prone and are willing to run at players. No more playing players out of position please.

5.) 02 Dec 2023 06:28:16
Raisetheroofe why would i be gutted?

6.) 02 Dec 2023 07:04:16
Tbis is good news. Replacing these guys can only strengthen the squad. We will definitely be taking losses on dessers amd yilmaz though. But we will get fees for dowell and sterling so hopefully counter balance that.

7.) 02 Dec 2023 07:11:23
What? And Lammers is to stay?

8.) 02 Dec 2023 07:43:10
Can't see us taking a hit on Yilmaz Paul.

9.) 02 Dec 2023 08:03:57
Also can't see Dowell been told that, maybe he wants it, but can't see an unfit player being told that.

10.) 02 Dec 2023 08:16:30
WhiteHorse, players like those used to be Rangers standard, they aren't any more. Rangers couldn't afford the wages of a Gough, Butcher, or Gazza in today's markets, let alone the transfer fees to buy them.

11.) 02 Dec 2023 08:35:46
We certainly won't make a profit, that's for sure. Think we will struggle to get the 3.5 mill back. He's done absolutely nothing and can't move a rapidly declining barisic from left back.

12.) 02 Dec 2023 08:55:21
Yilmaz will get sold for more than 3.5m, Paul.

13.) 02 Dec 2023 08:57:11
Where do you get these type of players now, White horse? If only? The two Fergusons, Cooper, McClelland, Butcher, they are something I dream about now, Grieg, Kai, wow, all amazing.

14.) 02 Dec 2023 09:15:29
Yilmaz will return to Turkey probably on way less than what we paid. You would need to be crazy to spend more than 3.5m on him. Unfortunately we were the crazy club ?.

15.) 02 Dec 2023 09:36:28
We have only paid 3 million so far for yilmaz, I would want that back.

16.) 02 Dec 2023 09:41:42
Paying 3.5m for Yilmaz that is a steal baz.

17.) 02 Dec 2023 09:54:21
Is dowell not fit? Or just not playing? Scored v airdrie for b team last week.

18.) 02 Dec 2023 10:04:54
It was a bit tongue and cheek, My star. Also, it was just a subtle, and friendly dig, at you waxing lyrical about all 3, and how much of a success each would be. At least your consistent mate. ?.

19.) 02 Dec 2023 10:17:46
White horse, on your original post, I said (often) . we should have been buying maybe 2 QUALITY players every transfer window AFTER we won the league. Build up over a couple of years shd we would / #should have a full hew squad, team by now. Unfortunately it looks like we need another clear out, wtf is going on.?

20.) 02 Dec 2023 10:33:16
Raisetheroofe Yilmaz is a very good footballer same with Dowell, i only said what i seen with the games Dessers played in the conference, only time I've seen him and i was impressed with him.

21.) 02 Dec 2023 11:20:09
Let's be honest here My star, you waxed lyrical about all 3 of them and how much of a success they would be. You done the same with Cifuentes and that just won't happen. Then there is Cantwell who I can't see being here much longer. Then there was Sands who was going to make it, but when he left, you stated he would have a very good career elsewhere, and just like the rest, you were wrong.

It's not the fact you were wrong mate, as we can all get stuff wrong (i get stuff wrong all the time), it's the way you kinda belittle posters who raise concerns about all those mentioned, by acting a wee bit more superior than them because you have played the game, and us mere mortals, haven't!

I really like you as a poster mate, and I really enjoy our wee interactions on here, but sometimes you do give it the big un because of your playing past.

Feel free to list my annoying habits mate (there are a few), I am open to criticism anytime. ?.

22.) 02 Dec 2023 11:27:31
How could paying 3.5 for yilmaz be a steal? he's barely kicked a ball for us. Hence him on way out in jan.

23.) 02 Dec 2023 11:31:36
My star, yet to see anything at all from yilmaz that will make us a profit. can't defend, yes looks decent going forward t times but when he gets there his crossing ability is quite simply not close to good enough. Only so many times people can say he's quality, he has to step up and show it at some point.

24.) 02 Dec 2023 11:36:58
Yilmaz will have no problem finding a club in Turkey and we should make a profit on the sale. Where I see us struggling is with Dessers, Lammers etc., where I can't see us breaking even.
these are not the only players that should go. I really don't see the point in giving Jack a new contract to sit in the stand injured, it is a massive risk, especially if he is still playing internationals.
In reality it is easier to identify the players that we should keep!
Hopefully the new DoF will have identified a few quality targets, he knows what Clement's standards are.
One other thought, why keep Park as Chief Scout, he hasn't exactly brought in any top quality players!

25.) 02 Dec 2023 12:09:54
My Star you have said each and every one of these players are quality but none have shined in SPFL (a terrible league according to you) . All average signings and none quality imo. Yilmaz hasn't had a game were he's been better than a 6 out of 10 in the SPFL.

26.) 02 Dec 2023 12:19:04
It’s no the 90s we aren’t getting players like Gazza etc again it’s time to accept it and stop living in the past those type of players are what sent us under.

27.) 02 Dec 2023 12:22:02
Berkshire I hear Park is leaving soon

We all know a number off players need to move on, however we can only change three players in Europe squad in February, so it still needs to be a balancing act.

We do know yilmaz and dowell can go without affecting Europe, although I’m not in a hurry to move either on.

28.) 02 Dec 2023 12:23:33
Clement will need at least 4 windows to rectify this team and make it his own, Two or Three at each window, Provided monies available,
Hopefully he starts with a goal scorer, And any One or Two from the back Four, Midfield okay at the moment with players coming back from injury or even on loan.

29.) 02 Dec 2023 14:08:35
I have no problem with those three going as a first step in a clear out which might take a couple of windows . My question is, should we sell Yilmaz and Barisic this window and use the money to buy a top class, younger left back, and rely on Devine and Fraser as back up until the summer. I say this because Borna is on a free in the summer so worth nothing . If we are going to sell it has to be now .

30.) 02 Dec 2023 14:26:20
Raisetheroofe Sands will have a good career would be a shame if he didn't, listen mate i give my opinions on each and every player I've seen, Raisetheroofe see if i didn't have a football past I'd still give my opinion on here, don't understand why that makes a difference, why would i mention anything bad about you? am the same enjoy our interactions, obviously you can't see Cifuentes doing well at Rangers mate, here is a thing about my football past, i was also a midfielder and played a few seasons in the epl, but truthfully and in my own opinion the Cifuentes I've seen play on many occasion was a better player than me.

31.) 02 Dec 2023 15:00:27
When we first got linked with Cifuentes i thought no chance, he has only been in our country months, he definitely gets more time from me.

Super we do play in a poor league you think different I'm cool with that, i believe we sell Yilmaz for more than what we payed very fine footballer.

32.) 02 Dec 2023 15:33:39
No I'm just wondering why these so called quality players don't shine in a poor league, My Star. Surely these guys would be strolling it in Scotland?

33.) 02 Dec 2023 15:34:59
Well said raisetheroof.

34.) 02 Dec 2023 15:46:18
Maybe it's that poor a league they can't do their stuff super, we can see that with apart from Rangers every other Scottish clubs performances in Europe.

35.) 02 Dec 2023 16:25:44
Great post the kilted frog am fed up hearing the rangers class rubbish as there is no such thing anymore as no one bar butland (maybe) could be in the bracket in our full team.

36.) 02 Dec 2023 16:27:22
My star, I do get where roofe is coming from as you do come across that way that you think your opinion is mighty than others, but I still love you mate.

37.) 02 Dec 2023 16:28:27
Super cooper, are you saying our league is good like better players than those mentioned on here have been poor in our league? Scottish football is rotten only reason I watch it is because I am a rangers fan.

38.) 02 Dec 2023 17:00:06
Not my intention storm.

39.) 02 Dec 2023 18:26:09
No probs mate I wasn’t digging you out as I live reading your posts. There is someone a hell of a lot worse than you in that matter anyway.

40.) 02 Dec 2023 19:42:42
The players mentioned in the original post would cost in excess of 200 million in this day and age. Get a grip.

41.) 02 Dec 2023 19:43:24
P.s we will never see the likes again at the famous, unfortunately.

42.) 02 Dec 2023 19:55:03
Sorry 2nd post.

43.) 02 Dec 2023 21:48:41
Just hope " another club " isn`t in the back of the net or Dessers will never find it.

44.) 02 Dec 2023 23:37:03
My star I can believe it.

Wouldn't be fair but when you think if pc likes a more traditional 433 or with wingers then dowell struggles to play.

Did he not have similar problems at Norwich.

45.) 03 Dec 2023 08:04:51
You can believe what gofor?

46.) 03 Dec 2023 10:41:04
I've stuck up for Lammers mostly but I can see why people can't take to him, even if he's being played out of position but surely people can see heat Cifuentes is a good buy at the price, in a new continent, had an injury and still early, there's a lot better players who struggled to settle initially and went on to be big players for us, he's also been brought in by a manager who was subsequently sacked so it can be unnerving. Not saying his performances have been stellar but he's not really had a run yet.



01 Aug 2023 14:39:35
Sakala is leaving. Rangers holding out for best fee. This comes from a very good source that knows the agent.


1.) 01 Aug 2023 15:23:30
Good luck to him if he goes, I don;t think he's good enough but there's no doubting that he brings 'something' to the team whenever he plays.

I'll be surprised if he goes to Saudi though (is it not prohibited to publicly practice any religion other than Islam? ), and that might make it tough for us/ him if no other team matches a Saudi transfer fee.

2.) 01 Aug 2023 15:31:30
will be a shame as we don't have many players who will take on defenses like him, or find pokets of space

putting too much on new players
what if they don't hit the ground running or settle into Scottish game

where with sakala we know he's capable n good for a goal, i would keep him as a viable back up player an impact sub


3.) 01 Aug 2023 16:13:33
Disappointing as he get goals for us, also feel he’s better than sima going on early signs.

4.) 01 Aug 2023 16:27:08
Sakala just isn't good enough. I've read all the opinions about him giving 100% and how he keeps running etc etc. He runs into defenders, scores goals almost by accident at times and misses too many chances for my liking. As for giving 100% that should be accepted as the normal for all players. Each and every one of us here would give 100% if we were selected but I don't expect many of us would be good enough! Time to move on.

5.) 01 Aug 2023 16:29:10
Blue dreamer Had to check ghe date on your post. August 1st not April 1st. Love Sakala as a person. Comes across as a good guy but he gets beat most times against defenders. Has great pace but misses more than he scores.

6.) 01 Aug 2023 16:33:02
As always, the manager lives and dies by his decisions he's seen Sakala more than any of us. If it means the funds raised goes on a defender then its worth doing imo.

Having said that colak, morelos and sakala scored about 45 goals between them so the new boys need to match that at least.

7.) 01 Aug 2023 16:34:00
I know the wee man has a lot of doubters on here but I think we will regret this. I give it 6 weeks of watching Sima and everyone will think we will have gave away a superior player to fit one that's not even ours. Hope I'm proved wrong and wish Fashion all the best if he does move.

8.) 01 Aug 2023 16:55:16
I said it with colak and i'm saying the exact same if sakala is sold, i think it could be a mistake but i hope to god it isn't ?.

9.) 01 Aug 2023 17:22:42
He’s not good enough but brings something to the team? If he wasn’t good enough he wouldn’t bring anything at all lol.

10.) 01 Aug 2023 17:37:32
I think its a mistake he's 1 we know offers real pace and can score goals its relying on the new players to get up and running straight away.

11.) 01 Aug 2023 18:04:09
Sws you can't keep everybody. So you would have roofe who you think is the best striker in thr country, dessers danilo sakala colak bit ott no? Rangers cannot afford these wages and urgently need players off the wage bill.

12.) 01 Aug 2023 18:25:26
Walter, Colak was in the treatment room too often with any little niggle, Sakala isn't good enough.

13.) 01 Aug 2023 19:06:53
People who are using Sakalas numbers as a reason to keep him are probably the same ones that said previous strikers high numbers weren’t good enough as they were scored against the lower teams in the league and not in the big games. I don’t who his goals have been against but Motherwell sticks out in my mind. I think most on here have a soft spot for him but unfortunately he isn’t good enough.

14.) 01 Aug 2023 19:09:26
He`s not good enough and we should be replacing him with better . The question is, is Sima better? Time will tell.

15.) 01 Aug 2023 20:00:01
defraz april first how
really don't get why you don't rate a goalscorer his stats n numbers are really good

so what my missing beale must see somthing in him
if he's played n scored 20
assited ten
scored against celtic yeah he misses
but least he's there too miss

he makes goood space n dose break down defences
we have no one else who can
kents away
n matondo ain't

i think he's a sellable asset
n we can't shift emdy else so that's why

but if him n colak both go

i do worry we are relying a lot on new guys hitting the ground running
n with the two them gone

wheres the back up if these guys like sellers n danlio don't do well or settle

have a back up mate
sakala we can rely on

honestly he ain't a bad player

i would rather have a player too miss some chances he creates n bag us 20 goals

than pay millions on somdy who doesn't.

16.) 02 Aug 2023 10:43:52
I agree, sakala is very useful to have around. Lose a lot of numbers if we goes. Over 20 goal involvements last season.

17.) 02 Aug 2023 15:50:40
If its true he didn't want to leave and made to train away from top team then I think it's disgraceful the way he's been treated.

Guy only ever gave his all.



11 Jul 2023 16:14:34
Probably a wind up but seen on follow follow that Leon Balogun is having a medical ? this simply can't be correct ?.


1.) 11 Jul 2023 18:48:56
Don’t believe it until CammyB’s sons taxi driving sports scientist Rangers employee confirms it. ?????.

2.) 11 Jul 2023 18:50:11
Should have been kept on for another year last season we were found out big time having to play sands and king. But yes I'd imagine with being another year older now we need to be looking at different options. Versatile player who knows the club and gave us a good shift right enough as a stop gap we could do worse.

3.) 11 Jul 2023 19:00:24
He's 35 year old no way should we be going down that road.

4.) 11 Jul 2023 19:03:27
35 year old rarely fit who's best days are long gone . No ty iv read the rumour and if true a lazy cheap option.

5.) 11 Jul 2023 19:48:35
I liked the guy but he had obvious injury problems in his last season with us . Last season he missed large chunks of QPR games through injury and would probably have been in the treatment room with Goldson, Davies, Souttar and Helander if he had stayed . I would be shocked if this rumour isn`t just a wind up.

6.) 11 Jul 2023 19:50:34
Can only be done if 4 criteria are met.

1. Panzo is also signed.
2. Davies is sold.
3. King is loaned out.
4. It's one year and one year only.

7.) 11 Jul 2023 19:55:46
Jzer definitely should have kept him, after all he managed 40% games at qpr.

More garbage.

8.) 11 Jul 2023 21:16:09
Could be possible on a low wage so we can loan out king doubtful but.

9.) 11 Jul 2023 21:19:22
King is injured for a long period so could be true.

10.) 11 Jul 2023 21:19:47
Well that's Leon king ruled out, Soutter has injury worries, look like the club may need +2 CBs regardless of what happens with Davies.

11.) 11 Jul 2023 21:27:15
Kings not going anywhere he's out for a long while gutted for the boy.

12.) 11 Jul 2023 21:28:30
Kings not going anywhere he's out for a long while gutted for the boy.

13.) 11 Jul 2023 21:30:21
It take him over Davies or souttar. Ones crap and other is the most injury prone I’ve ever seen. Maybe not saying much for him but he wasn’t a bad defender.

14.) 11 Jul 2023 21:37:11
Add leon king to the treatment table. CB should now be highest priority.

15.) 11 Jul 2023 21:54:12
King apparently got injured training.

16.) 11 Jul 2023 22:18:41
Leon over soutter they play the same amount a games and he’s 35 ??.

17.) 11 Jul 2023 22:20:16
If Balogun comes in, every young kid, should just leave, embarrassing.

18.) 11 Jul 2023 22:32:51
Real shame for the boy gutted for him.

19.) 11 Jul 2023 22:47:09
So King out, Soutar problematic with his Achilles issues, Goldson recently in a moonboot starting to pick up niggles, Davies injured?
Nothing to worry about defensively then?

20.) 11 Jul 2023 23:53:30
John is there any young kid in the current set up that is honestly a better option than Balogun.

21.) 12 Jul 2023 00:51:26
Yfeko looked a player but rough. Would definitely need a year at least out in loan.

22.) 12 Jul 2023 03:10:01
We already needed 2 cbs, now it’s 3,do our injuries ever stop? I’ve said this before jokingly, the way we are with injuries we would need about 4 players for each position, speechless.

23.) 12 Jul 2023 09:25:55
Have you ever thought that our management team don't think these young defenders are ready to be thrown into our first team yet ?.



09 Jul 2023 21:26:38
Hearing a rumour Dujon Sterling has injured an ACL?


1.) 09 Jul 2023 21:39:29
Here we go again!

2.) 09 Jul 2023 21:47:06
I would like to know if any of you guys are hearing anything regarding CB's being signed or looked at other than trusty, as that seems to have went quiet. I would like souttar and goldson partnership as my number 1 choice with current players but we need better than davies and king as back up, any ideas lads?

3.) 09 Jul 2023 22:36:19
If that is true we should hijac the Max Johnstone deal immediately ?‍♂️.

4.) 09 Jul 2023 22:57:35
So he flew out to Germany Friday and he's been diagnosed with ACL Sunday?

5.) 09 Jul 2023 23:24:00
I was thinking something was up because I couldn't see him in the training videos. Hopefully it's not true because he looks a solid player.

6.) 09 Jul 2023 23:51:50
It's not true.

7.) 10 Jul 2023 00:04:56
Surely not.

8.) 10 Jul 2023 00:30:43
Someone wrote earlier problem with his passport and he never flew out.

9.) 10 Jul 2023 01:31:55
The guy on rangers review video the other day mentioned in passing about Sterling injury but they weren’t allowed to say anything until a certain date so I think it might be true.

10.) 10 Jul 2023 05:08:20
Could be true think he had a ankle injury last year could be this again or this could be part of the reason why he might of done his acl hopefully not tho looks like decent back up for tav.

11.) 10 Jul 2023 05:41:50
Seen him in a training video last night.

12.) 10 Jul 2023 07:26:17
Sterling is fit and fine, Panzo will be here soon.

13.) 10 Jul 2023 11:07:25
Great news laudrup re Sterling.




BigDado's banter posts with other poster's replies to BigDado's banter posts


25 May 2024 18:19:21
Everybody ready for a reality check yet? Build yer team round dessers. Scott wright is capable. Some of the nonsense on here.
Dessers subbed at half time as he is a donkey. Wright couldn't control a ball. Butland picked the worst time to have a howler.
Diomande very good and balogun.
Overall i'm pretty tired now (in the voice of forrest gump)


1.) 25 May 2024 19:32:38
He was injured only donkey is youn.

2.) 25 May 2024 19:56:34
Guy busted his ankle fgs n played on till half time. But hey ho he'll still be here next year for all to get annoyed at.



25 May 2024 17:10:42
Scott wright is capable.


1.) 25 May 2024 17:27:38
Yea of letting the ball roll under his foot.

2.) 25 May 2024 17:46:46
Take it that’s a typo, culpable.
Just a very Scott Wright thing unable to control a pass.

3.) 25 May 2024 18:12:35
Was sarcasm as somebody praised him last week fr being capable.

4.) 25 May 2024 18:22:33
Of absolutely nothing.



25 May 2024 08:00:31
This is the flattest i remember feeling before going to a cup final! Or any old firm.

Hoping a few beers will change that. Be safe guys and hopefully we pull it out the bag ??.


1.) 25 May 2024 08:12:32
Let’s get f***ing into them big D, right from the start, stand tall, stand proud and back down to nobody.

No hiding today, if the players can’t get up for this then they’d better get pumped out over the summer.

2.) 25 May 2024 09:17:57
That's the word I've been looking for bigdado, flattest. That is exactly how I feel also.

3.) 25 May 2024 09:47:05
Lets all get to hampden safely fellow bears and cheer our club from the rafters onto hopefully lifting the scottish cup, we most definitely can pull this off today they're not unbeatable and far from it ??? Hopefully we all enjoy the game and stay safe fellow bears ?.

4.) 25 May 2024 10:44:15
All the best bears. please enjoy and stay safe.

5.) 25 May 2024 10:54:49

And the cry is what?

Cmon people it’s a one off game we can do this believe and support the team.



11 May 2024 16:10:38
Everyone worried sbout the Cb pairi g and as usual tav, lundstram the culprits.
How well did sterling deal with maeda? Is that a fluke.
Lawrence was a man down. How cantwell with his energy didn't get on with 19 mdn is baffling.
Didnt think i'd get to this point but questions to be asked of PC.
Lundstram good riddance.


1.) 11 May 2024 16:39:47
I was trying to figure out where Clement went wrong but its a bit like arranging deck chairs on the the titanic. Did we know the Lundstram was going to bottle it? No. Sterling is better than McCausland right now. The only thing to figure out today was where to put sterling. Everyone else had no options. Cantwell/ Lawerence. Sterling would have been better defensively the Barasic but Barasic is there for the crosses and set up our goal. The only thing that could have worked out was bumping Tav into midfield and having Sterling match with Maeda but then where does Diomande end up. I just we had more options to be honest but we don’t. Truth is we should have been 4-0 down before Dessers goal if it wasn’t for Butland. Greats saves agains Kyogo and Souttar.

2.) 11 May 2024 17:05:41
You ask Sterling what position in our team he wants and then put him there no questions asked.



11 May 2024 14:53:22
Select 1 for Clement

Select 2 for Lundstram

Select 3 if you are tired of our players making a rip roaring noel hunt of it every old firm.

Select 4 if sterling should be RB next season.


1.) 11 may 2024 16:13:25
4=bleeding obvious to the entire football world. tavernier is easily in the bottom 5 rb of our entire history, he doesn't know how to defend.




BigDado's rumour replies


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27 May 2024 16:26:48
If teams don't sign players because they missed some of the season through injury then how we getting rid of our players lol.
Totally get the scepticism tho wev been stung too often.




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27 May 2024 16:24:20
Fork ? pmsl.

The big man will be a reliable emergency CB. Realistically no decent CB is coming in as 4th choice so no problem with it. And i don't see a future for king unless he goes out on loan.




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27 May 2024 15:50:13
We can't replace the whole squad at once. i'm content with this.




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27 May 2024 14:17:53
We shouldn't be signing anyone for the bench. that's not improving.




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27 May 2024 12:05:48
Gofor bang on there. It is complete desperation just selling anyone who you can get money for regardless of their worth to the squad. And guys like matondo and wright survive again. Cantwell will always split opinion but i'd keep him.





BigDado's banter replies


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27 May 2024 22:30:26
Please just sell Goldson, man ?.




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27 May 2024 19:37:25
BR i think he was told he must raise funds before he could spend. The net spend was low but when you look at it now maybe the board did the right thing not just giving him a pot of money without first raising some, as the ones he did spend money on haven't improved us. Sakala was a bit of a joke figure at times as well but he at least caused celtic some worries with his pace.




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26 May 2024 21:27:25
Good recruitment will determine how long he gets. This is just as big a job as gerrard inherited imo. And he will need time. i'm willing to give him it.




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26 May 2024 15:02:59
The manager definitely needs time. I understand we can't keep losing to them but changing manager as often will set us back further. I belIeve he is the right man for the job he's just been dealt a pretty poor hand to start with.




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26 May 2024 10:45:48
Correct mate ?.




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