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24 Apr 2024 12:09:19
Do you think it would be a good idea if we deliberately navigate our way to the europa conference league we have a high chance of winning it plus it will be 12M for the winners plus a cup all the qualifying rounds total 12M plus the ticket sales.

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24 Apr 2024 12:27:42
A high chance? Not sure about that. Also champs league money is crazy this coming season which the club are very much in need of.

24 Apr 2024 12:57:41
Firstly, not sure rangers should be deliberately losing games just to end up in the Europa Conference.
Secondly, we should always be striving to test ourselves at the highest level possible.
And lastly, the semi-finals are contested by Villa ( 4th in the EPL ) , Brugges ( a team who have done well previously in the CL ) , Italian and Greek team.
No mugs at that level anymore.

24 Apr 2024 13:18:14
Are you joking? Why in God's name would we intentionally sacrifice the chance to play in the biggest club competition in the world to drop into a lower level? Also, "high chance of winning"?! Eh?
If ever a post wasn't thought out, this is it.

24 Apr 2024 13:23:08
I never want my club in that competion.

24 Apr 2024 13:45:11
We could make over 24 million from 8 games in c. l then potentially drop into europa, make more money. If we can't beat motherwell, rc and dundee how do we have a high chance of winning it? Any the 3 euro comps are full of quality at the later stages.

24 Apr 2024 15:04:36
No europa league drop down this year i don't think boy blue.

24 Apr 2024 16:37:37
Cool paul cheers mate ?.

24 Apr 2024 16:38:13
Paul I'm sure we do drop into el if we fail to qualify for cl.

24 Apr 2024 16:54:31
I’m fairly certain that ‘deliberately navigating’ a drop down into a different competition would be considered match fixing. No professional sportsperson, who by character, are hardwired to aim to win, would deliberately want to lose as a small fish in a big pond to win as a bigger fish in a smaller pond. I find this notion preposterous.

24 Apr 2024 18:26:06
This year in the conf league you have Aston Villa, Olyimpiacos, Fiorentena, Fenerbache, Ajax, Betis, Frankfurt. you say high chance, I say low chance, very low. Deliberately navigating into this comp, how would that work.

24 apr 2024 18:37:48
balderdash, nae, bunkum.

24 Apr 2024 19:32:45
Really is the most ridiculous thing I have read on here in a while Fred ?.

24 Apr 2024 19:44:19
Pretty sure Paul is right no drop into EL from group stages 1-8 straight into last 16 9-24 play off winners through 25-32 out of Europ.

24 Apr 2024 19:48:38
Nae nae Mr wilks.

24 Apr 2024 20:14:23
One walter yes but not if we make group stages.

24 Apr 2024 21:02:09
Up there with some of the worst posts I have seen.

24 Apr 2024 23:27:18
The champions league is just a leathering for us. Pointless. Money fine but to watch our team get kicked around like an empty fag packet is not enjoyable.

25 apr 2024 17:41:02
no, we had a terr8bke season due to a ridiculous amount of injuries, we've had some decent times in cl too, like almost making the first eve4 final before marseille cheated and we suffered.



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