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04 Apr 2024 13:13:43
Posters of all ages -

To create a wee bit of interaction i'm wondering what is your favourite old firm game/ goals home or away or what one has the best memories for you?

If all goes well sunday I think this could be one of the best.

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04 Apr 2024 13:26:51
I enjoyed the 4-4 game in the 80’s but my 2 favourite games were the 5-1 at ibrox butch Wilkins screamer and the 3-0 at parkhead to retain the title in advocates 1st season.

04 Apr 2024 13:30:21
Winning the league at the midden best game. Ray Wilkins volley best goal.

04 Apr 2024 13:48:10
My first away game beat them 4 2 big Hately scored 2 kuznetzov and Miko. what a game.

04 Apr 2024 14:05:06
As amazing as Wilkins goal was I think Jonas therns
Old firm strike was even better further out and hit with more power - then kontermans SF goal against them almost burst the net - albertz free kick as well at Ibrox - so many great goals. To beat them 3-0 away to win league has to be the best victory though ??????.

04 Apr 2024 14:13:33
PH44 that game (I think it was the last old firm played on New Year’s Day because some clown attacked the Rangers keeper) or the one that tied up 9 in a row with the Rangers players doing the huddle at the end. Unmans goal at Ibrox because from where I was sitting I seen the full movement of the ball.

04 Apr 2024 14:39:54
Favourate game and goal was Mo Johnston with the last minute winner. Don't think anything before or after has made them more sick than that goal, a proper kick in the stones.

04 Apr 2024 14:52:33
3-0 at park head to win the league, absolutely outstanding. Loved seeing us do a huddle at the end of the match. Fans jumping from the top tier and refs hit by coins…. it just didn’t get much better.

04 Apr 2024 14:57:12
Im mid 30s so a lot of the games mentioned so far i'm a bit young to have a great memory of.
Similar to what gal77 said - i remember maurice edu last minute to win 1-0 very well that was bedlam as well.
I also really enjoyed the penalty kicks win under warburton felt amazing after the years down the leagues.
3-1 comeback win over celtic at parkhead is the only time I've been there and won. Miller 2 and lafferty.
Pedro mendes goal also!

04 Apr 2024 15:10:14
1984 League Cup Final 3-2 Gers sticks in the mind as our mini bus broke down on the way, atmosphere was electric that day and what a game.

04 Apr 2024 15:12:57
The favourite is probably my 1st one 3 all draw and ibrox with goram point blank save/ fave goals seen v them prob kontermans, lovenkrands SCF or Edu.

04 Apr 2024 15:25:00
Dryburgh cup final, witnessed that special goal by Cooper, Jardine scored a great goal as well.
1979, still have the programme.

04 Apr 2024 15:46:24
Not a great goal but Lovenkrands in 2002 Cup final winner I just remember going wild for.

04 Apr 2024 16:13:04
3 games for me, the League title 3-0 at Parkhead, the 5-1 Butch Wilkins screamer victory, my Wife and I had our Season Tickets in Govan West right in line with it, and Maurice Johnstons 89th minute winner at Ibrox.

04 Apr 2024 16:33:39
Albertz free kick!

Or Gough’s equaliser in the 2-2 game when we were down to 9.

04 Apr 2024 16:42:51
Great shout huey.

04 Apr 2024 16:45:01
Coops keepy uppy in the penalty box TB26 a thing of absolute class.

04 Apr 2024 16:48:23
Pedro mendes at the midden.

04 Apr 2024 16:57:06
1973 cup final Tam Forsyth winner.

04 Apr 2024 17:13:54
We won 4-2 at parkhead New Year’s Day early 90s,2-0 up in three minutes and 3-0 up at half time, their fans totally lost it attacking our goalie etc, chants of keep the board and the bright side of life came about, 2-2 game with 9 men was a special game to be at as well, let’s be honest any victory against them is a good day.

04 Apr 2024 17:16:33
Wilkins, Pedro Mendes and Jelavic and the proddy ball at Hampden.

04 Apr 2024 17:37:18
Big dado, mine was my first ever old firm, 1990 at parkhead. Ally mcoist and Walters 2-1 us. The reason it was special apart from being my first o. f is as many know on here my old man was a Tim, on his way to the game he said cheerio, then came back chapped the door and said would you like to go we man, I actually nearly fainted with excitement, actually tearing up writing this. It broke my dad's heart that I was a ger but he still went out his way to get me tickets which looking back must have been hard for him. My whole family are celtic daft, my dad and brother who are no longer here god bless them, we used to have the best banter between us, probably why I don't understand the hatred side of things, don't get me wrong nearly came to blows with them many times but was always about passion with us not hatred. Can remember that whole day and night like it was yesterday, ally mcoist dumbied the keeper twice, then slotted it home to make it 2-1 what a feeling. My poor dad and brother still had a smile for me when we met up outside parkhead, they both at the same time said, your getting it when we get in the house, amazing memories.

04 Apr 2024 17:41:43
Favourite match - the Scottish Cup semi final win on penalties when we were still in Championship and on our way back up the leagues. Brought tears to my eyes that did after what we’d been through and we Barry McKay scored a cracker in that match.
Favourite goal - Mo Johnston last minute at Ibrox.
Hold on another Favourite match - Graham Robert’s in goal conducting the orchestra.

04 Apr 2024 17:55:43
Someone mentioned Maurice edu, great memories of that also as I won my biggest ever coupon still to this day of £6300, was ten or twelve teams I picked was waiting on rangers, up popped mo edu double joy that day. Loved edu after that lol.

04 Apr 2024 18:19:12
Bb3 that's a nice story mate glad you got all the brains in the family too ?
Yer old man sounded like a good person.

04 Apr 2024 18:32:30
Great story Boy blue.

04 Apr 2024 18:40:27
Scottish Cup final win ferguson scored a great freekick then lovenkrands scored a header in last min from a McCann cross.

04 Apr 2024 19:38:06
Edu last min goal was just amazing in the govan rear celebrating with my dad.
Fav game winning title at porkhied.

04 Apr 2024 21:44:01
He sure was big dado, appreciate that mate. Thanks true blue.

04 Apr 2024 20:26:04
Bert Konterman CIS cup game and Mo Edu last minute goal.

04 Apr 2024 20:10:50
Trueblue agree with that one,

04 Apr 2024 20:32:27
It's about time we make new memories.

05 Apr 2024 03:25:47
Hard one that. Maybe not my all time fave but the first to spring to mind was the Barry McKay goal in the Scottish cup semi 2015/ 16. Skinned Brown and launched one from about 40 yards out. Was a thing of beauty.

05 Apr 2024 07:22:37
Rangers 2-1 against Celtic at park head. 1989. Unbelievable game. Woods saved a penalty. That was some rangers team.

05 Apr 2024 11:23:27
Good shout come on rangers.

05 Apr 2024 12:02:45
Boo, that was my first victory I witnessed at theirs after many defeats. I was 17 or 18. We hammered them first half and should have probably been out of sight. Actually watched the highlights from this game last year and Walter’s ran them ragged. Two blatant penalties in the first half we didn’t get as well when Rogan brought Walter’s down.



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