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28 Sep 2021 10:51:17
James McArthur has made it known he would love to finish his career at Rangers, his boyhood club. Could he be the ideal replacement for Davis who it's rumoured will be combining coaching duties with playing next year. McArthur contract up next summer and I reckon he would boss it up here, Crystal Palace captain and the fans down there love him.

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28 Sep 2021 12:11:48
Massive rangers fans wants to finish his career at the club. sign him when he's 34? No thanks.

28 Sep 2021 12:26:06
Too late.

28 Sep 2021 13:50:42
He should have been signed when he played for Hamilton.

28 Sep 2021 15:29:58
Probably about 3 yrs too late but still fit I believe, fitter than his ol pal at palace anyway.

28 Sep 2021 16:33:30
Callander blue he rejected rangers on at least three occasions,

28 Sep 2021 16:49:43
Its our turn to reject him now.

28 Sep 2021 17:18:01
Sure Walter wanted him a couple of times.

28 Sep 2021 17:25:18
Hes still there best player any time I watch palace.

28 Sep 2021 17:34:43
Another one wanting to bulk up his pension and become a local hero for a year. no thanks.

28 Sep 2021 17:54:29
He’s as fit as a fiddle, their captain and playing well in the prem league, why wouldn’t we progress this? What age did we bring Davis back to the club at?

28 Sep 2021 17:54:50
He still has something to offer. But who would u drop.

28 Sep 2021 20:05:25
Midfield needs rotating John, he would definitely be an asset that’s for sure, tough as teak.

28 Sep 2021 20:18:15
Lets go out and get joey veerman and mirko ivanic signed 🙏.

28 Sep 2021 20:57:18
How many player coaches do we need?

Review Of The Day 28th September 2021

28 Sep 2021 07:39:09
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 28th September 2021

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28 Sep 2021 06:35:57
It is now time to break away and leave Celtic for dust we have the 6 point gap now we have to find top gear and blast the league before the next derby they will drop points again we could be 15 points ahead by January which will leave them in a disastrous position they would almost be giving up by that point the opportunity is there to take.

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28 Sep 2021 07:56:41
One game at a time for me Gers!

28 Sep 2021 09:34:43
We will drop points also unless we start to click.

28 Sep 2021 09:51:46
We've a tough October for a team that hasn't performed to our potential so far.

28 Sep 2021 11:29:22
Getting a wee bit ahead of yourself there let's not get to cocky and take 1 game at a time if we start taking things for granted that could be our undoing.

28 Sep 2021 12:14:55
Goi g to be a very hard October and I have already posted about it
That if still 6 clear by end of October I’ll be very happy.

28 Sep 2021 13:43:14
We have not had one good game this season first half against Motherwell we played exciting football but other than that 45 mins it’s been poor they have a lot of injuries right now snd we’re only one point ahead of Hibs and Hesrts so to say we can leave teams for dust is daft we need to up our game or we will be dropping points we will know a lot better by the end of October how we stand it’s a hugely important game on Sat we will need to play a lot better in that one.

28 Sep 2021 17:26:45
I agree, still being 6 points clear going into November would be a huge boost as we have quite a hard run of fixtures.

28 Sep 2021 17:36:28
Remember last year there was a lot us saying 1 game at a time, it worked then it needs to work even more now.

27 Sep 2021 22:39:42
I hate bill leckie but I hate leckie bills more.

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28 Sep 2021 07:44:18
Very clever Laudrup 😂.

28 Sep 2021 07:46:57
Brilliant son.

28 Sep 2021 15:06:09
I wish we could ignore leckie bills the way we can ignore leckie.

27 Sep 2021 20:34:02
Some interesting figures and facts since SG and his team have arrived


All facts are according to transfermarkt. Our current squad value is 94 million
Squad value pre SG was 32 mill.

Since SG arrived we have spent a total of 33.49 mill and have brought in from player sales 4.10 mill. So a net spend of 29.39 mill.


In the same period Celtic have spent a total of 65.47 mill on players. They have brought in 102.47 mill in player sales

Their current squad value atm is 59 mill at the time of SG arrival their squad value was 107 mill.

So basically Celtic have spent over double to keep up with our manager and are currently sitting in 6th place in the league and having to play young boys to bolster their squad.

I asked the question to the Celtic fans where has all the money gone.

When SG arrived they had 40 mill in the bank and a squad value of 107 million. They have made a profit of 37 mill on player sales add to that 10 mill compo for Brendan Rodgers. Add those figures together plus the 25 mill Adidas contract = 112 million. Plus I've not added season ticket sales, euro prize money or merchandise.
Yet your club posts a lose of 11.5 million. Someone is taking some serious money out of your club.

The above figures just highlights what an amazing job our board and management team are doing.

56 and the 40mil of the cl money will utterly destroy them and send them back to the 90s. It's already started with the half empty stadiums, protests ect.

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28 Sep 2021 07:48:07
Was sure that was potato. MPH you have competition.

28 Sep 2021 08:29:24
Good post Stewarty.

28 Sep 2021 09:52:25
Excellent post 👏👏.

28 Sep 2021 10:12:42
Transfer value of players means absolutely nothing until they are actually sold.

28 Sep 2021 18:38:02
Was the same Mols mate, but then again who am I to comment on that.

Cheers all.

27 Sep 2021 19:36:00
Oh Scott the Tim on ssb 🤣🤣🇬🇧🇬🇧.

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27 Sep 2021 20:27:53

27 Sep 2021 19:35:08
Ok guys, before we get on to Thursdays Europa game.

*I am prepared for the backlash for my opinions on this one*.

I see most of us on here are sticking the boot into the big Aussie guy Ange just because he is the new celts manager.

When he first arrived for them, I honestly felt for the guy as he came across as a decent human being with a real passion for the game with no intention or desire to promote his new clubs fans hate or bigotry for Rangers or other clubs.

I still have that feeling and feel sorry for him as a person (not for the celts tho) .

You don't see him doing aeroplanes round the park like a six year old when they won or passing the buck for poor performances and losses like his predecessor did.
Instead, he tells it like it is with no excuses (apart from his squads injuries) much like our own manager.

My point is, "our Stevie" took three seasons to get us back to the top and stopped their taken for granted ten but with only one trophy to his name.
Stevie earned our respect, it was not just given to him because he joined Rangers.

Our poor playing performances so far this season, is much the same for their manager as it is for ours, so let us not get too cocky or complacent so early in the season and get behind our own players and manager in the belief we are just having a temporary wobble.
Remember guys, when you reach the top, eventually there is only one way to go and that is down, as confirmed by celts last season.

Yes, we as Rangers supporters want to thrash our bitter rival at every opportunity, but to single out one person and try and humiliate him with such hatred for doing a job he loves, regardless of which club he chooses to work for is unacceptable from a club like Rangers.

Cheers guys and all the best for Thursdays game.
Ps:- mind you, Ange will not get three seasons should he fail celts.

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27 Sep 2021 20:54:11
Any banter involving the Australian Warburton is with the sole intention of winding up the Celtic support. Its swings and roundabouts billy you have been around long enough to know success comes in cycles, nothing wrong with taking our turn at giving it when on top. I'm more concerned on what nickname suits Ange more, Harold Bishop, Alf Stewart or the Silver fox Lou Carpenter?

27 Sep 2021 21:01:04
Thought this must be a potato head post 😂 he’s the only guy to write a book on here. Anyway I agree with what you say although I suspect many won't like it.

27 Sep 2021 21:18:26
Nobody should be treated badly billy, Lennon, Sutton, and they’re most bitter fans should be treated with disdain m they mean nothing to us, and your absolutely correct the manager seems a goodly guy, I hope he stays that way, and stays behind I the gers,

27 Sep 2021 21:47:31
I agree BB 100%.

27 Sep 2021 22:01:26
Very nice and noble of you billy …
Unfortunately it’s called a banter page
Not “ and todays sermon will be page “
Appreciate your sentiments though.

27 Sep 2021 22:02:47
Well said Bluebilly, the season has hardly started and we have no grounds to celebrate or claim to be superior to any team. Cautiously optimistic about Thursday.

27 Sep 2021 22:07:27
Well said and I agree.

27 Sep 2021 22:49:53
Ange probably is a decent enough man but I hate celtic and want him and them to fail.

28 Sep 2021 07:22:16
Count me out the lovefest for Ange👍
He's manager of our biggest and bitterest rivals.
He's fair game for banter whether he's perceived as a good guy or not.

28 Sep 2021 07:49:24
I’m with you potato.

28 Sep 2021 08:46:08
Yes ph. Not interested in ang.

28 Sep 2021 09:48:39
Harold Bishop, die to his gut and diddies😁.

28 Sep 2021 10:56:03

28 Sep 2021 13:58:16
For nearly 10 years the banter years have been about Rangers in way am I letting Celtic away with it now its their turn. Never forget were Celtic and Scottish football put us.

28 Sep 2021 14:25:04
Bluebilly I get where you’re coming from, seems a nice guy and doesn’t come with the bigotry and spite that some previous ones have. Obviously we all want him to fail but no personal issues with the guy. Kind of like when they had Martin O’Neil, I had nothing against him either. Unlike Lennon, who infuriated me! I yes the same with players, their Japanese striker for example looks a cracking wee player and I like how he plays the game with a smile on his face, Then there was broony who again just infuriated me. Obviously I want them to lose every game they play though, that’s a given.

28 Sep 2021 18:36:22
Hi guys,
Thank you all for your replies .
Would like to say, despite my post I want Ange to be a failure for celts and should he turn out to be another bitter lennon I will be putting the boot in as well.

Cheers guys.


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