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07 Jul 2024 13:21:04
Hi all, first post in a wee while.

Kenny McLean is a goer.
Scott wright to Sheffield Wednesday is still a way off, but rangers hoping to conclude.
Lovelace promised first team minutes in hope to sign a new deal.

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07 Jul 2024 13:44:08
Need Stevens to be promised the same, he’s going to be a good player.

07 Jul 2024 14:00:15
Think if we could shift Scott Wright for a fee we would be doing well - moments of good play but mainly very poor - can’t see him being good enough for championship if that is where SW play ??????.

07 jul 2024 14:10:57
is that an opinion mate or a statement of fact.

07 Jul 2024 14:26:40
It’s a rumour on a rumours page.

07 Jul 2024 14:30:13
Scott wright's replacement in the squad will be Lovelace hopefully.

07 jul 2024 15:16:38
union, i ask because it looks like you're stating a fact, that's fine if so, i just wanted to know that's all.

07 Jul 2024 15:37:12
Tom, just passing on what I was told.

07 Jul 2024 15:37:26
Might be a stupid question but I assume Lovelace counts as homegrown? If so he’s the perfect replacement for wright’s squad place.

07 Jul 2024 15:48:54
I’d have liked to sign for example, Danny Armstrong to replace Scott wright in squad. But if Lovelace, whom btw I thought of more as a central striker? Anyone? Or Stevens etc can step up instead of the so called 'squad' players, then this is definitely the way to go.

We should aim to have a squad of what 16-18 first team stars backed up to the 25 by youth. That’s the target we should aim for. Of course, they need to be good enough.

07 Jul 2024 16:14:02
I know it’s a ridiculously small sample size of one half of football. But I thought Lovelace looked really promising against St Mirren. Power, pace, direct. I would rather see him in the squad than signing another squad type person (like a Danny Armstrong as you mentioned) given he has the potential to be significantly better.

No doubting Armstrong would be an upgrade on wright though.

07 Jul 2024 16:19:09
Tom, sure you only come on here for sissy arguments?

No wonder people are apprehensive about posting anything on this forum.

07 Jul 2024 16:37:26
Think it's a rumours site not necessarily fact based. It's Rangers rumours and quite clearly stated as such.

07 Jul 2024 17:11:56
Would say that’s a pretty good opinion regarding Wright Tom.

07 Jul 2024 17:21:04
Stevie I always thought Lovelace was a winger more than striker think he can play both positions.

07 Jul 2024 17:26:54
Lovelace just starting his third year at rangers, Stevie I also agree he’s a 9

Why would u give up a squad place to include Armstrong, not for me.

07 Jul 2024 18:58:28
Like Armstrong very direct but a think Lovelace has more potential to be even better than him.

07 Jul 2024 19:13:24
I'm hoping Lovelace's fitness will improve. John will know better than me, but he seems to be a player that gets injured frequently.

07 Jul 2024 19:38:07
Cheers guys, a lot of the time when young strikers come through at big clubs they are played slightly wider anyway, think rashford and that like.

Let’s hope the younger lads get there chamce and take it whatever position that may be in.

07 Jul 2024 19:39:15
Hi John hope your well sir, just a quick question how highly do you rate Lovelace I know you have good knowledge of the younger lads at rangers.

07 Jul 2024 19:41:28
Also I really like Armstrong, but if he doesn’t meet the Scottish quota for Europe and we’re going to have more talented 1st team players then there is no need for him.
It all depends on what we can bring in.

I’ve not seen Stevens play. Lovelace looks good to me.
Reminds me of a younger Jermaine Defoe. When he 1st appeared on the scene. Obviously he eventually changed style to the poacher but he used to have the pace and skill and touch etc.

07 jul 2024 20:50:39
the boy made a statement, i asked if it was his opinion or a fact, cheers scotty, i apreciate that.

07 Jul 2024 21:20:38
Stevie Armstrong does not meet Scottish academy trained as far as I’m aware

Brian I rate Lovelace vey highly, he is very highly thought of in the England age group set up as is stevens, both broke into the 17s a very very hard group to be part of. Hence why so many clubs want these lads for their academy, if not they would not be classed as English academy trained.

Mark u r correct re Lovelace and his fitness, the bonus is like a lot of young player it’s muscular injuries they get, it is considered by many that this is caused by too much running, football b4 they develop,

A very good example is James Graham, we signed him at 16, then let him do nothing for nearly 18 months, due to being seriously overplayed 13-16.
Mullholland spoke about this kid playing five games a week.

07 Jul 2024 21:27:34
Tom it's not hard to understand why you asked the question, since the op never said anything along the lines of got told this from a mate or this is my opinion etc.

07 jul 2024 21:28:06
forthy, please explain how its “ quite clearly “ a rumour?
i only asked a civil question.

07 Jul 2024 21:43:57
I don't mind McLean as long as we don't overpay we need some Scottish domestic players for the squad.

07 Jul 2024 21:44:44
Also having ayed at Aberdeen and for scotland will be a good influence on barron I'm sure.

07 Jul 2024 21:57:14
Because it's a rumour on a rumours site and you asked if it was a fact, if it was a fact we would have heard about it and not be wondering if it was a rumour on a rumours site .

Have a day off or maybe buy a cat.

07 Jul 2024 22:31:18
I know I'm a bit nuts? at times, but recently I find myself losing interest very quickly on here, genuine discussion/ rumour interests being besmirched by the vitriolic ramblings of past posters settling old scores or new ones with axes to grind, sad and disillusioned to see the site suffer, when so many on here are decent guys, I may well be off base here, but somehow I don't think I am.

07 Jul 2024 23:04:51
Sadly don't think Lovelace qualifies as home grown yet, with the UEFA rules seemingly defining that as being trained for 3 years under the club / national association. So losing wright would impact the Euro squad as it stands.

08 Jul 2024 02:42:51
Fork, I get you. You can't post if it don't meet there needs. Don't worry. They are just rambling auld farts.

08 Jul 2024 09:53:26
It's worse than all the sweetie wife's at the steamie, Dorothy Paul n Elaine c on a bender.

08 Jul 2024 12:28:36
I don`t think a first team squad of 16-18 with 7 youngsters making it up to 23-25 is enough . We need 2 first team starters for every position at least, and if some of them are youngsters who are good enough, then fair enough . If we want to win the league and get past groups stages in Europe we will need a big squad . The last two or three seasons have shown that .

08 jul 2024 14:29:21
all i did was ask if it was a fact like union stated, nothing more, union wasnt bothered,

few others seemed to get very upset, , especially brand new names?

08 Jul 2024 16:43:41
Yeah kinda weird when they don't have engagement with others previously Tom, or do they??.

08 jul 2024 17:36:19
precisely forky some very irate and aggressive strangers onboard, how many are strangers?

09 Jul 2024 11:47:26
Heard to McLean is on his way ??????.



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