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15 Apr 2024 20:15:30
John Bennett spoke about being the best when talking about the infrastructure or best in class. Mr Bennett how about funding a team who are the best in Scotland otherwise fans won't use your best in class stadium or infrastructure.

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15 Apr 2024 21:16:09
We need to stop wasting money on players who just can't cut it. How much did we waste last summer alone.
The club can only spend so much unless we increase our revenue.
Really think we need to forget signing pkayers like Silva and probably even Sima who has been OK.
There must be better out there without bursting the bank.

15 Apr 2024 21:26:42
OneWAlter, I'm hoping that Bennett's decision to be full time Chairman is because he has a strategy to bring in new investment and new blood to the Boardroom which suffered under Parks.

I have heard repeatedly that there are prospective investors, US, South African and British, (previously there was also Far Eastern Investment talk but the changes in Chinese Investment Strategy as regards overseas football clubs appears to have waned).

Bennett will be well aware that supporters are fed up with the shoddy performances on the park and will understand that you can only expect fans to take failure for so long.

He has a clean slate given that Parks, his CEO and his DoF have gone and been replaced by a more professional team so it is up to him over the summer to do what is necessary to remove the perennial failures on the park and support Clements to replace them with quality players with a winning mentality.

15 Apr 2024 21:42:19
Do you ever offer anything positive OWS? You don’t have to be a happy clapper, not that that’s ever going to be an issue, but your incessant negativity is getting boring. We’re in a title race, maybe try being a supporter? At the very least with John Bennett, we have a properly respected and astute businessman as a chairman unlike the charlatans who went before.

15 Apr 2024 22:33:16
One Walter you speak for yourself, as a matter of interest how u going to satisfy ffp for Europe.

15 Apr 2024 23:25:27
The amount of negativity i think some prefer it when we falter. Move on. Two games in the next week, the season ain't over yet. If we do win the league will you be happy or continue to moan. Take your tampon out lower your blood pressure and relax a bit.

15 Apr 2024 23:52:44
Ibrox4me I'm asking questions or making points that are relevant given where we are and I. ll be positive as many. posts iv made have shown but if you want to Bury your head in the sand go ahead but as posters have shown over past few days we have concerns.

15 Apr 2024 23:55:53
BTW ibrox4me unlike you I go to most home and away games not the odd euro game so I support the team with hard earned.

16 Apr 2024 01:17:30
Troops bitch away. The other side will love it. As like the lack of bottle in the two last games. They are wrong on the other side. We have not died. We have surrendered.

16 apr 2024 05:32:31
ive certainly not surrendered to anyone or anything, wit?

16 Apr 2024 06:16:02
Typical John of you we satisfy ffp by buying better than we have and selling when players have a value if your happy the way things are going then good for you but I'm not and haven't been since 55.

16 Apr 2024 06:21:20
OWS that's uncalled for bud, how do you have any inkling how any supporters support the club, people go or don't, people watch the ladies, the B team invest in merchandise, so because you go to home and away games you call another bear out, feckin joke.

16 Apr 2024 07:34:45
It was a fair question from John onewalter, I hinted at the same when I said we can only spend so much unless we increase our revenue. By the way I can no longer go to matches because of I'll health, do you think that makes you a better fan than me? Your OP suggested that you expect John Bennett to bankroll a big spend on players.

16 Apr 2024 08:39:45
OWS, I’m pretty much an ever present home and away and in Europe so get off your high horse and stop being a d***

No one wants Rangers to win more than me. No one. And I’ve never once buried my head. But your posts, as others have noted, are pretty much always negative. I find you a very contributor to that so just take the feedback and carry on, I’ll just ignore you and skip past your negativity. Have to laugh at your response though, absolute petted lip and raging huff ??.

16 Apr 2024 08:42:01
Check that OWS, all home games, not most, and every away game I can get a ticket for. So does that make me ‘out-staunch’ you then? Dear lord…. ?.

16 Apr 2024 09:36:43
I4m I made the point because of a poll you requested and as far as being negative I pay my hard earned and have seen little to be positive for since 55 as for ffp we have to generate more income to spend more so if our board can't do that are we just tp pay our money and accept being the 2nd best team in the country.

16 Apr 2024 09:40:00
Jfm for clarity I don't expect Bennett to bankroll a spend but I do expect to have won more than 3 trophies since 2016 personally I think Bennett has good intentions but that won't put us back on top in a 2 horse league only investment can and I hope he can generate that using his expertise.

16 Apr 2024 10:35:51
OWS as you know I like your posts but the post about you going to games and ibrox maybe not (he has said he does) is pretty irrelevant as some can’t go for different reasons and was out of order.

16 Apr 2024 11:34:19
Fgs where do I say I’m happy, owls, we were on uefa watch list just last season,

I have attended games for 70years, I wrote last year worrying times ahead I stand by that, mb we should just sell to Ashley, we have to operate within a budget or we see what can happen

Ibrox, at present I want us to win more than u, if we add league and cup, 4 off us stand to get 13k.

16 Apr 2024 11:58:07
Storm in fairness I tried to make a point but perhaps didn't make it correctly every person who supports our great club whether they go or not are vital and I think iv let past couple results get into my head so hope no1 took offence.

16 Apr 2024 13:14:15
That’s fair enough OWS. I don’t and can’t speak for anyone else but I reckon we’re all hurting right now. I’m finding some optimism and faith in PC. There will be many away this summer, a lot of the names consistently mentioned. New and better players will arrive. This season is far from over and whilst we made a f*****g backside of it at the weekend, anything can still happen. Recall ICT, Motherwell and so on. As fans, we’ve got to give it 100% together until it’s done or impossible. We all different views, different ways of supporting, different ways of communicating it. What’s common is that we all absolutely want to win. Let’s hope we can turn things around and that our manager can pull a rabbit out the hat. Next season will always be the year to judge but we’re still in a race.

16 Apr 2024 13:47:51
Ibrox a positive spin is at start of season we'd all have took this position so let's pray we can recapture the form of past games and go do this.

16 Apr 2024 14:23:15
100% agreed.



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