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22 Apr 2024 18:43:19
This isn’t a “I told you so” but I was one of few that was happy to have Balogun signed as a back up defender, with a lot of posters on here saying we were going backwards signing him. He could be pivotal between now and the end of the season. I’d give him another year, that guy would play for us for free!
Also a special mention to diamonde, shows some really class touches and loads of energy, seen him giving it tight to Tav when he was screaming for the ball and Tav chose another option, he has something about him that lad.

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22 apr 2024 19:21:16
yip, and yip again mate.

22 Apr 2024 19:25:05
Done well yesterday and certainly more assured than Goldson but he’s mid 30s and for next season would be a decent back up, hopefully we are targeting some fresh blood at centre half area.

22 Apr 2024 19:31:49
Aye I was one and still think we need better. ?But played well on Saturday.

22 Apr 2024 20:06:18
Said at the time balogun was a no brainer always puts a shift in and can play across the back line happy to be a squad player and never let us down. Another year would be handy as back up for new defensive pairing.

22 Apr 2024 20:27:52
I was the same AlloaGer i didn't want big balogun away in the first place mate and posted that on here ?.

22 Apr 2024 20:34:54
Balugon being our best CB is a sad indictment of our recent recruitment. It was the right decision to move him on and we should have signed better players to replace him. The fact we are still relying on him at his age shows just how bad Ross Wilson was at his job.

22 Apr 2024 20:40:48
Agree we need better for a starting position but a very capable back up for injuries and the odd game against lower league teams and giving others a rest.

22 Apr 2024 20:44:53
I was glad to see the big man back. Quite a few weren't.

22 Apr 2024 20:54:00
We still need better than him Goldson and souttar IMO if we want to be better.

22 Apr 2024 21:48:37
Balogun is an out and out centre half, Goldson is not. Balogun throws himself into tackles and challenges high balls, Goldson does not and never has done, he thinks he is a 'ball player ', but apart from the occasional long crossfield ball (less and less these days) he is no ball player. Goldson is also more likely to meet a cross with his shoulder or arm, with his eyes closed!, whereas Balogun will at least throw his head in to the mix.

This is nothing new from me, Goldson is a converted centre forward who thinks he is better than he is. Rant over (for now)

22 apr 2024 22:08:27
you are so right about goldson meeting every high ball with a shoulder or arm bar, that's why i stopped backing him to score a long time ago.

22 Apr 2024 22:50:17
I did not want him and hope he moves on at end of season.

We need young hungry players to win a league.
Guys who can play 80% of games.

22 Apr 2024 23:41:45
Never been a fan of Goldson and one of main reasons we get caught out is him lack of recovery pace, big difference when you see Balagon as he does have the recovery needed. I'd 100% be looking to offload Goldson at end of season.

23 Apr 2024 07:06:44
Just wish Balogun was 10 years younger and like John agree we must get hungry youth into that position. However on his day and injury free he is no doubt the best CH we have at our club - however this is sad an indictment of our transfer dealings in this area of the park which hopefully PC will remedy come summer months. Goldson due to age and pace is getting more of a bombscare in that role imo.

23 Apr 2024 09:16:08
Imo, he's earned a new one year contract.

23 Apr 2024 11:35:05
Leon is too old plain and simple, we need to take the sentiment out of our decision making. Goldson has lost the little pace he once had so definitely needs replacing with a younger faster centre back.

23 Apr 2024 12:32:47
I think the key to Balogun (and a serious criteria for our next CB), is his pace. He made errors, as does Goldson and Souttar. However his turn of pace has meant he often got back on Sunday and was able to recover both his position and more often than not the ball.
Souttar still wants to play like Beckenbauer and Goldson has simply lost a step, whilst I think Balogun knows his limitations and plays to them.

24 Apr 2024 05:31:29
PC likes him a lot, talking about his attitude to helping with the younger ones in the background, can see him being here, signed at least another year, and helping in a coaching capacity.



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