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13 Apr 2024 17:08:51
Over to us now to make sure we take the 3 points and this is the type of fixture we will know if this group have the bottle to come back fro. A tough venue win at all costs no excuses.

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13 Apr 2024 18:22:14
3 points are an absolute must.

13 Apr 2024 18:28:01
I think the posters on here expecting other teams to do us a favour are in for major disappointment.

These same posters accuse others of "throwing in the towel", but the black and white of it is that the tims are now 4 in front of us, with the pressure all on us to win 2 away games in a row. Add that to having to go there within the next few weeks and get a result, the pressure is all back on us, again!

A few whine about "throwing in the towel", but the pragmatists see it for what it is.

13 Apr 2024 18:49:07
Spot on RTR, they have points on the board, we need to do the same, aye if we win the games in hand we go 2 infront, saying it sounds easy, still got 2 do it though.

13 Apr 2024 18:49:08
Got to show we want to win it.

13 apr 2024 18:50:25
100% correct rtr, pressure is well and truly on rangers now, tomorrow has zero room for error, three points is all that matters, i hope to see us go full throttle from minute one, no let up,

tora, tora, tora.

13 Apr 2024 18:57:33
Defo pressure on us. That mob shouting we should have played the Dundee game on Thursday before old firm, as if someone, somewhere helped us out, by going 4 points behind having to win 2 away ties. It's stand up and become a legend of our club time, possible treble, do we have the kahonas? Would actually love to be confident, but I'm just not!

13 Apr 2024 19:10:17
If we can't beat Ross County and Dundee we don't deserve to win a league we are better and as long as mindset is right we will win both games.

13 Apr 2024 19:31:22
True ows.

13 Apr 2024 20:05:10
That’s what I was thinking One Walter, we have more than enough to win next two games, take one at a time.

13 Apr 2024 20:13:39
Couldn't agree more ows i think it will come down to the next derby.

13 Apr 2024 20:31:03
To be fair, i think we play better away from home, the title is in our hands, time to blow every other team out the water starting tomorrow.

13 Apr 2024 21:09:49
Most definitely guys ? We must take 6 points from our next 2 away games plain and simple, nothing else is good enough, over to you our club/ players, common we can win this league ?.

14 Apr 2024 00:48:58
I think to win the league, we need to take max points all games left.
I think we can do it but I worry about Tav and goldson defending.

14 Apr 2024 06:36:48
Let's not go gunho charging in early today, we loose to many early goals, attack with controlled pressure at same time keep it tight at back, must win next 2 games but we can do it, puts pressure back on them.

14 Apr 2024 07:29:01
We don't richy, beat everyone else, and a draw with the mob n we win.

14 Apr 2024 07:55:29
Absolutely spot on raisetheroofe ? it's all down to us and what we do mate.

14 Apr 2024 10:12:25
Raisetheroofe who will the pressure be on next Wednesday night? we win all our games we win the league, can't see us not winning the league.



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