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08 Apr 2024 09:27:52
Having watched the game back yesterday and especially the first half I've never seen us fold like that at home in years. Someone mentioned Tav and Goldson mentality in these games and they are spot on. The minute they come to Ibrox those 2 players mentality are shot! The first goal is laughable and the pen if I'm being honest is harsh but that's the laws of the game.

We get out done in these games in our midfield and bearing in mind thier captain was missing!

Silva, Diamonde, Lundstrum, Wright and Lawrence were terrible!

Id excuse Sterling as he's out of position and I thought Butland and Souttar did ok.

Dessers was starved of service too.

You see the difference big Sima made yesterday when he come on. He MUST be our first buy of the summer. No doubt.

Id drop Goldson now for big Leon. Goldson has been awful of late.

Thought it was interesting yesterday that our corners were all inswingers. Normally outswingers. Was this because of the wind?
When was the last time we scored from a corner?

What happened to Roofe and Raskin yesterday?

Like I said if we lost that game I think the league was over. Luckily we didn't but we can't to to Parkhead with that mentality.

The thing is they have about 3 or 4 good players. They rest are average and they made us look like a pub team in that first half.

Big Phil has a lot to work on. In him we trust.

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08 Apr 2024 10:16:54
I think butland should have done better with the 1st and 3rd goal tbh. Folk saying it was too close to him?! I’ve never heard anything more ridiculous. He should have saved both with his feet if I’m honest. He tries to dive (especially the 3rd) and it goes under him because he can’t get down quickly enough.

On that showing I don't think he’ll be getting called up anytime soon.

08 Apr 2024 10:32:23
Goldson should have scored from a corner but his shoulder somehow got in the way.

08 Apr 2024 10:34:37
Seem ok mentally when firing free kicks home lol. Maeda is faster than tav simple as that.

08 Apr 2024 10:35:50
Diomande was in shock at the experience he will learn from that game.

08 Apr 2024 11:19:52
Big Goldson hasn’t scored for Rangers in over a year? We dominate most games and have most corners in SPL? Something not right.

08 Apr 2024 11:32:01
For the first goal it's hard to blame Butland. Tavs fault all day.
With the 3rd goal the ball goes through Sterlings legs so Jack must have been unsighted. Again you have Sterling and Souttar on one man and he still manages to score.

08 Apr 2024 11:55:07
Butland was flat footed at 2 of there goals he’s aloud a mistake but tav etc aren’t seems to be what our fans think.

08 Apr 2024 12:16:15
Butland has been taking plenty flak, so you're talking mince, Raskin. Also, if it wasn't for Butland, they'd have been 4 or 5 up at half time.

08 Apr 2024 12:24:42
Zykos totally agree butland shoulda done better with 1st and 3rd i'm sure our last keeper woulda saved 1 of those 2 maybe even both.

08 Apr 2024 12:33:13
Yately - totally agree - we need more work on set pieces/ corners - but on positive we threatened more by utilising inswinging corners rather than the outswinging guff yesterday - only if Goldson could work out his shoulder from his napper?it might have been better - its true more goals should come from set plays end of story.

08 Apr 2024 12:34:19
Butland also wanted far to long with the ball at his feet yesterday almost cost us big time. Southgate was there yesterday so no sure butland done himself many favours.

08 Apr 2024 12:46:22
Point out the flak? He gets away with mistakes but you want others dropped for similar lol.

08 Apr 2024 12:47:30
So he made 2 mistakes but it’s ok because he made a few saves nae bother man.

08 Apr 2024 12:59:36
I'm glad you can see your error, Raskin, takes a man to admit he's wrong. Nae bother my man! ?.

08 Apr 2024 13:25:08
Butland wasn’t at fault for any of the goals 1st one was Tav as he should have passed it back. Ludicrous to say otherwise.
3rd turn and shot by idah, souttar was miles away from him and his fault gave him too much space.

08 Apr 2024 14:55:16
The wind yesterday caused havoc. In the first half Butland and in general the defence couldn’t cope, ball movement was so unpredictable. A combination of Rangers playing better and Celtic having to cope with the wind were factors in us getting a draw.

08 Apr 2024 15:13:42
Raskin you miss the point, Goldson and Tav have been found wanting in too many old firm games for it just to be bad luck. The Tavernier first goal was a wicked deflection that no goalkeeper could have anticipated it was simply awful defending, everyone could see Maeda closing Tav down he had time to deal with the situation but was super slow to react.

08 Apr 2024 16:45:06
Butland has played in every old firm this season as well how many have we won? You can’t just pic tav and Goldson lol let’s be honest if borna played he would be getting blamed. End a the day took tha scoring to get us playing again.

08 Apr 2024 18:44:16
Raskin, you are missing the point?

Our team of hasbeens and bottlers are in with a great shout of the treble ~ why are you defending them in the face of the bashing from the experts?



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