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16 Apr 2024 08:38:06
Wish Tav would just keep quiet, instead of his usual crap after another dismal display, going on about how they are up for the fight ahead, when he and his supposed senior leaders, have shown on numerous occasions that in fact they shy away from taking responsibility, how some of our real captain's of the past must look and think what is going on.

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16 Apr 2024 09:12:24
When the fight gets real, and there's a league title at stake, he's a mouse.

16 apr 2024 09:42:21
, we will find out soon enough if he has the fitre inside . every game is win at all costs now,

aside from that, i have a suspicion don cowie will be a successful manager, before anyone jumps its not just because he beat rangers, I've liked the cut of his jib even as a player, carries himself very well and i know a couple of people who rate him highly, i think he will move upwards next year imo.

16 Apr 2024 09:52:39
I get the opinions in terms of the old grab them by the throat approach from the old days but being a club csptain is more than that nowadays, it's being a model pro, available for games and external appearances, in terms of cohones, how many big goals from free kicks and penalties has he slotted in under severe pressure.
Don't get me wrong, his defensive abilities are nor what I'm defending but what we're missing is a Ryan jack or amuruso in the back centre of the field, the issue is not the right back. He is getting on now but what a great servant he's been, Goldson is the one for me that makes errors and blames everyone else.

16 apr 2024 10:09:22
thats were we differ baz, scoring pens and freekicks is great, and if you have that ability fatastic, but showing courage in the tackle, pushing your men out and fighting every cause takes far more cohones, you say severe pressure, much of tavs free kicks and pens are against spl teams who are already beaten, admittedly some are pressurrised, but

showing great courage is fighting every tackle, driving your men on when the odds are against you, snapping into tackles, screaming, shouting and lifting everyone around you, a great free kick is not going to make your centre half tackle better, neither is hiding halfway up the park when a winger has flew past you

no tavs goals have saved him from being one of the worst right backs we ever had imo, and i disagree with your view of a captains role, i believe its been demeanered not only by our captain but across the board, they just ain't the same anymore imo.

16 apr 2024 10:11:00
you honestly think any football fan cares about external appearances and model poro, , never, give me richard gough, barry and big tel any day, and some throat grabbing too.

16 Apr 2024 10:33:01
If Tav is a lead by example type then it's no wonder we are mice in a battle.
We are crying out for a younger Ryan Jack (we all know who it should have been) .
We need a team of winners and we don't have that.

16 Apr 2024 10:39:18
I think there's a big difference between having the balls to step up with penalties and free kicks and having actual ability in your position. Tav is one of the worst right backs I've ever seen at rangers, he is wildly out of position which is why he's scoring from in and around the box but also nowhere to be seen or at fault when we concede. For me it's been evident since the first Europa league run under Gerrard most goals come from his area of the pitch. Now there's teams targeting our captain as a weak link and woeful players like maeida look like Ronaldo against him. I would rather we just got back to doing things the right way. Defenders who defend strikers who score and wingers who assist. For me him and Goldson and Lundstram need to go so we can start again.

16 Apr 2024 10:55:04
What I wouldn't give for a Richard Gough type player in that team now.

16 Apr 2024 11:15:21
Great post tt

I was talking to an epl manager last week who reckons none off our back four know how to put in a tackle. He went on to explain how our defenders on average get significantly less bookings for putting in very robust and solid tackles.

He says in general the opposition know they will not be hit hard.

16 Apr 2024 11:31:01
Baz!? ?
Who give a toss about all that, it means sod all. We need a captain with balls who can instill some courage into a bunch of underachieving bottle merchants, not some soft touch, goody 2 shoes, diplomat. Jesus Christ on a bike!

16 Apr 2024 11:35:34
I get where you're coming from TT and it's a fair point, but I'd be interested to see how he'd do with a dominating centre mid and a CH who can head a ball and mark a runner.

16 Apr 2024 12:06:09
GA177, I agree with you, it's obvious when you see every team attacking us with that long ball over the top, because they know we have missing full backs, and slow slow centre backs as well. A new back four for next season I hope!

16 Apr 2024 12:06:54
A team captain should be a born leader, someone that everyone looks up to, someone that you would follow out of the trenches. Tav doesn't do that for me, indeed none of the current players do. For me you need a Souness, a Butcher, Gough, or even Ferguson.
There is no denying that Tav is a good over lapping fullback, and most would agree that defensively he is poor.
In such circumstances you need a solid central defence and a strong defensive midfield, we don't have that and haven't had this for some time. Lundstrum isn't close to what we need, neither is Goldson and if Souttar has the potential it will be destroyed if we don't find a top quality replacement for both of the aforementioned.
Sorting out the defence is paramount to us having a successful season next year, right now I'm less than confident.

16 apr 2024 12:18:06
dont think any of that would make tav a better defender baz, i agree with another post, defenders defending with their lives, strikers attacking everything and throats grabbed against the dresssing room wall, with the occassional black eye at midweek badminton nights.

16 Apr 2024 13:16:52
Tav is a massive bottle merchant when things are good he's all over the cameras when things aren't going out way he's nowhere to be seen and constantly looks for others to blame on the pitch when he's at fault.

16 Apr 2024 14:32:05
Fair play everyone, I've already agreed he's not an amazing defender but he's a wing back not a full back and every manager including PC has used his strengths and not tried to replace him. When he scored goals for fun in europa knockouts, everyone was loving him, and in the tiny spell he was out injured in the last 9 years, everyone was crying out for him to come back and all would be OK. I'm not his cheerleader, I'm just saying get some perspective, just over a year ago I can count numerous people saying Lewis Ferguson was nowhere near Rangers class, now everyone coming out of the woodwork about what a disaster it was us not signing him. Itll be the same with Shankland if we don't win the league yet there were more on here saying he's not up to the job than sign him. If we're looking at people overall in the squad who haven't pulled their weight, I roukdnt be putting Tav anywhere near the top of the list.

16 Apr 2024 14:38:18
That’s why he and Goldson are constantly arguing there blaming each other when both are at fault.

16 Apr 2024 16:49:38
We lost at the weekend tav gave the interview but he was hiding ?.

16 Apr 2024 17:58:32
???? Oh dear oh dear! That is a beauty! I think you'll find that we mean he hides when on the park, not in front of the cameras. So funny! ????.



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