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09 Apr 2024 15:52:36
I'm hearing hibs have offered Dundee Easter rd for Thursday night.

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09 Apr 2024 16:09:27
Happy with that John.

09 Apr 2024 16:11:54
Thats very kind of them but they can do one. We have a game up dingwall sunday morning.

09 Apr 2024 16:29:30
Seen Nelms saying 16/ 17th next week, should tell them to do one, Dado is right games meant to be Wednesday not Thursday, a day less for County game, if moved to next week its in the run up to the Hearts game, tell them to feck right off, Wednesday or another ground on Wednesday, or forfeit the points, SFA should be on this but will they?

09 Apr 2024 16:31:28
Move that game until Monday BigDado.

09 Apr 2024 16:48:10
Why don’t Rangers offer them Ibrox? Have they forgotten people have got flights, trains, supporters coaches and so on booked and paid for (again)?

09 Apr 2024 17:12:39
What would happen if we refuse to play on Thursday night? This is not a weather concert, but the fact Dundee don’t have a groundsman or spent a penny on their pitch! Motherwell Boss comments were 100% correct.

09 Apr 2024 17:24:19
Wednesday or tell them to do one.

09 Apr 2024 17:26:48
Fork what do sfa have to do with an spfl game.

09 Apr 2024 17:29:05
Dado we play wed Saturday or Sunday Thursday I don’t see difference.

09 Apr 2024 17:32:19
Apologies John was on my high horse n gt my association's wrong??.

09 Apr 2024 18:33:41
lol fork, we can’t play on Tuesday as we play Sunday,
Also semifinal weekend all clubs Ger a week to prepare except us.

09 Apr 2024 18:54:34
Much rather play Thursday on a football pitch than risk injury Wednesday on a cow field.

09 Apr 2024 19:12:17
It's currently Wed, Sun, Sun. The problem I have with it is the rangers support who have organised travel getting mucked about again.

09 Apr 2024 19:42:27
CO2 but Thursday would still be dens park.

09 Apr 2024 19:58:01
Cheers John?.

09 Apr 2024 21:23:00
Completely confused now John.
Thought you said Thursday at Easter Road.

10 Apr 2024 00:35:22
If they can’t field a team again should get played at ibrox.

10 Apr 2024 00:59:34
Any decision should of been made by now, the SPL knew this would happen over a week ago and should of had another venue picked and ready to go, Sky should of fined them maybe that would of kicked their arse into gear too tell Dundee what is happenig.

10 Apr 2024 04:20:10
At this stage of the season john the more rest between games the better. A lot of our players look knackered as it is.

10 Apr 2024 07:37:34
If should now be offered at ibrox aor a 2nil win too gers this is an embarrassing shambles too Scottish football, once yeah coarse it can happen too any team in torrential weather but this park is shambolic, and keeps happening to more than less no conciseness, it should be apoints win too forsaken team, n 3 point took of celtic just incase lol ?lol ?.

10 Apr 2024 07:49:58
No they offered it to Dundee Dundee rejected it as say it will be played at dens.

The Saturday night before semi would suit them.

10 Apr 2024 11:45:07
Blue dreamer what would be embarrassing is gifting us a 2-0 they just can’t happen.

10 Apr 2024 12:03:41
Annoy our friends across the city big time though, but your right Storm, won't happen.

11 Apr 2024 06:06:07
Agree storm mate it won't, but if this was celtic this was happening too, genuinely honest question ? do we belive 1 the conciquences would be the same, 2, they would get away with it so easyilly, also if in england persay a skysports live game, it would be a totally diffrent outcome , why should us asa team, plus fans accept this twice, its tottally shambolic n showing the scottish game up, n we wonder why oup sponcer deals are so low, this is exactly the reason guys.

11 Apr 2024 06:06:32
TV sponsorship I mean sorry ?.



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