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13 Apr 2024
New image uploaded to the
Rangers Player Sightings page entitled, Love the clamour from celtic fans for Silvas diving but Hearts were told to suck this one up.

Click picture for larger image


1.) 13 Apr 2024 17:25:39
Sweep sweep nothing to see there!



08 Apr 2024 08:22:42
John Lundstram seems to play a season in 4 quarters. Unfortunately, he's more the Bob Malcolm this 1/ 4 than the Barry Ferguson he is for 2 other quarters.




01 Apr 2024 16:44:10
Anybody else feel we could lose out on a generation of fans due to lack of tickets? My son is already falling away from it due to the fact he can't get tickets for most games. Hates watching it on television and even though we are in a title race he still doesn't watch it on the TV. He loves going to the match but simply can't and due to this he's slowly falling away from it.


1.) 01 Apr 2024 17:47:23
If you have my gers and check the website regularly you can get tickets to pretty much every game. There was some up for the old firm a couple days go.

2.) 01 Apr 2024 18:24:27
My mate 5 year old daughter has mygers and he managed to get a ticket for her. On top of his ST. And then upgrade it to an adult ticket. So as david above says. If you have mygers there's tickets available for every home game.

3.) 01 Apr 2024 18:29:43
Come on get what u r saying, that’s why we need a bigger stadium say another 10-15 k.

4.) 01 Apr 2024 19:14:33
The bigger issue for me is having to pay through your teeth to watch games on the TV. To watch every televised rangers game you need subscriptions to 3 different channels which is utterly ridiculous. Money has ruined it as well football at the top has lost its soul.

5.) 01 Apr 2024 20:05:12
After having a season ticket for me and the wife for 20 years, I had to give it up for financial reasons, used to still get tickets for European games but nowadays have given up unless I can blag a few home game tickets at Livi to see the boys live.
Understand where your coming from Comeon, but we are where we are.

6.) 01 Apr 2024 20:09:53
I don't do well in crowds anymore so don't make it to games much anymore. I used to sit in the club deck with my Granda and Uncle. You're right about the money needed to watch each game on TV. Sky, Rangers TV and the rest. I could get a firestick but not sure about it plus I do want to pay my bit towards the club.

7.) 01 Apr 2024 20:36:18
I find it's like fighting for scraps every home game. My job doesn't allow me to press refresh all the time so haven't been as lucky as your mate, Paul.

8.) 01 Apr 2024 20:55:33
Davidb get a firestick mate, £60 a year and you don’t miss a game, and before anyone jumps on me I buy myself and my boy the home top every year and go to games when I have spare cash so our club gets plenty of my vastly underpaid wage every year.

9.) 02 Apr 2024 01:41:47
Well said Jimmy, people that have put plenty money into rangers over the years I wouldn't ever want them to miss there team because they can no longer afford it, who is anyone to tell people they shouldn't.

10.) 02 Apr 2024 12:39:16
Usually the teenage years of going to IBROX with yer mates was the thing that created the bond with the club, now with all seater stadiums and difficulty getting tickets means a generation of fans miss out on that.



31 Mar 2024 19:15:10
In the last 22 games between Rangers and Celtic at Celtic Park:
Rangers 9 red cards
Celtic 0 red cards

Last 23 years:

Rangers 1 penalty at CP
Celtic 9 penalties at Ibrox

Celtic: 138 domestic home games Jan 2016 to Jan 2022 without a red card at home.

Stats Buzzbomb has never mentioned.


1.) 31 Mar 2024 19:56:56
Buzzbum is more manipulative of stats than some people on this site, he’s absolutely brutal.

2.) 31 Mar 2024 20:21:33
Maybe he was working that day the stats came out.

3.) 31 Mar 2024 20:38:37
Buzzbum wouldn’t mention those as it doesn’t suit his tin foil hat agenda crap.

4.) 31 Mar 2024 20:40:48
Truth getting in the way of a rant to the mass of Tims.

5.) 31 Mar 2024 22:37:46
Stats, stats and stats. Leave that to them. It was always likely that it would be down to the old firm games. If we stand up, everyone's disciplined, gives their all 56 is ours. We're better than them. WATP.

6.) 01 Apr 2024 03:08:32
That might be because Celtic are actually better and attacking more. When was the last game that you won that meant anything?

7.) 01 Apr 2024 05:12:52
Hahaha the perfect name. Absolutely batrubbish crazyface.

8.) 01 Apr 2024 08:27:32
The league cup final crazyface ? also every other game we have won in the league to get us into this position.
Real betis away also ? yeah we never win games that mean anything ?.

9.) 01 Apr 2024 10:26:24
There's auld mental coupon back on again with the usual pish.

10.) 01 Apr 2024 11:16:29
??boggin face.

11.) 01 Apr 2024 12:00:20
Mental coupon, lol, always gets me seeker?.

12.) 01 Apr 2024 12:04:11
Maybe he or she has a coupon like a well skelped E##e

13.) 01 Apr 2024 12:55:11
There was a real character who drank in my local until he sadly passed away (Mush Miller a true legend) . Anyway, when he was describing someone who wasn't the best looking, he would say they had a face like a bucket of s*#te! A real wordsmith! ??.

14.) 02 Apr 2024 10:11:15
Crazyface is so called as he has an unhealthy habit of dooking for chips.



31 Mar 2024New image uploaded to the Rangers Player Sightings page entitled, Picture of the incident from the Govan stand. Click picture for larger image


1.) 31 Mar 2024 14:34:43
Don't think anybody is questioning that one. The one where rangers had the ball and Cadden lay down for no reason and he stopped the game then restarted with a drop ball to Marshall is the one in question.
There was no reason to stop the game. Camden wasn't injured and there was no head knock.

2.) 31 Mar 2024 18:27:43
Cadden should have at least been yellow carded for interfering with play.

3.) 31 Mar 2024 20:56:32
Jfm the rule is if the ref stops play with ball in box it goes to the keeper no matter who is in possession. Granted I don’t think it should have been stopped either as it wasn’t a head knock.




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13 Apr 2024 21:34:46
At least some other club can pay his 35k a week he's been robbing from us the past 4 seasons.




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31 Mar 2024 18:50:30
We ain't spending 2 years transfer budget on Lewis Ferguson.





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17 Apr 2024 14:00:12
If Raskin was a young Scottish player he'd be at Motherwell or something. Boy isn't good enough.




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14 Apr 2024 11:41:20
It's Ross County and Dundee away not Real Madrid and Barcelona. It will all come down to the bottle of players who have found it hard to get over the line time and time again.




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14 Apr 2024 11:09:54
I've heard a rumour that because St Mirren and Dundee are fighting for a European place kilmarnock will get sent to Celtic Park instead of Dundee.




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13 Apr 2024 18:40:35
Storm, scroll by if you don't like it.




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13 Apr 2024 18:16:35
McCausland is very average imo.




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