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03 Apr 2024 06:45:17
Football insider, yes clickbait site, opining we will approach Wolves to enquire about a possible cut price deal for Silva, with Wolves having to balance the books over FFP, think its possible guys? Or just waffle. Obviously they will still want a reasonable amount, pay up maybe? Or just out of our range? Thoughts guys?

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03 Apr 2024 07:18:22
If we go ahead and spend big money on Sima - just can't see us spending a lot on Silva too and am sure that the fee Wolves will be looking for may be out our reach - anyway its a true poacher goal-scorer/ No 9 we need and Silva is not that I am afraid - there are many other areas of pitch where improvement/ investment needed too?.

03 Apr 2024 07:32:52
Just a thought Floyd2, agree about the need for a gd9 and getting Sima?.

03 Apr 2024 08:29:30
It’s a good thought Fork but as Floyd says there are other priorities. Also, a player who has commanded such a hefty transfer fee will have a hefty wage to match. Finally, given the choice between Fabio and Abdallah, I’d take the latter every time, based on what I’ve seen so far.

03 Apr 2024 09:06:16
While I think he's a decent player, I don't think he's worth anywhere near the figures quoted. Especially not for a club like us who need to be savvy with our funds.

Based on what we've seen of them both, if we are to sign one of the loanees it would be Sima for me. If we're to sign one.

Silva isn't the 9 we need. If we were to, for example, cash in on Cantwell, then I could see him as a decent 10. He's also, based on what we've seen, not as effective as Sima or even the cameo we got from Cortes off the left.

Given what we know we need as a minimum before we move anyone on in the summer: CF, RW, LB, CB I don't think we have the luxury of spending £7m - £10m on a guy who has just been "alright" in the games played so far. His fee is already EPL inflated and, given the delta between there and SPL pricing you couldn't even argue an investment either.

I personally don't think signing Silva on a perm deal makes any sense at this stage, as much as he's a decent player.

03 Apr 2024 09:21:31
Where are we getting the money from to buy all our loan players?! Even if we were to get Silva for 10m (isn't happening), add that fee to the fees for Sima, Cortes and Diamonde, and that's 25m right away. Pie in the sky!

We have the highest wage bill in Scotland! We only turned a orofit (before tax) of 250k! There's other areas of the pitch which needs addressed (central defence)! And then there's the wages to consider for Sima, and especially Silva! It is not happening!

These sites are called "click bait' sites for a reason. They post sensational straplines in the hope that those who see it are desperate enough to click into in the false hope that the headline are true, and from those clicks, they can generate money for themselves.

Do yourself a favour fork, try and resist the urge to click, you'll be doing yourself a favour, mate.

03 Apr 2024 09:26:29
Silva will develop into a great player but not with us. The main difference i see with him and sima is temperament. Sima came short of confidence, i for one was not convinced early on but the big guy despite his youth and the pressure around him grabbed the bull by the horns and pretty much through it out of the park. Prior to injury he was on fire and to me a great indication of where a player is at is the smile on his face. The big guy was beaming. Silva isn't quite a striker but not fully a winger. I feel we have the best of him on the left. Against benfica mentally he got involved with stuff he didn't need to. Instead of it being about the team hr was drawn into personal arguments with benfica players not from the fact he was a rangers player but because of his past career in Portugal. This affected him and the team. If we had sima available that would not have happened. I know he is only young but sima is only a year older, has started a family and this will make him far more rounded as like playing in a team you are not the most important person in your life, whereas letting personal feelings come into such an important game let me see that fabio silva is more important to fabio silva than the team is, that is not what i want to see when a player steps onto the pitch. Plus big simas return is a different level from silva so based on that its not even a contest.

03 Apr 2024 09:33:32
Raise, good post.

03 Apr 2024 10:06:05
Rtr, think we will move a few players on for cash in summer. Plus couple big wages off the wage bill. Think we will go to loan market again. As well as signing jefte cortes on perms. can't see us paying big money required for sima or silva. Think Cantwell or butland may go back south.

03 Apr 2024 10:17:01
Wolves will likely look to shift Silva in a cut price deal, but a cut price deal to them is still way above what we will spend on 1 player. I’d imagine their cut price figure would be in the region of £15m which not only blows us out of the affordability water, but also there will be a lost of clubs who are willing and able to pay that for him.

I also fear the same will happen with Sima. Brighton say “yeah he can go for this price” we waffle around it trying to negotiate it in a way that doesn’t put us on the back foot for the rest of the summer window. All the while a load of clubs with more money than us will start bidding for him having seen what he can produce based on his loan here. Very similar to Tillman situation where we hoped to get him but all we did was draw attention to him from clubs with deeper pockets.

03 Apr 2024 10:29:08
we won't sign a poacher striker, it's not the way the team is set up. if we sign a striker, then it is one who will work his socks off, not one who stands in the box waiting for the ball to come to him.

03 Apr 2024 11:10:51

Always possible, 5m down then payment over time not unheard of. Wolves glad of any income at present.

03 Apr 2024 11:24:35
We will be saving 30k+ on roofe wages in the summer.

I don’t believe for one second we can buy silva we can’t be paying all his wages at the mo with loan.

03 Apr 2024 12:01:51
As I stated and your fond of reminding me even when I have stated it is, its to promote discussion RTR to see if people think its possible or worthwhile, oh and look people are discussing it, yes I know that's what they do, u do not need to constantly remind me bud?.

03 Apr 2024 12:04:44
All raising good points, but as I said it was a discussion point about possibilities or not, nothing more. ?.

03 Apr 2024 12:07:43
The reason we won't sign Silva is the wage he's on, think it's 80k weekly.

03 Apr 2024 12:22:15
PC likes Roofe too, but think your right Storm, he will cut him, can't see him being allowed to stay.

03 Apr 2024 13:12:58
And that's exactly what I done, Fork! I engaged in the discussion, gave the reasons why we won't be buying him, and contributed to why these sites are a steaming pile of jimmy white, designed to snare the most naive and easily led into clicking into them. ?.

03 Apr 2024 13:30:15
Sarcasm to boot gd for you??.

03 Apr 2024 14:36:51
Whether we win the league or not, the summer business will be huge.
Possibly going or going. based on comments on here.
Butland Barisic Roofe Jack Davies Tav? Lundstrom Raskin? Wright Silva Dowell just off the top off my head,
Already committed I think to buying Cortes Diomande
As well as I'm sure a few we haven't thought of yet

03 Apr 2024 15:44:34
I'd imagine we'll sign a few bosmans in the summer. cl money very important this year.



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