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26 Feb 2021 11:43:37
Club Brugge interested in Morelos.


1.) 26 Feb 2021 12:56:47
Do we think they could afford him? Don't know what finances are like in Belgian football.

2.) 26 Feb 2021 13:03:14
Where did you read/ hear that club brugge want to sign morelos bankie 🤔 I would doubt, even if they could afford buff, that he would go to the belgian league 🤔.

3.) 26 Feb 2021 13:23:12
Don’t think he would go there, and could they afford £20m+? I think he may go to a Sevilla or even athletico, maybe Bayer Leverkusen or Dortmund?
Maybe a Leicester West Ham Leeds or wolves. Roma or lazio. It will be a top club perhaps just under the elite. And I believe now he’s worth the £20m plus which we wanted well done Stevie G well done Ross Wilson and we’ll done Alfie. Keep up this form and see how far we go then u go with all our best wishes. What a performance last night, over both legs was an attacking masterclass. He now plays lol Bobby firminho? What’s the thoughts on that comparison?

4.) 26 Feb 2021 13:37:43
He wants to play in a higher league so that's a no go unless it's money he's chasing.

5.) 26 Feb 2021 14:12:48
He's got a lot more to do and more consistency to show before he's worth anywhere near 20mil. 👍.

6.) 26 Feb 2021 14:22:23
Wait for it Coldo/ Colin mate.

7.) 26 Feb 2021 14:26:27
Coldo, in my opinion mate when we sell alfredo it will not be a boot on the a**e off a £20million transfer fee! Its his performances in europe against much higher opposition than he faces in scotland, that can justify that sort of fee mate 👍🇬🇧 He's been unplayable in europe a good few times and clubs without doubt are taking notice. Most of any interested clubs are more interested to how buff performs in europe, as opposed to domestic football in scotland because they don't rate our league that much 🤔.

8.) 26 Feb 2021 14:39:55
Coldo the 2 performances against Antwerp show he is easily a 20million player minimum. If he was playing down south like that would be double that figure.

9.) 26 Feb 2021 14:45:29
Coops, good to see you’ve revised upwards from the £10-£12m you advocated only a few weeks ago.

10.) 26 Feb 2021 14:55:13
Its consistency, you mention the two antwerp games which he was on his game but if you go on the other euro games this season then he's some way off 20mil. As I said it takes more than one or two games. Fredo hadn't turned up this season until antwerp last week. Then the performance v utd and then again last night, where has that fredo been? That's the fredo I'm looking for👍.

11.) 26 Feb 2021 15:21:32
Coldo, check out alfredo's performances accross the board in europe in general mate 🤔 He has a superb record and very rarely has a bad game. So consistently he's been superb for rangers in europe pal, so i beg to differ as to why we won't get what wilson is wanting for alfredo 🤔.

12.) 26 Feb 2021 15:22:49
Sweep Belgium league higher that spfl.

13.) 26 Feb 2021 15:25:26
I think his head was elsewhere and his fitness, sharpness both physically and mentally was shocking. Maybe a good thing (pma) going into the last stages of Europe.
Down south he is worth 25-30m all day. Up here 15-20m. Quality of league dictates unfortunately.

14.) 26 Feb 2021 16:04:12
You're entitled to differ coop pal👍
But apart from the antwerp games he has been below par and by across the board you mean the last two years, unfortunately previous years doesn't make him a 20mil player pal👍 otherwise we would have had teams queueing up in the summer pal👍. Its the here and now that will decide his value pal👍 and so far two games does not make him a 20mil player, however consistency on that level will pal👍.

15.) 26 Feb 2021 16:12:12
Bankie who told you that club brugge want to sign alfredo mate 🤔.

16.) 26 Feb 2021 16:17:25
Alfredo Morelos has all the talent required to be a 20m plus player, and he will prove it. Last night's performance should offer clear evidence of this. Well, to most, anyway!
I still think he'll be here next season. When he does eventually go, I'm going to have to take a few weeks off from here to get over it. 😪.

17.) 26 Feb 2021 16:33:14
When we sell Morelos for >£20m will continue to assert that he is not worth anything like £20m.

Planet Coldo does not need reality and does not learn from facts.

18.) 26 Feb 2021 16:51:40
Facts DK, we have received no bids anywhere in the region of 20mil, not even close. I seem to be one of the only few on here living in reality when it comes to fredo's value. We got one bid in the summer allegedly add ons made it up to nearly 16mil. He's scored less goals this year and underperformed for most of the season yet two games v antwerp and you's expect 20mil this year🤦‍♂️. He was class both games but he's going to have to show that level of standard and maintain consistency before you's can dream about 20mil. I told you's last year we wouldn't get close to the daft figures you's were throwing about in the summer. 👍.

19.) 26 Feb 2021 17:13:05
Coops, said interested in him. Morelos payed the Belgium Press like a fiddle last night.

20.) 26 Feb 2021 17:51:00
How much is Kent worth Coldo?

21.) 26 Feb 2021 17:55:52
Alfie is the clubs top scorer in Europe, better than McCoist. So to say he’s not consistent is absolute nonsense. He’s scored against YoungBoys, Feyenoord, Porto, Warsaw, Poznan, Antwerp, etc etc.
I think you’re basing his consistency on his goal tally this season which isn’t fair because he’s playing a different role and has been offering even more to the team as a whole in that role.
The thing that annoys me is that you’re always quick to jump on Alfies back yet Kent can do no wrong in your eyes when his form was rotten for months.
They’re both great players and both our players that were lucky to have. Alfie will be sorely missed when he moves on, unfortunately I think that’s when you’ll realise how important he is for us.

22.) 26 Feb 2021 17:58:03
How much do you think he's worth blue89?👍.

23.) 26 Feb 2021 18:00:55
He's not playing a new role either🤦‍♂️🤣🤣👍.

24.) 26 Feb 2021 18:18:58
They're you are with the kent thing again😂👍.

25.) 26 Feb 2021 19:07:43
Hold on a min. a month ago folk sayin get rid lucky to get 6 mill for him now he's going to athletico and worth 20 mill.

26.) 26 Feb 2021 19:46:56
Great pals all round.

27.) 26 Feb 2021 19:55:11
12 games, 5 goals, 8 assists in Europe this season but Morelos has been sh*te in Europe according our resident Morelos expert! 🤔
Last summer rangers turned down a bid of £16m.
Our manager confirmed it
They're chief executive confirmed it
Our resident 'expert' is having none of it, because he doesn't think Morelos is worth that, so it can't possibly have happened. 🤔.

28.) 26 Feb 2021 20:11:45
Exactly Mr grumpy.

29.) 26 Feb 2021 20:37:46
Mrgrumpy, KJA9 I think Coldo does confirm we received a bid of 16m or am I reading his posts wrongly? He says "We got one bid in the summer allegedly add ons made it up to nearly 16m" What are you guys arguing about?

30.) 26 Feb 2021 21:17:38
He's been telling everyone on here since the summer the club didn't receive/ turn down £16m for Morelos MOCBear.
Now in February, nearly 6months since the bid was turned down he's admitting the club might've actually received a bid.
Allegedly 🤔.

31.) 26 Feb 2021 21:29:59
Coldo he was top scorer in the competition last season and his overall performance has improved 10fold.

32.) 26 Feb 2021 22:33:29
Coldo have a day underperformed but when he doesn’t play for us we struggle big time and yes he is playing a different role and became a more complete striker than just a goalscorer the majority of pundits say it as well but coldo still can’t see it 👌.

33.) 27 Feb 2021 06:46:08
Belshill he was joint 2nd with another 5 players last season. Bruno fernandes was top scorer mate.

34.) 27 Feb 2021 08:16:12
Fredo has a lot more to do before you's start throwing about your made up silly price tags again after just two games. I told you's in the summer, I told you's last january and I told you's the summer before but the usual cheerleaders are getting all wet again. Surely you's must ask yourselves why have we never received a bid anywhere near that daft price tags you's claim we could get? He has to be a lot more consistent on that level we have seen. Its that simple. He never has been and that is down to attitude. I don't know how many more times you's need that explained to you's. 👍.

35.) 27 Feb 2021 09:06:07
Back to playing all your old hits I see. 😉
Not sure why our resident Morelos expert is getting his panties in a twist about folk posting about what they think we might get for Morelos?
Thought this forum was all about opinions? 🤔.

36.) 27 Feb 2021 10:10:43
You's have been posting the same absurd figures for 3 years👍.

37.) 27 Feb 2021 11:17:47
Coldo hand on heart pal, wilson won't entertain selling alfredo for anything less than around £18million! Honestly when we do eventually sell morelos the size of the fee will be based on how good he's been in europe, not what he's done in the scottish league, as a lot of possible interested parties in buff, don't rate our league 🤔 IMHO coldo we will get the big fee ross wilson wants for morelos and it's going to be difficult to replace him and what he brings to our team 👌
If alfredo was playing in a better more rated league in scotland, interested clubs wouldn't bat an eyelid, about paying £20million upwards for him mate 👍🇬🇧.

38.) 27 Feb 2021 11:18:19
You've posted your fair share of absurd havers yourself! 😉.

39.) 27 Feb 2021 11:55:04
Coldo a rumour site where everyone is entitled to their opinion, it’s not your site.

40.) 27 Feb 2021 13:08:06
Paul 86. Alfredo was top goal scorer 19/ 20 Europa league.
14 goals. 8 in qualifying 6 in group stages. and later rounds.
U now discounting the 8.

41.) 27 Feb 2021 13:13:33
Besides the lille president confirmed the bid, sure he knows better than you coldo.

42.) 27 Feb 2021 14:32:29
John i love morelos mate but he wasnt top scorer. fernandes was. Qualifying rounds do not count they never have done. take it up with uefa if u like as fernandes got the award for it.

43.) 27 Feb 2021 15:38:35
Coldo. I am entitled to an opinion as much as your good self 👍and my opinion is Alfredo has been brilliant all season but as Stevie said against Antwerp he was unplayable which is a step up from brilliant. ( in my opinion) 👍.

44.) 27 Feb 2021 15:43:27
Every year you's post absurd figuers, every year you's are left looking silly. I'm not saying we can't or won't sell him for 20mil. I'm saying he's not worth that after two games nor will clubs bid that after two games. Coop i have lost count the amount of times you've had your hand on your heart🤦‍♂️. What you's should be asking yourself is where has this fredo been and why hasn't he been performing at that level at any point since jan 2020? Is he turning it on now to get a move? Gerrard hinted the other night that fredo knew who would be watching. No one said it was my site john so reign it in👍 the usual cheerleaders get upset when an opinion is different theirs👍.

45.) 27 Feb 2021 16:28:53
Still not sure why our resident Morelos expert gets so upset when other people's opinions is different to his? 🤔.

46.) 27 Feb 2021 16:38:30
Paul so goals don’t count. Let’s remove goals against bottom six teams, lower league teams in cup in Scotland.
A goal is a goal mate.

47.) 27 Feb 2021 16:40:17
Exactly coldo u always get upset when someone posts a different view.

48.) 27 Feb 2021 16:56:35
Personally I would try and hold on to him for another season so he gets a shot at increasing his stock further while we get funding back into Football post C.V.. He is the most important player in the team for me. I do have concerns that we will need to fin replacements for Davis and Arfield since they are not getting any younger and will not be able to play every week. For that reason we will need additional financial resources to bring in players of the right quality and for me Zunga is no where near what we will need. Replacing Morelos however would be much more problematic. Defoe won't be with us and even if he was his game time would be limited. Roofe isn't an out and out striker and Itten isn't the answer.

49.) 27 Feb 2021 17:37:59
Berkshire I’d be delighted if we kept Morelos for another year
I’ve said before our market is frees. Ie lundstrum and sakala. Bring in alegria mb a million.

50.) 27 Feb 2021 17:54:13
Hope the Buff stays, easily our best forward, interesting SG remarks after Thursday game along the line of “ he loves playing in Europe, knows people are watching “ said it with a rye smile, I would think he is anticipating bids for Buff to come or even already knows. Nobody up hear defender wise and indeed many teams in Europe can handle him. Hope we keep him. 🇬🇧.

51.) 27 Feb 2021 18:52:48
Not saying they don't count john but in eyes of uefa for there scoring charts they don't count no. Hence why morelos is not recorded as last seasons europa top scorer.

52.) 28 Feb 2021 19:13:08
Im sure your loving all the attention your getting coldo but I will be adding to it. If u know anything about football at all you must understand he is playing a different role this year. It's no coincidence Kent, hagi and roofes numbers have went up while his goal tally has went down. We've lost 1 game in all competitions this year so like most folk on here I can assure you were playing very well as a team and he is a big part to play in that. In seasons gone by (which do have an impact on whether other teams will look at him btw) we played the ball to him with his back to goal, and expected him to power through and get a shot off. And in the main it worked, hence the higher goal tally. This year he drops deep, pulls centre Half's out of position, criss-crosses with Kent or whoever, allowing the usual space for Tav and borna while also allowing hagi to assist more, roofe to score more and Kent to get his overall numbers up. Kent actually spoke about this pre-season! These things don't happen by accident! His role is just as, if not more important this year than it was the previous years when he was scoring more! Maybe come off this forum now and again and educate yourself on the game you might be able to occasionally back up some of the things u say because most of the time it's nonsense. He hSnt been dazzling every game but bar 1 or 2 player's I could say that about most of the team at some point this season. So let the big boys talk, and press the agree button every now and again, pal.

53.) 28 Feb 2021 21:18:10
Coldo if you can’t see that Morelos is playing a slightly different role you need your eyes tested lad, he can control the physicality of a defence all on his own, people say strikers will be valued on there goals? How come kris boyd was never talked about being a 20mil player? Having Morelos playing his all round play is definitely better than scoring a tap in from 6 yards the work he does off the ball is great as well, so the french diddy is with 30mil because he scores against dross Scottish teams, he’s done absaloutey nothing in Europe against harder teams but he’s worth 20mil+? For me Morelos on his day is a 20mil player all day.

54.) 01 Mar 2021 09:57:55
Fredo is not playing a new role where he would score less goals. That's ridiculous. He's worth a lot more scoring goals than not. Why would the club reject a bid because they want more cash then play him in a role where he would be devalued? . That's absurd. Fredo hasn't kicked a ball since 2019 and then two games v antwerp and he's worth 20mil again🤦‍♂️. Why is anyone not questioning where this fredo has been? Is he turning it on again for a move? New role😂😂👍.

55.) 01 Mar 2021 13:00:20
The only thing some folk on here are questioning is the apparent obsession with Morelos from someone who has made it clear he doesn't rate/ like the lad. 🤔
New role or not he's contributed (despite what our"expert" might think) like all our players have this season.

56.) 02 Mar 2021 19:21:13
Morelos new role:-
Arfield on RTV whilst giving a midfield masterclass - "in Scotland, defenders tend to be attracted to the ball or man. With Morelos playing a different role drawing defenders out of position by dropping deeper, this leaves space for myself and others to exploit.
Kevin Thomson - Morelos is playing a different role this season, though he's playing more for the team dropping deeper to create space I also love seeing him score.
I'll trust / respect those two opinions over the resident Morelos "experts" on here.

57.) 03 Mar 2021 11:48:23
Mr ph once again another good post, well researched and accurate re arfield and Thomson.
Same said by McAllister and SG.
SGL I’m not sure Brugge would go for Alf as they buy low and sell high.
There record purchase is circa 7 million I think so won’t go anywhere near our alleged price of 20 million.



30 Jan 2021 11:44:21
McInnes not happy with Stewart swap or nominal fee so Wright remains at Aberdeen until end of season.


1.) 30 Jan 2021 12:32:26
That’s fine wouldn’t give them a bean.

2.) 30 Jan 2021 14:00:31
Aye starve all the clubs who voted us out!

3.) 30 Jan 2021 15:03:26
We don't need him now and we defenitly don't need to give them any money. he will gave a full pre season with us.

4.) 30 Jan 2021 15:44:56
Yep, pick him up for nowt. Delighted with that.

5.) 30 Jan 2021 16:06:15
Seeker we would be due a development fee for Wright.

6.) 30 Jan 2021 17:00:31
That's a pity John.

7.) 30 Jan 2021 18:00:07
Think that once we have secured the title we could see some of our academy players getting rewarded with some first team game time. Show them hard work pays off. don't think we need the lad Wright just now. Would be good to get all 3 in the now but summer will be just as good.

8.) 30 Jan 2021 18:28:10
Bellshill which academy players would you give a game to.

9.) 30 Jan 2021 19:17:11
Have been told we have 4 great young strikers in the academy: Young Coombes, West: Graham and Lindsay. YC has been there 2 years, is bit older and currently determined to be best of the 4 although the others are also highly rated. YC and Lindsay are most skilled l& YC the most natural finisher. YC is a Londoner, has a swagger and is not short of self confidence. Like Kennedy he asked for his pathway to the first team squad to be clarified and mapped out.

10.) 30 Jan 2021 19:27:54
I'd like to see a wee half game or so for the likes of King and Dickson, plus more minutes (full games? ) for Patterson and Bassey - not all at once, of course!

11.) 30 Jan 2021 19:37:49
Bellshill lad only if they deserve it don’t give them it just because we have won the league.

12.) 30 Jan 2021 19:38:04
Bankie Coombes is away in the summer.

13.) 30 Jan 2021 21:01:15
KJA9, as long as he’s Rangers player there remains opportunity that sanity will prevail and the best natural finisher at Ibrox will stay. He’s in same situation as the boy Kennedy a month ago and that got sorted.

In terms of young players to be given run outs in the remaining matches I would definitely give full games to both Bassey and Paterson. Bassey in particular needs to prove he is the real deal and capable of being permanent LB in event Barasic leaves in summer. Don’t believe we’ve seen Bassey since he was roasted by St Mirren and contributed to our exit from League Cup.

In addition to YC would also like to see young boys King and Dickson being included in match day squads and get some minutes in some of the remaining games.

14.) 30 Jan 2021 21:04:46
100% agree KJA. Getting a game should be earned by anyone. We also need to win as many games as possible so need as strong a team as we can put out.

15.) 30 Jan 2021 21:09:39
Some first team players a would give more of a run out before youths like itten zungu defoe katic edmundson of course when fit but couple of youths in there too wouldn't be the worst see how they are doing.

16.) 30 Jan 2021 21:20:44
Bankie I hope YC is nowhere near the 1st team because he doesn’t want to be here and won’t be come the summer.

17.) 30 Jan 2021 21:55:05
John25 are you sure we’ll be due Aberdeen a development fee for Scott Wright? Development fee is for players under 23 years of age is it not and I think he could be 24 by the next window.

18.) 30 Jan 2021 21:56:44
Sorry but they are still due us £350000.

19.) 30 Jan 2021 22:01:52
Never mind the play youngsters once titles secured stuff. Let's go all in 100% for an invincible season. No mercy 🇬🇧💪👍.

20.) 30 Jan 2021 22:35:53
Young coombes is different from Kennedy. Kennedy was money on a contact NYC has pretty much agreed a move to Brentford and wants to go due to being homesick.

21.) 31 Jan 2021 03:03:16
Kingwalter, yes, this is the ideal time to remind these clubs of the favour they all decided to do to us.

22.) 31 Jan 2021 03:10:00
Bassey and Paterson Should go out on loan for the rest of the season get some game time.

23.) 31 Jan 2021 11:39:00
Rfc92 bassey and Patterson should be getting alternate matches now.

24.) 31 Jan 2021 16:51:41
Development fee I believe is 23 and under. He joins us 1/ 6. 24. In august
Time will tell, even better if we don’t need to pay development fee.

25.) 31 Jan 2021 18:15:23
Jja9 how do you reckon we can develop these players then if we don't give them minuite lol.



29 Jan 2021 20:50:17
Jones deal done, another wage saved.


1.) 30 Jan 2021 10:55:56
Been reported by a few that he is a bit of a Billy big time between that, getting himself injured and issues off the field with breaking isolation and driving etc he’s made his limited chances even more limited.
Ability wise I rate him but his chances are limited with us not really playing an out and out winger that often.
If he goes there and smashes in the goals and builds his confidence I would like to see how he does when he returns before giving up on him just yet, I think he’s better than Barker and good Left footed International rapid players with good attitude could be a real asset going forward.

2.) 30 Jan 2021 11:31:34
Looks much better already n the red and white stripes.



28 Jan 2021 22:09:36
Jordon Jones heading to Sunderland on loan.


1.) 29 Jan 2021 08:14:24
Good get his match sharpness up n get him bk think he's a good player.

2.) 29 Jan 2021 08:37:19
Get fitness up and get him punted. Joond his “boyhood heros” and gets sent off And banned in the spaces of -2 months+. Sum total and obviously no desire to make the most of the opportunity.

3.) 29 Jan 2021 10:55:14
Jones thought he made it when he walked through our doors and it all went to his head. He gets his 2nd chance scoring against Motherwell then he goes and puts our full side at risk by breaking C.V. guidelines! Hopefully he learns from this or he'll end up back at Killie!

4.) 29 Jan 2021 14:59:13
He didn't go partying alone is the other player getting ditched aswel.

5.) 29 Jan 2021 15:01:27
Folks don't get the ire aimed at JJ he has made mistakes but he's an international player given time and teams who don't park the bus I think he could be great for us. He has a similar problem as Kent where teams will sit in but in Europe and against them he could do well.

6.) 29 Jan 2021 15:21:43
Dsger sits not the partying it’s his attitude, he blew it.

7.) 29 Jan 2021 15:50:44
Spot on John25, jordan jones attitude stinks and i'm pleased he's heading to the black cats/ the makems 👍🇬🇧We should never have signed him in the first place, IMO anyway! He thinks he's much better than what he is 🤔He thinks 😂😂.

8.) 29 Jan 2021 15:53:59
Also think there will be more players leaving us before monday's transfer deadline 🤔 Can't see much in the way of coming into us 🤔Apart from the pre-contract signings of scott wright, jack simpson and oboforh that looks like it until the summer 🤔.

9.) 29 Jan 2021 17:36:45
Who says his attitude stinks? Sny training video I've ever saw on rangers twitter etc he looks very popular with the other players. Thst wouldn't be the case if he had such a bad attitude 🤷‍♂️.

10.) 29 Jan 2021 17:54:49
Will prob do ok down there moving back local to where he grew up. ish. Mind you been around his mates every weekend maybe not good idea.

11.) 29 Jan 2021 19:44:52
I think Edmundson is injured or he too would be getting loaned out genuinely think that Simpson is Edmundsons replacement.

12.) 30 Jan 2021 07:07:00
I have a mate that knows him very well (I have met him only once) but the one time I met him and by all accounts according to my mate since signing with us he seems to think that he is Billy big baws, has a very poor attitude in general not Footballing wise, thinks he is better than what he is and thinks he is better than others, like I say that came from a mate that knows him, and just for that type of attitude alone I would move him on permanently if possible.



06 Jan 2021 13:50:04
Robby McCrorie staying at Livvy for remainder of season, told to compete and prove good enough for consideration for top team berth.


1.) 06 Jan 2021 14:08:57
I like and rate robbie mccrorie but IMO there's a former rangers keeper who's signing for motherwell on loan today, who's better than robbie mccrorie and still a young keeper ie. liam kelly👌.

2.) 06 Jan 2021 16:23:17
Coops, great platform for Kelly to show how good he is and put himself in shop window.

3.) 06 Jan 2021 17:47:23
Seen Kelly at Livi a few times, he is a good keeper and should already have went further in my opinion. Probs already had his chance with Rangers unfortunately.

4.) 06 Jan 2021 19:16:08
A really hope rangers get a really good winger in because the wingers we have are not good enough apart from Kent and even he’s been off the boil.

5.) 06 Jan 2021 19:56:35
Liam Kelly was very very good at Livi. Great to see him back up here week in week out to hopefully get some form back. Would love to see us re sign him, as no.2 to Jon McG when McGregor inevitably retires, if he does well.

6.) 06 Jan 2021 20:10:38
Deano we Technically don't play with wingers and our front 3 have been ok other than Kent. Buff hasn't been scoring but he still causes problems hagi is playing well and so is roofe. Itten plays well every time he is on. I would go with you if you mean we need a different type of player for teams that don't park the bus someone with pace.

7.) 07 Jan 2021 18:27:14
Kelly is a decent keeper who sadly doesn't seem to be making much progress and lost his place at QPR. I think that Well/ Livvy may prove to be his level. McCrorie has a long, long way to go if he wants to be first choice at Ibrox. I honestly think that after McGregor we will bring in someone else in, or very close to, the elite bracket. That will give Kelly and McCrorie about a year and a half to get to that level.




Bankie's banter posts with other poster's replies to Bankie's banter posts


21 Mar 2021 19:36:20
Ed01, can you tell me why my recent posts have been rejected.


{Ed001's Note - I have no idea, they have not come through to me as I have not deleted anything by you recently.}



19 Mar 2021 11:08:35
Changing the subject slightly did anyone else notice how fit Alan Hutton looked last night.


1.) 19 Mar 2021 12:11:01
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Stop it!

2.) 19 Mar 2021 12:13:32
My missus said the exact same thing Bankie.



18 Mar 2021 18:39:29
Balagun in for Halender.




16 Mar 2021 14:55:04
Team for Slavia match on Thursday






1.) 16 Mar 2021 16:37:54
Strong team.

2.) 16 Mar 2021 18:03:45
Is jack fit?



14 Mar 2021 20:00:12
Slavia won 3 nil away from home today. Substituted 5 forward players once assured of victory to keep fresh for Thursday.


1.) 14 Mar 2021 21:12:28
We never had a game, everybody should be well rested so we should romp it 😂.

2.) 15 Mar 2021 00:55:40
Thats a thing about Scottish clubs, they'll usually wait til their 5 up and they're striker breaks both legs in the 85th minute before they realise they should have taken him (or her) off earlier before a big European tie, i'm exaggerating obviously, but I've seen it many times, 3 nil up and a very important player goes down nothing worse before a massive game.

3.) 15 Mar 2021 09:04:05
Agree Tom, seen that a few times over the years. Hopefully we can use the week off to our advantage and come out firing on Thursday. These stick or twist games can be unnerving.

4.) 15 Mar 2021 10:51:17
Play the game at a high tempo, and run them into the ground.

5.) 15 Mar 2021 14:46:15
I also remember during Walters 9 in a row years, I used to be screaming for him to change things, and he wouldn't until 80 minutes or so, that's why he was the Manager, and I wasn't if you get my drift.

6.) 15 Mar 2021 15:51:06
High tempo would be right up Slavia's street.




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Good to hear.




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19 Mar 2021 10:17:19
Actually never saw Barjonas play badly any time played in first team. Rangers career over now though.




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17 Mar 2021 21:50:14
Much less than Defoe then.




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15 Mar 2021 06:56:49
Why the bickering over Morelos. Let’s focus on Thursday, we have opportunity to reach a European QF but could be more difficult than perhaps some believe.




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14 Mar 2021 20:31:03
Morelos will leave in summer with our best wishes. Has been a great signing and let’s hope best is yet to come.





Bankie's banter replies


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25 May 2021 13:13:29
Morelos and he wants to leave.




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23 May 2021 14:16:58
Coops, wants Ferguson so badly. He will sign soon enough.




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16 May 2021 18:47:28
Agree BMGH01, no justification for that behaviour, does our club no good whatsoever.




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22 Mar 2021 08:36:36
Apologies Ed but don’t find your reply helpful and I don’t believe for a second it is “always the fault of the posters”. I believe likely that it was not yourself that took it down as you have always IMO dsplayed a balanced judgement. Some irony in that I referred to Bill Shankly in one post taken down, you being a good Liverpool man.


{Ed001's Note - why do I have to be helpful? The terms and conditions are there, it is not my job to answer your questions. People getting precious over their posts is their problem not mine. You get it for free.}



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22 Mar 2021 08:21:32
Ed01, after events last Thursday I’ve posted commenting that somethings are more important than football and praising Gerrard for publicly saying this. Why has this been taken down?


{Ed001's Note - I have no idea. Right this is why it is pointless discussing this, there are hundreds of reasons why threads can be taken down and they are always the fault of the posters on the site. It can be because they attract abuse or hundreds of other things but I haven't got time to answer all these questions. So no more.}