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24 Aug 2021 13:47:33
Had to return my rangers third top the i purchased online as it was faulty sent it recorded delivery I just noticed it was signed for from someone and it said sports direct show we be worried 😟.

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24 Aug 2021 21:17:26
Was it through online rangers store?

26 Aug 2021 08:03:52
Aye, really worried 🙄
£3 million a year up front. Percentage of profits after so many items are sold.
Some difference from the 2p a top we made from the SD deal.

28 Aug 2021 11:04:44
Mr ph, sorry to correct u. But it’s 3 million up front per season to hold licence.
Then 7% per every item sold. After an agreed number as pointed out by 55 it increases to 9% per every item sold.

But as you highlighted some difference from previous deal.

28 Aug 2021 12:55:23
250000 replica shirts sold from May to end of July. 200000 items sold first quarter of the deal huge amounts of money a year. Not sure what the end amounts will be but it will make the rangers brand easy to deal on to get us an even bigger deal going forward.

28 Aug 2021 13:38:38
Correct 55.

23 Aug 2021 19:06:54
Rangers chairman wins his court case regarding the cinch sponsorship deal 😁.

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24 Aug 2021 09:23:23
SGL wins a court case in relation to cinch deal,

24 Aug 2021 21:23:18
Think it's a step on the road to winning this could run for a while. On the cinch deal it does show the underselling of the Scottish game when Tottenham are getting 10s of millions from a sleeve sponsor from them bit of a joke.

24 Aug 2021 20:51:40
we haven't won just been delayed till park can make court.

25 Aug 2021 08:25:21
Not being a businessman myself, but having occupied a senior level of management for many years to have enough experience to know the ins and outs of contracts, I just can't get my head around this at all. I understand the board's frustration of our game being undersold, and that needs addressed. However, from the outside looking in, and having some understanding of what Douglas Park's is like to deal with through business, I can only see him trying to protect his own business rights and not those of the club. If that is true, then that is not on!
This court ruling is not a victory for the club, only for Park to allow him to be present and part of the proceedings.

25 Aug 2021 20:20:58
Bmg it can't be that straightforward I am wondering if this is more part of the ongoing point scoring between us and the SPFL.
From what I see the clause we aim to use should have been laid out by us to the SPFL at contract start. This in turn should have been accepted by them and the sponsor. We're either being strong armed into a deal in conflict of Douglas park or we are trying to land a blow after we failed in our vote of no confidence. I also think if Park is putting up money into club I don't have any issues with him protecting his company.

26 Aug 2021 07:06:41
Yeah I can see where you're coming from 55rangers, but I still think Douglas Park is also trying to protect his own business interests. Park is one shrewd and tough businessman who is not in the habit of compromising where money's involved. Although I was never directly involved in any business dealings with him where I worked, it was common knowledge how difficult he was to deal with.
If it is the case, and he is worried about losing revenue, I really don't think there's any danger of that. Who would buy a car off Cinch without viewing it first or test driving it? I bought a new car for my wife last month, and although it was slightly cheaper from places like cinch, there was no way I was taking a chance without seeing the car first and letting her test drive it. Apparently the returns policy is a nightmare and is too much hassle.
My worry is that we don't have any smoking gun again, and If that is the case, we're only making a bigger rod for our own back.

26 Aug 2021 08:07:14
Why should Rangers give up one of their own interests for a paltry £38,000 a year?
Spurs are getting £10 million a season from Cinch for the same terms!
Doncaster gets a salary of £388,000 a year, just to put it into perspective!
SPFL are not fit for purpose.

26 Aug 2021 11:37:29
Do you honestly see us getting a better deal MPH? It's the SPL we're talking about here, not the EPL. Cinch pay them that money due to the exposure they'll get. £38K a year is a joke, and I totally get that, but there's no way we're getting that sort of money Spurs are getting playing in the SPL. The SPFL and SFA are clowns, but it would be a magician we would need to get more money.

27 Aug 2021 14:19:21
The Swedish top flight gets £12.5 million a year from Unibet, BMGH01.
Is that a bigger league than ours? More in one season than our 5 year deal!

27 Aug 2021 14:58:56
I know that MPH, and it's sickening. I don't doubt for a second a big part of the reason is the ineptitude of the SPFL and SFA, but the harsh reality is that our league is just not very appealing at all.

17 Aug 2021 11:36:56
Reading a very good article re kit sales in the UK by Kieran McGuire.
He talks bout our 5 year deal signed with Castore where we got 25 million for 5 years.
He explains this is the required license to manufacture merchandise.
Interestingly he then states that we then get 7% for every item sold. Based on the 250000 items sold since May we are due 1 million pounds over the license money.
So we r making very good money based on sales, he reckons Castore will be selling 750k items a year. So that could be an additional 3 million per season.
We also get bonuses for on field successes.
The 7% is in line with % paid in England, with the exception of Liverpool who negotiated a smaller license fee but get 20% per item.
As a mater of interest we get 5 Million a season.
Liverpool get 70 million a season
Man Utd get 100 million a season and incredibly sell over 3 million items a year
So in a nutshell we r getting potentially 8 million a season.
Well done Mr Bisgrove.
I'm sure iom will be on to shoot McGuire down.

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17 Aug 2021 12:35:46
7% of sales sounds decent John, without seeing the castore accounts and they make say a 15-20% EBIT and we get roughly half that then sounds reasonable.

17 Aug 2021 13:34:58
The way McGuire explains it they buy the license, ie 25 million over five years.
They then are responsible for everything, manufacture, storage distribution shops on line sales etc.
They make the most money, and pay us 7% per item sold. Note not manufactured

This is standard across industry, ie Nike, Adidas Castore, under armour etc.

18 Aug 2021 08:01:14
Yeah makes sense John. License to sell Rangers brand then a cut if the sales.

I still think we will see a first team player leave this season for some cash now that we are out of CL to help with cash flow. Hopefully we have players with potential lined up to replace if we do.

Thanks for the transfer updates you post - very insightful.

18 Aug 2021 22:29:03
John Was it not rising to 9% if we met certain quotas?

19 Aug 2021 08:27:46
Not sure 55. Only going with McGuire report. But what u say makes sense.

19 Aug 2021 14:51:23
Would be great if it does 55. The fact we've sold over a 1/ 4 million replica kits alone in just over 3 months is brilliant. That in itself has brought around 14 million quid into castores purse. That's not counting the hundreds of thousands of other items that have also been sold. There's lots of money coming our way and lots for Castore as well so I'm pretty sure both parties are extremely happy with this deal.

19 Aug 2021 17:02:04
It definitely was an insentivised deal ie more we sold more we got but can't remember the percentages quoted. Castore have done OK out of it too would imagine it gives us power when we renegotiate our next deal.

09 Aug 2021 20:51:48
Regarding our spat with these spfl clowns again over the cinch sponsorship deal, i hope 🙏 that we have a watertight case here, otherwise we're going to look rather foolish and will face a hefty fine and other possible sanctions 🤔As we all know now, the spfl have now handed the case to the sfa for guidance on this 🤔I hate both they clowns that run the spfl and the sfa, but we have to be very careful here, that this doesn't come back to bite us hard🙏.

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09 Aug 2021 23:04:41
Because we've got a good track record in court cases😂. Not holding breath coop think its the last thing we need just now.

10 Aug 2021 09:11:21
Aye, said the same a few weeks ago guys, we already have Ashley to deal with, we don't need another.

10 Aug 2021 21:56:45
We call them clowns coops, but apparently we had a "smoking gun" last time. Turns out it was hardly even a water pistol. They are already saying we are refusing to show them a contract re conflict of interests. Hope it isn't just park looking after his own business interests.

11 Aug 2021 07:20:07
I wouldn't hold out too much hope for a favorable outcome on this. From what I understand it's Douglas Parke looking to protect his own business, which If true, is not in the best interests of the club! If, and it's a big If, the Cinch deal contravenes and sponsorship deal the club has with Parkes of Hamilton, Douglas Park isn't exactly going to sue the club he is chairman of, is he?

11 Aug 2021 12:12:14
My thinking is its got to do with Tomket tyres and not Parks of Hamilton. I've never seen any adverts for them on match days but Tomket are on our shirts on the led boards around the pitch and on the boards behind the people getting interviewed. Who knows but one things for sure I don't have much confidence in our legal team if it's the same team from the past.

11 Aug 2021 16:12:09
Cinch only sell cars Three Cheers, so how would that affect a tyre company? I'm with you when it comes to our legal team. There's no smoking gun, and judging by their past failings, they'll be luck to have a pea-shooter.

11 Aug 2021 17:46:13
I was thinking that Tomket may have something in their contract regarding having any other automotive type of sponsor. I don't recall seeing any Parks motor group advertising around Ibrox to have any conflict with. Who knows but fingers crossed we have not made a mistake again and come out of this looking like fools as none of us have much faith in our legal team.

13 Aug 2021 13:01:37
Three cheers being told another f up by our directors re cinch contract. We r unable to provide copy of alleged email sent by Robertson to SPFL
These imo r not mistakes but a vendetta being waged by our club.

13 Aug 2021 15:18:24
If true John then what an utter shambles. After the last fiasco with the smoking guns claims which turned out to be more water pistol. I've just wrote a post slamming Robertson about his half arsed apology blaming fans for the Malmo ticketing fiasco. No doubt we will find out soon enough the outcome but I'm fully expecting the worst possible outcome due to fact we have become experts in making ourselves look very stupid in recent times.

13 Aug 2021 15:44:44
If true Robertson head should be on chopping block, the ticket situation coupled with catering shambles is unacceptable.

14 Aug 2021 20:56:41
The truth about the ticket fiasco John was season ticket holders were issued with an email saying they could purchase their own seat .
No where ( absolutely) on the mail was there a link to buy .
Also on the mail it said our cards would be activated.
Whole thing was very very misleading.
Thousands turned up expecting to get in by our cards .
Stewards didn’t have a clue because season ticket holders were convinced they were due entry .
Dear dear.

15 Aug 2021 07:40:22
The shambles was created by rangers.

17 Aug 2021 23:36:19
Guys, these posts above are what I've been thinking, I am concerned that we may be hit with a hefty fine, some sanction or other, why do our Board go down this self destructing route. We should just say we've made a mistake and get on with things if we are at fault here.

03 Aug 2021 13:12:19
Not sure which page Ed's will post this subject but prob on the discussions page.

On the subject of Rangers rumoured to be behind in tax to HMRC .

Seems to me the only reason we could be owing tax is with the players PAYE deductions not being forwarded to HMRC.

Any other tax liabilities as far as I can see are tax due on profits for the financial year.

Although we supposedly have £13 million in the bank we appear to be running at a loss so far this and last season then obviously no tax is due on "profitability" surely.

Probably just another celtic fan club wishful thinking and propaganda that we are in debt to the tax man again.

Wonder how their own tax affairs are doing.

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03 Aug 2021 22:08:49
Would imagine all clubs are from the C.V. tax relief. Not sure we have 13 mil in the bank either where du read that bb?

04 Aug 2021 12:23:21
It must just be a Rangers thing Billy as I owe the HMRC a few quid as well. 😂💰💰💰.

04 Aug 2021 21:34:42
My Bro says he saw it two weeks ago on the official Rangers financial statement 55 mate.

God help you if you if you are in debt to HMRC Three Cheers, when's white gona gie you a pound for your company .

Cheers guys.

06 Aug 2021 13:56:54
Due to CV, all clubs got an exemption from paying their dues to HMRC.
I believe at the time the report first came out, Celtic were the worst affected Scottish club. But that would be because they have the highest wage bill in Scotland.

07 Aug 2021 20:26:29
we can't have 13million in the bank we took 3 million from C.V. loan plus you can't run at a loss if you have money in the bank hope your not a accountant.

08 Aug 2021 09:27:23
SUPPOSEDLY! , b b b mate.

08 Aug 2021 12:58:21
Our financial year runs from 1/ 7 to 30/ 6. Billy says we have 13 million in bank, I am not in a position to disagree or agree.
However, I’d be very deeply concerned if we don’t have millions, we took 16 million in season ticket money which is was payable between May and August
Around 6.75 million in share issue,
Castore pay us our share off merchandise money twice a year, December and July
Tv money, winning Europe money paid July and December
Circa 2 million ticket sales this week.

The 3.2 million loan during C.V. was paid November 2020.

09 Aug 2021 11:34:02
Hi John,

Asked my Bro again where he got the info and he is adamant the interim financial report he saw was a leaked and unofficial statement and that we do indeed (or did have then) £13 million in the bank.

Unfortunately no link to his source so I just have to accept his word as he has no reason to make it up.

Cheers mate.

09 Aug 2021 14:26:49
Big Blue Bear

Having money in the bank has nothing to do with making a loss or a profit - hope you're not an accountant!

09 Aug 2021 15:00:57
With you bluebilly/ john straight away jumped to end of year 13mill. Makes more sense we're Probably 5 mill a month going out so glad to see full houses again. Thing being though I expect ibrox will be nearly full all season. 💰.

09 Aug 2021 16:42:20
Hi b b b mate,

No I'm not an accountant .

You say we can't be running at a loss if we have money in the bank.

I'm ok with arithmetic tho.

Let's say I have £1 million in my bank account but owe say £12 million to suppliers etc, is that running at a profit or a loss? .

I admit to not being an accountant, can you enlighten me further please b b b .

14 Aug 2021 11:34:50
Blue bear I agree your not an accountant. Of course you can run at a loss and have money in the bank! Cash and profit are very different.

HMRC gave companies exemptions on paying VAT last year but it was due back I think in March or April so should now be paid unless football clubs had any special exemptions.

02 Sep 2021 11:58:44
Maybe it's Vat we owe, 20% of every season book, every ticket goes on VAT.

16 Jul 2021 11:46:40
Do we need to wait on the AGM for the accounts to be published?

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16 Jul 2021 21:15:08
Pretty sure the accounts are out first few weeks in December just before the AGM.

17 Jul 2021 12:16:12
Cheers Mols they used to do a 6 monthly but I think they ve been binned just interested to see how this year has gone.

18 Jul 2021 09:58:28
I believe that interim 6 monthly accounts are not a legal requirements and an optional preference but annual accounts are a legal requirement.

18 Jul 2021 17:32:16
Correct Mols.

18 Jul 2021 20:59:36
100% mols just mentioned it because last 2 years they've not given 6 monthly reports. But the fact we're not in a desperate rush to sell is a good sign.

10 Jul 2021 12:37:24
Somebody has to be sold to fill 14million debt even 10 million for morelos will be a possibility.

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11 Jul 2021 11:52:36
Not what the board has said.

No doubt that our business model means player sales in the future but not sure we are at that point in our development yet.

Personally I think we are selling to bring in better to improve the squad but a serious offer for one or two players would be difficult to turn down if we have replacements in place.

11 Jul 2021 12:22:49
I agree DK … two years champ league money is well within our grasp . Especially with this young manager.

11 Jul 2021 14:54:36
6 counties doesn't make sense to sell for that reason I'd sell him because he only has 2 years left on his contract and at the right price. Keeping him could earn us upwards of 30 mil championship league money. Goal scorers aren't easy to find.

22 Jul 2021 12:25:08
Do 19 the board did say that last season that players this season will be sold to balance the books. common knowledge.

29 Jul 2021 14:40:47
Think it was more down the lines of not under pressure to sell but its part of the business model.


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