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23 Apr 2024 17:29:26
At work today myself and some fellow bears were talking about cyriel dessers and how well we think he's doing and the stats he has with us ?We then got onto the topic of who we'd prefer between him and lawrence shankland and who we rated the better all round striker ?So it was pretty close between the 5 of us and who we picked, so i'm throwing the same question open on here guys ?So who do you guys reckon is the best overall striker between cyriel dessers and lawrence shankland and if it was only a straight fight between those two, which one would you prefer to lead the line for us and be our no.9 ?.

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23 Apr 2024 19:01:11
Shankland. Far far more clinical. Dessers misses alot, terrible composure, 1 on 1s not great. Although dessers probably runs about a bit more. Hoping he moves on in the summer though.

23 Apr 2024 19:32:53
Shankland more clinical. Neither should be rangers number 9 in an ideal worl so Hopefully danilo is the player we hope he can be and that we sign another.

23 Apr 2024 19:39:21
I think Dessers is on 19 in all comps with 6 assists. He has probably played more than Shankland in terms of appearances but he rarely plays the full 90 mins so mins in pitch may be similar.
Shanks also takes penalties which inflates his stats in comparison.
I think Shankland is a better finisher though would he be as effective when playing teams who sit much deeper than when he plays for Hearts?
Personally I think Shankland all round game and link up is better but Dessers is decent at holding it up.
I’d sign Shankland to replace Roofe and would consider Miovski to replace Dessers or Danillo if price was right.

23 Apr 2024 19:47:31
Shankland better all round player for me.

23 Apr 2024 19:53:26
SPFL only:-
Shankland goal every 137 minutes.
Or a goal every 1.5 games.
3.8 shots per match.
0.7 shots on target.
17% goal conversion.
Dessers goal every 144 minutes.
Or a goal every 2.3 games.
3.0 shots per match.
1.4 shots on target.
15% goal conversion.
Shankland has more shots on goal.
Shankland has less shots on target.
But is obviously more clinical with his shots on target.
Disclaimer. The above includes penalties.
Would I spend £2-£4 million on Shankland to replace Dessers? Definitely not. I expect better.

23 Apr 2024 20:03:29
Paul86, i'm not saying for one minute that we don't need a better striker than dessers but we have to give the big fella credit here imo ?We should be focusing on the goals he's scored, instead of continually putting the guy down and focusing more on the chances he misses ? He's most certainly not as bad a striker as some would have you believe and we've had a lot worse strikers at rangers than big dessers, over the years ?.

23 Apr 2024 20:10:07
Miovsky iv heard is celtic bound but shankland is a better all round striker who I'd sign to replace roofe we need 4 good forwards danilo dessers shankland and 1 other.

23 Apr 2024 20:31:32
Shankland doesn't take hearts pens anymore.

23 Apr 2024 20:43:30
Shankland All day every day.
Shanks on course to finish with 30 goals, same as last year. Shankland also does something we have been crying out for, scores goals in spl (21) and scores very regularly v celtic- 9 games 6 goals. He has played more minutes than dessers, but you can't hold that against shankland that dessers keeps being dropped for playing poorly. We are in need of a scorer like shankland that's for sure. It's similar thing to ferguson, we look down on our own for some reason, why? I will never know, as scottish players have always been the spine to our success over the years.

23 Apr 2024 20:44:15
Shankland all day long by a mile.

23 Apr 2024 20:59:56
It’s a close call between the 2 but Shankland edges it for me.
I think we need 3 strikers in the squad and preferably 1 is association or home grown for Europe.
Danilo Shankland and another.
If we can sell Dessers and sign Shankland with the proceeds, then hopefully we can find a gem in the transfer window.

23 Apr 2024 21:00:31
Dessers for me, works his ass off and runs the channels well. His hold up play has got better but still not great.

Cracking goal return this season, he probably should be on 30 with the chances he’s missed.

23 Apr 2024 21:03:25
Shankland for me, think of all the chances that we create and if they fell to Shankland pretty sure he would be on more goals, also he’s done well against them when a chance has fell his way and that’s with Hearts.
It’s all hypothetical though.

23 Apr 2024 21:15:52
Dessers wouldn't even get double figures in a Hearts team. Shankland is miles better.

23 Apr 2024 21:17:37
I think with Shankland you need to play to his strengths and I’m not sure we’d do that. Dessers presses much better but Shankland probably more of a goal scorer.

23 Apr 2024 21:39:01
Good stats mph.
If dessers took pens he would be up there with shanks in terms of goals.
Dessers is the better all round player and it’s not close in my opinion. Shankland misses chances also you would think they way some go on about him on here he scores every time he takes a shot. He doesn’t. No striker does.

We need better than both.

23 Apr 2024 21:41:06
Agree MPH, we do need a finisher but given his age I don’t think would be a great investment. We should have taken a punt when his value was lower / free.

23 apr 2024 21:59:14
not even close for me, shankland should and could have fired us to the title, imo

not even close, a far, far better player.

23 Apr 2024 22:19:37
If if if. Shankland all day.

23 Apr 2024 22:26:55
Think it's the boy Barnes Paul86.

23 Apr 2024 22:27:40
Would rather have Shankland however going forward I also think we need better then both
Shankland pace worry’s me he doesn’t look the most nimble at times? Or am I wrong on this?

23 Apr 2024 23:51:38
Shankland 21 goals in spl
Dessers 13 in spl
Shankland 3 in Europe
Dessers 1 in Europe
Shankland 9 starts v celtic 6 goals
Dessers 3 starts v celtic 0 goals
Out performing dessers basically everywhere.

24 Apr 2024 00:01:05
Teams try and play different against us to hearts.

24 Apr 2024 02:09:05
No doubt Shankland is a better striker and finisher, but Dessers work rate is far superior. The way he presses off the ball for us is second to none.

24 Apr 2024 05:10:26
Apart from the semi final though BB3.

24 Apr 2024 07:10:30
This isn't even close, it's Shankland by a country mile.

Look, Dessers numbers are good, while he continues to go from the ridiculously bad, to the ridiculously sublime, without any in-between, but we need better. Lawrence Shankland is better, much better, but time is not on his side.

I would take Shankland in a heart beat, but if hearts start getting arsy with the price, then it's a no - 2m tops, and that's it!

24 Apr 2024 07:31:09
I think they could form a good partnership as part of a two.

24 Apr 2024 08:04:30
Fair points RTR and Camoo, but as opined earlier by some, we seem reluctant to play two up top.

24 Apr 2024 08:10:02
To the point boy blue, I like it.

24 Apr 2024 08:15:13
Not much between them. tbh, we need better going forward next season. it will be interesting to see more of Danilo.

24 Apr 2024 08:17:08
Yes Dessers should score more we all know that, boy does a gd job imo, Shanks, could he score more at Rangers, when a few on here are bemoaning service, will he be a gd fit, we just don't know. Just need to wait n see if we pull the trigger. Agree though, as much as I like big Cyriel, we do need someone more clinical.

24 Apr 2024 08:51:46
I'd go for Shankland. Think he's a much better finisher tho Dessers better work rate. He's also scottish which is important. Not being able to have a full squad in Europe was crazy and can u think of many better options? Even if u rate them equally this would push it for me. To be fair to Dessers tho he's done far better than I expected and perhaps problem is noone else is scoring to take pressure off him making him look worse.

24 Apr 2024 09:07:17
There's 2 things that put me off, Fork, his age and the fee hearts will demand.

Look, as much as I wanted him here in January, we were never paying what hearts wanted, and rightly so. If they are mad enough to demand anything north of 2m in the summer then it's a no, and we look elsewhere.

24 Apr 2024 11:57:25
Commented on that exact point to one of your other posts RTR, totally agree bud, age doesn't help?.

24 Apr 2024 13:54:30
Ror, hearts still believe they can get 4 million for shankland in summer. We certainly won’t pay that ….

24 Apr 2024 15:12:35
If that's what they're asking, John, then not a chance. What they believe they can get, and what they will get, are 2 different things.
Honestly, teams like Hearts crack me up with their demands. A player, who'll be 29 before next season starts, in his final 12 months of contract, and they believe they'll get 4m. No they won't!

24 Apr 2024 15:25:44
Who cares if Dessers works hard off the ball, its goals that win games. Dessers working hard off the ball never won us the game against Motherwell, Dundee, Ross county or any game v celtic! Now had he taken some of his chances in those games then we may have got some points!

25 Apr 2024 08:04:17
Better value elsewhere.



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