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05 Apr 2024 11:46:57
Let's be honest here barasic has had his days of glory. The truth is he is by those days and looks to be by his best. Tell me the last time barasic done well in a big game/ old firm.

Physically and mentally he is and has been posted missing against celtic too many times. Ridvan or Dujon all day long and that's where we are at.

Key to winning on Sunday correct preparation mentally and professionally. Every one doing there own job and winning there own battles is key. Personally I think we smash them Sunday.

Ed can you do a quick poll? Just to get a measure in confidence of who should start if all fit Barasic, Ridvan, Dujon? For me it's Ridvan then Dujon and third barasic.

{Ed033's Note -

Players poll

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05 Apr 2024 12:18:06
Ridvan all day long!

Infact, I'd start anyone with a heart, and some balls, before I'd start Barisic.

I've said for a long time that Barisic is a coward, but the day I sat and watched Armstrong get in his head, and then have him on toast, was the day it was plain for all to see how much of a s/ bag he is!

05 Apr 2024 12:24:16
Sterling wasted if played at right back imo.

05 Apr 2024 12:24:36
Ah meant left back?.

05 Apr 2024 12:38:10
Hes never recovered from a horror show at celtic park. Greegs going mad at him. Got a bigger roasting off abada than what ricksen got from petta.

05 Apr 2024 12:51:31
Barasic is about 2 years past his sell by date. I'd never boo him but he's just not got it anymore. Legs are gone. He's always had a confidence issue too. He's served us well but no tah.

05 Apr 2024 13:11:26
Fort Sterling had a good game against them at Ibrox the first game at Lb, Yilmaz not fit I'm playing him everyday, we CAN'T play Barisic in this game.

05 Apr 2024 13:17:23
I'd start Borna, still our best threat going forward from left back.

05 Apr 2024 13:23:12
If Yilmaz out then it’s Stirling all day long, if Stirling starts left back or right wing he will still be stepping into midfield throughout the game, their left back or right winger will struggle against him.

05 Apr 2024 13:31:37
He may well have Star, but for me we get more from him in the middle of the park.

05 Apr 2024 13:54:06
Barisic is the only Eastern European Sh*tebag I’ve ever seen. Normally they are all mental and tough as nails but he’s just for too soft and vulnerable when the going gets tough and you need to show a bit of bottle. Said it on here countless times that it’s no coincidence his best ever season was the C.V. one when he didn’t have 50k supporters full of high demand in the stands. He cannot play Sunday, there’s a dress and anxiety from the crowd every time he gets the ball and he just goes into his shell and has a stinker. We need everyone fully committed and bang at it from the kick off.

05 Apr 2024 14:27:58
Looking likely Ridvan is going to miss Sunday.

05 Apr 2024 15:06:26
No it’s not Scotty. The boss has said he will be assessed tomorrow again. That says he has a decent chance.

05 Apr 2024 15:28:23
Clement also said he has been training this week, certainly ain't going to say playing, think Sima could start.

05 Apr 2024 15:31:37
Manager will know whether he will play, The fact that he hasn’t been ruled out is a positive for me and no need to say anymore.
Going to say if Ridvan dosent start then think we will go with Barisic.

05 Apr 2024 16:14:03
He said he’s trained this week but not with the squad. I hope I’m wrong but that normally means he’s out. Shape and tactical work would need him part of the training squad.

05 Apr 2024 16:36:10
Scotty what about if Mcgregor plays, first day of training today, really believe Yilmaz starts, that can still be worked on Tommorow mate, Yilmaz knows the script.

05 Apr 2024 17:00:11
Star the difference for me is McGregor has trained with squad which tells me he has a chance, he’s in and about the specifics. Btw I’m still not sure he will be risked, an achilles injury isn’t just a jag and play injury. Yilmaz training away from squad is still in injury rehab for me but I 100% hope I’m wrong and he’s good to go. The gaffer said nothing is won or lost on Sunday so it’s def a risk and could set him back a few weeks.

05 Apr 2024 17:14:29
If Yilmaz isn't fit enough Sterling will start at lb but somethings telling me Yilmaz plays mate, Yilmaz will be training with the team tomorrow and will be up to speed on tactics and shape mate, wouldn't mind Mcgregor starting Scotty but can't see Rodgers risking starting both him and Hatate.

05 Apr 2024 19:47:59
It’s down to management eh star, big calls and I’d like to think Yilmaz is saying play me gaffer. Sports science will play a massive part in it. If I was 50% I’d want to start all day long, coming on and trying to get pace of game is easier said than done.

05 Apr 2024 22:09:53
Scotty if he doesn't start can't see him coming on mate.



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