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15 Apr 2024 14:23:01
We should look to get rid of them all, absolute 100 percent never good enough for us, sick of watching that drabble!
Yesterday was a disgrace!
Rank Rotten man.

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15 Apr 2024 15:22:30
Raskin is a good young player that can develop under Clements. I would keep him but I would add Lundstrum. He isn't what we need as a number 6. If our Management Team is as good as I believe them to be they can sign a lot better than Lundstrum for what he costs in wages.

15 Apr 2024 15:32:17
I would keep asking but can't complain about the others really.

15 Apr 2024 16:04:14
Jack and Roofe are both certainly good enough imo. obvious fitness issues notwithstanding.

15 Apr 2024 16:15:21
problem is we don't have the cash to repace them all you would like to think management allready looking at the market for freebies.

15 Apr 2024 16:27:20
Thought that was a suggested starting 11 at the beginning there nearly broke into a cold sweat at the thought of it. Can throw Davies into the list as well.

15 Apr 2024 16:55:25
Seeker, Jack and Roofe must go if we're to improve.

15 apr 2024 16:57:50
id hate to think our at it mate, but,

15 Apr 2024 17:05:54
What position does Seeker play Mark, only joking pal. I would just leave things to PC, he will have an idea what players he wants in, again for me, Shankland will make a difference if signed.

15 Apr 2024 17:25:01
Keep Soutar, Raskin and Tav the rest can go! Goldson making Souttar look Bad this season IMO.

15 Apr 2024 17:46:44
Wouldn’t get rid of Souttar, just play him in his best position at RCB. Wouldn’t disagree on the rest, Raskin I think there is a player in there but we’ve not seen his full potential yet. Unfortunately I don’t think many teams will be getting the cheque book out to sign any of the contracted players.

Plus we will lose loan players on top of this. Tough summer ahead for PC but hopeful he has targets who can improve us, also hope he can bleed one or two youngsters to make a claim for starting positions. I still think they will lose points between now and end of season, CL will make a big difference to the budget available so really hope we can somehow get back on track to win a treble.

15 Apr 2024 17:57:54
Irvger, Seeker might have been better than some of those jokers yesterday, and I think he's in his mid 60's?.

15 Apr 2024 18:08:53
I think souttar on right of defence alongside aheilander type would be just fine the rest can go.

15 Apr 2024 18:15:57
Ha ha, good one port! ?.

15 Apr 2024 18:21:58
I totally agree with seeker, that ryan jack and kemar roofe without question have the quality to play for rangers ? It's only their injury issues that are the problem ?.

15 Apr 2024 19:15:09
Jack and roofe not been good enough for years now need to get rid.

15 Apr 2024 19:20:04
Goldson making souttar look bad more like R1, souttar/ balogun in centre of defence for me.

15 Apr 2024 20:59:43
Sorry R1 misread your post bud. Thought you were other way about, apologies?.

16 Apr 2024 08:22:05
Fork, I agree reg Souttar and Balogun.



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