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22 Jul 2024 20:06:14
Just wondering guys how much all this talk is true ie. tav already agreed terms with trabzonspor and definitely leaving, goldson currently in cyprus going through a medical before signing for a cypriot club or in fact a saudi club, hagi having agreed terms with fiorentina to sign for them etc. ?

Is it just all made up social media talk because the truth is they just make up guess, because they don't know ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 22 Jul 2024 20:43:24
But SWS, you seem to be sure that Tav is staying and everyone else is wrong.

2.) 22 Jul 2024 20:50:49
If it isn't happening it needs to Walter? we need boots on the ground ASAP and ready to go in a fortnight bud, some need to go for that to happen, Stig just posted Goldsons away, unsure about that, Tav I think will go, don't know where, Hagi I think wants out or has been listening to his da too much, Cantwell, he doesn't know what he wants but think he has a got out the door anyway, time will tell but time is getting shorter. ??.

3.) 22 Jul 2024 20:56:43
The Tav One can’t be true as you told us 100% he is staying.

4.) 22 Jul 2024 21:08:01
Goldson is 100% in saudi that is not made up rumours. Tav will be away as per heart and hands post. Even though u were telling folk he's definitely staying and folk to digest it etc etc.

5.) 22 Jul 2024 21:09:06
Sws Sheffield wed have started talks with Scott wright's agents as well.

6.) 22 Jul 2024 21:10:38
Tav can’t have agreed terms if he’s staying tbh ?

I think we’ll find Tav has 2/ 3 options but will be away imminently. Goldson will sign for whatever team he’s out there to see. Don’t be surprised if it’s not Aris. Hagi to Fiorentina seems to be a formality if we agree the fee.

Tav and Goldson great servants but rightly moving on. Hagi doesn’t hasn’t worked out and a sale is the best move for all parties. Big wage savings and a few million banked.

7.) 22 Jul 2024 21:35:39
You said as a matter of fact tav would be here this coming season. Does that mean you just make up guesses?

8.) 22 jul 2024 22:47:55
struth, don’t join in the glee club when coops is proved wrong, it doesn’t matter, i didn’t think he would leave either but i’m aware we need better defence.

9.) 22 Jul 2024 22:48:19
Coops, are you now suggesting you are less certain that club captain Tav is staying?



05 Jul 2024 19:14:31
John, you posted earlier on that rangers have accepted 2 bids for our striker cyriel dessers ?Do you know the identity of the clubs and how much the bids were for mate ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 05 Jul 2024 20:20:27
I heard that one is POAK not heard who the other is.

2.) 05 Jul 2024 20:36:15
Walter check AC21's posts mate, he gave a price circa £6.5m and PAOK and unamed Saudi club, both have made the same bid apparently. ?.

3.) 05 Jul 2024 21:09:19
Walter yes. One in Greece one in Saudi, not seeing the 7 million being quoted though. Nearer 5 with addons

There is other interest but no offer yet.

4.) 05 Jul 2024 22:58:22
I told you hours ago PAOK were one walter ???.

5.) 05 Jul 2024 23:01:48
And AC stated a price hours ago, still, if we're able to make any sort of profit on the lad then that ain't at all too shabby.

6.) 06 Jul 2024 10:11:12
He knows no more than what was written in the paper, Walter.

7.) 06 jul 2024 11:11:38
john very often has passed on info that hasn't reached the media yet, him and cf5

you just have no idea.

8.) 06 Jul 2024 13:13:32
Tiger, John has very good and accurate info. Unlike the amount of posts you show.

9.) 06 Jul 2024 14:20:36
Tiger let’s see what you come up with Before you post that someone knows no more than the papers. ?????????.

10.) 06 Jul 2024 14:39:04
Interloper? ?.

11.) 06 jul 2024 14:55:51
3 of them today firk, none with anything remotely pleasant nor informative.

12.) 06 Jul 2024 14:55:54
Fork was thinking the same ?????????.

13.) 06 Jul 2024 15:03:53
Aye Newman, dodgy n derogatory, seen that TT on the banter page bud?.

14.) 06 Jul 2024 15:26:42
Maybe do yer homework tiger, a few on here quicker than the papers.

15.) 06 Jul 2024 15:37:56
Sorry discussion page?.



25 Jun 2024 19:06:40
According to a breaking news report by the daily record there, philippe clement has told jack butland that he'll be the new rangers captain from the new season onwards taking over from james tavernier ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 25 Jun 2024 20:20:57
Taking over the captaincy because taverniers leaving ??.

2.) 25 Jun 2024 20:25:11
Daily record has done everyone a belter including me. It’s IF tavernier leaves butland will be captain. If tavernier stays, he will remain captain which is disappointing.

3.) 25 Jun 2024 20:25:34
I thought it said he'll be captain if he leaves, not when. Not disputing whether he will leave but the rag says if.

4.) 25 Jun 2024 20:32:25
Sws tav must be leaving then.

5.) 25 Jun 2024 20:34:32
It says IF tav leaves so nothing new that some on here have said.

6.) 25 Jun 2024 20:48:30
Obvious choice in my opinion. It could be a smart move to make him feel really wanted in an attempt to stop his head being turned by a move back south . I guess that means tav is offski? That being said if he stays I think he may perform better without the added pressure of being captain.

7.) 25 Jun 2024 20:50:15
Think Butland will be away.

8.) 25 Jun 2024 20:58:01
I hope tav leaves or move him to midfield because he is always getting caught out at the back.

9.) 25 Jun 2024 20:59:34
James Tavernier is the Rangers captain and that won’t change unless he leaves the club. The very last person who I suspect would take that armband from him, under these circumstances, is Jack Butland. Butland knows how unfair the criticism has been, he’s been out there in the car park defending Tavernier since the seasons start, he won’t take the band from him now. Butland is a better man than that.

10.) 25 Jun 2024 23:20:24
If Clement asks Butland to be captain of Rangers, he'll turn it down generic?

11.) 26 Jun 2024 00:45:40
You think wrong Baxter he is staying.

12.) 26 Jun 2024 08:20:01
Generic, Butland will be captain and tav will be off. Been a fantastic servant who’s been unlucky to be in a team that wasn’t at his level. However, the past season he’s regressed massively, and he’s now a major weak link in the team despite his attacking numbers. We will continue to finish 2nd this season if he’s still a starter in our 11.



25 Jun 2024 10:07:56
Now the DR reporting that our no.9 big cyriel dessers in advanced talks to leave rangers to sign for the greek club PAOK Salonika. ?As i posted to a thread earlier this morning, i most definitely think moving forward this season, we do need a better, first choice striker than big dessers. ? Having said that, i also think he most definitely could be kept as part of our squad. ?

Big nice one cyriel not as bad a striker, as some would have you believe and his 22 goals return last season is a very decent amount and i know it could/ should have been more, with some of the easier chances the big man missed, but hey ho the best strikers out there still miss chances. ?

The thing i really like about dessers is his very professional attitude in giving his all for rangers continually and never hiding, even though some of our supporters hounded the guy by constantly shouting and booing at him, especially in the early part of his rangers career, which was way below the belt and totally imo out of order. ??

Still like i said he never hid and would be back giving his all ready and in position for the next chance to come his way ?So if big dessers is indeed going to be leaving us, i thank him for his contribution last season and wish him nothing but the best moving forward. ?? He was never as bad as made out to be and always gave his all for rangers ????.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 25 Jun 2024 10:20:42
There are other players that need to go before Dessers.

2.) 25 Jun 2024 10:21:11
I like his attitude and like him as a guy. But like you said we need better going forward and if we can get any money back and reinvest it in a better more clinical striker then we have to. Danilo will still be here and needs a fair chance. And Igamane if he signs will be in the mix too.

3.) 25 Jun 2024 10:40:09
I think how some of our fans have treated the gym is shocking n I totally get why folk won't sign for us the abuse they get, windass, sakala, dessers to name a few, too many keyboard manager fans abuse our own instead of praising or supporting.

4.) 25 Jun 2024 10:53:23
Not sure big dessers is the striker for us. But some of the pelters he gets on social media its no wonder he wants out. Our fans can be awful at times.

5.) 25 Jun 2024 10:55:18
It's a joke how so called fans think they can just abuse their own players in Scotland, n it's no wonder we struggle too attract decent pedigree
Reputation spreads n two players this season highlighting the hatred n abuse from their own fans it's honestly so derogatory n arrogant and entitled, to abuse guys
Shame no player good or bad deserveves it.

6.) 25 Jun 2024 10:58:21
He was treated badly there’s no doubt but there’s also no doubt he can’t be relied upon to be our starting striker next season. We can’t afford to keep a guy with his value and wage on the bench so for that reason he should be sold.

7.) 25 Jun 2024 11:06:16
Get Conway and be quick .

8.) 25 Jun 2024 11:10:44
Big Dessers?

9.) 25 Jun 2024 11:25:02
Dessers will be on too much money to be a 2nd or 3rd choice striker for us.

10.) 25 Jun 2024 12:06:55
No one can predict how Danilo will perform after his injury and lengthy lay off. Much as we can hope he makes a full recovery and produces the goods, big Dessers' goal tally will be missed if he goes.

11.) 25 Jun 2024 12:43:18
Big man worked hard every time abd put up with awful abuse.

12.) 25 Jun 2024 12:52:59
I'm afraid we need better than tommy conway cruix ?All about opinions but i'm not fussed about conway at all ?.

13.) 25 Jun 2024 12:57:09
Never agree with booing or abusing our own but for me Dessers is not the answer. Too many easy chances missed, a reluctance to shoot when in good positions and a lack of any pace or physicality. I would disagree about hiding, he maybe didn`t hide from the criticism but he certainly did a fair bit on the pitch, making runs where he had no chance of getting the ball. We won`t win the league if he is our main striker so if we can get money in for him and buy somebody better then that is the right thing to do, especially if he now wants to leave .

14.) 25 Jun 2024 13:12:37
The simple fact is it would be a gamble to keep Dessers and hope to sell next season so this is our best and safest opportunity to recover as much of the feeling paid as possible.

Upgrades are required and for that we need cash so sales must happen. With the hold up with Lammers taking a few for Dessers is safer and must be used to replace him. Danilo not going to be sellable this summer and Igamane not ready to be first choice so a new first choice will come in I'd imagine using the Dessers fee.

15.) 25 Jun 2024 13:20:47
Not saying the lad deserved any "abuse" but Dessers was pants.

Annoyingly he got in good positions and created loads of chances for himself but never truly delivered. He gave away stupid fouls and 9 out of 10 times made the wrong decision. If that's the level fans want at this club then we may as well accept our runners up medal now.

Thanks for contributing sweet F all.

16.) 25 Jun 2024 14:20:46
Only going for Dessers if they can't get Braithwaite, ITK just dropped update top of the page.

17.) 25 Jun 2024 14:28:41
Got to agree with some on dessers I never believed the man would turn it round had a shocking couple of months but to turn it round the way he has shows his strength and mentality for me he starts as our no. 1 striker start of the season.

18.) 25 Jun 2024 14:52:42
Complete nonsense Ally, CD9 was one of our better players last season.

If he does go which random player will you pick to blame if we lose again this season Ally.

Only thing that's clear to me is it will be someone else who won't deserve it.

19.) 25 Jun 2024 15:31:39
any word on beep beep open the gates Matondo getting shipped out?

20.) 25 jun 2024 16:09:54
if dessers was one of the best players it’s very little wonder we crumbled so badly then.

21.) 25 Jun 2024 16:42:55
Im honestly astounded anyone can claim dessers was one of our best players. To the point of laughing. He is absolutely dreadful as a footballer.

22.) 25 Jun 2024 17:38:31
Dessers did alright but we need better to win title, wither we get one (hopefully two) we will see, a don’t think Danilo is going to be it either to be fair hopefully proved wrong, rebuild is huge.

23.) 25 jun 2024 19:08:41
dado, i agree it’s almost laughable.

24.) 25 Jun 2024 19:18:14
There is talk that Dessers is unhappy at Rangers due to the way he was treated by fans last year and he has asked to leave. He has put in a transfer request.

25.) 25 Jun 2024 19:59:10
Clear out the losers, dessers is a 100% loser, have you all forgotten his misses?
now tav . goldson need to be in advanced talks and take the financial burden from our squad, but the manager needs patience, something as fans we lack .

26.) 25 Jun 2024 20:35:45
Nobody can predict how any new striker might perform. Shankland could move to Rangers and completely buckle under the pressure. There is no guarantee of success. This is why keeping hold of the 20+/ season striker Rangers already have is probably a good idea.

After the club sign a different striker who can score 20 a season from open play by all means punt Dessers. But that won’t be easy.



24 Jun 2024 17:19:03
A question for John227 and CoplandFront5 here to say if they've been told or heard anything at all about us being very interested in motherwell striker theo bair ?The reason i'm asking is because i was told today at work, by a guy i know who knows one of the motherwell youth coaches very well, that there's definitely a rangers interest in bair ? Interesting indeed.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 24 Jun 2024 18:01:11
Wen reported by a few news outlets this morning.

2.) 24 Jun 2024 18:02:55
Only ever watched him against us and thought he was a handful! We couldn't cope with him.

3.) 24 Jun 2024 18:35:42
He had decent stats last season I believe. imo, we could do with someone that's a proven goalscorer in the spl. with one year left on his contract you'd think there could be a deal done for Shankland.

4.) 24 Jun 2024 18:53:34
Was decent last year. but was terrible at st. Johnstone.

5.) 24 Jun 2024 19:03:08
Another one season wonder that Rangers " should " sign according to the rumour mills . Remember, Cosgrove and Van Veen to name but two others we " should" sign after one good season . Where are they now? We need better than Bair.

6.) 24 Jun 2024 19:25:05
Sirwalt- have you been reading Rangers News Now?

7.) 24 jun 2024 20:08:15
i still think shanks will end up at rangers mark.

8.) 24 Jun 2024 20:15:20
Would definitely be a good squad player and would offer a different dimension.

9.) 24 Jun 2024 20:34:28
Honestly think we're linked with everybody, as if it's throw these names out n see who sticks.

10.) 25 Jun 2024 08:23:43
Tom, it would be interesting to see how he'd do.




Sir Walter Smith OBE's banter posts with other poster's replies to Sir Walter Smith OBE's banter posts


22 Jul 2024 22:23:58
According to a report from the daily record philippe clement is very interested in signing hearts striker lawrence shankland, yes this name again ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



22 Jul 2024 08:19:13
I'll ask this to one and all on this site. Do you think Philippe Clement will be our manager long term in regards to be given the ample time i most certainly feel is necessary, to build a new rangers team that can challenge Celtic for the title and take it from them. ?

I honestly do feel clement will need at least 3 transfer windows to get the team built with his signings, the way he wants. ? I don't think it works to try and do a rebuild to quick ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 22 Jul 2024 08:40:03
Gerrard got 3 seasons so I don't see why not. Changing manager every season just puts us back another few years each time.

2.) 22 Jul 2024 08:47:27
Sir Walter I’d say it’s a combination of factors. When PC was appointed I think I recall bisgrove whos no longer here . that the club can’t keep changing managers . saying that, football is a result driven business so if PC fails to beat Them the next OF will the fan base be happy with that? What if he goes this whole season without beating them and it’s 2nd place again. Will the fan base accept another 3 windows before we start to see success.? Even if he’s given 3 windows it still doesn’t promise success as they will obviously strengthen as well. So it’s a combination of making the right signing, good coaching and patience. Asking the fans to be patient is the toughest one.

3.) 22 Jul 2024 08:47:51
It's the costs attached to that also, manager and support staff payoffs, must be given time?.

4.) 22 Jul 2024 08:51:35
The fans will turn on the players and board before they turn on PC they’re not daft.

5.) 22 Jul 2024 08:54:04
I hope he is given time and funds to bring in players, but reading between the lines looks like he dosent have the the transfer kitty that he thought, though we can’t confirm that, be difficult if we don’t rapidly improve the first 11 as the pressure will grow and he may go if an offer come in, I would be surprised now if he is here for three years.

6.) 22 Jul 2024 09:00:21
Break clause in cont Up to 12 months period.
Same as gio and Beale.

7.) 22 Jul 2024 09:13:44
Yeah I agree with TrueBlue

We can’t confirm but if he’s not been given what was originally promised then he may himself decide to leave especially if we end up having a run of results going against us early in season
Why should he stay and have his reputation questioned if he’s not been given what was promised at the start of his contract?

The window has a fair bit to go let’s hope we see some movement in players we want gone and money coming in to help him get the players he wants and needs
Without it I can’t see him being here long to be honest.
then you need to ask who would take it under those circumstances.

8.) 22 Jul 2024 09:15:10
We can’t keep sacking managers it’s just plain stupidity and as a club we will be going round in circles. I said he needs at least 2/ 3 windows and rangers fans need to be patient we aren’t going to get instant success.

What I will say this mess has Ben caused by Beale imo should never have got the job an said at the time.

9.) 22 Jul 2024 09:44:04
Doubt PC will be here for Xmas he will walk for this.

10.) 22 Jul 2024 10:05:53
100% Storm unfortunately that appointment has set us back a couple of seasons and is up there with the Pedro appointment if not worse.

11.) 22 Jul 2024 11:15:03
I'd like to see him stay and get a fair crack, however another defeat at theirs and I feel he will be under great pressure. That's just the way of it at pir club, unfortunately.

12.) 22 Jul 2024 11:47:44
Storm totally agree, I don’t think it will happen,

13.) 22 Jul 2024 12:17:54
I had posted months ago that PC would need 3 or 4 windows to get his own team, Will he get that amount of time? I hope so ?????????.

14.) 22 Jul 2024 18:27:43
I’m sure he will Newman.



17 Jul 2024 09:36:47
A question to one and all here ? We're linked with two very good midfielders in sevilla midfielder joan jordan and young boys midfielder chiek niase ? There's no way we'll sign both, so my question is which one would we prefer and be the better midfield signing for rangers ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 17 Jul 2024 11:41:42
Joan Jordan for me coops
Think he would be a very good player for us.

2.) 17 Jul 2024 11:49:28
At the moment we aren’t signing any of them coops and I think the young boy is out of our price range also mate.

3.) 17 Jul 2024 12:20:49
I'm not sure how much swiss football folks on here tune in too, and Jordan played only a handful of games for Sevilla last season, so with a few exceptions most posters won't be clued in as to how each could potentially perform in Scotland and would be guessing with not much to go off of.

4.) 17 Jul 2024 12:48:00
Never seen nor heard of either until mentioned in the media.

5.) 17 Jul 2024 12:54:21
SWS I would say Niasse is a longer term signing and would be my preference because of this reason but in the short term Joan Jordan offers experience at the no.6 position in the short term with little outlay other than wages so should allow other positions of need to be strengthened in this window.

6.) 17 Jul 2024 14:16:42
We really need some experience in our mf.
I see some good footballers from 6-8-10 positions but no real experience.
Barron may well surprise us all and become a starter instantly like Jack did.
I’m not convinced with diomande, same with raskin… both good footballers but lack discipline on the park and bad decision making, not much steel.
We need an experienced mf with a bit of steel.

7.) 17 Jul 2024 14:38:50
Don't think we will get either.
£££ is a big problem if we can't offload some big earners.

8.) 17 Jul 2024 17:51:18
Never heard of either until recently.



17 Jul 2024 09:31:49
Regarding joan jordan guys i read an article there which is stating that he's not convinced that rangers would be the correct move for him and is still wanting to remain in spain with seville or in all probability with another spanish club ? I honestly can't see jordan coming to rangers guys, although i hope i'm wrong ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 17 Jul 2024 11:46:44
We need to have a wage structure in place and stick to it. For me it would be 20k max. This is one of the reasons we are in the state we’re in. Paying way too much in wages!



15 Jul 2024 16:32:14
Just read an article that clement has stated that both tav and goldson will be here at rangers next season but not being expected to play every single week ?I did say tav would remain at rangers for next season and i never had one ounce of doubt about that ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 15 Jul 2024 17:23:11
But he will listen to any offers for any player apart from Butland sws, did you hear him stating that aye? can't see Tavernier being a Rangers player this season, offer from Saudi and off he goes, well hopefully off he goes we need far better if we want the league.

2.) 15 Jul 2024 17:27:14
I would want tav to stay but that statement could tell them publicly if they want game time move. Rather than them digging their heels in they may be more likely to get proactive in the search for a new club with game time.

3.) 15 Jul 2024 17:31:07
Walter not what was said, I only pray they both leave or we will struggle.

4.) 15 Jul 2024 17:32:59
He's hardly going to say anything else while they're still our players, otherwise people will be offering 2 ginger bottles for them.

5.) 15 Jul 2024 17:40:03
I honestly don't know how any Rangers fan wants those two to stay.

6.) 15 Jul 2024 17:41:14
Is that the same interview where he said the only player in the team that’s irreplaceable is Butland coops?

7.) 15 Jul 2024 17:49:46
Big statement from the gaffer to say only butland is irreplacable. Liam kelly must be like awww naw haha.

8.) 15 Jul 2024 18:12:56
Mark44, I just can't get my head around it mate. Imo goldsons head is already out the door, all the fans that want tav to stay have watched him being basically toyed with by maeda every o. f yet want to watch that again, crazy! There logic for tav being ripped apart week after week is that he isn't being sufficiently covered, nothing to do with him being a really poor defender. His reputation here isn't exactly great, feel he could really feck it up staying another year.

9.) 15 Jul 2024 18:18:40
Im sure all of us are more than aware of what you've said emoji boy, but Clement said differently, only player irreplaceable is Butland.

10.) 15 Jul 2024 18:25:08
If Tav and Goldson stay then we can kiss the league title goodbye again.

11.) 15 Jul 2024 18:32:46
My star i've always respected you and liked you as a poster mate so let's get that out the way first ?I also have posted to yourself that i'm definitely stating tav will remain a rangers player for this coming season and your saying he'll be away and i've posted several times now how about the one that's wrong between us two regarding tav, gives a donation to the one that's proven correct, to their proven charity, how about it My star ?let me know mate.

12.) 15 Jul 2024 18:33:43
Similar to his last interview, those comments within the wider context of the interview can be interpreted completely differently.

13.) 15 Jul 2024 18:38:05
Boy blue, I agree. I would add Sterling to that list with Butland. I thought those two were our stand out players last season.

14.) 15 Jul 2024 18:47:52
Usual picks parts off interview that suits your tav loving agenda he's done and sooner he's away we can get someone else to take penalties.

15.) 15 Jul 2024 18:49:46
Beginning to think SWS is fishing ? knowing he’ll get a response regarding Tav.

16.) 15 Jul 2024 18:53:45
John with all the uncertainty surrounding the club just now ie ibrox fiasco, lack of finances and player transfers I think we will struggle anyway. We do need dead wood moved on but players on big wages will be hard to get rid of and of course other teams need to want to sign the players. Think the last 4 or 5 years of poor judgement and decision making by the board will seriously bite us in the arse this year. It’s sad really as clement is probably the best manger we have had in a while and won’t get the money required to do the job he wants to do. I don’t think he will be with us much longer, if we make a poor start to the season then the knifes will be out. Sad times at ibrox just now.

17.) 15 Jul 2024 19:11:52
SWS take the Tav specs off bud, yes he may stay, he may yet go, it's admirable of your faith in him staying, but you must see he's failing himself and the team, your ignoring that mate, and your eyes are wide open, he plays then we are not moving forward, same applies to goldson, you have your opinion, your entitled to it, 95% off the posters on here have theirs. We will see if the Saudi rumours are true on Wednesday. ??.

18.) 15 Jul 2024 19:34:16
Coops what’s with the charity thing? Why don’t you just send money to charity instead?

The position rangers are in now I
Think both may stay and we will be 2nd best once again can’t wait for this new season. We need rid of both asap.

It’s funny how you are the only one that took it PC both would stay tho when he basically said only player that’s irreplaceable is Butland. Do you listen to people and only hear what you want to hear?

19.) 15 Jul 2024 19:34:58
Fork the Saudi teams are buying players juts now they don’t need to wait to window opens just to register them.

20.) 15 Jul 2024 19:48:53
No worries bud, got caught with that before mate, cheers?.

21.) 15 Jul 2024 20:00:25
Personally I don’t see the Saudi teams coming for tavernier or goldson but hopefully they do.

22.) 15 Jul 2024 20:56:27
They both stay, a year older a year slower, we are done
Do we never learn!

23.) 15 Jul 2024 20:56:30
Bgate I think u could be right, they want good players not what we r selling.

24.) 15 Jul 2024 21:07:25
He didn't say butland was irreplaceable but that if someone offered 30m that's what he's valued by PC.

25.) 15 Jul 2024 21:33:59
If the gaffer stated Butland is the only one that is irreplaceable how does that go down with everyone else and team morale for the upcoming season?

26.) 15 Jul 2024 21:42:23
The only reasons Tav and Goldson would still be here for the season will be a lack of offers or the players not accepting a transfer. Our club would be delighted to sell one or both and if needs to happen for us to progress. For anyone to say with certainty that any player will remain is nothing other than a guess as no one actually knows. It’s a 50/ 50 call and whoever guesses right will be well chuffed with themselves.

27.) 15 Jul 2024 21:58:00
Im not buying this Tav is injured. His and goldsons body language both look off to me in videos I've seen and goldson during ajax game.
I think clement saying they won't be playing 60 games is a subtle hint that neither will be first choice and might be better served moving on. he's not going to tell the media tavs waiting for his move to saudi to go through or that he's free to go.
If he's blaming the pair of them playing 60 games for their lapses in concentration he's going to get a shock when they still do it playing 20 or 30 games. Weve seen it for too long to know better.
Tav and goldson if they don't go now will leave on a free in 2 years. While bench warming as the highest earners. Please just get them out while we can.

28.) 15 Jul 2024 22:16:14
Why do we feel there are hidden messages whenever anyone connected to Rangers speaks. Clement said everyone is for sale which is exactly how it should be at all times, if someone makes an acceptable offer for anyone we should accept and move on.

29.) 15 Jul 2024 22:45:44
Very strange if PC made that Butland comment which is a bit disrespectful to Liam Kelly.
By the way I thought Liam had a very good second half against Ajax and expect him to push Jack all the way.
PC should have said no player is irreplaceable.
We all make mistakes though.

30.) 15 Jul 2024 23:46:37
Tav has been told by PC that if a suitable offer is made to the club he has agreed he can go.

31.) 16 Jul 2024 13:38:51
Aye coops shouldn’t really be asking folk to donate anything to anyone. Ye don’t know people ms financial position and have publicly asked for mo et to a charity directly.
I don’t really agree with that myself tbh.




Sir Walter Smith OBE's rumour replies


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22 Jul 2024 20:15:26
Again cheers for the info you post on here very much appreciated, John. ? You have info that us bringing in joan jordan is close to being done John? ?God i hope we can get that one over the line, as he's exactly the experienced midfielder we need. ?

So, personally John, do you think we'll get him? ? I had read he isn't at all keen in coming to Scottish football and wants to remain in Spain ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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21 Jul 2024 08:22:17
It's the other malian winger adama traore that i want at rangers ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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20 Jul 2024 21:24:54
Diallo is a fantastic young player and oh how i wish we still had him on loan ??The kid has everything in his locker to have a fantastic career in front of him even at man utd ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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20 Jul 2024 18:20:54
I hope and pray your info is correct regarding joan jordan ITK Bear ? That's the type of experienced midfielder we most definitely need and i honestly don't think we'll get him as i honestly think he doesn't fancy coming to scottish football and most definitely would prefer to stay in spain or a much better league than ours ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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20 Jul 2024 13:48:21
What a post that is storm ? Regarding IF our captain leaves it will be glorious i just can't understand this sort of attitude, shocking ??I'm still saying tav isn't leaving rangers and if what i'm told is wrong then it's wrong and of course i'd be gutted, but i don't believe my info is wrong ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE




Sir Walter Smith OBE's banter replies


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22 Jul 2024 14:10:28
Remember it well TT12? what an atmosphere and graeme souness narrowed the pitch at ibrox for the occasion ?We had a superb team and what a team they had ie practically made up of the russian national team ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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22 Jul 2024 08:05:29
I also think manchester utd will be much improved this coming season My star, which will please John greatly on here, as that's his favourite English team ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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21 Jul 2024 07:08:10
Everyone sees a game differently i suppose, but i honestly thought sterling played well and was good defensively ? Imagine you could take the defensive side of sterling and the attacking ability of tav and have that in the one right back, what a right back you would have ???.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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20 Jul 2024 21:17:14
I totally agree with you Blue89, regarding where dujon sterling should play for us and said exactly what you've just said, on one of my posts earlier today ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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20 Jul 2024 21:11:53
DuntocherBlue, clement rates our club captain james tavernier mate, your thoughts please ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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