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01 Jul 2024 20:19:03
I read an interesting post from a fan who said he expects this season to be transitional given how many new players we will bring in, added not playing at ibrox potentially for a couple of months also that infrastructure may hamper the budget for players.

So I'm asking what are fans expectations for this season? personally I think winning the title given the above is a tough ask as is cl qualification and that's me being realistic so sustaining a league challenge beating that other mob and winning a cup.

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01 Jul 2024 20:23:33
Winning the title is the expectation every single year! No ifs no buts no coconuts!

01 Jul 2024 20:28:01
Every unseeded team in the CL will be hoping to draw rangers. Simply nowhere near CL level.

01 Jul 2024 20:39:48
bigbluejim, did you have those expectations when Caixnha or Warburton took over or when SG took over?

01 Jul 2024 20:42:11
Lammy correct, none of the clubs in Scotland is simply nowhere near the cl, look at Celtic they're not at conference level.

01 Jul 2024 21:23:43
One Walter strange question for blue Jim, I’ve expected rangers to win league at start of every single season.

01 Jul 2024 21:29:53
Lammy1 with your attitude towards the team so far hopefully you don’t have a season ticket.

01 Jul 2024 21:35:36
My expectation is to actually lay a glove on Celtic in the OF games and to run them close again.

01 Jul 2024 21:52:17
The league has always got to the priority every season, however given how we've done since we got back to the premiership (1 title with no fans) then unfortunately that mob will always go in as favourites. Whether it will be transitional season, who knows. Maybe a lot of younger players is the answer as we've went down the experienced route without success.

01 Jul 2024 21:53:31
You're talking about Europe lammy, hammered twice in the conference tells me how bad in Europe celtic are?.

01 Jul 2024 21:54:24
Ah Lame-A, you can't hide what you are ??

MyStar drew you out a cracker there.

01 Jul 2024 21:56:18
Celtic don't win games in europe at any level Lenny. They are only in there due to rangers performances in europe.

01 Jul 2024 21:57:00
Win the league as always that’s what we need to be aiming for.

01 Jul 2024 22:01:31
John, given the mess sg inherited, are you saying you expected us to win the league in his 1st season or Warburton team when we came back up with Barton and semi retired kranjcar?

I posed the question because I was surprised at his answer. After all, that's part of this forum's success is debate, is it not?

01 Jul 2024 22:17:02
Alloa, it's a fair point, we must find a way to beat the other mob otherwise any challenge will be over let alone winning the league.

01 Jul 2024 22:33:23
I don't think it is a strange question, I obviously always hope rangers win the league, but sometimes I'm realistic and didn't think we would, the first 2 seasons when we came back up I didn't think we would win it, that's off top of ma head, but there's been a few times I didn't think we would. Nothing wrong with that, just thinking with your head, not your heart.

01 Jul 2024 22:53:18
Storm, I agree we aim for that, but do you expect to win it every single season no matter how poor our team are.

01 Jul 2024 23:04:07
Every single season of my life and I’m 75, I’ve expected us to win the league, never ever in life concede defeat before the journey starts.

Also, I remember reading on here with many saying Barton krancjar et al we were strolling the league.

01 Jul 2024 23:09:48
No ifs not but no coconuts didn't give it away walter? I expect every year for us to be trying to win the title regardless of manager or squad. Was it realistic of course not but you asked for expectations and that is always to win!

Boys stop being so negative about our chances in Europe, we got to a euro cup final no long ago and beat CL quality teams on the way there. As long as we qualify I'll be happy to stop that lot gloating on the back of their many European successes. Tried a straight face and couldn't do it.

01 Jul 2024 23:47:33
Target is to win the league and Europe is a bonus.

And for the earlier poster, the reason Warburton and Caixihna were sacked is because they couldn’t live up to those expectations, same with GVB and Beale.

02 Jul 2024 03:21:39
Our business model seems to be continuous transitional so our expectations have to be compete on all fronts no matter what. If any of our players are performing then they are sold and the process begins again so for anyone to right off this season might as well right off all future seasons. This model is only sustainable for a certain period. You can’t guarantee that the player brought in is the equivalent standard of the player being sold. Just look at the semi-collapse of Ajax for instance.

02 Jul 2024 06:09:16
Zikos no1 is saying that we shouldn't target the league the debate was whether you expect to win it every single season.

02 Jul 2024 08:35:52
Beat Celtic regularly and the rest will fall into place, League, Europe, cups.



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