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09 Jul 2024 10:14:25
This Board

• Stood still after 55.
• Commited to the Australian Debacle.
• Treated Gio badly. Beale in box at game.
• Hired a used car salesman and let him blow what little money we had.
• We are starting 24/ 25 season with no home stadium and no indication why contingency plans are
• We have no Chief Executive
• Edmiston house finished well beyond its date and over budget
• The old shop becoming a sports bar well beyond its proposed date and nowhere near finished
• Didn’t back the manager in January when we had a genuine opportunity to go for the league and secure CL money

If you are happy at all the above and still think they are doing great I would love to hear the explanations

PS Ibrox this is a mixture of my business brain and love for Rangers brother. Failure after failure isn’t acceptable ???❤️.

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09 Jul 2024 11:43:45
100% agree Carluke. Your posts are very to the point, informative and forward thinking. Keep them up bud and don’t let the wise men on here about ye ??????.

09 Jul 2024 11:46:07
Some of your remarks are valid. But also this board are trying to update a stadium that has been neglected for years under different regimes, they are trying to look too the future. They are now in the market for a younger player type recommended by their manager, I believe they should be given a bit of credit? Bennett IS trying in my opinion?

09 Jul 2024 11:48:33
You could flip that carlukeloyal

This Board:

Australia debacle I didn’t see an issue and I know friends who live out there now were looking forward to seeing the team and were rightly disappointed we pulled out.

Stop them doing 10 in a row

Got to a Europa final under their stewardship

There was many calls for Gio to go before they eventually did (although I agree with you regarding his treatment)

Agreed Beale was a disaster no hiding from that the board royally Forked that one up.

Edmiston house is a ROI and will eventually make money in time

Is Bennet not stepping into the Chief Executive role?

Can’t spend what we don’t have no point buying for the sake of buying we did that in the past and look what happened

No point in telling us what the contingency plan is until we have a signed agreement.

09 Jul 2024 12:09:46
Carrick it’s been 658 days since we heard from our chairman. In that time he’s:

Sacked 2x managers and watched our rivals win 3 titles in a row.

Overseen a stadium upgrade which now sees fans being locked out of Ibrox with no real timescale as to when we’ll be back in, all after paying for Season Tickets.

There’s a lot more that could be questioned but I don’t want statement after statement but when it’s an issue which effects 50k of us who invest in the club each season and we still don’t know what is going on.

09 Jul 2024 12:18:00
There are always multiple ways to interpret these things.

For me, the board are doing a decent job of navigating us through some really difficult financial waters as the UEFA regulations are tightened further.

Unfortunately, though we have one of, if not the, most toxic fan bases in football - so they'll be damned regardless of what they do.

09 Jul 2024 12:23:10
Exactly g4 some fans just love to min about everything.

Carluke where was the money coming from in January? Are you saying we should spend money we don’t have?

The entitlement some fans have got are just plain ridiculous.

09 Jul 2024 12:34:25
I’m happy with what the board are doing at the moment. I’ve been a season ticket holder for over 20 years and I’ve never seen the rangers support so toxic and desperate. We all want to win and compete and also make money and run the business properly and that includes the board. We were in a terrible situation and unfortunately we’ll be paying for that for a long time. We need a period of stability with the board and manager and a good crop of hungry players. I back them 100%, as do the majority of others.

09 Jul 2024 12:36:24
"The most toxic fanbases in football"! Jesus Christ on a bike! Where do you start with that?

09 Jul 2024 12:49:26
You don't do irony, do you Storm? ???.

09 Jul 2024 13:12:26
We are the most loyal fan base in the world and that is our downfall. The Board know they will get away with all this due to the ones that have the wool pulled over their eyes easily. Where we have been and what we have went through nonsense. We are Glasgow Fecking Rangers the most successful club in the world. Not for much longer though if we maintain under John Bennett’s leadership. We need change and fresh investment ???.

09 Jul 2024 13:14:54
One disgrace after another but let's just become cheer leaders to appease the happy clappers.

09 Jul 2024 13:21:16
Storm, we were told money was there in January. Wiseman John said we bid 8 million for Denkey, then we brought in Silva, Diamonde and Cortes. Silva was another waste of money. We should have went proven from our own league and guaranteed CL money.

The best in class comment should be the end of Bennett. At the moment there’s nothing we’re “best in class” of. Things only seem to be getting worse.

2nd rate squad, stadium, running of the club and soon to be 2nd in trophy count. ??????.

09 Jul 2024 13:22:03
G4 so you are happy with a title every four years?

09 Jul 2024 13:41:20
Gaz gers what about a couple of brothers and an American lady, u want that.

09 Jul 2024 13:52:42
Absolutely not DeBoer buts hardly the boards fault that certain players don’t have the bottle in a title fight.

09 Jul 2024 14:06:17
Nobody can claim things have been perfect but equally nobody should underestimate the damage done by the relegation years and the damage done by the charlatans who took over our club. Recovering from that has taken a long time and a lot of money especially when we were left tied into so many poor contracts . You can`t just slate the current board for things that have gone before, they didn`t appoint GVB or Beale, two guys that the fans were clamouring for at the time. Despite their reservations they backed Beale in the transfer market and sacked him quickly when they were proved right replacing him with the first proper manager we`ve had since Walter Smith. They were unable to back him in January as they didn`t have the cash, simple as that. Our CEO left for a million quid a year and will take time to replace, it happens and as for the building work delays these things happen in all walks of life . My only criticism is the poor communication and I thought John Bennett would have improved that when he took over as chairman. Unless we get big investors coming in, these guys who saved the club are the only game in town so you can complain all you want but they are dong their best.

09 Jul 2024 14:21:45
John I believe our own American investor John Halsted is looking to invest heavily and become our major shareholder if allowed. This would obviously rely on Bennett, King, Park etc selling their shares ??????.

09 Jul 2024 15:32:48
Interesting Gazgers I have heard rumblings on Halsted wanting to become more involved and he does have the financial clout. Would bring fresh ideas and new trans Atlantic commercial structure. I wouldn’t be opposed to this if accurate.

09 Jul 2024 15:46:37
It’s very accurate. He wants to invest heavily however this relys upon King, Bennett and Park agreeing to set aside differences and sell up ????????.

09 Jul 2024 16:04:59
Some good points for debate, CarlukeLoyal.

My point of view.

• We did stand still after 55. But Gerrard was well backed and was asked to sell a couple to help finance another rebuild. He refused and wanted his cake and to eat it. He eventually walked out ( his prerogative ) for the bright lights of the EPL.
• The Australian ‘debacle’ would have drop much needed revenue into the club and gave some of our worldwide fan base the chance to see The Famous. Sometimes we need to look beyond Govan.
• Correct they did treat Gio bad. But so did the fans who had already turned against him.
• Hindsight is a wonderful thing in regards to Beale. Plenty were happy for him to come in saying he was the brains behind Gerrard,
• Fans were crying out for the UB to be moved, better facilities for the disabled and as less hinderance to the fans that needed to be moved. Close season was the time to do the construction work. What was the alternative? Close the full stand? Again hindsight is wonderful.
• No CEO? I’m more worried about a winning team on the park.
• Loads of construction projects went over budget after the global pandemic, war in Ukraine etc. But it is now a fabulous asset for the club that will be utilised more in the future.
• GCC dragged their heels with planning applications. With our own financial restraints we can just throw money at any construction project.
• January is a notorious time when prices are inflated for players – and we don’t have a massive cash pot that we can dip into.

The board haven’t got everything right. They never will.

But I don’t think we need a statement every day regarding any issue.

And we have to remember they need to satisfy 50,000 customers who all have an opinion on how the club should be run from manager appointments, signing players, tactics, investment in the playing side to off field commercial deals.

09 Jul 2024 16:13:08
Roofe you have a cheek as you don’t either.

09 Jul 2024 16:18:01
Mph that post is to sensible for some on here it will be lost on them as all they want to do is moan.

09 Jul 2024 16:31:54
MPH you are a prime example of a fan who allows our inept board to keep making mistake after mistake and you make all the excuses under the sun for them.

The supporters are not a priority for this board they know how loyal we are and how we will follow follow no matter what they throw at us. Time for change. If Gazgers is correct that may be happening sooner rather than later ?❤️??.

09 Jul 2024 18:20:11
Gazgers not a chance park family sell up.

09 Jul 2024 19:22:57
Good reply Storm. ???.



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