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19 Apr 2024 15:50:02
I would play Raskin and Sterling together on Sunday with Cantwell at 10, matondo, sima and dessers up top. I can’t see PC dropping any of the usual culprits at the back.

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19 apr 2024 17:01:24
never been less confident playing a semi v hearts, I've no confidence on these players even putting it all in,

lundstrum had the absolute cheek to run at rangers fans banging the badge a few weeks ago after one of his very rare shots at goal that actuallyhit the target, get rid asap, and chase them all along with him, altho i knowthats asking too much

rangers desperately need rangers fans in our team, we are deeply entrenched in out history and traditions and only rangers fans can keep that instilled in the team

get mcburnie here, shankland possibly too, get mcnair, and hunt down the finest scottish talent first, then get quality foriegn talent, we should never ever have given another contract to goldson, and we must replace him asap, if balogun is fir i would absolutely have him at hampden, we cannot let most of these players start another season at ibrox, they are embarrassing us now, only money is important to most.

19 Apr 2024 17:17:26
If we were able to get Shankland, McBurnie and McNair, we instantly improve by a few levels - not just in skill and ability, but also strength and heart. Compared to some of the soft touches littered throughout our team, these 3 would add some much needed steel and passion. We can only dream, Tom.

19 Apr 2024 17:39:11
Sorry mcburnie is not going to get us the goals and mcnair is injured a fair amount of time.

19 apr 2024 17:43:14
your absolutely correct mate

its quite strange that a lot of people actually couldn't see the massive difference shankland would have made, i'm still trying to 7nderstand how they don't get that, he brings so much more than just being a fantastic finisher, and similar with mcburnie, he's on another level to dessers but

these guys are rangers supporting scots,

there's always been a deep dislike on here of almost all rangers supporting scots

and I've said this many times

he's a scot, a rangers fan too, not good enough

from barry to boydy
kevin to shanks
young feruson to mcburnie

some are actuallu hated, very very weird.

19 apr 2024 17:51:08
btw, its really difficult to comprehend that we have many fans on here who aren't able to understand that guys like mcburnie aren't failing to beat the likes of ross county and dundee, he's plying his trade v liverpool and man city, i find it hard to believe some can't see he's on another level to what we have here, but he supports rangers, so like shankland he can't be good enough, but, if he was from any other country, that's ok, ala dessers, lammers, silva, etc, oli is playing in the epl on saturday, but not good enough for the spl, 20odd goals in the english championship, not good enough for rangers, couldn't make it up could you.

19 Apr 2024 18:16:42
I get where you r coming from tt, do u have a view why gerrard gio beale and clemement don’t want shankland.

19 Apr 2024 18:19:14
We are going back the way if we are targeting McBurnie and not sure if McNair is the answer.
Said many times I doubt we are looking at Shankland unless maybe it was a low fee if his contract is running down and can’t see that.
It will be a younger player on the Continent that we target that shows potential and one that we can sell on for a profit, think that’s the thinking behind Diomande as well.

19 Apr 2024 18:29:51
C'mon John, 3 trophies between them in how many seasons, and you ask this question?! ? And Beale?! ??.

19 apr 2024 18:42:33
i totally get that john, but it means nothing

most managers will have their own ideas about who they want, you can't say those guys didn't want him, maybe they did, maybe they had other thoghts,

i wouldn't expect beale gio or stevie to have known much about shanks, they did when he scored afainst them and celtic though,

many great players havnt been picked up by rangers or celtic, especially by non scottish managers because there often not a lot of quality in scotland, shankland really couldn't have done anymore than he has, mcburnie is a no brainer fir me

btw john
gio beale nor stevie have won very much in they're respective managerial careers have they, maybe they would have won more if they had seen a scoring machine under their noses and begging to play fir rangers.

19 apr 2024 18:43:45
one other thing to add john, none of them seen other young scottish talent either
like ferguson doig or the 2 boys that now play for scotland.

19 Apr 2024 18:45:29
Shankland, mcburnie and mcnair, no sell on with any of them.
Thought we had buy cheap sell high policy.

19 Apr 2024 18:57:32
Under no circumstances were we going to pay Hearts the rumoured fee they wanted and i agree with John i don't see a queue of clubs chasing him if rumours were true and the asking price was 4-5 million that's peanuts for a team in the lower half of the EPL or even a championship club but none offered it if it was maybe 1.5-2 million he may be worth a punt but its up to the manager and i'm sure plans are being made right now.

19 Apr 2024 18:56:56
I don't get this stuff about shankland at all.

Hearts were never going to sell except for funny money which we did not have.

He is a decent penalty box striker but he is hardly amazing. If he were then his career would not have been the journeyman one it has been.

I would not be against him in summer but would prefer somone better if I am honest.

19 Apr 2024 19:29:50
Dhenky was still on our radar and another striker would of been needed unfortunately without qualifying for champions league a think that boat has sailed.

19 apr 2024 19:37:33
bar, we need to win things before we enjoy the comfort if buying young selling and repeat, we need to win, that's all important,

twacoos, makes no odds whatsoever that as you say “ nobody wanted him “

he's still scoring every week.

19 Apr 2024 20:20:42
Shankland is not the answer.

19 Apr 2024 21:10:06
Tom, I agree, sometimes you can find that little bit more grit and determination because you're playing for your heroes.
Time to get a core of Scots, then add the foreigners to enhance what we've got.

19 Apr 2024 21:21:52
What part of we couldn’t afford shankland in January do people not get ?.

20 Apr 2024 08:26:36
What part of 'people are allowed an opinion' do you not get?



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