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15 Apr 2024 10:19:39
@ John27

Hi john not conversed with you on here for a while mate hope you and your family all keeping well.

Have a wee question if you don't mind?

But what's your thoughts and knowledge on how our summer will go financially with transfers in I know a lot can depend on who we move on and what money is brought in saved etc
But at this moment have you heard of any rumours in what PC may be given or are we entirely reliant on what goes out the door first?
Is their any new investment coming down pipeline
Has PC been given any assurances on what will be made available etc

You may not be able to answer the question entirely so even just your own thoughts on it and what PC may have been promised?

Anyone else wants too throw your opinions in feel free ?.

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15 Apr 2024 10:33:55
Stig, it all depends on CL football

I don’t think we can afford silva, sima diomande cortez yes.

We know Barisic will leave along with McLaughlin and I prey roofe and Jack. Simply because they can’t contribute

I think lundstrum debatable as is Balogun and wright

Told definitely interest in tav butland cantwell dowell Mccrorie Lovelace yefeko yilmaz

We want to move n hagi Lammers Davies

My biggest fear is another rebuild of say 10.

I wrote this time last year worrying times ahead and was slaughter Re our summer plans, I’m still concerned if we don’t win league.

15 Apr 2024 10:53:13
Big rebuild like that would be murder getting them 2 gel, understand your concern John. One thing though, do we not have an obligation to buy Diomande? Good insight bud?.

15 Apr 2024 11:04:49
Thanks John
Great reply and very much appreciated ?

If the jintrest in the players mentioned all move in and the ones we want moved on that you also mentioned
It very well could be another 10 we’re looking at coming in the door

all feels a little much to be doing every season unless of course the club is making millions in profit from the sell on etc but that doesn’t seem to be the case so as you say all a little bit worrying

You think PC will stay if we don’t win league and don’t make champions league if the money he may think he requires doesn’t materialise?

all a guessing game right now of course as we could end up wining all remaining games stranger things have happened lol let’s hope so ?
And we find ourselves in a great financial reward league winners and champions league money
We can only live in hope.

15 Apr 2024 11:26:28
We have a quality manager and celtic showed you can make big changes and be successful also under Rodgers the other mob won't get too far ahead we can't keep up.

15 Apr 2024 11:55:08
Yes re diomande I mean I believe we will sign diomande Cortes and silva.

15 Apr 2024 12:00:26
Stig, clement won’t leave b4 end next season imo unless we sack him.

15 Apr 2024 12:06:42
Lets be honest, we do need about 10 new players in the door anyways. May as well start now.

A lot of folk on here during the live chat have said it for a while now that we need to get rid of the bottlers and players that have been here too long and are jsut taking wages but not contributing.

Butland is worth £15m all day and could be one of the big differences in winning trophies.

Tav, love him but feel his time is up. Better to leave a hero than stay and become a villain type thing.

Goldson, Borna, Jack, Wright, Davies can all go, no questions asked.

Lunny, was first name on team sheet for a while there but obviously wants away and his performances of recent (in important games) has been well below the level needed.

Silva, not for me, has some talent but doesn't bring enough to the team game to game, little flashes of skill are not good enough.

Sima. not too bothered if he stays or goes. Decent player and just coming back from injury. Would depend on his price tag.

Dessers is terrible, i think everyone is on board now (i hope)
I said it at the start of the season that he will miss so many chances that will will cost us games and the league. I did think that when PC came in that Dessers would come good given his Betis goal and a couple of other flashes but can't have 1 goal out of 10 chances if we want to be the best.

Cortez and Diomande look good and just need more time so i would try to keep them.

Obviously players like Yilmaz, Cantwell, Sterling etc. would like to keep them but if good offers come in then that's the business and it must be done.

Guys like Dowell and Raskin i think need more time and could come good for us.

I would like to see more of the youngsters get game time too.
If they can't be trusted at 2 or 3 up then are they good enough to be at Rangers.

IMO. Biggest thing in the summer is to buy a striker.
PC big mistake was not buying Shankland or Mioski. People saying they were too expensive, well it would have been 4 or 5mil well spent to win the league and also still be in Europa this year.

15 Apr 2024 12:09:28
Will br majorly dissapointed if we spend money on silva.

15 Apr 2024 12:21:23
Good post ally, I’m told the manager did not want milvski or shankland, he and kloppen have much better in mind

Imo such a shame we could not get denkey in January, clearly he has moved outwith our affordability.

15 Apr 2024 12:25:15
Hope cortes is signed but imo don't think silva offers much especially if he costs a lot in wages.

15 Apr 2024 12:37:06
Can't argue with that Ally.

15 Apr 2024 13:04:43
John, did I not see you mention that we have been in talks with a couple of high calibre out of contract players. I'm sure you also said they are foreign players. I know you don't want to name names as it comes with grief at times, what about positions.

15 Apr 2024 13:05:36
Im not saying PC and Koppen don't think there is better out there but is there better out there than we can get?

They didn't bring anyone in in January and there are better strikers down the local park than Dessers lol.

Any good young striker is going to the big money leagues.

15 Apr 2024 13:05:53
I'm a bit worried the money isn't going to there to get us where we want to be without champion league revenue, that's why it was so important to win the league but unfortunately think its gone.

15 Apr 2024 15:10:10
Had a look at the squad yesterday, thought around 15 might leave and or be loaned out before the new season starts.
Would like to keep Sterling and get Cortes signed up.
Will be interesting to see how they manage to go about things if its as much as that.

15 Apr 2024 15:45:55
I don't believe that we will have an option but to bring in another 8 or 10 new players since there isn't one of those players that are out of contract this summer that merits retaining. The only one that is of the quality we need is Roofe and he is perennially injured.
What we don't need is another close season of signing second or third rate players.
If we don't secure Champions League Football then the Board will need to find new investment. Bennet and Bisgrove have the benefit of not being in charge in the summer so can sidestep the abysmal goings on from summer 2023 and before however they need to ensure that Clement is given whatever is required to bring in the players of the quality and mentality needed.
I remain of the opinion that there are investors out there that are willing to put money into the Club and with the changes in the Boardroom that we have seen hopefully we will see some funding.
At the end of the day I just don't see Bennet taking on the role of Chairman full time to preside over more of the same.

15 Apr 2024 19:32:29
Yes Cmac I did a ch and a cf.



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