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16 Apr 2024 04:35:13
I agree with TT12 and others who say we should be looking at talented young players nearer to home, that will most definitely have the heart for the fight of the rangers jersey, that we were fame for all throughout our illustrious history ?We need to again start cherry picking the best young talent within scottish football and i honestly think clement will give young talented players a chance at rangers to develop into top players ? There's undoubtedly talent on our shores let's get them signed ?.

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16 Apr 2024 07:23:21
I’m not sure if he’s ready for the starting 11 but Watson from Killie has got to be worth considering. He looks good and definitely got some dig about him.

16 Apr 2024 07:54:26
Barron Watson miller Cameron would not be starting 11. Could u imagine on here if we played them.

16 Apr 2024 08:30:59
Poor comment John, I’ve never seen too many people having a go at kids (not that would ever play one these days) . Most people’s frustrations are centred around seasoned pros who continue to fail the club and more importantly the fans.

16 Apr 2024 09:23:28
But what if they start, do well, and we're winning games, John? Are you saying they're not good enough?

Don't start blaming fans, when all we want, is a winning team. And as Dado pointed out, our so called season pros are crumbling before our very eyes and failing miserably.

16 Apr 2024 09:29:39
if we were playing youngsters and lost you can bet a lot of supporters would be asking why we are playing them. fickly bunch our supporters are.

16 Apr 2024 09:30:52
Where's our own youngsters, what about Robbie fraser at LB surely he can't be worse than BB.

16 Apr 2024 09:32:52
Totally agree Dado.

16 Apr 2024 09:41:29
Sws Leon King is another with ability but he doesn't get a look in.

16 Apr 2024 09:42:26
Dado, I was a season ticket holder at Ibrox for over 30 years, from the mid 80's forward. Our support were, throughout the entire period, terrible with youngsters. They expected them to be seasoned pro's when coming into the team and had a go at them regularly. Not just for the mistakes youngsters are always likely to make (they're learning their trade), but for mistakes that even seasoned pros were making alongside them.

I remember the stick, for example, Craig Moore took as a youngster, for YEARS. Oh what we'd do for him now! Charlie Adam, Mo Ross, John Fleck, Chris Burke to name a few others (there have been many) I've witnessed take dogs abuse from our fans as kids. Even Allan McGregor "wasn't good enough" in the eyes of much of our support when he broke into the setup! And we saw the same thing very recently with McCrorie and even some say McAusland "isn't good enough" after 2 dozen games.

As a support we've been entitled when it comes to young players (especially young Scottish players) since David Murray took over and started splashing the cash.

Our support hasn't, for a considerable time, had the patience required to blood young players. I agree 100% with John on this one. You put those players in a starting 11 and they'd have to be Messi for our fans to accept them. First time they made a mistake, all hell would break loose.

16 Apr 2024 09:50:05
To be honest I don’t think watson is anywhere near good enough. Think the other lads mentioned are a step up but like John said I don’t think they are any better than we have at this moment.

16 apr 2024 09:51:30
they wouldn't be starting john, and certainly not all at once, don't get that, they would still be great signings.

16 apr 2024 09:52:37
and i'm pretty sure all are starting at other prem clubs,

16 apr 2024 10:18:58
gdog, what's the point ecaxtly, that we should forget about signing young scottish players because some fans shouted at them in 1988.

all players get abuse, all over the world, its called football fannery, or something like that, from the frontroom telly to the bernabeu, its what some guys pay a fortune to go and do every saturday, and when all goes well, they heap praise on too .

16 Apr 2024 10:29:54
Leon king started and he got dogs abuse on here I see johns point. They would be uproar on here playing youngsters and we got beat.

16 Apr 2024 10:48:03
I agree that we can be a ‘fickle bunch’ take this conversation as an example.

There is no evidence to back the claim that we would turn on the kids, in fact Ross M has been very well supported on here. Even when King had a mare against Liverpool there was wide acceptance that he’s not at that standard yet however, with the right attitude and commitment he’d get there.

By discussing adding some kids to the starting 11, the fickle bunch within our support automatically think these guys are saying we should play 11 kids, we’ll get pumped.

The reality of what was said is a balance to the team (Young hungry for success players with some seasoned pros) would help our cause and simply can’t be as bad as a fair number (and it’s not 1 or 2) senior players who have consistently failed to deliver.

Fickle bunch indeed.

16 Apr 2024 11:09:43
No Tom, I think we should be signing young players, I've said it before many, many times and I've defended the young players we do have on here (like McCrorie last season who was taking abuse on here but I thought was excellent in the games he played, aside from a couple of handling errors away to Hibs) .

My "point" was in response to another poster who said young players don't get a hard time from our fans. That's demonstrably false over a long time period.

I was having a pop at our entitled fan base who don't create an environment for young players to thrive, not the young players we should be signing or bringing through.

16 Apr 2024 11:15:05
So some would prefer to watch the highest paid in spl crumble in front of our eyes, than watch youngsters give there all, make mistakes? So much easier to forgive a young man learning his trade, than some of these so called senior pros, that will leave our club with millions in the bank. I honestly can't remember a young man come into our team and make as many blunders and stray passes as our captain has in the last 2 games, I've watched both games back it's actually sickening to see. We would beat motherwell and rc every day of the week, difference being what's at stake.

16 Apr 2024 11:23:56
Dado nothing poor about it, have u read views on Lovelace, yefeko McKinnon king Devine

Raise the roofe I’m not saying not good enough, look at reactions on here, every player in our squad with possible exception of goalie has had it said dog meat, crap, should never play for us again

If we play these kids we won’t have a winning team imo

Tom pressure at other clubs is less, Watson Cameron Barron don’t start loads of games

One Walter I’ve said many a time I don’t think Fraser will make it with us.

16 Apr 2024 11:55:48
It's not just the kids, look at Lammers, he has scored 7 goals in 6 games in the Dutch top league which is way better than ours, he is playing with better players now, not some of the wimps that have been lauded on here by some of our Fans. Devine, King, McAusland, and sorry, I forget the other young midfielder who got some game this season, all are decent enough players who have been let down by those so called 'Senior Players'. Lose the snob aspect, we can't afford to pay £millions any more for 4 or 5 players, we need to nurture our own from now on. I know a few will disagree with my comment, but hey, I'm not Tav, I can take it.

16 Apr 2024 12:15:40
Lovelace, yefeko McKinnon king Devine Have all had more positive comments than negative.

16 apr 2024 12:20:55
we still need to find and nurture, no matter what some fans shout, and nobody said all will start, they need to be drip fed into the squad,

16 Apr 2024 12:28:50
There are some exceptionally good young players in the game today but even when we have home grown players at Rangers we can't keep them because we are out priced on wages by English Clubs while at the same time we waste £25k / £30k a week on 3rd rate Bosmans like Lundstum.
If a player is good enough and wages is the only issue then we should pay to secure them for a few seasons.
In terms of playing youngsters, unfortunately they would most likely be hung out to dry by the current 'seasoned pros'.
Of course we could afford to risk a few youngsters if we still had a squad where the rump of the team is made up from top quality players.
Come the summer we will need yet another rebuild, perhaps this time round we go for a top quality spine and then supplement this with quality youngsters and one or two 'old heads' that have been there and won trophies'.

16 Apr 2024 14:06:56
John, fraser likely won't make it at us. But if he's fighting for his career i'd take him all day long over barasic who should have been sold 2 years ago.
Sterling if he doesn't get played in centre mid soon i will probably start questioning our manager i don't want him left either.
Id love sterling at rb and centre mid i'd it were possible but right now we meed to be more solid through the spine.



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