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27 Sep 2021 03:20:51
Orange tinted am so way you on Fuchs very very soild midfield player got caps with Cameroon and only 22 out of contact if 2022,see a few fans like Macann and Ferguson this boy its easy better than both of them.

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27 Sep 2021 12:41:31
Easily better than Ferguson and Mccann?

27 Sep 2021 12:59:28
All aberdeen fans wanting ferguson out side asap as he's been awful for them.

27 Sep 2021 13:59:57
Sorry mate I think you might mean different Ferguson and Macann.

27 Sep 2021 14:40:49
Yesterday I saw him hit a volley a mile over, I was muttering for him not to shoot as it was clear to me the ball was never coming down for him, he must have known that too, but he proceed to blooper the ball way over the bar, a pathetic waste of possession in search of personal Glory.

27 Sep 2021 00:11:37
Great result today with Celtic

But I'm not going too jump the gun yes 6 points clear so early is more than we could have asked for
But we have some hard games now coming up let's see where we are come end of October and then set the next target after that
If still Atleast 6 clear come end of October I'll be very happy?

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27 Sep 2021 03:14:22
That's in the assumption they win all their games to be still 6 behind or closer depending on the results, we should win most our games, especially at home.

27 Sep 2021 07:33:43
In all honesty we have not played well but thanks to Celtic playing badly and having injuries we are 6 points ahead. Now is the time to move up a gear or two and make that gap 9 points this would be significant even this early in the season. Hope we cease this opportunity and put the foot on the gas.

27 Sep 2021 17:51:52
I think Hibs may be our challenge this season more than Celtic.

26 Sep 2021 22:17:20
Evening chaps. I was just wondering if any of you knew what instrument of torture we used to force Hibs to open up Easter Road for the next match? Thumbscrews maybe. The not knowing is keeping me awake at night.

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27 Sep 2021 07:50:16
Read that the other day. Terrible reporting.

27 Sep 2021 11:30:56
I didn't read the piece sweep but I thought it was a ridiculous headline.

26 Sep 2021 20:52:10
Just watched Hayes ĺunge on BBC not a mention or even looked at. If that had been Morelos we would have had 10 re runs. Calls for ban etc. let's hope compliance officer reviews, will not hold my breathe.

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26 Sep 2021 18:25:41
John25 I could be wrong but did you mention that we were interested in a 16 year old CB from Dundee Utd? If so was that him playing against Celtic today? 16 year old Kerr Smith should have been targeted and bullied by Celtic today but the young man was superb.

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26 Sep 2021 18:47:33
Yes that’s the boy we wanted to sign.

26 Sep 2021 20:36:08
To go to Parkhead and play centre back against Celtic and in front of that crowd shows great maturity. He looks a real prospect but that's only 1 game I'm basing that on. Well done young man👏👏👏.

26 Sep 2021 23:09:58
we still going after the boy John.

26 Sep 2021 23:20:19
Hope not for the boys sake we would put him in that horrible B team league. Let the boy play at Dundee utd because his progress will be better there.

27 Sep 2021 00:09:27
Tell you what I like the boy fuchs that plays with them. Looks a solid player.

27 Sep 2021 09:25:27
Fuchs has impressed me every time we have played them. Wee tiger in there, can play a bit as well.

27 Sep 2021 11:13:42
Not sure Tom, Kerr smith and Dylan Reid r two kids we want.
I hope we don’t sign them, sweep says they wou, d be in terrible lowland league. How dare we consider giving them massive pay rises.

27 Sep 2021 13:08:53
So you saying playing in lowland league is better for their progression John? Yes they might get more money short term but we're will their careers be in 3 years from now? We ain't exactly great for giving young a chance.

27 Sep 2021 14:08:34
Do these boys play in Utd first team now?

27 Sep 2021 14:10:28
Sweep yes I am, have you attended many off the games.
Young kids are learning to play against men.
At least you will be able to moan when the year is up and they play less games against their age group, most of whom r poorer than what we r playing.

27 Sep 2021 14:59:49
Tom the boy smith plays in United first team
Reid gets game time st mirren first team.

27 Sep 2021 16:16:02
So you think playing low land league is better than playing in the spfl every week? Can't get my head around that.

28 Sep 2021 11:56:10
Once again u miss the point, it’s about progression to a better team who plays in Europe.
If we follow your rule then we should sign no one.

28 Sep 2021 14:02:40
The B team doesn't play in Europe though John and that's were these boys will be for at least 3 years. If you think that's better for their progression than playing in the spfl at 16 then your missing he point. Your comment about Europe is nonsense as none of these boys would play in it for years.

26 Sep 2021 18:09:06
Katic a sub today.

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26 Sep 2021 20:48:46
Hadjuk use five subs, katic gets no minutes again.

27 Sep 2021 01:18:21
Katic isn't good enough.

27 Sep 2021 11:15:28
Careful sweep, he scored against Celtic, that’s him made according to many.
Unfortunately he won’t make it with us, same as itten, take the money for both that’s in loan clause. Adds up to a tidy 6 million.

27 Sep 2021 14:10:24
Certainly made my day, if you remember John I had a tenner @katic 33/ 1, I had correct score that day and score cast, great day all round.

27 Sep 2021 15:00:54
Yes Tom, defenders are a great bet.
Gough and a Amaruso earned me plenty.

27 Sep 2021 15:51:22
I followed Katic up with goldstones first and last when he scored twice too, 25s twice

Aye big Gough won me a few quid, as have a few others actually, I don’t back anything other than defenders John, always a good bet,

26 Sep 2021 17:20:50
Alexa set reminder for Monday night SSB. I do enjoy listening to the numpties from Legoland 🇬🇧😜.

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26 Sep 2021 18:53:34
League was over once they gave dundee and st mirren 6 at home. If we shift up a couple of gears like everybody knows we have got they won't see us for dust.

26 Sep 2021 19:19:47
Paul correct many on here had conceded league to them Aberdeen, hibs.

26 Sep 2021 20:46:30
No one has conceded the league on here John.

26 Sep 2021 23:13:45
Don’t get it John, conceded the league? When your in front?

27 Sep 2021 06:40:08
I certainly haven't read of anyone conceding the league. Please enlighten me .

27 Sep 2021 10:22:21
To be fair I remember a new posters a couple of weeks ago going on about angeball and the way we're playing and the league is basically over unless we start finding some form.

27 Sep 2021 11:16:55
R you having a laugh storm, after United game several said we would not be top two. That in my eyes is conceding league.

27 Sep 2021 15:51:58
Dsg did if I remember right.


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