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19 Apr 2024 11:56:44
Turkish media claiming lundstrams wage demands are to high of 2m per season,
I really hope we aren't going to offer him 3* years at 33-37k a week.

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19 Apr 2024 12:32:43
I'm reading a deal close for lunny and Ipswich.

19 Apr 2024 12:42:08
That would be reckless and mental for a player that has failed to deliver as much as the rest in his his time at Rangers.
He performed in the run to Seville.
He performed under Clement to begin with.
The rest of the time? A let down.

19 Apr 2024 12:42:50
Let’s hope so but I don’t trust the Turkish media.

19 Apr 2024 12:56:53
Just seen that too OWS.

19 Apr 2024 13:04:06
All very interesting, imo
Unlikely to go to Turkey

I’m told issue is PC and rangers have told certain players their contract won’t be renewed.

Others under contract have been advised that PC does not see them as part of next seasons plans, many have been involved in match day squads.
Players were told in March.

19 Apr 2024 13:11:13
John could that decision to inform players in march rather than wait till seasons end prove to be wrong, is that reasons for form dropping off.

19 Apr 2024 13:11:28
Could explain the sudden drop off in performances John.

19 Apr 2024 13:17:12
Doesn't say he's going to turkey.

Id also find it possible but highly unlikely players were told they wouldn't be here next season when they were in the midst of a treble push.

19 Apr 2024 13:19:42
John you heard the offer we gave lundstram was half his current wage? Wonder if it will be taken off the table after recent events and performances.

19 Apr 2024 13:21:56
John27, timing if true might explain performances last month or so.
Was that wise? At that stage of the season?

19 Apr 2024 13:34:45
Wish at no Tim have I said lundstrum was offered half of current wages, I said he wanted three years with signing on fee, rangers were prepared to offer two years, my understanding is offer no longer on table

Bar I feel very unwise, however pc believed it was being fair to players, naive

Tjn certain players have been told defo.

19 Apr 2024 13:52:29
I was asking you if you heard that mate not saying you said it.

19 Apr 2024 13:59:03
Hopefully he leaves at end of season.

19 Apr 2024 14:05:10
He is welcome to over 30k per week - as long as its not at Ibrox?.

19 Apr 2024 14:47:29
The way forward is bringing in young players to sell on in future, Clemont has already said this although a think Lundstrum had a chance to stay with his performances but that looks gone now, the question is did we pull the contract offered or did he get the offer from somewhere else first, could t care less now am more interested in if he is going to try in the remaining weeks.

19 Apr 2024 14:48:41
30k at rangers should be reserved for special players. Lundstram is no more than a 15k a week player imo. Even at his peak he was important but he is limited. In no way should we be thst generous to players for underachieving.

19 Apr 2024 15:37:53
On that point about telling the players he doesn’t want going forward- do you think that’s why the underperformers haven’t been dropped because they are part of the plans and the rest aren’t? Maybe Raskin, Balogun etc. have been told they’re not in plans so that’s why he’s not playing them.

19 Apr 2024 16:13:26
Sorry wushu just way u wrote it mate. See my response but answer is I’ve not heard that.

19 Apr 2024 16:59:32
No player at ibrox right now is worth 30k well maybe Butland but that’s it.

19 Apr 2024 17:46:43
That was be a crazy decision if players told in March.

19 Apr 2024 20:31:31
Sorry if players can’t stay professional or even attempt to change managers mind or even respect he’s given them more time to sort a future for themselves then I don’t want them at rangers

I was one of lundstrums biggest critics and then one of his biggest fans under Clement credit where it’s due but the massive drop off suggests he has in fact put tools away also players reverting to sidewards football instead of direct quick attacks reminds me of what happened with gio when he first came in pushed two wide men up pitch and tried fast counter worked for a while then players seemed to just stop and revert back to old ways of playing.

Tells you there is a problem in the squad for me it’s time to shake things up and Clement should get our backing people need to remember these players are not his doing.

Give him a proper transfer window and a pre season.

20 Apr 2024 09:01:35
The decision to tell players they're not wanted looks like it has cost us the title. school boy error telling players before the season ends.

20 Apr 2024 12:49:27
I suspect that Lundstrum decided a while back that he would move on unless we gave him a hefty signing on fee and a lengthy contract. There also appears to be interest from the top end of the English Championship.
He is a mercenary and we know from his time at Sheffield United that he downs tools when he knows that he is moving on.
Having someone like him in the team has a negative effect on the other players.
I wouldn't have him at the Club.

21 Apr 2024 10:57:54
I don't believe that a manager needs to tell a player that they are not part of his plans, most players will know this.
If you are at the end of your contract and you haven't had conversations about a new deal or, like Roofe and Jack, you have been struggling for fitness, then you know that it is unlikely that you will be given a new contract.
They are not the problem.
Equally, we have a number of players that are out injured or have been out injured and that are only returning to full fitness. They can't be blamed.
It all comes back to the poor acquisitions over a period of years, basically from the day that Wilson was appointed and then Park came in.
We keep hearing about last season's flops being down to Beale, how many of those players were identified by Wilson, Park and the assortment of poor scouts that we had at the Club.
I suspect that some of those acquisitions, as we are seeing with Lammers, are decent quality, but just not suited to the rigours of Scottish Football. The other problem is that Wilson sold good quality players, for big money, but we never replaced them.

22 Apr 2024 17:17:18
Our recruitment simply hasn't been good enough.



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